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Big Virge Sep 2021
Now It Clearly Is TRUE... !!!
That You Have To Be SHREWD...
In The Things You PURSUE... !!!
Because Many Will Take You...
Down DANGEROUS Routes... !!!
That Can Take You To Places...
Where You Can Get Traded...
By... Devious DUKES... !!!
So You Cannot Confuse...
The Things That You View...
As Being Cool Moves...
As Those That’ll Bear Fruits...
That’ll Make Your Life Cool...
Because Pursuing Money...
Makes People Act FUNNY... !!!
And Things Can Turn UGLY...
And Make You Feel BLUE... !!!
That You’re Just Being USED...
By Guys Who AREN’T Buddies...  
Like Those In The Game...
Where Fame Is What Makes...
These Heads Try To Play...
Your Pursuits Like Your Name...
Can Be Taken In Vain... !!!
Once They Have Been Paid...
At... EXTORTIONATE Rates... !!!
From Acting To Music...
Pursuits Can Be NEUTERED...
BEFORE They Take Shape... !!!
By These Dudes Who Seem Cool...
And Women Who Will Choose...
To Be... QUICK To ABUSE...
When It Comes To Pursuits...
of Cash Flow That Is HUGE... !!!
You Should Know It’s Called LOOT...  
Because Moves That Are Pulled...
Can Lead Some Heads To Shoot...
More Than Drug Addicts Do... !!!
Pursuits Can Be CRUEL...
And Be ARDUOUS Gruels... !!!
And I DON’T Mean The Food... !!!
What I’m Meaning Is Gruelling...
As In YES... HARD TO DO... !!!
Like It Is To Pursue...
Being One Who Is Viewed...
As A Gangster Whose Crew...
Just For Giving Bad Looks... !!!
That’s Right I Mean CROOKS...
Who Police Should Pursue...
Who DEFINE The Word CRUEL...
Who’ll Pursue Til’ Your END... !!!
To Take Money From Them...
These Are DANGEROUS Heads...
Yes Both Women And Men...  
As Well As Some... Feds’... !!!!!!!!
Whose Pursuits Lead To Deaths...
And A Lot of NONSENSE... !!!
Like... Shooting For JOKES... ?!?
Cos’ They’re NOT Funny Folks...
Just Like Joe Pesci Quotes... !!!
So... What About **’s... ?!?
Now I DON’T Pursue Those... !!!
Cos They Leave Brothers BROKE...
Because of The Coc’...
That Some Want Up Their Nose...
Just Ask... Al Pacino... !!!
And That Is Not A JOKE... !!!
Now Pursuing Good Women...
Is What Can Bring Children...
And Family Living...
That’s Allied To GIVING...
And LOVING... NOT Killing... !!!
Pursuit of Religion...
Is NOT Far From Sinning...
So Don’t You Be Thinking...
That It Is... Forgiving... !!!
Pursue Your Own Lessons...
Before Your Confessing...
To Someone Whose Blessings...
Because Their Connected...
To... EVIL Collectives... !!!
Pursue BETTER Headings...
Than Those They’re Selecting... !!!
Which Leads To The Ending...
of This Mental Session...
of... Pursuing Letters...
That Give Good Directions...
As Well As Progressions...
To The Message It’s Sending... !!!
Which Has Left A Few Clues...
About Making SMART Moves...
That Simply... Say To You...
To Mostly PURSUE TRUTH... !!!
Because It’s GOOD To Do...
And Can Help You To FUEL...
... A Life That Is COOL... !!!
But DON'T You Be FOOLED...
There Are Dangerous Routes...
That Can Darken Your Mood...
As Well As Your... World View...
If You... Choose To REFUSE...
To Embrace Being SHREWD...
In The Things You.....
...... “ Pursue “.......
As the poem says people, be very careful in the things you......
That Girl Oct 2020
I live deep inside my own head.
I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever make it out.
I don’t know what living is anymore.
I’m never fully present.
There’s always a piece of me off somewhere else.
My mind wonders off...
I don’t even have control of it anymore.
I do it subconsciously.
I’ve been in my own head for so long now.
I don’t know where it all began.
Maybe puberty.
When I was in 5th grade I became a “woman.”
I was also hurt deeply by many people that year.
Friends introduced me to things a little girl should never be exposed to.
Then middle school was tragic.
I was hurt more times than I can count.
Maybe that’s when the day dreaming began.
The real world hurt me so badly that I had to create my own world.
My own reality.
After awhile I stopped knowing the difference.
Reality vs Fantasy
What is there to pursue in this reality?
Motivation left me years ago.
I beg her to come back but she never does.
Why should I pursue dreams in the real world, when I can achieve so much more in my world.
I guess that’s why Motivation left me.
She served no purpose in my life anymore.
I now live for the small things in the real world.
Seeing a new movie. Eating at my favorite restaurant. Hanging out with my best friend.
I’ll save the big stuff for my world.
Contoured Jun 2019
My mind blisters,
From the thoughts it contains.
To formulate their verbal representation,
I'd be tasked to break the restraints.

