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Man Jan 31
writhe under the boot,
a heel you were born to
its imprint pressed onto your cheek
a mark you'll bare no matter the distance
in the pursuit of liberty
in hopes of justice
just for a chance at happiness
where did our virtues go?
were there ever any at all?
Maria Mitea May 2020
Derma crumbles
on a graded road
Propelled by the
Calcified touch of
a heel flipped flesh
Looking through
the crack of down

Thank God
Floating vapours
Calm the thirsty
Flensed skin
juttu Jun 2019
A metallic heel,
six inches of steel
slowly piercing the skin
finding that gap
between the ribs

nobody ever dies of pain;
internal bleeding
and ***** failure follow
six inches of steel
as it's slowly dug in
Brynn S Nov 2018
Little boy blue
In love with his shoe
Polish and clean
So fondly you gleam
Smile in delight
Scuffs in spite
Return to anew
You and your laced shoe
Title is a play on words, as mending a shoe could represent training the ability to stand tall/ confidence. Cleaning the shoe, getting rid of the faults. Heel to heal.
A Simillacrum Oct 2018
You've heard all of my stories.
You're versed in what I do,
but when I ask it of you,
you won't try anything new.

Tell me,
how should we progress, then?
Or would you like to stay
within the shade forever,
never knowing, never knowing

Steph Cheng Jun 2018
One river leads to heaven or hell,
meandering like a path into Wonderworld
Swearing upon a smile worth dying for,
we dived head first into the Styx with hearts like a lion's
Our fears washed away


You and me against the world
Our aegis spread his arms to shield us from the wars raging above
Thunder bolts roared and howled,
but we were bulletproof,
safely tucked away in the far end of the galaxy


A ***** in my armour
Pierced by one fatal blow,
my corpse cried its last tear into the Styx
The voice of Cassandra ringed in my ears
Gone with my breath was my soul

You are my Achilles heel.
Letters I never sent - to my Achilles heel
Dess Ander Apr 2018
She strutted on the street
with heels the colour of blood
that came from broken hearts
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
Heels harder than steel
Sharper still
In his heart
Smooth arks
Curves looping
Strong desires
Cutting loose
Weak restraints
Through frail defenses
His achilles heel
A separate entity
Embodied in the shape
Of a fallen angel
Insatiably inviting
The arrows of Apollo
Choosing carefully
Her Paris-es
Erin Suurkoivu Dec 2016
It is her spirit
you fell in love with.

Be careful
not to crush it –
beneath your heel –

shattered glass remains
shattered glass.

I held up the mirror
just to see
if you were as unrecognizable
as me.
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