He whispered “I’ll miss you”

“Why would anyone want to be missed?”
She turned and smiled at him.
“People don’t want to miss each other,
they just do.
It’s not a decision we make,
it just happens” he replied.
She smiled and touched his cheek.
“Ok then, I won’t ask you to miss me,
And since we don’t have a choice, you can kiss me like this.”
”Please...” he cried.

With that she kissed his lips.

And that was it.

That night he left his dreams at the doorstep of her eyes. His heart at the footsteps of her mercy.
The next morning he went chasing the memory of the night before.
He rang the bell twice and the echoe answered the door.
She had left a message with the breeze but the wind had swept away the fragments of the kiss.

Don’t hurt me like this.
People don’t make a decision to miss each other. We just do. Strange how we’re by nature prone to hurt each other like this, without intent.

Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
rob kistner Jun 8
I find it almost compelling to consider that we are not alone
in this universe within universes.
Perhaps 'others' are observing us, concerned by our behavior.
Called many things through the ages, such as "travelers", "those that are", "angles", "aliens", "extraterrestrials" among others.
Maybe they have been here, and perhaps some of us have been there.    
As adults most of us grow suspicious, skeptical, closed, guarded,
and therefore unreceptive, potentially even dangerous --
so it's conceivable these 'others' would make their presence known
only to the pure of heart, who still possess their sense of wonder.
They come in dreams, visions, and apparitions.

Centuries and millenniums ago, when the world was less
devastatingly violent, there is a chance they visited, often.
Graphic and oral evidence of their visitations
appear to be found in every culture.
These 'miraculous' events,
misunderstood by less sophisticated early humans,
are perhaps the 'seeds' of the world's plethora of current religions.

Holding this mindset, perhaps these 'others' sought to know us
but they were frightened by our growing self-directed global hatred
and paranoia -- especially now
fueled by our many technologies of death and destruction.
These others would likely now consider us unapproachable.
I'm not certain if, when, or how large-scale contact might be made,
but it might eventually happen --
in spite of the 'if-or-not' of alien abduction and probing.

Inherently we humans have come to curiousity,
but not full comprehension, of this concept of impending contact.
With today's increased focus on the planet Mars, and multiple private enterprises moving into the arena of space travel and exploration, the opportunity for this possible first contact increases.
Through the distorted lense of fractured history and our fear,
we have come to call this ultimate contact by many names.
Some positive, such as first contact, close encounter,  the visitation,
the revelation, the rapture, or the second coming.
Some are negative, such as alien invasion, war of the worlds, apocalypse, end of days, end of the world, armageddon, and the like.
We are likely to misinterpret, as is evidenced, the actual nature
of this amazing supposed future event -- if contact is coming.
Much of this I might believe, perhaps I should believe,
maybe I do believe - in a grokking sort of way.

In that spirit I wrote and offer this sci-fi poem...


the dual suns
still crisp and bright
warm me as I journey
painting the strange landscape in vivid presence

this alien world
yet fascinating

I embarked at midday's solar convergence
senses alive and alert
consumed by the thrill of exploration
heady with anticipation of discovery

I believed today I would make contact
I would connect

but it is day's end
moonfall descends upon this severe terrain
early shadows fall across my face
a veiled foreboding settles upon me

there are many shadows here
other shadows
odd shadows

disturbing specters
that disrupt my nights
disquiet my soul
steal my peace

they come unannounced
almost imperceptible

but no time for worry
there is still far to go

I am eager to move
drawn by the need to reach my ship
to reach safety

yet here I stand
momentarily motionless
immobile with dread

yet captivated by the haunting beauty
that is this planet's rising moon

a translucent blue fractal orb
ever changing

I shudder and sober
turn into the evening breeze
and venture onward
immersed in rolling amber and coral
spread glorious to the horizons
of this foreign world
receding with the setting suns

again the shadows shift

dull confusion finds me
I lose my pace
draw up in momentary halt

nagging concern engulfs me
panic pierces my solace
bewilderment grips me

it holds me
uncomfortable in my skin

these feelings sweep over me
clouding briefly my purpose
obscuring my destination

then they waft
I see across the darkening valley

my shuttle craft
my safety

urgently I proceed
but again my mind fogs

I wander
and once more lose focus

an eerie mist settles like a shroud

moonfall is coming
coming much too quickly


the frightening night noises
unsettling dreams

in mounting alarm
I believe I am in trouble

a sense of peril gnaws

paralyzing fear

fear I will not make it back
before these suns go dark

I am afraid to lose this light
afraid to loose my way

so afraid

so very


rob kistner © 2010
(revised 2018)
i put the notes ws the introduction to thisvpiece
Willow shade May 28
Your smile is the best poem ever,
Your 'hello' -  the deepest spring of mirth.
As you filled my heart with your warm greeting,
Now I can jauntily fly around the Earth.

I feel gratified in my sweet void
Gliding through the sky, no pain or grieving
So, I am sure that I was not wrong,
You have a potent spell, that I am healing

To shadow, to rain and to make a rainbow
I want to be a cloud moving above you
Wherever you go and whatever you do,
You will be mine as long as I love you
Now we will
Get into each other
We don't need anything else
But just words
Ok start
                     You thrust an arrow
Of enchanting
                     Thoughts into me
Make me intoxicated
                       With it's poison
I endure your efforts
                        As I look into your eyes
Filled with so much
                        Of that sweet poison!
When you become tired
And thirsty for something
I satiate you
I drive myself into you
As you shed tears of joy
Now you find you
In my body
We become one
As I shoot that
Of desire
To enjoy
Every moment
Of this encounter
With me!
I am.........
What d'you think?
fire spark of lover's sweat
hazy moan engulf the air
gripping sheets and bending pillows
moonlight streaks on wet windows
energy reaches dream state
then disappears through the keyhole
and there is nothing more than silence
before the quiet escape
and the unspoken acceptance
of this graceful mistake
oldie - revised
You took me dancing by the harbour
after snow fell the night, covering
sand and sea in white for an instant
mist in my eyes, as we twirled

towards dizziness held
by the heated pressure of your right
hand posed on my back
the seat of my emotions pressed

against your chest, blind
to others the cold
breeze a scorching ray,
hitting violently on pins and needles

skin an awkward sensation,
confusing ice for fire,
strikes for strokes,
your attention for love.
On encounters and dates
Penchie Limbo Feb 20
Words were not required to convey the message held within.
The warmth of your touch when your hand held mine
Just easily melted my frozen heart.

The moment was so perfect, so magical
That felt like all the stars aligned for us
And the universe conspired in our favor,
Allowing two souls to meet in a chance encounter.

©Penchie Limbo
Garry Feb 10
Sparkle in your eye
As you walk by
I smell your scent
And feel your intent
Honey on my tongue
Genetics in my gun
Loaded and locked
Never half-cocked
Flesh full of blood
Mind full of mud
Harder and stronger
Slower and longer
Lie back, open wide
Guide me inside
Just one night
Hold on tight
Coming undone
Together as one
Pearl smoke Jan 13
I Do Have a Light.
It hasn’t sparked yet .
When it does, it will be so bright .
When I free From
This sickness , il be somebody .
I have the potential
To achieve great things .
I’m intelligent.
When I break Free
My life will Experience
So many Amazing things.
Il make my self useful.
I Will be productive
People will then depend on me.
I’m an awesome person.
Unfortunately my life
Unfolded Differently than others.
That doesn’t mean I can’t get
Back on my feet & Level Up.
I might not be anyone right now .
Have Attractive features
Like drive , Work , Education.
I do have other Nice things to point out towards me .  
One day il rise .
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