Jimmy 3d
I've been searching for you forever. I've swam across many great seas and crawled across many treacherous deserts making sure not to leave a single stone unturned. I've been chasing you like a rainbow hoping that I'll find the pot of gold. I keep getting more clues but unlike Nancy Drew, I'm no detective sleuth. You're moving too fast and I'm starting to get tired. Eventually I will find you even if it's only in my dreams.
In a land of no answers

In a land of no answers, I’m crying alone;
In a world with no feelings, I’m feeling so lost.
I crave for love, or something to make me feel less hollow;
But I have become a ghost of what I once was.

I went up to Heaven to face my God;
But he wasn’t answering so I fell down to Earth.
I listened closely and searched in the fog;
But I was lost in love, so I couldn’t get what I deserved.

Still I search for the answers, to a question I cannot ask;
For I don’t know what it is, that I want to find in the dark.
I used to think, I had all I needed at last;
But it all turned to nothing and now I am lost.

I can’t tell you how I felt, because I just don’t remember,
But I must have felt something, to have felt the loss.
As another year passes by, I’m feeling low in December;
I would give anything to remember, no matter what the cost.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

The search for love is ongoing.
Love is ongoing.
Love is finding a way of showing,
My love for you is forever growing.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is unattainable.
Love is a mystery.
Love is impossible to find,
For me.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jeff Gaines Apr 13
My soul was meant to be still
And my soul was meant to talk.
My soul was meant to listen and
My soul was meant to walk.

My soul has been filled to the brim with laughter
And my soul has soared in the sky.
My soul has climbed deep underground and
My soul has been known to sigh.

My soul has shared so many lives
And they’ve touched me, every one.
My soul has left with them each a piece
And still, it’s never done.

My soul has wandered through mountains
And my soul has slept on the sea.
My soul is almost always content
And yet,
My soul wonders where it should be.

My soul was meant to be searching
And my soul has shared its mind.
My soul has been the student and
My soul was meant to find.

My soul has played the gallant host
And it has been the thankful guest.
My soul never knows where it will be and
It never seems to rest.

And though it never knows where it will be,
My soul is never lost.
My soul has been living an incredible life
And it pays an incredible cost.

The trade off must be fair though,
My soul is as happy as can be.
I’m prone to exaggeration some,
But hey then, that’s just me.

My soul has lived a life unbound
And yet,
My soul has yearned for a home.
My soul,
Like a leaf
That’s let go of the vine,
On the wind is cheerfully blown.
I wrote this in my early 30's as I began to realize the fact that I wasn't married with children and that my life was seemingly on a different course of globetrotting and interactions with many, many people.
Not what I'd always imagined ... and yet, I felt a strange contentment. Perhaps, it was also  me accepting myself on another, or the "next", level, if you will. I have always been comfortable with myself and who I am. Even when finding, or seeing myself in new lights.
justine grace Apr 11
He wandered,
The chosen path,
Where he took an oath,
That life will never take a toll on him again.

His thoughts lingered,
To his last lover,
Her tenderness,
Her longing touch,
The memories
That felt like home.

It was misery,
Absolutely tormenting,
To walk that road again,
His love, his care,
Was never reciprocated,
He felt foolish,
The divine love,
That was once imaginable,
Turned into classic horror.

Where she would cook at night,
With his shirt on,
Oh how she looked so beautiful,
Standing there,
Imagining something different,
Something deserving,
Yet it was all deceiving.

A broken heart that could never be mended,
Where she broke his heart,
Over and over again,
The nostalgic feeling,
Move him more than anything,
In this world,
Which nearly brought him to tears.

Much awaited,
The healing process began,
He outgrew the pain,
The hunger of revenge,
And made his heart full of love again,
Never to be deceived,
Is one thing,
But never to let anyone,
Take away his spark again.

Imagining those little tender kisses upon his neck,
He slowly let's go,
So much so that,
He'll be able to get on the right path once more,
Take himself on a journey,
Where deceiving isn't an obstacle no longer,
He was hungry,
Hungry for happiness,
Hungry for passion,
Past and future,
May never come across one another,
And find himself believing
Of finally accepting himself,
For who he is,
And for what he may become.
Aa Harvey Apr 8
Just one look

You’re a luminescent light in a dark grey world.
No bling necessary; it pales into insignificance next to your beauty.
Metal on hand, that piece does not suit you.
A classic band of gold I think you would suit.  You suit me.

There is no need to advertise your full time commitment.
It is clear from your beauty, you are already meant,
For another to love, but all sane men would look in the hope,
That there had never been a tan line on your ring-finger…but no.

These eyes do not lie or deceive.
True feelings left to their dreaming,
Of what might have been,
If only there could have been a way;
And one day I will forget you…but not today.

No other has come along who could ever replace,
Or compare to thee.  They are less than could be.
I know you will never be mine,
But all wandering minds are fixed on thou
And all of thine divine beauty.

In a far off land lives a travelling man.
He once saw you as you passed by his window.
Since that day he has scaled mountain tops and mined his way,
Through all the gold, always asking, do you know?  Do you know,
Who she was?
Once seen, never gone.
Unfortunately you will always remain,

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Skaidrum Apr 2

God, give me the grace
to spend my faith spilling blood
for love that's worthy.
Of the haiku series
x. the costs of living

© Copywrite Skaidrum
Since I saw you,
I've had this hope live in me.
That everything that isn't needed be gone.
The details of sales papers, shopping carts.
The ease of temptation.
Standing still.
To fill my cart full of things I don't need.
Coffee rings, free samples.
The debris of reality.
Strings and paper slings around baked goods.
Shopping around facedown.
Pushing the cart row after row.
The things on sale.
The pings of the register.
Splints that aren't necessarily the object we've come face to face with.
Jamaican rum.
Our fingerprints used in vain
The residue from coffee pots and things we've touched.
Bottled, sealed tight.
Fresh water springs.
Still we pursue.
I pursue.
Your carefree sensibility.
I've walked every row in search.
Where have you gone,
"I walk these cold empty streets at
Without knowing how to make it 

As you sleep in your warm
I can't fathom how to make it

Will you know I wandered
Pondered as you break your
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