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Nica Monet Oct 13
Your presence ignites a spark
that you may not see
like a matchstick whose capable
of starting a fire in me

In your absence,
continues an ordinary day
until when you’re around do i display
a sense of enthusiasm
in the air
an energy only found
in your presence
when you are here.
for people who misses somebody.
MSunspoken Sep 25
Bristling leaves
Blue skies
Blowing trees
All a relief
Apon my skin
After a Summer long
Fall has come
Filling the air
Fretting my hair
Reminding me
Rebuilding my heart
Refilling the gaps
Now full of happiness
I want to catch loving looks,
To feel adoration and care,
Vainly try to resist the pull,
Because of the feelings shared.

I want heart-warming hugs,
Soft lips' sensitive touch,
All-night-long talks under the stars,
Honesty, happiness, trust.

I want to drown in the warmth of eyes
To hear words coming from heart.
I want to break my armors' ice
And fall deeply and deeply in love.
Brian Turner Aug 20
Anticipation keeps pulsing at me
When I want something to be
The surge of excitement is like a drug
I keep wanting it, like a mug

The next job or party event
The next high or personal descent
The next meeting or social entity
The next considered expected positivity

The event goes by
It really did fly
Anticipation fades
The outcome rarely makes the grade
Of all the emotions 'anticipation' is my favourite. Think about it if we didn't have anticipation what a poor world we would be in? "rarely makes the grade" refers to the outcome of an event never living up to the hype of the anticipation.
stomach full of lead
anticipating and ready
and scared

i want to see you again
but what if you hate me
or have forgotten your affection

i’m going home
or i’m leaving it
or it’s being swept out from under me

i’ve missed you
pale Jul 29
Your touch grasped
right through my body,
at my soul, leaving traces
and marks on its way.
My blood began pulsing
again, faster and faster,
in a way it hasn't been
in a while.
You seemed like safety
and adventure, being
held tight and encouraged
to run free, all at once.
You and me, just
here and now,
with the endless potential of
what could come after.
You and me,
imagination and reality,
pulling you in and
being pulled in by you.
Moving so swiftly
around each other,
knowing without
knowing anything at all.
Simon Jul 28
Having luck where I can achieve anything... Is like a young kid opening a bottle of their favorite bottled soda the day it first came out! Awaiting it's arrival like the coating of a nice breeze dancing throughout the company of skin coated with sweat. As the hairs with little droplets of already coated sweat came (as if a light drizzle fell over the field of endless rows of arm hair) not so long ago. Standing perfectly ***** as the sun blazes downward like a coating of sticky smog! Making the tips of the already (***** endless rows of arm hair) shine brightly with droplets bending light between it's different surfaces. Almost as if when looking through the pure liquid droplets, you see the inside of a crystal instead. A crystal fine layer with the inside of many warped and distorted angles. All the very uncomfortable effects may seem mildly first. Except for the awaiting call of the miracle that is the sizzling bubbles popping within a still closed bottle cap of your favorite bottled soda! And that's where ALL the effects that may seem mildly first, is usually because of the miracle that is on an "occasional" slight delay!
Sincerely... The "luck" is in the young kids favorite bottled soda!
Luck isn't just impatient...when it's truly hungry full of vigor! Especially when it wants to thrive in a motion full of severity!
Ces Jul 17
A sensation of bubbling excitement
washes over my body
emanating from this tightness
in my chest:
a feeling of gentle happiness
butterflies inside me...

A mood born from a good breakfast.
Simon Jul 13
Excitement is like an obsession! If taken for the abundance type of a seriousness going OVER someone’s own limits, that is… Then you’d have something of a problem to say the least… Problems that govern different types of obsessions from totally overshadowing something that was just supposed to be the time of a GREAT “excitement” to come! But what do we say about something becoming merely “overexcited” …? Easy. But simplified for ALL “hearts content”. Is that you start to lose yourself in whatever event this very excitement is “legitimately” taken from. And just as there’s different types of excitement, there’s also even more different types of obsessions. One I know VERY WELL…. Because I simply have it. It’s what’s known as "obsessive compulsive disorder" (OCD)!
Poem about how excitement itself is like an obsession. Therefore, it could be either mistaken, or fully taken as OCD itself.
PS... Entirely depends on your actions!
xavier thomas Apr 30
You might be the one, you might give me excitement
We could be forever just don’t keep me waiting
Baby, feeling all your vibes, maybe to much of it
Kiss me how you want, you can take control of it
Why don’t we take a trip around the world, we can visit Paris
Don’t worry about your girls, they may get crazy jealous
Or I can take us on a cruise, it would be fun, wouldn’t it?
Know that it’s just us, & there is no replacement babe
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