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in a world where everyone
is trying to get ahead,
make their family proud,
and their neighbors jealous

i'm just trying to feel useful,
like if I was to die tomorrow
I'd be missed,
and not replaced within a week
when I compare my life goals to others,
I feel so alien, so out-of-place
Cleo 5d
There are people that hide because they want to be found,
and there are people that hide because they don't.
I don't know who, or what, you're hiding from.
Are you afraid of me? Of God? He can't find you either.

Either way, I stopped looking for you.

I left messages on your machine.
I cried.
Yet I couldn't help but wonder if something bad had happened
or if you just changed your number.

Either way, I stopped calling.

I feared for a long time that you were in danger.
I feared that you were hiding from evil.
I thought that maybe you needed to be saved.
Then I realized that whatever you were hiding from haunted you because you poked it first.
No one can save you from your own consequences.

Either way, I stopped caring.

I was willing to break down doors to find you.
I would've.
I would've traveled the world to help you.
But I feared that I'd find you in Santo Domingo
smoking cigars with your toes in the sand
and NOT thinking about me.

Either way, I stopped trying.

You are either living a life worth hiding for
or hiding from a life worth living.

Either way, you poked it first.
Alle Jan 12
they tell you to
seek what sets your
soul on fire,
but i have searched
for so long
that nothing is left
of my soul
but ashes
Lord oh lord,
Lord oh lord
Between heaven & stars,
Clouds near & far

Turn down the stars
Turn down the stars
I gots ta' find my loves heart.
A light that shines bright.

Through prayer & bent knees.
Bent knees and loose shoe strings.
I look but can't find
My loves heart.

These old shoe strings
stumbling, falling
Looking up at the stars
Clouds near and far

These old loose shoe strings
These old loose shoe strings.
Lord if you can
I gots ta' find my loves heart
Madhumita Jan 7
Maybe I am stuck
because I am waiting to be moved.
Maybe I can move
somebody who feels stuck.  

I loop the songs I love
until I choke them of all emotion.
I stumble through words
from a million brilliant minds
searching for madness akin to mine.

Pictures, stories, art,
opinions, musings, crafts –  
I gnaw at everything for hidden meaning.

Am I even human if nothing moves me?
Do I deserve death if I never learned to live?

Spur my soul, stir my heart
you, who knows exactly what I mean.
Or hark my bemoaning  
as the graceless floundering
of unmoored ennui.
Jordan Ray Jan 7
I tried looking for love, in a change of my mind.

Listen to my story, let me tell you how it goes
Unlike rags to riches, I started with the gold
I gave her all my time, gave her everything I know
But something deep inside, made me want to let it go
I watched it through my fingers, now she haunts me like a ghost
I gave up chasing pavements for a heartless empty love

There's nobody, nobody no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

I tried searching for love, in a strangers eyes.

So I picked myself up, when I hit that cold, hard ground
Made my self seem happy, made my parents feel so proud
Wore my heart under my sleeve, not to let anyone know
That the battle deep inside, hasn't got an end result
I've been fighting for survival, holding onto all the blame
But maybe there is hope, if I show her that I've changed

There's nobody, nobody, no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

And I've prayed to god, even though I don't believe in him.
I’ll keep writing poems
Keep stacking up weathered books
Keep fishing for love by the sea
(A gamble of **** and fish hooks)

I’m just a sailor boy wrapped in sea foam
Eyes made of sea glass
Pressure points
(Please use sea stones)

I’ll ride the tides until I die
Sand in my throat
I’ve got a lucky penny on my side
Brynn S Dec 2018
Have you ever followed the demons?
Asking with a gentle eye, bright and mad
The folly of my spouts, they leave without doubts
To love is to ****, and following shows passion
I’ve watch the heels, I’ve clicked stones
Passage ways of tender, placed highest unto thrones
Blessed be, blessed without
I will find another
Take note of her pout
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Never met someone like you before

I never claimed to be perfect;
I only claimed this was worth it
And if we didn’t do it, then tell me who did?
My silver bullet Princess, my darkest dream,
You make me feel complete.

A shot through my heart and hello or goodbye.
We will not be finished by this sunlight,
For we will continue to search, maybe in vein,
For love eternal; eternally loves *****.

If the skies keep on falling down on me,
Then how am I supposed to live, not grieve?
I am living at the end of tomorrow,
Too fearful of new beginning’s.

All I am selling is worthless to your soul
And in the end we end up with what we began with long ago.
The things on this Earth we gather to our hearts,
In time become worthless when compared to the stars
And all we cherish only to become lost,
We wish to keep, or take back, but are unwilling to pay the cost.

At my weakest point, still I reach for your love.
If we never did meet, then would we ever have known trust?
I trust in you because love dares me to;
I risk it all on the roll of a chance dice,
Hoping your hand will carry me through.

It’s our differences that define us,
So let our similarities forever bind us.
Two hearts beating as one;
An endless love built on trust.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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