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Psychorange Mar 2022
"Don't worry, we're going to fix this"

He told himself in front of everyone.

But nobody noticed him, only the promise.

And they cheered. And he believed just a little bit more.
Hi me
Ren Sturgis Jan 2022
I looked at you and I knew,
that my day had just begun.
You looked at me with that smile,
loaded with tons of fun.
We looked at each other,
and together we became one.
lua Oct 2021
before i knew it
the pink shatters
the filter of gold disappears
her curves, bittersweet and angular
unlike what i thought before
her soft voice
now sickly
coarse with demand
how come
i never noticed it before?
must have been
the tears blocking my vision

i think he's noticed it too

onyx Aug 2021
i scroll through the contacts on my phone
and realise there is no one i can call
nobody i can text
people ive had for 7 years
maybe more
their care for me has gone void
and i can sense it
can't you see?
it's all superficial  
every conversation
every look
it is all superficial
and i can blame anyone and anything for it
but none of that will change the truth and none of it
will gift me a new outcome

so now i sit alone
in a void room and i wonder
who will notice
who will care
when i am all but gone

for they will notice when i take my last breath
but nobody notices the moments before
not from afar
it hurts to look around and realise youve lost everyone you still love
internetgirl Apr 2021
i was taking pictures of you
with flowers in your hair
and i couldn't help but notice
the way your eyes held the sunlight
like the way
Xaela San Apr 2021
I ask the ocean a question
The ocean waved back
I said thanks
Then walked towards him
Waved my hand
Now am finally noticed.
I won't be noticed if I don't let my presence felt right?
Ashlyn Yoshida Apr 2021
Please notice what I've done
My pride is hurting from the things that
I spent hours on
Instead the ones I barely think of
are liked more above the rest
In fact the ones I barely think on
to me are just grotesque
See what I can really do
'A river is a thought of defiance
A flower the hated love between the two'
See what I can say, draw, and write
What I hear and know
Please tell me that you love them and me
Please do not let me go
Sourodeep Dec 2020
I have grown to be unknown
invisible like the dew
hiding behind buildings
and gliding through passages.
My charm is as un-noticed
as the workshop apprentice,
my words unheard, voice absurd
to the premeditated busy man
briskly moving through the crowd.
I myself collate my actions,
but for anyone to give a deeper glance
well I just leave that upto chance.
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