Aa Harvey May 9
Lost in love.

I was king of the world and used to fly with the birds,
Because I had her love and I knew its worth.
It was my last taste of Heaven itself,
Because in her arms I found myself;
Lost for words and lost in her words,
I want to find myself lost in her.

She is beautiful and unique
And she was everything to me.
I love her so much;
Just the slightest touch,
Of her fingers on my body, sends shivers down my spine.
I feel so lucky to have said she is mine.

Something tells me I’m ok;
With her I had the nicest of days
And nights to remember forever together as one.
We float across oceans into whole new worlds,
As two lost in love and happy as one.

Now I have become the one;
Lost in love is now gone.
I am lost without her love;
Two were lost in love, but now one is truly gone.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I deal with the nervous excitement differently,
                           I freak out completely.
Sanny Apr 27
The seat next to mine is empty.

No one is singing the songs back to me.

No one is interrupting my calculated playlist with bad old songs.

The comments on my driving that used to bother me,
I now miss.

There are no shoe marks on the dashboard,
no trace of adventure.

The over excitement about the view that used to make me roll my eyes isn't there.

I miss these silly things that I took for granted.
japheth Apr 17
we were going towards somewhere,

i don’t know for how long or how far,

i just know we’re moving.

unlike before, where i only get hitched by

somebody else in their passenger seat

— not knowing when and where i’ll be dropped off,
loving its mystery;
the excitement —

i’m actually driving this time.
and you’re riding your own too.

we’re driving side by side.

either one of us could go ahead,

but we moved in one pace.

where will we go?

i don’t know.

i puff a cigarette.
Sometimes I feel like things will never change.
but this past year has proven to me that it changes, and quickly.
Death, love, birth, new friends, old friends.
The smiling faces I see everyday will soon be gone.

Stories from people I've never met linger in my head despite being unknown, and the lives of people I know yet will never understand intertwine with mine like a puzzle.
Almost two thousand people in a seemingly dilapidated H swarm around each other, never stopping to ask the names of the person next to them.

We suffer together, cheer together, worry together, stress together, succeed together, and sometimes, we fail together.
Yet we are strangers.
The fish in the sea sometimes seem better acquainted than you and me.

In two short years, I will leave and never come back.
In two short years, my third grade crush will never pop back into my mind.
In two short years, all of the admonishments from my Mom will come into actualization as I realize I know nothing about those I've grown up with.
In two short years, I will leave the place I hated so much, and I will come to terms with the fact I've only hated it because it cant last forever.

Sometimes I feel as if things will never change.
But sooner rather than later we will face the biggest change of our lives.

Goodbye, friends.
I'm sorry I never knew you.
Aa Harvey Apr 16
This is my day.

Carpe diem my love; this is my day.
Goodbye for now; I’ll see you another time.
I tried to tell you, things will be ok,
But if I said that now, I would be lying.

For things will never be quite ok, until I know your mind.
I wish you to be mine, maybe; if you like?
But that all depends on your thoughts of me.
Enlighten me as to what you see,
So I can open my eyes and believe.

Too scared to speak; I’m a geek.
Words fall easier from a pen,
Than from my mouth.  I’d like you to see,
But now I shall leave and miss you again.

I like this feeling; the strange unknowing.
I can lie to myself and say who knows?
She could think something nice about me.
She could be the one to set me free.

You’re beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, wonderful,
Happy, sad, funky, cool and all together unusual;
Unique, unlike anybody else, enchanting, divine.
I worship at your altar and pray for you to be mine.

If you decide I am not good enough;
Just know you truly had my love.
I thank you for making my day amazing.
Goodbye, my Queen; do you want me to be your King?

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 16
Looking to the future.

Rushing to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
Will only leave you missing its beauty
And always looking for tomorrow.
To wish to have the future, handed to you like a present,
Will leave you left in a perpetual state of regret.

Don’t forever spend your time looking forward;
Live in the now before you miss it.
What will be, will be, you can’t change the future.
Your destiny has already been written
And you can’t change what you didn’t tell her.

It surely is a shame that you’re rushing to your deaths.
Slow down, relax, there’s plenty of time yet.
You have a whole life to live, stop risking it so;
Stop and look around.  Live today, not tomorrow.

If there’s something you wish to see;
Put your life on hold, tomorrow may be too late.
If there’s a place, you dream you could be,
Make it so; don’t let it become another missed opportunity.
Another chance you didn’t take;
But don’t miss the Heaven, in front of you now.
Seize this chance at purity,
Before you’re floating up into the clouds.

Embrace the now; don’t just reach for the future,
For that you can never get your hands upon.
Call in sick and just lay here with each other,
For some time in the future,
You may be waiting for this moment to come.

Be spontaneous, make a choice and go with it,
There’s no telling where it could lead;
That’s why it is so exciting.
This day could be your last, or it could change your life,
So be content with what you have now
And leave tomorrow out of sight.

Kiss her lips, hold her hand,
Say “I love you!”  Again and again and again
And make sure you mean every word you say to her,
For tomorrow something could change,
Your opinions of each other.
But I’m sure it won’t; you’ll last forever,
If you can both truly stay faithful and love one another.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Camryn Feb 26
100 days
Till the bright white sun
Shines down the earth
Warming me from head to toe
100 days
Till the water sparkles with joy
Happy to be seen after months
Hidden under the glaring ice
100 days
Till we sing around the campfire
Watching the night sky
Come alive with a billion stars
100 days
Till I laugh at the feeling
Of the warm wind
Tumbling through my hair
100 days
I have been counting down summer since school started and as of today there are only 100 days left!
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