If you look at the stars
How beautiful they are
That is how you are to me
You are the star that is bright
In the dark you gave me light
When I am ever so lonely
I've been talking to the moon
While I'm searching for you
In between all the clouds
One day you suddenly appeared
Oh how my heart cheered
When you finally came around

Never was a day that I wasn't excited to see you
Amy Nov 5

I search for you most everywhere
in my memories - but they aren’t clear  
I look through the tangled strands of my hair
And even in the cigarette smoke in the air

I look inside my heart that’s bled
I look between the words you said
I look in my bed and underneath the covers
I look past the lies you told as my lover

I look for you in rapture,
I look for you in grace
I even try to find you in my
underwear of lace

I thought you may be lurking
beneath my heavy sighs
I swore I saw you swimming
in the tear drops from my eyes

I look for you in my lip stain-
blood red and midnight blue
I look for you on notepads
of sketches that I drew

I look for you in ink spills
on paragraphs of prose
I search for you in my paintings
under hues of amber and rose

I look for you by candle light
in starry nights of black
I look for you in eloquence
dripping down with wax

I don’t think I will find you
for I haven’t got a clue
I think you may be hiding,
it’s something that you’d do.

I know if I keep looking
and remain under your spell
I will finally join you
as I’ll  lose myself as well

Shane Leigh Oct 29

Sweet and savory upon my lips are
his lips; and my hands caress the stubble scattering
his jaw as he holds me close about my waist.
I praise his gentle hands -
still forceful - and I, with
gentle nature and hopeless romance, am
not accustomed to such vigor and blunt lust-driven
passion such as his. My body irks and begs for
his caresses and unashamed desires though I
am fearful of what is to become of me; but,
please, if you were to truly love me, do not
leave steadfast into the dark once the deed
has been done
for this is a risk I'm taking,
and a mistake you are willing to make.

© Shane Leigh
melanie Oct 26

dissonance roams within my body
breaking apart my soul
leaving me hollow
leaving me cold

a storm breaks

Daisy Vallely Oct 24

I’m in love with a ghost,
a suitor of my shadow.
I ache in search of him,
yet the floorboard creaks
In the dark of night
are merely my soulful shadow
challenging the night to reveal love.

My sorrows cradle my eyes with
puffed skin, and moist cheeks,
cooing my exhausted mind,
casting a spell of sleep
upon my bodess.
My shadow creeps out from under
the crack of my door-
the door that keeps my demons
within four walls.

My shadow, the phantom of my desires
chases you into eternity.
Even when these old bones break,
this skin turns blue,
these eyes roll back into
the depths of my mind…
My shadow will roam
until The End
in search of you.

A man of honor, compassion and faith
Is there one in this place?

A man with a great of gold
A love for God, and the woman
Whose hand he holds

Why is this so hard to find?
A man who is gentle and kind,
Is there one out there?

Please do tell,
I feel I am waisting my time,
Like tossing pennies in a wishing well

melanie Oct 23

Up with the rising sun
my soul burns
in this never-ending hell

I seek answers
in the silence
I search for solace
in the forlorn beauty

A sickness rises within

Sand Oct 21

Sunlight burns my face everyday
Yet I am cloaked in shadows

Moonlight rains down on me every night
Yet I am drenched in darkness

I am a lonely soul, around the world I roam
Searching for acceptance, searching for home

I'm really lonely in spite of being surrounded by so many people in my immediate surroundings
Sid Oct 19

Jagged red lines where chemistry turned from paper scribbles to unplugged electricity
and the only marks I cared to count
splayed across your skin
rendered me useless.
This isn't geography;
people aren't maps
for permanence in temporary markers-
they call it pit stops for a reason
I keep finding people that can
flat souls.
// what they don't tell you in school //

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