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Same old frame
By the window pane
We're not the same
Are we?

Same old words
Words that we can't hold
What's this for?
Guess that we don't know
Are we?

Can't hold the picture long enough
Can't hold back tears for far too long
Who knows that love is tough
Now that I guess wrong

See me through the broken glass
Paint me for the higher class
Hit me with the words, don't smile
As if it's weren't hurt enough

I know I'm asking for trouble
But it's better to know than guessing
Throw me all your rubles
I'll keep standing though I'm hurting

Find me later when I'm better
Don't leave, just stay a bit longer
I'm not insane, I'm just sadder
I'm not crazy, I'm just love you deeper
Still about that crap
There it stood,
To ruin the mood;
All bright and red,
The Russian roulette.
The gunshot had rang,
Then a head started to hang;
The Lady had left;
Death not there to jest,
In this wilting hour.
There chilled to the bone;
The bullet lodged alone,
Jack froze what was left of the breath.
There left the only life;
The gun in its warmth,
But maybe not for I hear a cry
And someone nearby
Has seen what night could not hide.
Felt first hand what was noir;
It was chance played
Not with Luck at hand
But Death as the croupier.
Noir leave it to Chance ©️ 2020 Jana Pelzom
InkHarted May 15
figures, flames and dancing silhouettes
shades and flashes and a zing
warmth, chills and lost in azure cloud
falling to a limitless pit
a face a mirror a pathway
a door a lamp a distance
a shadow a fear a climb a cliff
a death a memory a gateway.
Alex Mars May 5
They can separate themselves from their demons
I can’t
The demons I carry around have been my best friends for so long,
I can’t tell the difference from them,
And me
They know when a thought is being placed there from something non-human
I don’t
They talk so much it pours out my mouth
The demons say they love me,
So Me, being desperate for love
Accept them
Then I follow their rules
- eat little- sleep none- cry always- tears never
And so many more
I’m no longer self-regulated because I'm no longer myself
They swallowed me
Since I can’t tell the difference between us, I willingly gave myself up
Traded myself
For a monster
That only brings others down, or drags me down, to lift others higher
They have become me
They are me
There Isn't a distinction anymore
There isn’t a red font to tell me what ideas to avoid
Because I don’t avoid any ideas at all
Nothing is off-limits, they tell me if I see a thought,
Take it
No matter who it hurts, especially if it hurts me, if you think it, you can do it!
They tell me
You only live once
So they make it hell, but only to prepare me for what’s to come,
They’ve convinced me they only have my best interest in mind, I let them make walls
To protect me
a lil poem about my brain
Millie May 5
Reality tumbles around me
When at last I try to speak it
Alarmed, I feel an imposter
Am I deceiving myself?
Or is reality deceiving me?
there was always going to be something greater than my want
just look at us
i begged my hands and knees ******
still the universe said: don't
so here we aren't
some cosmic being is laughing at me
emilie Mar 9
today was another day.
a day of my anxious bones
nagging me about the possible outcomes
of nearby disaster in my life.

i've spent weeks pressing *******
to my pulse, making sure I wasn't suffocating
to an overachiever's reckless life
of an overbearing schedule
that creates a sense of panic
that there will never be peace.
eyes, tired and glazed
until the angst appears and my eyes shut for good.
a dramatic poem
Marco Feb 27
Like ships in the night
we pass - side by side - not breaking our stride,
not looking left, not gazing right,
barely glimpsing each other, like light-
houses, signals blinking brightly.

For the longest time we were alone
still are, no change tonight, we won't;
I've felt your presence long ago,
it was a silent gift.

How did we not recognize each other
after screaming for so many hours?
Listening to your soft cries  (your blue eyes),
Norwegian wood between us guards your lies -
you pretend to be rich and pretty;
I know you're just the janitor of the ferry.
The first mate, the captain, all remotely
far away and you're all that's left -
you are the second best.

Thankfully I'm not picky,
I don't care if you're not pretty,
I only need to see your hands and heart -
the rough patches are a part - of you, of me, of all the world,
and you're so out of reach, of sight,
and I know that it won't feel right; despite that
we shouldn't feel alone tonight.
And you have a wife-

and I know but I don't care.
You won't hesitate to stare,
and I can feel your bitter look upon my back,
the fingers that won't touch my neck
no matter how much I beg and plead for you to take me
and love me, unconditionally,
before I fall into the sea,
the water claiming me fully,
the waves brutally forcing me
under themselves, generously,
drowning in my bed.
Benjamin Feb 19
Pushed to the side.
Faded into a lifeless mist.
Presence is gone.
Do I even exist?
It really ***** being ignored while being in the presence of a conversation.
TheScarfIsPurple Dec 2019
I thought it would be just a normal day
seeing the way
clouds drifted across the sky
That is why
I wasn’t prepared
I got scared
when I heard that cry

The entire world screaming as one
Clouds catching on purple fire
blazing into the void of space
Thousand times more scorching
than Hell itself

Seas turning even more poisonous
than they already were
Swallowing lands to feed
the flames above

            Safe to say, there was panic.

Every living creature
in senseless horror
Tearing each other apart
just for a chance
to save themselves

                                     But there is no escape.

In no time
fiery skies and toxic waters
caught them


They were fed pleasures and pains
unknown to God
They were shown their innermost thoughts
and they retched in disgust
at the sight of their true selves

Mutilated beyond any recognition
so they could be born anew

they were ready
They were monsters.
Writing practice. Well this went from zero to one hundred fast...
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