But what an arduous task,
To release such material.
When the thoughts are masked by cobwebs,
Made from freshly cut steel.

Now don't find it unjust,
That my words stay contained.
I yearn to share with you my mind,
But my will has been drained.

To encounter dismissal,
With my newly-found hope,
Holds the excess thoughts hostage,
In bitter pursuit to cope.
My faulty thoughts have become rejects.
Ken Pepiton Apr 2019
when no man pursues
the truth,

the idea which contains all true ideas, aha

ideas are ideas, roses roses, names names
all true
evil ideas are in the set of true ideas as
sure as pi is in the set of true numbers,

i think

When the wicked rule the people mourn,
I think

How are all ideas equalible?
How is any idea equalible quant wise re
(long turbulent selah, lts)
help, this is a talking point.
okeh. for the future, I see.

we can make these faster with ideas pouring
into words flowing from gentled
untame-ible tongues,
----- untame-able is not
----- untame-ible, this may be an object
----- ifier lesson

-tension that re
darts, bullets(silent kind), missles, hymns'n'such
pointy grippy handles for cud
chawn story points upon
which any true story
idea must stand.
in spiritarian.

spirit and image of your father.
Clam slam shut, swoohoosh

The infer
(implication layer upon layer,
thicker and thicker
naquering laquering query, could be dem pearl-ly gates,
early version o' Feynman's reversible tristatic NAND gates,
which work on ideas harnessed...)

see, there's the rub. one wee tetrahedral
trypointy foursidy sort of pearl maker
with words made

versus insane unsane saners saved
by grace unmazing ungnostic
mumbling glosalialy
knot knox nor any o'them
puritans detected the
leaven in the game,
the periment
let out the

"a republic, if you can keep it." unsaid went,
we cast all our cares to the gyre giver
guiding the great gulf river of pro
sperity providing us
our perspicacity.

Would that one might see one day,
the outcome of our American
experiment in leaven
in forming idle words mit ganz alte wahrheit

in dem Erste Zepto Planck Sec

just now. The idea that won was thought.
Good think you think.
We shall see.
Call your truth true.
Stand under knowing good and evil,
both, how and why, then chose,

knowing, my side won.
I only ment to write some talking points and the the points started being made faster than I cared to row against, so I meandered with the stream to this still pond.
newpoetica Mar 2019
i don't want to run into you
because i'm afraid that if i do
my feelings for you are what i'll want to pursue
Elemenohp Feb 2019
Cravings I've had before are nothing compared to thoughts of you,
The desire of lust is nothing, compared to the motivation for a conversation.
Hit that switch and let your thoughts drown me, I can drink them all.
Flip that lever and I'll show you my endeavor, to learn all I can of who you are.
Excitement at the mere thought of a thought, of a thought.
You're in my dreams, boy.
You are my dream, boy.
To call it a crush would be false.
Baylee Kaye Feb 2019
will you pursue me,
chase me in a loving way,
and show you want me?
If I'm always the odd one out
I must follow where everyone goes
Regardless whether I want it or not
Just to keep everyone close
I've been conditioned to learn
From others, to always want more
More friends equates to more love
Be more successful than before
But fame and fortune do not excite me
I relish in private solitude
I'm reshaping my view on difference
As a preference I'm willing to pursue
myrrh Dec 2018
Infinite universes spoken of in a finite verse
It's an injustice of the one's life's lack of justice; one's curse
There's a means of escape with no desire to pursue
When torment keeps dawning, you let it seek you
It's not beneficial to erase the weight on your ankles
When you're free falling into despair regardless
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