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Erian Oct 8
His wildflower heart
Set a spark in my chest
That no other could compare
To these October showers
And our unfamiliar bliss
Tori Schall Oct 7
Don't forget your promise to the stars.
Don't let all the misery, tear you apart.
Don't let your heart blow away in the wind.
Don't let my memory go out like a spark.

But if you do tonight.
I'll just close my eyes.
So I don't have to see,
when everything I love
Is set free.
Nylee Oct 4
Punching the numbers
I get the feeling of being lost
In the sequence of the memories
I feel my feet touch the ground
So when I open my bag
There is emotional side of me
Flickering in the dark.

Down in the pitch black
I look for the tiny spark
In the stories of old age
I look forward to happy times
And then I pull up myself
Found that I can stand
for a while more for a start.

The dark clouds clear and move
The sun makes the way
When mountains stand in path
From a valley it shines
And I know in truth
Darkness guides to
The road of eternal light
When no other lamps make you sway
Jaxey Aug 18
I set on fire quite a lot
But you're always there to put me out
We compliment each other
In every way
Now if only you would let a **** spark
Form between us
Without putting that out too
B D Caissie Aug 10
Don’t you dare look back on pain, those were dark days.
With the winds, the rouge of your heart smouldered.
Your splendour never went out, though it flickered.

Your fortitude sparked a fire in my crimson heart.
You are the glimmer and heat that ignites my flame.
Together we will face the night with our radiance.
Your smile will never lie.
I see the spark inside your eyes. But you can lie still.
But how long?
poesuer Jul 17
there was definitely a spark
it could have been a match to a gas leak
the striplights could have all blown at once
everyone else in the world besides you and me could have gone up in flames

I didn't hear it, I didn't see it,
but I know something happened

because god,
my heart is on fire
Crys Jul 15
from the moment we met, his presence captivated me.
he illuminated my soul and ignited the long-lost spark within me.
in my eyes, he was a work of art- a masterpiece that took me to a euphoric world.
the sound of his voice made me tranquil and his compassion was pure.
the trace of his skin made me feel secure.
he haunted my every thought, and embraced my bohemian nature.

he became the fuel for my fire.
loving him was giving him my heart
and trusting that he wouldn't shatter it.
-I'm in love.
M Solav Jul 14
There is sunshine all over my face,
Oh but when will I see the light?
A bright blue veil covers all of space
Yet only clouds are seen in sight.

And figuring out a way out of it
Feels like swimming in the dark
Being dragged by the undercurrent
Holding breathe to find a spark

Yet I’m bathing in the sunlight
But the wind is growing cold
Merriment remains a surprise
Like all the things that I can’t hold

So I grasp onto this feeling
A promise in which I can hide
I call vain hopes my fortress
Holding solitude by my side

I see the light is still abounding
Outside the confines of where I’m bound
All the plants are thirst aquenching
While necessity cannot be found.
Written in March 2019.
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