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a tasteless empty word
like numbness of the fingers
like numbness of the tongue
a numbness of heart
and false plastic lungs
bland face
bland skin
bland stomach
and bland eyes
wax satisfaction
in a false candle pose
wax candle prose
by plain poet hands
I am a wax figurine poet
who writes
but bland
Brynn S Nov 2018
Mountains drip into devils pond
Broken wings float and fall
Clueless and reckless they fought
Angels of fallen
Angels of darkness
They fly around my mind
Whipping into kelidoscope frames
The outskirts of joy
The edges of pains
They rise and drift
Like summers breeze
Cold and stiff they no longer breathe
Harsh and irrational they plunge
Diving into the deep ends of thoughts
It pains me to see them leave
The give me strength
Whilst to others deceive
Sometimes I get tired
Of all the blubber
The grinding of systems
The metal to the rubber

The pushing of points
The singing to the choir
Pickaxe in place of featherc
Look there's a bird upon the wire

Maybe potions going dry
No thank you please
And fingers going all stiff
While here awaits the feast

And vases laying all smashed
Words sitting there all torn
Lets gather the broken scraps
Rearrange them and be reborn

Maybe it's me and only me
Closing an old and tattered page
Maybe I've overstayed my welcome
On an old and creaky stage

Ah the sticks an stones are smiling now
The crows I think they've left
But the cinders upon ash
Still burn bright upon this hearth

Out into the clearing
See it twinkling up ahead
An inkling of some something
Some of us have thought of and said

Merlin's done it agian
Con-Ed's shut down
Tesla's come into power
And White Bear gets his crown
George Carlin is pope
Shakespeare is president
They both know the ropes
And you what ya think?
Wink, wink
Old out dated systems gone haywire, personally,socially, politically. A system soaked in ideals we call 'civilized'.........from my collection The [email protected]/taralizdriscoll
SwordNPen Oct 2017
He sits in his dark apartment listening to the sound of the old ceiling fan whirl around. Pleading with his insecurities and his other dark thoughts to stop. The air is stiff and his eyes heavy but he can't fall asleep. His heart races because he made the mistake of going to those dark corners , those **** dark corners .........
Wyatt Mar 2017
Mind barren, all clustered,
perched up on the window sill.
I'm shaken, I'm flustered
even when I'm slow and still.
Still as in no progress made,
but my soul also sometimes feels
as stiff as the corpses of yesterday.
Am I already too far gone?
Words and ideals of a ghost
mixed with the living?
Dead man walking.
Lady Ravenhill Feb 2017
My hands and my feet
are always cold, now.

They said it's normal,
a known side effect.

But so cold and stiff
they ache and they creak?

They took something
I can't get back.

Sometimes it feels like
I'm already dead.
@LadyofRavenhill 02/21/17
MsAmendable Mar 2016
My jaw is frozen
Ice and fire creep up my numb face
Circling my eye with gentle hands
Tingling across my stiff lips
They call it 'filling,' but when I touch it
It feels invisible, empty
Unreceptive or responsive
Numb like dead feet
What a curious feeling
That numb is
I went to the dentist for my first-ever filling, and can't get over how weird the freezing feels
Osondu Nov 2015
You swore you'd never love again
That you'd hardened your heart
Stiffened the walls of the four chambered *****
That Cupid's arrow would bounce off
That no love could move these stiffened walls

... Now
Your palms cradle in his palms
Your head gently on his chest, ears counting his heartbeat
His fingers tracing love letters on your back
Eyes closed, savoring the images of him they've captured

Well, Well, Well...
Look who's all lovey dovey
loving and ****...
A spur of the moment piece. No title cause I don't think it needs one
Jake muler Jul 2015
Enjoy stiffness, as stiff is broad
Poetry Jul 2015
Do you ever just feel empty?
As though your veins are hollow and insides are nothing but air?
As though you look at yourself but you dont see any colour
Like you are feeling so much that you've just stopped feeling at all?

Because thats how I feel right now
Hopefully it wont last for long
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