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Katja Pullinen Dec 2019
If you have my shoes.
So walk it trough.
Will my shoes too tight
or too loose?
Walk in my shoes,
Walk in my shoes.
If you fall and lose one shoe.
Keep going in one shoe.
Walk in my shoe,
Walk in my shoe.
Go trough my path.
Before you judge.
Walk in my shoe.
Will you lose
or keep it?
Give it to me.
You can't walk in my shoe.
This shoe is not belong to you.
Bhill Nov 2019
Wearing shoes has always been fun
We learn to tie them and off we run
We run all day and into the night
We have to be home when street light, lights
It always seems that the lights light, too early
Because hide and go seek when its light, is just girlie

Dinner is served when everyone's there
Who's turn is it, to say the prayer
I know it's not mine, cause I said it last night
It's got to be Sis’s, I hope there's no fight

When dinner is done the TV goes on
Or we play family games sometimes time until dawn
We really don't play untill it's that late
I just said that because bedtime is eight...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 273
Who remembers?
Z Apr 2019
i’m a flytrap in Saran Wrap
Definition clingy
shouldn’t be satisfied to be qualified
as the gum that’s stuck to your shoe

This anxiety could be all from nowhere
It might not be real
But honestly and actually
it’s just how i feel
Jenna Mar 2019
Everyone wears white shoes
What's wrong with black?
With black, nothing stains
Strong in color, fierce in stride

While white is too easily
Stained by whatever touches it
Treading, becoming ***** who
swore they were pure to heart

Some people do care
to step into the dark
puddle, the puddle that
ripples in concealed rage
Matthew Feb 2019
I Know
I am just
An Old Shoe
That should be thrown away
But if you tear me to small pieces.
And rearrange my flesh to be with you
It could be the perfect fit for me and you.
Your Old Shoe
Brynn S Nov 2018
Little boy blue
In love with his shoe
Polish and clean
So fondly you gleam
Smile in delight
Scuffs in spite
Return to anew
You and your laced shoe
Title is a play on words, as mending a shoe could represent training the ability to stand tall/ confidence. Cleaning the shoe, getting rid of the faults. Heel to heal.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
When I run, I run with speed
In which becomes a gentle breeze
Soaring though the asphalt heat
Opposing wind blanketing
Speeding down a blistering street      
While                                                           ­   Y                                          
          My      ­                                                      L
         ­       Prudent                                              E
   ­                           Mind                                  ­E
                                        Wanders             R
                                                               ­ F
The picture kind of resembles a shoe I think.
s v e n May 2018
A Simple Shoe
He yells
And she nags.

It's pointless
To argue.

But they don't see what I see.

I see them go over the top
Like if someone had just murdered someone
But in reality someone just stole a simple shoe.

And that simple shoe was mine,
Yes I know
It's just a shoe
But do they know?


They don't hear what I hear.

All this screaming for the same outcome,
The same results.

They are just blinded by there true selfs.
Stanley Wilkin May 2018
Before me the monster grew
In the stippled light
Dappled blue
It was an interesting sight.

A wondrous uncompromising
Dark hue
Its features had a disconcerting
Temporary feel. Nose and ears fixed by glue

And where his mouth should have
Been was a blue suede shoe,
And in place of eyes grave-
Stones inscribed with the names of no one I knew.

Still, he was very polite
For such a badly-hewn
Creature of the night.
Crafted as if from ancient stone,

He quietly broke my neck
With a pleasant-enough smile
And I heard it crack
Dying, deeply impressed by his style.
Steve Page Apr 2018
This is the shoe where poetry lives
It walks with a tap and the occasional hop and skip
But on Mondays it drags a little on the way to the train station

This is the shoe where poetry lives
Ready to throw a kick but inevitably risking a stubbed toe
Harbouring the memory of a break and the months of limp

This is the shoe where poetry lives
Experimenting with an odd sock, denoting a qwerky outlook
And if you were to examine it's sole you'd find an uneven wear

This is the shoe where poetry lives
Grass stained from ventures along less travelled paths
And carrying scuffs from many climbed boundary walls

This is the shoe where poetry lives
And it sits by the back door ready for the next adventure
Silently jealous of the shoe that was claimed by the dog tonight
Where does your poetry live? And have you visited lately?
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