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Candle wax, renegades,
cigarettes, and lemonade.
Maybe it’s time to engage
in our ******* crusade?

Ink wells, stormy skies,
footsteps, little lies.
Revolution in her eyes,
our boats in harbor never tied.

Metal clangs, laying down,
boots soaked, name is drowned.
No longer pushed around
but too dead to make a sound
I’ve had the first stanza stuck in my head for WEEKS but I could never write something with it
Penguin Poems May 21
Can’t donate or share
Something I own

But I know I have it
Looms over; my personal ghost

Not “feeling worried”,
Feeling like you’ll die

People complain
Even when I’ve got a sedative

Understand it’s not an
When I say
Anxiety’s complicated.
Ray Dunn Apr 6
I’m just practicing
for when this
world ends.
I’m v tired haha oh well it be like that. I also didn’t realize how much better coffee is with just a little bit of milk. I usually get mine w skim milk but I got it black today and it’s GROSS
Arisa Mar 2
The low cloud above the hill
Would cling to the top of the tallest tree,
And yet no memory of us
Would cling to me the way nature illustrates.

Not forgetfulness, my love.
Not out of spite, my dear.
Just a watercolor of the way we were.
And don't lie, we weren't happy.

Those days where we sat in front of a konbini,
Long after-school afternoons,
Ended far too soon.
Ended far too quiet.

You would stare, stare, stare a storm.
A tempest that I could not see despite examining you for a lifetime.
They said we looked perfect together.
But you never looked at me the way you would the distance.

So instead the distance stood in between me and you,
I was so ready to love you.
But we bit off more than we could chew.
An open letter to my first love. I still feel so much for him...
So it hurts me still.
lins Feb 18
there’s a we now
but I’m not gonna
overthink it

that’s what I do

sorry babe

you get to deal
with all this crazy

welcome to my world
where everything is big
I’m dramatic
every day

care for me anyway?

I hope you don't get overwhelmed by me being overwhelmed every day of my life.
I don't want to lean on you too much.
Kirsten Hunt Feb 16
So my depression and anxiety brings drama?
My endless health issues and surgery's want to make you take time off?
Well what about me?
Whose the one actually going through this and you say you need a break?
I drown in endless pain and sorrow and you say it's to much for you to handle?
I guess i'm the dumb one to think I need a break
Brynn S Feb 2
The gun has been facing me for too long
The final thought and word from the poet
To be someone’s is to hurt self
To be no one’s is far better
Cracked eyes and tiger streams melt
Lashes collect at dripped edge
lept in multitudes, landed not once
Knees buckle under gravity
Chance has torn the light from eye’s view
Teeth scratch, the bite cruel and deep
But words, those words have lead wars without end
Have me listen to poison, falsities proved echos
In dark- clouded minds,  night delivers truth
Harsh truth of moments blind
The nightmare persists
One’s life is not yet to be theirs.
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