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Staring to the east
Hanging out with geese
Trying to redeem emotion that turning to beast
Tasting something bitter but i'm telling mine it's just a cheese
Facing the truth that you never notice
Xaela San Feb 3
In the past

she only sees

him as a friend

Now she started

to notice him

in a different way.
Friends into romantic interest
Euphie Jan 15
Did you know, I fell in love with you...
how long will it be until you notice me?
MoonBunny Jan 10
when you decided to leave me,
did you notice i have feelings too,
did you notice i'm human too,

did you notice i loved you,
more than i could love myself,
did you notice me,

or is it just you,
never me,
just you,

but you love her,
you should have told me,
before i fell,

i'm fragile,
you broke me,
and crossed your limits.
The Toxic Bitch Aug 2018
I don't think you mean it
I think
It's something u do
Without even noticing

But what you don't know is
That i do notice
Cause it affects me
It makes me feel something
Butterflies everywhere

I seriously don't know
How i feel
How YOU feel
I know you'll deny it
Which is why i didn't let go
I don't think i will

U need to show me
That it's me
Not them
That you do feel something for me
Not just throwing ***** everywhere
That you're like that with me
Only me

I need reassurance
Not fear
sitting in the shower,
pellets of rains sculpting despondent
the melting faucet,
the oppressive mist
the calescent tears.
you barely notice the water rising.
hollow Dec 2018
I wonder what you're thinking about with that blank stare.
Do you mean it when you tell me that no one else compares?
I want to believe in you but I have my doubts.
Where is someone that can tell me what you're really about?
Blue and glossy eyes, scarlet face, and frightful disposition.
I know my friends would tell me to run if they knew my position.
Your actions, I cannot deny, are beyond my comprehension.
I am stuttering and shaking, I can't help this apprehension.
When will I get the courage to leave you and accept our fate?
Sooner or later, they will see through my eyes too, and notice how they dilate.
Ask me how I am, I'll tell you I'm fine and some other lies.
But please don't listen to my words, just look at me in the eyes.
notice the signs. the eyes don't lie.
B Dec 2018
It was like I was two people at the same time.
No one noticed me, no one ever listened.
But at the same time I was the one that couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I was liked by many.
I didn’t really know how to act. Should I scream or suffer in silence?
Brynn S Nov 2018
Follow sparrows
Each one a mark
Crackles of pennies
Change of dark
Form new silhouettes
Show them a brush
Per chance you’ll fall
Swiped by the rush
Brynn S Nov 2018
The roaches on my doorstep
They show nights of neglect
Follow me to darkness for I’ve not yet wept
Sweep me under doormats and follow path
The untimely death was apart of the wrath
Breaching the veil I’ve not yet pushed through
Legs start to quiver at those thoughts of you
Will I be met by the moon
Or shall she lay dormant
Whispering to stars of my utter torment
Clawing at life she has found her strife
Not until mourning will I be cut by son’s knife
Whisked away the smokes of today
Unable to lay safely in the bed I have made
Clothed in mindfulness
I shriek at joy
Just another game; and I am the toy
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