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I sit around, have nothing to do
And thus my brain starts thinking of you
It tries to remember all our talks
Our deep conversations, evening walks
That time when we cuddled and shared our fears
The other when you have called me in tears
The day when I made you laugh with a joke
So hard that you have nearly choked
That smile on your face, that beautiful view
When I finally said "I love you"
And that feeling of your beating chest
When we were together, cuddled, so tightly pressed
But how is it that I remember so well
Something that I have never done or felt?
Do you remember when we first met?
Do you remember when I made you laugh?
Do you remember what stupid joke I said?
Do you remember our first hour and a half?

Do you remember when I first kissed you?
Do you remember when I first hugged you tight?
Do you remember when I first missed you?
Do you remember when we first talked through the night?

Do you remember when I gave you the ring?
Do you remember when we bought our house?
Do you remember when I listened when you used to sing?
Do you remember the first time I could call you my spouse? 
If you remember, tell me, how can I reach you?
How can I get you quicker into my past?
I want to experience as many days as I can with you
Because I need you now in my life and fast

I could pretend you’re still here,
me listening to the beat
of your heart while you sleep.
Inhaling the scent of your body
As I lay next to you,

I could pretend hearing your voice,
Telling me that you love me,
Catch your eyes in the mirror
Flirting with me while I watch
As you dress and I sit

I could pretend holding you,
Embracing your hurt away,
Drying your tears with a kiss,
Sweep your hair from your face
As you look at me,

I could pretend and not live the truth
The truth is you were temporary;
like signature in the sand
erased by ocean's tide,
or autumn wind that carried you away
like golden leaves in flight.

I could lend pretending for faith
on whose wings your soul
has risen beyond the sky
And waiting patiently
my selfish heart beats
Grey Mar 30
No words
slip from my tongue.
No words
emerge from my fingertips
as they race across the keyboard.
No words
spill from my mind,
trace the recesses of my brain,
leave my lips with the taste of butterscotch.
I have traveled far and wide,
from one pole to the other
then so far west I'm back in the east,
but I still have no words.
No words
to describe this feeling,
the one at the back of my throat every time I speak,
the one tingling at my fingertips whenever I press them against the keys,
the ones zigzagging my mind from dawn to dusk and even after that.
No words
to describe the tightness of my chest,
whether from the way she tucks her hair behind her ear
or the weight of today on my shoulders.
The thoughts --
I chase them, but they always slip away
just as I can feel them in my grasp.
No words, no thoughts, no way
to finish this poem
not when it's ever-flowing, ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-there.
Egeria Litha Mar 28
I may never get over the roads
the rains
the shortcuts
that cut and scarred my journey long ago

I may never hurtle past
the memories alone
the vices formed
the lessons learned
through experience
in place of philosophy
or words parted by wise elders

I wish I knew before I asked
or played with chance -
a ***** dance

And if redemption is a place
I am coming to meet
I will define it when my psyche is in peace
when the past no longer weighs on me
As I watch the wind blow in another day,
Some dreams will fade, from yesterday,
The sun will rise again, A new day will begin,
I’m still searching.

We often think our plans, are carved in stone,
Then we look around, were all alone,
Was it wasted time, did we learn, in our mind,
Were back to searching.

Our journey, did not bring us here,
Just to work, and play, there is more to life,
Then, just the passing io days,
Look at yourself inside, open your eyes,
Keep searching.

Searching, for the reason, why you are here,
Are you far, are you getting near, search until your end,
Some thoughts, you will have to stretch and bend,
You just have to know.

                                                              Tom Maxwell© 10/06/2005
Rachel Rae Mar 19
My scarred up fists that broke
with weary
Long wilted petals released
Once rose, once lily
And I watched them drop off fingertips,
Catch the breeze
And with ease, drip off the cliff
Down from the mountaintop
pt 2.
Thomas W Case Mar 16
I dreamed I was at some sort
Of carnival/expo with my
sister and my ex.
Somehow I got separated
from them
I met a young French woman.
She was beautiful, and she
Liked me a lot.
There was a lot
of passion and an instant
I had cuts all over my
face for some reason.
She liked me anyway.
In fact, she didn't even
mention the cuts.
The attraction was strong.
There was a heat I
could smell.
We started making out,
and we were just
getting ready to do it,
when we noticed a
large crowd behind us.
We laughed, and she wrote
her information on my
Later, I was playing
with a bear, and some other
strange animal.
I fell in a river, and her
phone number and address
were washed off my hand.
I never did find my
sister and the ex.
I woke up, and felt
Sick to my stomach.
Why are all the
good ones in dreams?
I need to visit France.
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