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Jonathan Moya Oct 2020
The blue shoe on the side of the road
had me wondering who it belonged to.

Yes, shoes are made for journeying,
poised for leaping not yet taken.

They shine with this potential
right off the factory line.

Yet, this orphan
once so stiff when young,

once a tender, warming
friend with each footfall

who got him through  every season,
every pacing bit of worries,

was flung aside
soles exposed,
no restitch present.

No one leaves behind a shoe
not finished with wandering

unless too loose
it falls off easily,

until the foot tiring of the shoe
seeing a light it can only imagine,

of only knowing its darkness
of foot sweats and foot smells,

each step a jolt
and shattering underfoot,

the rising and falling
of the shoe so far ahead

that the foot becomes a ghost limb
in the wings of dust lifting around it

until the errant shoe is left behind
in all the backward movement.
Hana Jasmine Ho Oct 2020
Tic tac, tap your shoe
Tick tock, works the ticking clock
Tip toe, move the ballet pointe
Sarah Pavlak Aug 2020
I led a loveless life for three days,
Found the edge of a shoe
That I took to be God
Turned towards it
And under the sole I returned.
alexa Jul 2020
i never felt the need to say it
but it’s time to bid aideu.

you made me feel things
almost as if you unleashed a zoo

i miss you sometimes
but then i remember what you turned into

you treat me
as if i’m a shoe

you wear me out until you can’t anymore
but you can’t return me to the store

as much as you try,
i’ll never be who i was before.

with this,
i say goodbye and thank you

i hope one day
you stop acting how you do
i’ll miss you. ring me when you’re ready.
Naveen Kumar May 2020
There is a goldfish
living in a shoe.
Afraid to get out
and see the sky blue.

There is a goldfish
living in a shoe.
Who once lived in water
which is blue.
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Nylee May 2020
My choice is never final
I second guess every decision
Option two again
and back to one
I like it but I do not
I move forward
my other shoe is behind.
Poetic T May 2020
Find a penny pick it up,
       With this coin
I ran out of luck...

Bent down just as car drove past
            clipped me and
                           now I'm


Took a while but I'm back on
                                        my feet..

what are the chances a four leaf
   clover and a horse shoe neat..

No... the horse shoe was still
connected to the feet...

I shouted four as flew through
         the air....

then it licked my face before that
               shoe stood on my piece..

I'm out the hospital, and I saw a
           ladder, na I'm not having that.
On the outside,  but I never say the
                                           black cat..

I came to, and she was there,
             are you an angel..
        No love, You've just been served.

My luck is less my future short,
              but ill carry on as how
can it get worse, is that thunder
                               I can hear??
Homunculus Mar 2020
There once was a man from Peru
he tried ******* with his shoe
but at the wrong angle, the laces got tangled
and now his junk's mangled and blue
After reading Gravity's Rainbow and all the stupid songs and ***** limericks Mr. Pynchon managed to weave into that magnificent monumental monstrosity of text, this poet just can't help but feel inspired to try the form.
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