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Jack Mandala Nov 8
you transcend my existence
a beautiful new perspective
all i know is persistence
your aura is effective
Yuppy Cups Nov 6
Put this in poetry for me

Play me a beautiful tune

Plant a seed in the ground

Expand our world - create something new

Turn on all the lights and make a magikal feeling of lightness

Describe how the world tastes and feels

Let's dive into the ocean of forever

And never let go!!!

Rewrite the books on how to

Create something that lasts longer than now

Fix the broken pieces

All this is ours to feel, to breathe, to do.

See the meaning behind the spaces

Render me speechless

Drive me, float me there

I want it all - nothing less
When you really want to embrace everything there is to learn on this wonderful planet with someone you really care about - be it a lover, parent, friend, pet.
Adulting, ah!
What a terrifying concept.
Bills here and pressure there,
And a sense of dread everywhere.
Where do I pay my water bill?
How big is 600 square feet anyway?
When should I go to the doctor?
Why are my neighbors so nosy?

Parents either push or cling,
Beg you to leave or plead with you to stay.
My mom happens to be in the latter camp.
Stay at home, stay with me she insists.
Sorry mom, but your youngest has to fly.

Prospects are looking good,
I feel like I’ve done it right.
Well-enough paying job? Check.
Affordable housing in a safe place? Check that too.
A job I actually want to be at during my preferred shift? Cheeeeck!
Friends in the area, in case I need help? Shockingly, check!
The blessing of my mom to leave?
We’ll skip that one for now.

I’m so excited.
I dream of a place of my own.
It’s so close, I can taste it.
Three more weeks, max, and it’s possibly mine.
Of course there’s still setup to do,
Like getting internet and buying food.
That’s all second to getting a base of my own.

It’s expensive to live alone, cries my mother,
And she’s right.
Housing isn’t easy, nor cheap.
But I have a job that can support me.
You shouldn’t move in the winter, insists my mother.
I don’t see why not,
Most of my stuff is packed and in my car already
From when I fled my old roommates.
Counter point: I shouldn’t drive an hour to and from work
In the ice and snow either.

Adulting is scary, adulting is tough.
But telling my mother I AM leaving is scarier,
And telling her when is even tougher.
Recently I got word that the apartment I was hoping to get in has an opening. I'm so excited!
Life can be a bore
A huge loud snore
Excitement is needed more
Mischievous adventures like never before

Life can get old
Makes me wanna fold
Need it to be bold
The lack hasn't got me sold

Life has become stagnant
Attracting lethargy like a magnet
The good old days just fragments
Day after day feeling so repugnant
Feeling like my life hasn't any adventure, reason, or purpose at the present moment. So I'll write to keep me from being frustrated.
Absent Smile Oct 20
I often wonder what I would do
if someone like you
asked me to ditched school.

I don't smoke cigarettes;
my eyes hold a perilous look when I look at them.
I stopped sneaking bottles of beers
after my mom caught me with two.

But perhaps, if it were you,
I wouldn't mind sharing a smoke
or drink a glass that you poured.

If I am being honest, however,
I'd prefer to not do those things.
Could I propose a suggestion? Possibly a few?
Ones more meaningful than what is common in this town.

We could guard the suicide bridge
from those who wish to part from this world.
Let's convince them that they have a place amongst the stars,
that their existence was not made to satisfy others
but to find a happiness within themselves.
We could become beautiful beings who protect
those from their sorrows.

Or maybe, we could disappear into the forest,
our existence vanished from reality.
You could lead me across rocky rivers with a smile
trying to convince me that we aren't numbing from the sensation
of society's pressure holding us in its grasp.

Perhaps, we could just talk.
Share ideas and thoughts never revealed
but repeated in our lonely minds.
Laughing when we realise how wonderful the world could be
since it brought us together.

But I will never know,
because someone like you
wouldn't ask me
to skip school with you.
Thank you for reading!
Spitz Oct 19
Life is the turn of events,
the winding of your path.
Life is the fear in your mind,
the love in your heart.
Life is the troubles you see,
the elation you hear.
Life is the mistakes you witness,
the forks in your road.
Life is the happiness you undergo,
the excitement you experience.
Life is having the guts to try,
the determination to get it right,
and the perseverance to keep going.
Arianna Oct 18
"The trees cast off their emeralds,
And all is quiet without.

The flowering of a love
Soothes the first pangs of Autumn."
Desperately clinging to innocence long past
in hopes that you can hold to some inkling of it,
no matter how far gone.
You can move forward
with that same youthful exuberance
in a body well older;
pray to your *** that it lives on inside you
as it tries,
with an unfailing knack,
to leave you in this world's dust.,
Maturity dragging you- kicking and screaming- all the way.
Stories of burning in the sun
fizzle out after a couple generations
Stories of salt filling our lungs
will outlast many civilizations

The sun burns quickly
like a brief moment of excitement
that wanes away while we search for
the next blazing hit

The sea pummels slowly
like a life of enduring and remiss
beating you down day after day wholly
until you sink into the abyss
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