I’m empty atoms floating in space
I’m trembling fingers after the rain
I’m all the actions a sane man can’t do
I’m nothing at all if I’m nothing to you

There’s thoughts in my head
And they’re sparkling and scared
‘Cause they never got invited

There’s holes in my skin
And some more further in
And I’m small and too excited

You’re beautiful paintings dissolving outside
I hope you’ve forgotten the last time you cried

The world is full of flowing veins
Of love stories on boats and in trains
There’s angel wings in the cage of that chest
I know you can’t hear but I wish you the best

You’re there in my head
And I’m laughing and scared
‘Cause you never got invited

There’s guitars with strings
And chocolatey things
And I’m small and too excited

You’re smouldering flowers that blush in my room
I know you don’t care but I’ll dream of you soon
still in love with her winks
i once knew a girl.

she walked the earth wearing her pain on her shoulders like epaulettes of war.

epaulettes of pain denoting her rank that she had used to climb the ladder of life all the way to the top.

she knew not her rank in this world as she was always looking down.

she looked down so often you’d think she’d have seen the rest of us looking up at her.

her pain became the enclosure of her true self.

we slowly watched it break open as the days went by.

knowing that we’d all be there the day she would bear the fruits of her labour.

we will watch her ride the season of her life through her pain, tears, heartbreak and exhaustion.

she walked

walking the earth like a regular human being. she was one of us.

she was the rarity we all searched for.

she was the needle in the haystack.
For a dear friend.
AS Jul 3
Finally I have a drive to do more than survive.

No longer riding along with the tide.

To live,
to be equal to the way I give.

To always say what I want each day,
without being afraid.

To be engaged by each day.

To be my best,
even if it creates a mess.

Never to be less than I perceive.

To always have something up my sleeve,
to never again be so naive.

Not to be expected just to please,
to learn to lead.

To make magic happen to those who I surround,
as now I am truly found.

To be the one standing on the tower,
no longer the one bowing down.

Ready to prove myself now!

To create throughout,
to stand out from the crowd.

Compelled to rise up high,
to spread my wings and fly.

Now the sky is finally mine!

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
YoungFeather Jul 2
Have you ever thought about living in your dreamland?
The place you always wanted visit to, but never thought you'd have a chance?
I did. And still can't believe I'm actually there.
When I first get to know the news, I didn't think they were true.
I thought it was some kind of a joke made by someone who didn't want to be rude.
But when it was convinced to me that I'm actually going there very soon
I was surprised. I felt excitement, joy and happiness flew through my body at the same time
Images of my life there appeared right in front of my eyes
I saw the plane - big bird - flying gently through the sky
And landing softly like a feather lands on the ground.
Saw myself stepping outside carrying a huge suitcase full of stuff
And feeling like a little kid who finally got his long waited birthday present
But those visions drifted very fast
And I realized I actually need to pack.
Aa Harvey Jun 28
Sparks fly

With a killer smile, she gives me whiplash,
As I spin around to see if she really said that.
She did, I gasp, as I take in a deep breath.
This temptress I would like to get into my bed.

As we stare into each other’s eyes,
Telepathic thoughts run between us
And as we grow nearer to each other,
Our thoughts are linked by our desire to touch.

Whispered secrets are exchanged between us
And in lust, we find love…
Now the fuse has been unspun
And ignited, so exciting;
The two of us are so delightfully united.
We are the beast with two backs,
In my mind of fictional thinking.

Eventually, when we can remain apart no more,
Our lips collide together and we are each lifted up.
We spin as one being, arms around, hugging tight.
We dance under the moonbeams and we become a light,
That can be seen from a thousand fathoms.
The electricity that is between us makes lightning happen.
Sparks fly from each of us as we are encased in this love
And with a final, heart-shaped firework explosion…
Our night of love is done.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Gemma Jun 25
I used to get excited over
the sound of heavy rain pelting the window frame ,
and the smell of freshly baked food that wafted through the halls of my house to the front door ,
or when my siblings and I got home from school just at the right time so I'd see them on the porch.
Little things meant a lot
But now a lot of things are best forgot
Because the rain that hit the window stopped,
the smell of the food now makes me nauseous,
and my sister and brothers no longer live under the same roof as me
The picture that's stained by my tears of them is the closest thing to those porch meetings that I've got .
Aa Harvey Jun 21
The id, the ego and the super-ego.

You and I, we have a connection.
Let us be joined at the hip; my hearts resurrection.
I rise once more to beg, to implore!
For a chance to be loved by a woman I adore.

I am infatuated and this desire cannot be sated.
No going away, until I know how you feel.
Are you currently dating?  
Are you loved and is it real?
Have I already waited too long,
Longing for your love, for me to become;
To ever be considered as ‘He could be the one’?

Is your heart repairing?
Am I being awfully daring,
By confessing my desire to be forever yours?
Do you think you could become my true lover and so much more?
I can be truly caring, or I can leave without sparing,
A second thought,
For what might have been…

If this is the case, then just place a full stop.

Leave my heart to just drop.
I will fall down on this spot;
But then I will move on…

…for I have no time for silly daydreams to be wasted.
No wishes thrown away on a love that is ill-fated.
I am searching for love in all the wrong places,
But if you want me, then you have got me
And I will be ‘last seen back-flipping’; so elated!

I will never stop smiling,
As long as I know we are both trying,
To make this love last,
Like it could be our last.
If it never existed, then why do I feel like this?
Devotion to you, words unspoken leave me mute,
So turn up the volume by embracing me soon,
Before this romance is gone and I am left licking my wounds.

You are out of my league, but if you really want me,
Then guess what, I am all yours, three sheets to the wind.
In love I would be your faithful steed
And I would lead you to safety, beneath giant redwood trees.
Even if that meant taking you over-sea’s,
Then off we would go; choose your good ship, please.

Which heart do you want and am I placed at number one,
On your list of contenders?
You are seeing my true being, no pretender,
With suave one-liners non-existent
And no lies for promises, that are gone in an instant.
I am genuinely attracted to you my gorgeous beauty;
My jaw drops, my heart stops
And then it beats at double the speed that it should be.

And all of this I do,
Because I want you,
To love me the way that I could love you
And if you know that will never be,
Then please, kindly, tell me;
Because you are a sunbeam
And I am in need of photosynthesis energy.

I need your love, so pick me up,
Or whisper goodbye and I will retort the thought,
What might have been, if I could only have been,
Allowed to fall for you…

What a life!

And imagine what could have happened,
If you had fallen for the ‘id’, the ‘ego’ and the ‘super-ego’ of ‘I’.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 9
Lost in love.

I was king of the world and used to fly with the birds,
Because I had her love and I knew its worth.
It was my last taste of Heaven itself,
Because in her arms I found myself;
Lost for words and lost in her words,
I want to find myself lost in her.

She is beautiful and unique
And she was everything to me.
I love her so much;
Just the slightest touch,
Of her fingers on my body, sends shivers down my spine.
I feel so lucky to have said she is mine.

Something tells me I’m ok;
With her I had the nicest of days
And nights to remember forever together as one.
We float across oceans into whole new worlds,
As two lost in love and happy as one.

Now I have become the one;
Lost in love is now gone.
I am lost without her love;
Two were lost in love, but now one is truly gone.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I deal with the nervous excitement differently,
                           I freak out completely.
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