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Cede Aloevera111 Jun 2022
Like a veil- Cool air covers my nape.
My heart going haywire,
Didn't think someone would make.

Looking at you now,
Such a magnificent sight
It's you I want to know.

Such soft and neat black
Hair. Your eyes I can't seem to
Turn my attention back.

Every move you make is
Filled with such desirable

Why don't our eyes meet?
Even just for a second,
Or split?

Why don't our hands
Graze? Even just for a
Slight chance?

If I could get your
Attention, my cheeks would
Bloom like a flower.

You fit my ideal and I
Can't seem to remove
My eye.
this is for the guy who sat beside me while waiting for my turn to be vaccinated. He was the like the human person of my ideals, his appearance to be exact and even the way he moved.
Andreas Simic Jun 2022
You were in the rear view mirror of my life
That one chance encounter to last a lifetime
What a wonderful day it was

Frolicking about the pool two strangers in a foreign land
The ocean waves beckoning us to foray into unknown territory
Sea urchins, star fish, and shells waiting for us to join them in dance

The heat of the day matching the rising temperatures in my heart
Overhead the sun baking our skin like a toaster set on high
Glances were exchanged but only for a moment

For any lasting looks into those deep brown eyes and…
All clean fun our laughter speaking for itself
Until the setting sun and a waiting plane ticket ended it all

Back home my thoughts would return to that day and you
Though I knew the city you lived in I didn’t know your name
Or the street you resided on but the memories remained

Like a haunting which would not go away, a ghost only imagined
On that rare occasion passing through your town
A watchful eye for the woman who now held my heart hostage

But it was for not, the years multiplying like an adding machine
Days would fade into night but not thoughts of you
Of that moment in the sun when all felt perfect

And then…it happened
A twist of fate
A phone call from a friend

A dinner
A date
And everlasting love

Andreas Simic©
Steve Page Dec 2021
everything I ever did
all that I ever wanted
everything I still regret
all that I've lamented

everything I can become
all that my future holds
everything that lies beyond
- all this my God beholds
Gospel of John 4:1-29.  Drink deep.
Eloisa Sep 2021
And like me,
he gets enlivened when nature metamorphoses.
He dances with the ocean waves and gapes at the splendid, scarlet sunset.
He enjoys the ripe air with the pleasant dewy petrichor,
and adores the bespangled night sky.
Would my ancient peculiar rhythm meet his empathetic heartbeat?
If he could immerse in my murky depths.
If he’d help me journey through
this twisted path,
from a thorny to a glorious trail,
from the grotesque to the sublime.
"Don't think about the future
love me and kiss me now"
Our time together
has a countdown
I want to stay
but I don't know how

Don't mistake my reasoning
for doubt
Romantic words from my mouth
Ours is not a break(up)
but just
a timeout
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
monaparanoia Apr 2021
Everyday just like yesterday
I remember our time, so tender
I am a bystander and you are a painter
Two unlikely pair who had a fateful encounter
I wish in my heart we could have met sooner

Everyday just like yesterday
I am falling deeper
Hate to be saved just to be with you longer
If you are sinning itself, then I am a sinner
Like harmony and melody we are in sync forever
Addicted to your presence I've become sinister

Thanatos knocked on our door last December
He envied the love we have altogether
He put his claw hands beside your shoulder
And that was the last time I saw you livelier
Now I'm a love bird who lost her lover

Everyday just like yesterday
I long for your laughter
To touch and feel your lips as you whisper
Our happy memories are now in embers
The 'you' in my thoughts, I cannot remember
Sacha Apr 2021
He comes to check up on me
Sometimes she comes along
He gets worried when he doesnt see me
Afraid that somethings wrong

I do too worry
On days he doesn't come
I often feel sorry
For that I have some ***

The encounter is brief
Our eyes lock into place
A moment of disbelieve
To see each others face

Once more he disappears
I'm sad there wasn't more
But I know he will reappear
To pick again at my raw sore
robin kemme Mar 2021
The call of birds, high up
Hazy light
Through slowly moving curtains
In an anonymous suburb
Abandoned during the day
this day
the day

You laid face down, naked
Ashamed of your body
And waited.

Promising Spring
As if we floated endlessly, high up
But to float is just a delay
When you fall down.
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