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Love is written in words and blood
Pain is anger and tears
Yet my hope is written as shattered
and devoured over the years

Each step I take is meaningless
Each thing I say, empty
I have nothing inside me left
the memories of people who leave me

As time drags on, my bones dry out
My skin wrinkles and sags
What is the point if there's no one to walk with
to talk with
for everyone else has passed
Jack Apr 14
Dear those who have passed,
      You were the guiding light
To those of us who were in the dark
You helped us through our darkest times

Even when you suffered more

You shaped us
Molded us
Built us into the people we are today

Even when your own body wanted to take you away

You deserve the world
Just like the one you gave to us

So thank you for your Words
and Deeds
That lead us here today

Wish you the best,
The one you guided home
This goes out to my teacher in High school who recently lost her battle with cancer. She was a light that was put out too soon. You are forever in our hearts Mrs. Taylor.
Bhill Apr 13
the answers are not ready to be heard
questions from the ancients are still spinning
twisting, turning, swirling and churning
drifting in and out of the minds that maintain the stamina
having substantial durability throughout timeless echos
stories, of the stories, passed on with no conclusions
the answers are not ready to be heard
not yet

Brian Hill - 2020 # 104
Wait for the answers...
As time passed
We forget to laugh
Invested in materialistic
Some burdens
******* apart, the joy of heart
As time passed,
Not even mirror can tell
Us apart,
When we came crashing
To ground,
Coercing the internal
As time passed
We forget to love
Our own ‘vitality’
*******'re really dying huh?

no no no no no no no no no no non onno no...

alex dont leave me

dont leave us.

we love you so ******* much

we need you?


we need you.

i hope youre well.

you'll be in a better place.

i dont want you to die.
for: alex <3
Jonathan Moya Feb 13
I can’t remember when death
turned moments to memorial,
gifts unfolded to blessings.

The tan slippers of Christmas past
snuggled my mother’s lost toe
so the others never mourned.

Those mules never left her feet,
even on her final nap.
“Bless me Papa,” her last words.

I don’t know if they were lost
or she was buried with them.
I thought they were forever gone.

And then twenty three years on
I gifted my friend some pair
my new wife found on last sale.

She wore them, a sacrament
to  follow from home to ward
bequeathed from last breath

thru the fragile bruise of time,
the visions of Christ near her,  
repeating deliriums

of cold, cold, cold: hot, hot, hot
and I love you, I love yous
until lost in all the moves

from ICU to hospice,
unable to find others,
a new fleshy blanket I

draped around her cold/hot feet,
until it snuggled just so right,  
perfect as a thank you.

Five days after Thanksgiving
she passed away and I took
the cloth home to wash and wear

to find my wife had found it
and regifted what I could
not own to her sleeping soul.
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
Love the light in the sky, moon on the clouds, the wind tickling your hair, the rain licking your skin. In a life being lived you have these things, whether you take them in or believe you are waiting, for the right time is now because time can not be saved
Seems we are waiting for what has not happened all the while we are paralyzed indecision time is passing us.
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