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Alan S Bailey Oct 11
No matter what we think
No matter what we do
The truth is all things, all places, all people,
All are a reflection of everything
That exists, a melting *** of universal life,
Dreams and you.
Nicole Oct 6
Maybe the reason I can't get over you
Is because I don't
necessarily want to.
A secret buried
Blooms lies, and in time, they turn
Themselves, to secrets.
Golden is silence
For words coarse and fine, still bear
Hard truths, or sweet lies.
Ever sweet and ever loving-
The times were ever changing.
Malicious and fearsome-
The times were dense with resentment.
Tainted and taken;
Downward and mistaken.
Disillusions and inner turmoil-
Took control and destructed with mayhem.
The ever loving and sweet things were long forgotten,
And twisted and made rotten, through the illusions you’ve spoken.
The question remains, what have you to gain?
Perception has been warped and lies wired and reword with the intention to disarray.
The cloths of fabrication wrap perfectly along your body.
The deceit.
The resentment.
The lies;
The ill intentions-
have coveted the means for resonance and rehabilitation
In the sense of self preservation-
In the sense in which you lack and cannot maintain.
If you know then you know
A truth told with charm
Gets better heard, than one yelled
Out often and loud.
Silence, well placed, tells
Deeper truths than furious
Words uttered with zeal.
The more you share,
The more they care.
The louder you cry,
The greater they try.
The faster you run,
The quicker they follow.
And once you are done,
You’ll lose faith in tomorrow.
Hereshecomes Aug 10
Murmurs on pillow
throbbing at temples
made of steel
by now.

Hear me out
I said
holding signs
visible to me
and to me

But silence
is a temptation I can’t resist
as the body trembles
at full throttle
to the beats of innocence

or is it
cognitive dissonance?
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