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I was kissed in the September chill

Half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc abandoned

by our drunken embrace

Towering over me, shining eyes laugh as

you suggest we walk to the ferry, since

big wave could have you drenched

Sitting on your lap on the public transport
so silly

there were so many seats open

I don't remember most of the trip home

I remember the warmth that filled my heart when you

Cupped my cheek and kissed me. . .
Stories of burning in the sun
fizzle out after a couple generations
Stories of salt filling our lungs
will outlast many civilizations

The sun burns quickly
like a brief moment of excitement
that wanes away while we search for
the next blazing hit

The sea pummels slowly
like a life of enduring and remiss
beating you down day after day wholly
until you sink into the abyss
I feel lonely inside
A void which nobody could fill
And I try my best to fill it
With something or the other.

Days, months, years passing by
Me being me,
trying new things,
Old things
No thing!

I observe people
Who are lonely too
What do they do
To keep going?
Was a huge questions
for me always.

Books, activities, movies
They go through
They start learning
To be with themselves happily
A book of charm.

A line I had to fill up
Today I am feeling...

Excited about life
If loneliness are lemons
I will make lemonade
Out of it
Every other day :)
I feel lonely every other day chasing everything required forgetting that I had 'Me' for me to get my back. :)
Laura Sep 10
swept up in your whirlwind
you happened so fast
the month of may
came and passed
a strike of lightening
sparked full blast
something new
drawn to you
for forbidden reasons
you know i can't take no
for an answer
Annie Sep 3
Twisted tummy
24 hours to get to you
I cannot chew
or swallow
or drink properly
it is all soggy cardboard
dans ma bouche.

Before I get to you
my heart stammers
a million times a minute
and I cannot
for the life of me
relax one little

Slow and steady
I attempt to breathe
but my body won’t be fooled
it knows you are nearer
to me.
mysa Aug 30
and so a new chapter begins.
the protagonist will face many challenges
new characters will be introduced
challenges will reveal themselves
but the most exciting thing
is that there is still so much book left to read.

i'm so excited to begin.
i'm starting a new school and i'm curious to see how i'll change over the next few years. i'm in for a wild ride, i know that much.
Kim Essary Aug 25
The time is drawing closer, what seems to have felt like a lifetime , was a little over two years.
Although our lives were changed on August 1, 2012, when your accident took the life of your best  friend.
They sentenced you to 30 months of prison 5 years of  probation,   one mistake during this time 15 more years to spend .
So many things have changed in such little time since you've been behind that fence of barbed wire which is soon to end.
I am so ready for you to be free from those bars and become whatever your heart desires.
All I ask of you son, when I pick you up, before you take your first  step into freedom, leave the prison mantality behind that fence and never look back.  Take with you only what you need and that your freedom requires.
From that moment on every decision and choice you make will pave the road for your life and freedom.
Remember the ones that carried you and anyone one else you don't need them ,
Please believe me son they don't have your best interest at heart and never truly do.
My excitement and fear are about the same I'm worried sick over you
If I could make you step outside the box maybe then you would see.
There's not but one that's rode with you and will always guide you right and son that one person is me.
November 8 is the day of his release. Im so ready to see him but so afraid of the choices he might make.
alex Aug 17
i’m pretty tired of beautiful things
looking so small in my hands
my worn, tender hands
they want to finally become the home
of things that my severity can’t crush
i am a ruiner in my own right
it’s just that i really only ruin
what is just out of reach

i’m not a confrontational fellow
i let myself get pushed to the ground
and i get up without a word
never demand an apology because
it was my fault that i was ever in the way

i rarely sleep when it’s dark out
when everyone is asleep
there’s no one to treat me harshly
and stare as i lose myself in another round
and another photo
and another song lyric

i’m so pretentious
this poem doesn’t even mean anything

i’m excited for sunday
as excited as i can be after
19 years of learning to be let down
i’m embarrassed to say that i gave up
before there was anything to give

i’d give that little number in the mirror
the entire world
if she’d just tell me
she loves me too.
j and me. i’ve been up all night, it’s 7:16am, and i need to get myself out of these bad habits.
V Exeter Aug 10
Let's cut the shit,
get to the heart of it.
You send outbound signals.
Signals received, signals ignored.
Ball jointed doll. Wanted in sight --
but when you bang your drum
with your excited hands,
no one comes running.
If it's played on repeat, yet
no one hears the beat,
then you're avant-garde,
Don’t you burst my bubble
Or rain on my parade
I’m walking on sunshine
Not stepping in your shade

I am on a high
Things are going fine
Got a spring in my step
And I’m feeling divine

Join me if you want to
But do not bring me down
Had enough of negativity
And never will I drown

Firing on all cylinders
Bursting with energy
Feeling light and zingy
Effervescent and carefree

As if I could actually fly
To the magical end of a rainbow
On the wings of a unicorn
Wafting which way the wind blows

Through iridescent, turquoise skies
And fluffy cappuccino clouds
Dodging dancing golden rays
That glisten all around

This vibe is sublime
I’m not causing any trouble
So stay out of my way
I won’t let you burst my bubble.
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