I'm falling down gently,
Gently into the void.
I know now slumber beckons,
But I work to keep my stride.

These lessons learned in life,
The ideas with which I've toyed,
Seem so minuscule in retrospect,
Before, before this void.

I used to care so much,
Anxiety was paramount,
What is all this going on?
The pain only surmounts.

I'm searching—
And Hope begins to crumble.
My heart breaking—
But I stagger and fumble on.
And, there,
Up upon this mount,
It’s brightness shines!
The light I see!
How foolish
It was
—Of course!—
All along in me,
This slyly hidden, plain-view, visible key
Turning to unlock the secret of my ’I’ mystery.

It had always been but a flicker,
This firefly of my mind.
I stumble on now towards it,
Weariness defined.

Reaching out, I grasp it.
A soft smile brightens my brow;
I shrug off the shackling pain,
Rise from my burdened bow,
Standing up above the corner
Of one of this road’s many rolling bumps,
Where someone in the mirror once told me
I’d never even master the jump.

So I fly high now,
My destiny, the what I was searching for,
Clear in core, please—my people—
Prepare for all that I have in store.
Cause now I know,
Yes, I know for sure,
I will toil, toil nevermore.

<3 I live for the written word <3

Why is it the rain pours harder
when you're not around
Shattering droplets
Piercing every last thought
Morphing these old habits
With new ideas
Thunderous clatter used to bring me peace
Now I lay awake
Shuttering as the pulse of vibrations
Shake my existence
Like a frail cat searching for peace
I can no longer calm this aching heart
Nor these shaking hands
Under streams of the moon's beaming light
I fail to hide away
Searching for you in the night
As to calm my battered soul
I will search on, Until the day
Our warm touch meets again

She wanders.
Her soul and body,
Always searching,
Never ceasing.
The waves in her
Soft blue eyes
Roll and crash in
A continuous cycle
Longing for something
More. Always something
Bigger than what
She has. For
It will never be enough.

For a friend

This is where I grew up broken
And I still am
I'm trying to find my missing pieces

This is where I fell apart
I'm still not together
I'm searching for a way to snap things into place

Understanding is out of my reach
I walk with limited sight
Hoping that the next thing I stumble upon
Will be an answer
Will help me move forward

Blanca Enigma Aug 27


Sometimes difficult to understand. Sometimes mysterious from where they stand. Puzzling at times even to myself. Don't ask me to explain who I am. Still searching for her everywhere I go. Lost and delusional, I lose my mind. Searching sometimes many nights, falling asleep with crying eyes.
Blanca the enigma, that's who I've come to know.


Some1 Aug 3

⚓ ⚓ ⚓
Through the surface of fathomless sea
    you can reach treasures and shipwrecks on bottom
       which are not supposed to be hauled up from the deep

         What is the truth?
     "Finding", "searching".
   It was worth it.

Not empty sea-bed is already good luck

Fears of disappointments aren't letting you breathe

   Risk of losing yourself while searching silver lining in mazes
      Strangles neck of willing
         Not letting live life fully

            We should not forget:

Without love impossible to follow dreams
joey Aug 24

just let me speak let me say what's on my
      mind i don't ever stop bring reckless acting like a fool when things go wrong I run
    and hide I don't ever stop being a pain  
        thinking of ways to make it better          
  I must take my bags just walk away I must
  say just let me say what's on my mind I'm
finally ready to speak you keep sitting at my mom thinking about the time i was the fool didn't know better now I look stood up and that's pretty brave I an't lying I could say love
   again it was pretty to step outside again I
            must say what is on my mind            
   this i hard this was something i can't my heart can't handle this pain I keep on trying  my heart is trying I feel shakey where can I find yeah where could be please help me get  this one right how can this be i should take my time maybe sleep

im really trying this an't easy
joey Aug 23

never easy to go looking for someone to spend the evening with      
we're just strangers at the start we meet give me chance please                                    
I just put my self out there again  
they say i gotta leave they allways do  it never easy for me
can you see how hard this may be I try my best to stay strong it's not easy my heart says enough it's time for me take a rest wake up to try I hope for the best

just been  trying to date and it's not easy
nanimono Aug 13

I don't want to be like ravana

Who always looking for vedavati figure

Never tired searching for a figure who isn't exist anymore in the world

Although vedavati as a body has long gone in the world

But her soul is immortal

Immortal in the niches and minds of ravana

Her name will be eternal in his soul

Either ravana can't forget her


Indeed himself who doesn't want to forget her

Maybe it's too divine to forget her beauty

His real love doesn't belongs to Citrawati, Kausalya, Mandodari, and not also Sita

They just a similar figure to vedavati

His eternal love belongs to vedavati

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