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Why did you choose to abandon me?
You were 'the one'
I guess I was not
Extinguished flame of everything we could be
All I am is a spark you forgot
And all you are is a smoldering ember that refuses to burn out
When our sparks ignite
It feels as if time has stopped
Moments in slow motion
A different world all your own
The creation of life
What could ever be
It’s either the mountains
Or the ocean
Calling after me
I’ve torn in two
But patients is key
I S A A C May 26
twilight, dusk and dawn
unfollow, report, and block
my emotions inconsistent like waves
my memories blackened of our dates
riding around in your car, pounding heart
driving out too far, lost our spark
twilight, dusk and dawn
our connection was not for long
I'm not Anne Mar 9
You always had that spark that would keep me warm.
But fire is dangerous, even if you don't play with it.
riri Sep 2022
in order to fall in love, do i need to feel butterflies or that burning sensation in my chest?
to feel like i can never get tired of this person no matter what?
to feel constantly like i'm on cloud 9 when im with you?

oh how i yearn to be madly in love with you
i know love cannot be forced though, and the more i try the more it strays away
are we not meant to be or is this a different type of love than im used to?

it used to be easy for me to fall
but time went on and life changed, experienced changed me
i once felt that spark with someone else so it's hard not to compare
but one thing i know for certain is that you make me feel safer than anyone else on this planet can

i would do absolutely anything for you, just to see you happy
there's so much i like about you
so just because you don't give me that feeling, does that mean i will never fall in love with you?

they say there's a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone
it would be sad to think that i can never fall in love with you
but oh how i long for it so much, i just want us to be happy

but in the end, if it cannot be found i will have to let you go
it will break me and change me forever, but i want you happy
that's all i ever wanted
just for you to be happy
so what is love ? is it about the spark? the feeling? or is it more of a choice?
Aly Aug 2022
Tonight I wrote the note
The goodbye
The reasons and the apologies
The pain to paper
Paragraphs of regret
A bad wife, because I know deep down he doesn’t love me.
A bad mother because I believe I’m destroying their lives
A bad daughter because I cannot live up to her example.
A bad sister and friend because I never reach out.
Why stay here in a world where I have ruined so much?
Why bask in my own misery when I could be free?
Free of existence.
My soul feels cold beneath my skin.
Dig deeper until I find her,  a buried flame
A small flame, but she fights. And she burns.
My tears will put the fire out
But all it takes is spark. Something small just to keep her burning.
i was about to give up and stop
stop looking for someone and accept the fact
the fact that i would be alone for a while
a while without the warmth of another soul
another soul like yours igniting a spark
a spark in the deepest part of my heart
Valya Jun 2022
Feeling sparks fly
In the dark tunnel waiting to let you out
It's happened once
And I've been waiting for it to happen again ever since
Let me finish the walk out of this tunnel
Give me one more spark
It's gone
They're gone
Let me see sparks fly once more
To get out of the ever so lonely hallway
Finding what I believe to be flint
And proving that instead it's charcoal
Crumbling away under my fingers
As I try to keep it together
i really miss the spark I felt with the first where I knew that it was meant to be even if it was just temporary I can't tell who's worth it anymore ://
Broken from inside, heart full of scars...  
Pretending to be alright while battling several wars..!
Who once was full of fire, now longing even for a spark...
Everyone thinks he's a laughing clown, but he cries alone in the dark..!
Comment if u can relate or if u've seen someone relatable to this...

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