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birdy May 2022
her love was everything I knew
until the world recognized her worth
and she was ripped away from me
I don't wish for her
I wish to be worthy of her
birdy Apr 2022
Your ashes,
in a box in the living room.
Sudden flashes,
of memories
force me to see your eyelashes
that framed beautiful deep brown.
George Krokos Jan 2022
The danger has passed
with its shadow cast
and you feel relieved
if you're not deceived.

When it was around
there wasn't a sound
and all that happened
nearly time flattened.

'Twas on such a day
that it came your way
but did not expect
let alone suspect.

You'd never have thought
that way to be caught
but who knows when fate
brings death on their plate.

It's only when time
finds the hour to chime
and it strikes you down
with no one around.

So helpless you'll be
until you are free
from the direful hour
if life is not sour.

On such occasions
of life's invasions
which are distasteful
be not ungrateful.

Give thanks to the Lord
and study His Word.
Apply it with heart
as Grace will impart.
Written in May,2021.
N.D.E. = near death experience
Simon Soane Jan 2022
Though old

and hands semi broken by time

fingers still cradled cigarettes and wine,

they spoke of you:

caught by age but vibrant enough to do the dance you wanted,

full of life as the shell was cracking,

talking with glorious yapping,

not allowing the beating of the clock to take its toll

with all that sunshine in your soul.

Empty seats emptier without you there,

I love you,

take care.
Cece Jul 2021
Stripping the sheets that took away a soul
Life goes on we just replace it with a new one

Monthly by monthly days go by
Its not always sunshine and rainbows oh my
The fragile soul that was left here to rest
Will forever be ingraved here in my head.

Goodbye forever and may you rest in peace
I will remeber you all piece by piece
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Live life step by step
Taking care to smell roses
Passed along the way
Don't forget to stop and sniff the flowers as you go by them
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2021
We all have issues
Harbored in our soul's marrow
Passed down and down pat
Whether we show it or not everyone has their demons to face
birdy May 2021
Green masks my grotesque face.
Saggy skin, abandoned by life.
Time has passed
Since I was last here
And I wonder,
Is it because
Im happier now?
Brumous Mar 2021
The best pain of today
Is the hope you had yesterday,
Loosing to the regrets
of what is passed;

Now, pick up,
Pick up,
Pick up the shards

And wound yourself;
Wound yourself hard
2 in the morning, can't go back to sleep yet.
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