You are the firework of my heart.
You are the boom as sparkles depart.
You bring bright, amazing color
like no other.
You are the firework of my heart.
You make fire to art.
You acquire a spark
and light up the dark.
You are the firework of my heart.

Wrote back from 4th of July.
ga Aug 30

Spinning around full of colors
Side by side with laughter and smile
Then it breaks into dazzling pieces
before fading away

My fireworks have been extinguished
But I still clasp it tight
In a faint try
Holding its last spark and light

will you spark again?
Vexren4000 Aug 29

A forest,
Set ablaze by the unwary traveler,
Or even by the bolt of lightning,
Striking the dry dead tree,
To ensure the droughted land,
Becomes an inferno,
The campfire, burning into the depth of night,
As the faces of worn people,
Sit around the dying flames,
Stoking the fire,
And praying for a flame to come,
To grace them with its warmth,
Where man met science first,
Was when man made the first spark,
The spark of creation.


Apporva Arya Aug 26

Its always hard to say "let's end it"
While still loving u.
When it comes to separation,
We are not good at it.
A little spark is enough,
to make us run to each other.
These hands should not touch yours,
And eyes should not meet either.
Vows will be broken,
We were never good at
love and separation.

chickn Aug 11

On the ground
you're dying.

Your last light glowing,
flickering beneath your skin.

You're dying,
struggling there in the dirt.

Your glow fades,
and I'm left in the dark,
even next to the roaring fire.

A story about a spark that left me in the dark.

An excerpt from my Wattpad poetry book, Wanderlust. Read it here:

In a glance those eyes touched my soul,
& in a flash I felt the fling which I was waiting for.

Gabriel burnS Jul 13

Irreversible impulse
You are sealed in amber
Embedded in my chest
As a jewel
With momentum surging in your eyes
Bringing back the sparks
To the fireplace
Where shadows dance with flames
Vividly reliving the experience
Lighting up the forge of the wordsmith
Awakening within me
Feeding air to the embers

Wanderlust Jul 1

When I miss him,
the stars have gone cold.
And my heart
forgets to love. Our future
grows old. Our love
grows cold.

I fear my touch
will extinguish the spark
it once created.
After all this time.

Will he remember me at all?

The barrier between us
thickens . . . with mold.

Janae Jun 26

I can only imagine
what it would feel like
to have your lips
touch mine.

Would there be a spark?
A powerful force of the unimaginable
by this interaction,

Would there be fireworks?
Going off in the background that
some how managed to
start at the right time

Would it make time stop?
Where it's just you and I,
would we notice if we even started to fly?

I don't know what it would be like
but i know there will be no flying
no fireworks at the right time
and definitely your lips would never touch mine

I can only imagine.

Wilkes Arnold Jun 13

A gale tramples over fallen doors,
And desperate faces cling to a quivering flame, yet
No wall can reach their shadows.

I stand there  shuddering with each lash
from the ice beyond the hearth,
A slow trickle from its toil dyeing the rubble at our feet. But still
No heads turns to face the dark.

I only know every spark withers and dies as it drifts from our circle, though the brightest voyage furthest into the night.
Looking beyond I am neither trapped nor free, but destitue
It is not resolve, courage, or despair that now turn me; I am lulled and must wake.

All thoughts deceive. Thoughts of men inspired, of gods deranged, echo in me,
And which is worse I do not know.

So tonight I will follow the sparks into gale,
Let the lash scour my ears of every voice,
And hope no man foolish enough to follow.

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