Bunny May 1

Why would you be you
when it's so much easier
to be someone else?

In the bag of aspiration,
Kept there dreams,
Fallen all,
What to do,
Holes everywhere.

Traveler Mar 19

HP September 11, 2015

In hearts greater than ours
Fables of love and fear are sown

Slain in the spirit
Such a burden of proof
Inexperienced youth

Conclusions are formed  
As the intellect yawns
Yet to free your mind
You got to move on...

Traveler Tim
L Jan 8

Being a human means,
you have to deal with a lot of sadness
And by loving someone means,
you have to deal with a lot of goodbyes

- December 23, 2015
Lawan Nov 2016

My head hurts, my sight struggles with vision
Quietly i loose consciousness.
My heartbeat breaks, i am choking
Shamefully i loose myself in thoughtfulness.

I sit and watch my hands transform
my thoughts to written words--

How proudly I deny honest truths
a little space in my deluded forehead
And how desperately I cling to life
scared I might just now draw my last breath.

Such is the complete state of man;
When sickness brings him to the brink of death
he remembers the unkind odds that lent him life
But when he is strong and able
he remembers himself immortal.

(mortal body, immortal soul.)
blue Oct 2016

i. (lights)
paper lanterns
floating through the sky
halloween evening.
street lamps.
you are, you are, you are(...)
(bitter tastes are filling my mouth
but the acidic poison makes my tongue glow
glow glow in the dark.)

ii. (mathematics)
one plus one is two.
a real number.
me minus you is an imaginary number.
(it doesn't exist, but someone created
a way to make it exist.
i'm forced to exist
without you
by the rules of life.)

iii. (truths)
fucking hell.
you are a baby bottle boy
and i'm a pacifier princess
we can't both be in the same place
at the same time.
(maybe i'm wrong)

Alan S Bailey Oct 2016

So a person is gay, so they have to "have their way"
With a simple ring,  pizza or cake, a legal wedding day,
Doing things that straight people do everyday.
So a person is black, so they have to "vandalize,"
Even if in a decent non-violence as they demonstrate.
Remove the "threat," gang up on them even if
"Black Lives Matter" is all they were there to say.
So a person is an anti-war hippie, don't listen to them,
Instead go to war EVERY time and "make the world
A better place," especially for our children!
So a person is eccentric, "a dreamer," they have no right-of-way,
You're in this so-called free country,
Leave all of your dreams, your goals, your hopes
At home or take them to another MORE LIBERAL
Country to stay.

Alan S Bailey Sep 2016

Here's my poem about stuff that happens
Especially when you're sitting there in front of
A washing machine bored out of your skull,
You've got the world at your fingertips and
Yet that world isn't really whole.
Of course it's obvious I'm only joking,
This is a great time to be "alive!"
Hug your computer, it'll be your
Best friend, your playmate,
Your GF or BF, it will be your
Sweet 16, your  toy your prideful
Joy, it will take you to places far
And wide and never leave your side.
HOORAY! We all get to die without
Having truly LIVED LIFE!

Welcome back to reality! OK, now go back and forget about it, this poem is just stupid and nonsense! You know you're going places! So am I! Like yesterday when I sat there for 10 hours straight staring off into cyber space...Ignore me, I'm just some stupid fool...
r h Aug 2016

you are not a liar, exactly
it’s more like you love too much
and so you fill your many half-lovers with your many half-truths
hoping you’ll get a little affection in return

r. h.

inspired in part by "to dorothy" by marvin bell
PFL Jul 2016

Within mixed company one might apprehend
Renouncing of truths which encumbers the world  
Symptomatic social submission dyspepsia trend
Peripheral Cocktail conversations’ knurl
With premeditated segments pre-portioned for digestive ease.
Rambling thoughts, forego the shadows from which they unfurled
Blend they do into the abstract of popular sedition.
Modern life’s pace set to the speed of delusions,
Which shatters the barriers, setting free dangerous silent admissions.
From their recesses, where quiet hatred echoes hidden in hushed undertones,
Fed by the collective self interests’ of defensive conclusions,
The camouflage of fallacies, woven into faces we see..


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