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Green masks my grotesque face.
Saggy skin, abandoned by life.
A souls vacant shell,
under newly upturned soul.
Time has passed
Since I was last here
And I wonder,
Is it because
Im happier now?
Brumous Mar 10
The best pain of today
Is the hope you had yesterday,
Loosing to the regrets
of what is passed;

Now, pick up,
Pick up,
Pick up the shards

And wound yourself;
Wound yourself hard
2 in the morning, can't go back to sleep yet.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Their hearts were broken
Without doubt
It was too sad to bear
Whenever he saw her out
Passed like she wasn't there
It is so sad to watch two people who obviously love eachother so much pretend like they don't
There is the moment
of release
when the trouble
is passed
and continuing to dwell
becomes unhealthy—
but take care
this fragile moment
must not be
Zack Ripley Jul 2020
The day you passed away,
I couldn't see the sky.
Too many tears fell from my eyes.
But they weren't tears of grief.
They were tears of relief.
Because even though
I'd never be able to hug you
As you walked through the door,
I knew you weren't in pain anymore.
Ashlyn Yoshida Apr 2020
Love is written in words and blood
Pain is anger and tears
Yet my hope is written as shattered
and devoured over the years

Each step I take is meaningless
Each thing I say, empty
I have nothing inside me left
the memories of people who leave me

As time drags on, my bones dry out
My skin wrinkles and sags
What is the point if there's no one to walk with
to talk with
for everyone else has passed
Jack Apr 2020
Dear those who have passed,
      You were the guiding light
To those of us who were in the dark
You helped us through our darkest times

Even when you suffered more

You shaped us
Molded us
Built us into the people we are today

Even when your own body wanted to take you away

You deserve the world
Just like the one you gave to us

So thank you for your Words
and Deeds
That lead us here today

Wish you the best,
The one you guided home
This goes out to my teacher in High school who recently lost her battle with cancer. She was a light that was put out too soon. You are forever in our hearts Mrs. Taylor.
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