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SM May 18
I always felt the warmth of your embrace
When I ate melting Mac and cheese.
The bright yellow cheese gleamed like your eyes
I saw your smile in smirking elbow noodles, curled upwards.
Ham and bread crumbs sprinkled the top,
Creating the perfect symphony of savory on my taste buds.
The blueberry muffins always tasted so sweet...

I miss your sweetness.

The call of your voice echoes now
As a distant shout for dinner to be served.
It’s been years since you’ve passed,
But I still hear your words call down the hall
floating over Jeopardy playing on the television.

I can’t hear your voice anymore saying you love me,
But I can always hear it haunt me when I eat Mac & Cheese.
It’s the only time I can hear voice...

I miss your voice.

The smell of Mac & Cheese makes me sick now.
Flavor doesn’t dance on my taste buds anymore.
The cheese tastes cold.
The blueberries taste bitter.
The savory ham now tastes sorrowful.
And the bread crumbs feel like sand scraping my mouth.

No one else makes it like you did,
Even if the recipe is the same.
But I still eat it.
Because I feel you with me when I do.
It’s the only time I do...

I will always miss the warmth of your melting Mac & Cheese,
And the warmth of your embrace.
I miss you.
Oskar Erikson May 17
you passed by the river
and the reflection was cast on
my curve of bank.
the current
lost it’s strength at the mouth
like words whispered in defeat.
were it not for my knowledge
of those who have drowned
i would be breathing the reeds and water
and beating against the overflow.
i think it’s human nature
fight for something
for the only thing we know.
Johnny walker May 11
Sometimes one appreciate things In life I gone for my usually bacon bap and coffee
when young lady with her
baby I had seen her there several times
As stood along aside putting and sugar In my coffee cup she turned  and look at me I had seen many times
She said we are both are  In so often that perhaps we should buy shares In the
And I felt quite honoured
that this lady oh so pretty had noticed me and maybe she was trying  to strike up a
I thought Oh If we're 40 years younger I probably
would have this pretty girl
If I join her with my
For I'm sure she looking for a friend for I've  
never her with anyone
but with her baby
rings upon her fingers to say she belongs to another
Oh If I was younger I would have probably asked her
To those who are gone.
We’ll carry your legacy.
To honor your life.
Johnny walker Apr 27
I remember so well
when I first held my sweetheart Helen In
arms having walked a
very long road
all life troubles a feeling
of finally I'd arrived
at the place, I had been travelling  towards
all my
On a  tough roller-
coaster ride through
up and down of life
times I never thought
I'd make It but I did
and  found
sweetheart Helen and
fell In love with her we
went to marry but sadly ended after twenty
years when my sweetheart
I had walked a very long road through life to get to where I was heading to my sweetheart
dmlxs Mar 16
A breath clouds up the air
as I remember the time of the fairies
and back to when the fire of melting candles
was too bright for my fragile eyes

I always envied her eyes
I wonder if melancholy
chose me as its vessel long ago
this frail body has been hollowing itself out for years,
as the ultimate dwelling to rot in,

the chaos is comforting,
all silence stands for is
my complete obliteration
and the endless illusion
of what we once were.
Miranda Mar 14
I can’t believe the miles
I’ve walked and ran
The laughs that healed my soul
The friends that held me as I cried
And how everything just
Flew right past me with no second look
The nights I stayed up until 4 am
Listening to music
Writing poems
Dreaming about you
Waiting for the future that I knew would be better
And it definitely is better than those lonely nights
But those nights I spent alone were the nights I became my truest self
I found my words
I found my desires
I found myself and I loved her and grew her
And before I could even think about it
Years passed
And I neglected her
I lost touch with her and couldn’t figure out why or how
And it hasn’t been until this night that I realize I need her more than ever
I hope she comes back

They lied.
They lied when they said time heals all wounds,
Or maybe there hasn’t been enough time away from you.

Almost two years to the day,
yet I still find myself keeping tears at bay.
Why did you go? Why couldn’t you stay?
You were just coming around,
You seemed okay.

Yet, I know deep down that feeling you felt,
I often feel it too and left with a remorseful head,
Full of regret,
I could have said something,
I did nothing instead.

I’ve learned a lot while you’ve been away.
I was too late,
I should have never received a call that day,
A life full of guilt because my mind mended,
after you chose to escape a life unfinished.

I couldn’t help it,
Our genetics tell all,
you see,
Those months I had been suffering,
just like you,
I begged for it to leave.

My life continued while yours departed,
Waking day to day,
to a photo of your smiling face,
with that everlasting tear,
that may  never be tamed.
It doesn't feel like two years since my brother passed. I can't help, but miss him every single day. I don't know how to get over it. So I wrote this down really fast after a big crying spell.
Storm Albertyn Sep 2017
"Some days I wish I were a bird,
To fly through heaven's gate.
To visit you everyday,
Not daring to be late.

But my wings haven't began to grow,
My soul is not yet clear.
I watched you fly, into the sky,
As you watched me shed a tear.

I miss you here on Earth,
Where more people sort to know.
That God is one for picking best,
Why I'M here and YOU had to go.


Just, please say something funny,
Please say something kind.
Cause the sadness is overwhelming,
As its running through my mind.

There's not a day to go by,
Where your arms can hold me dear.
I wished for just a simple hush,
Your voice is all I hear.

You hope for me to be strong,
For all of us feel sorrow.
But hope, my dear, will bear today,
Our strength saved for tomorrow..."
I'm sad Π^Π
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