SK Hlahla Aug 28

I told you I loved you,
And you questioned my Love
Even after I forgave
Your unfaithfulness

You told me your truths
And exposed your flaws
And yet I still uttered those words
And still you questioned
My sincerity.

The truth is that I loved you
I probably still do,
But my love for you
Was never the issue

Your flaws and past mistakes
Led you to believe you weren't
Worth loving.
And because you believed it
My love was never going to be enough.

In the end,
No matter how much
I loved you,
I could never love you enough
To love yourself.

Brooke P Aug 12

I try to express or suggest
and get it of my chest
but we’re somewhere in between here and there,

I don’t know what’s next.

and that tiny little house
in the middle of two oaks
it gave me hope, and I left you a note
about how I am and the places I’ve been -
I’m wondering the same of you.

I’m telling you a secret:
not everything needs to be picked apart
like the way you write
or the runs in my tights.

If I had dollar for every angsty poem,
and every lyric crumpled,
I could afford to drive out to the west coast
and hide until my responsibilities dissipate
with my integrity riding shotgun
and your crooked teeth on
my mind.

like thieves, you stole me and I stole you
a double-standard type frustration

I think I’ll set myself on fire.

And I could be reduced to ash,
and float on
with my impurities and
and open wounds
raining down, like snow.

Star BG Aug 3

SOME People are asleep
moving in their everyday routines.
Oblivious to TRUTHS spoken
Unaware of a better way.

SOME People are zombies
going through the motions
Oblivious to TRUTHS written
Unaware to being in-prisoned

SOME People are in a daze
doing path chosen by sprit.
Oblivious to TRUTHS echoed
Unaware change is possible.

BUT MANY people are awakening
expanding WITH consciousness
Listening to TRUTHS
aware world is ours to RECLAIM.

BUT MANY people are rising.
ready to share the TRUTHS
constructing new beginnings.

People MAY start listening
but the awake are breaking ground  


I view it blank unforgiving a monster once I beat like some dog now it only mocks what once was.

I never dreamed I would be on the outside looking in .
A begger to my own banquet.

I was the stud now I'm simply the joke the forgotten bedfellow to the nights when they thought passion could be consumed .

Now im a after thought to them a old soul and mistaken detour I knew them in ways they only regret and I just exist all the same.

Where did it leave like some drunken passenger who missed the train I sit unsure of the road I paved .

The page never needed you .
She will find passion in the depths of a strangers embrace .

Should I pull the trigger?
Why when she did so for me so long ago.

I breathe in the past it smells of decay and bad choices.

There's no road map to success
But there's a million fucks waiting For you to fail.

Life is a tragic comedy one where the punchlines stale as the air in this room

We will all be replaced sooner or later .

luqz Jun 13

It surpasses the sane mind
to think of actions after death
How stories start and how it ends
Thoughts through tangents of memory
indulges the imagination of the lucid
Our eyes see truths seldom fake to mind
but truths of ours we trust inside
We feel emotions but never of others
because we are true only to self
and not once for foreign type
We lie as well we hide our insecurities
Try to prance around a world of sensibility
But when the raven rests on one's head
it's time for time to end
Until the world restarts
and there'll be nothing to tend.

why do we live when we'll just die in the end?
Ryan Holden Jun 6

Does your mouth
Lead you towards ease,
Like your mind blindly thinks.

Does your thought process
Consider or weigh options
Of passing weeks or months.

Do you feel remorse
Or sympathy as you cast
Spells of aspersions headed.

Do you even know
The reason why you chose
Me instead of the other options.

Do you even care
That you hurt me more,
Than you'll ever know.

But do I care enough
To explain how you
Wrongly accused me?

I guess we'll never know.

Just a quick write.

The mask I wear is but this skin of mine,
They find it unbelievable to have this much shine,

Is it through a fault of mine,
one can't assume to see the shine?

Or are we so weary,
to see ambivalence behind every disguise?

Do you believe I can be my true self with you?
Or do suspect deceit from every true?
Bunny May 1

Why would you be you
when it's so much easier
to be someone else?

In the bag of aspiration,
Kept there dreams,
Fallen all,
What to do,
Holes everywhere.

Traveler Mar 19

HP September 11, 2015

In hearts greater than ours
Fables of love and fear are sown

Slain in the spirit
Such a burden of proof
Inexperienced youth

Conclusions are formed  
As the intellect yawns
Yet to free your mind
You got to move on...

Traveler Tim
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