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Brynn S 3d
To feel alive is to have stars in my eyes
Unity for the sun and moon to arise
The times where I’ve lived until the night has died

Each line of words has a meaning to me
They are mine for you
I share them for that one day you understand me
One day you’ll know me
Until then these are left here
JJ Inda Nov 28
the lie comes out of the mouth
just like the truth.
and it sounds the same.
and they chew it,
get a taste
and swallow.
and it goes down easy;
with minimal effort.
the truth
seems to require more chewing
and talking
and water
and wine
and bread
and water
lots of
Sometimes even the most perspicacious people do some dumb **** in the name of love!
Christopher Oct 3
What I know is a lie

I only see a mask
There’s a prepainted face and the paint is chipping
All i can see is a layer broken and things have become clearer
Not on just him but them

I couldn’t see how much her beauty poisoned
I couldn’t believe her words would stay
I  couldn’t believe what i had done

Sometimes a chain still pulls
Let it be felt and known
But what do you know
My lies have tricked all
And so have theirs

I’m not too far off

They say a tree bares fruit
But it also holds vines
And you can’t let go on what you put yourself on
My view to see you guys in success but mourning pleases me
I’m not a worry
I’ve never been a need
I just wanted
Now I can no longer have

Dark times had struck me and here is my old writings.
Zia Aug 30
The bitter truths I’ve survived
The sweet lies I’ve lived
I still carry on
Like the hands
Of a clock

Wyatt Aug 29
Your lies
feel more sincere
than their truths.
Your knives
give more comfort
than their hugs.
Your sight
gives me shivers
I cannot shake.
Your eyes
take me higher
than any drug may.

You hurt me well.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 5
I don't believe in 'untruths.'
Lies are lies; point blank.
Sam Kelly Jul 27
I really don’t blame you
For expecting the worst.
When the friends I thought true,
Could see my name cursed.

But I am no threat,
I am not poison.
And I will not let
The lies that they’ve chosen
Get under my skin,
Or seep into my blood.
Because I know that within,
My heart is good.

There is no motive,
There is no plan.
So please forgive
What you think I am.
I wrote this when I thought I was the problem
Alan S Bailey Jul 13
So I say swear words or kick back,
You interrogate me like I might be on *****,
Let me tell you, you **** for a living,
And you guys inherit the world from
Humble men, decent guns, and at 100 yards
Can shoot the unarmed in the head whilst
Driving at 85 mph swerving down a
Road. I swear, oh well. (guilt)
This must be a sign of the times!
Swearing! I guess that it's truth,
When it comes down to it we're devils
All the worse
With each of your crimes.
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