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I observe, a beautiful girl,
Piano kicks up,
And it sounds like twinkling stars.
She sings about being broken,
A prisoner in her own home.
Trust me…
I know what it’s like, to be all alone.

And I’m not one to get hyped over nothing,
But the fact we’re so similar,
Might just mean something.
So give me a chance to surprise you,
Mighty Queen,
I'll be your worker, if you work with me.

I can be different,
Isn’t every guy one of a kind?
But I’m not very special, ****, i don't even fly.
But give me, maybe, five seconds, and spare me a glance
And I’ll make us disappear,
Even ask for this dance.
And we can waltz through winter,
Jump through june,
Disappear back in april,
And you end up right back in your room.

Then i could reveal my magic trick,
And maybe we'd kiss.
But since this is all,
A shot in the dark,
Maybe I’d miss.
And maybe I’d get the, “Let’s just be friends…”
Maybe I should shut up.
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faa Mar 15
Whether it was the sun’s aurelian caress
Or the serene strokes of moonlight lulled
Across its keys carved with much finesse
Monochrome yet its beauty never dulled

A sonata lightly, it hummed, reverberating
Across gently, waves of sound, resonating
The tune seemed to hush the grounds
Effortlessly silencing the cry of hounds

Each tap across the tonal stairs had slashed
The breast of the wounded, whom had clashed
Echoes of nature’s enthrallment seems to linger
The music still bewitching the conducting finger

Corpses waltzing to the nightly sombre dirges
Pleading to allow their rest under the birches
How the sonata tortures all that it imprisons
How the sonata torments all those that listens
Ian Robinson Jan 1
With masks all around
I walk up to you

I want to know how someone so faceless
Can be beautiful too

"I'll lead but just for you"

Taking your hand
we waltz as two
Marauding in this
Meant for you
Nathalie Apr 14
I love the way
your hands
feel on my skin
after our
springtime waltzes
in the rain.

I love the way
your lips taste
after you savour
in delight
a sip of my
favorite wine.

I love the way
your voice sounds
just before you
fall asleep
and tell me how
much your heart
loves mine.

Sage Dec 2018
You danced under moonlight the color of innocence
In a dress of tears and heartbreak
Every step lit a fire
Soon the crackling flames made a chorus
That sung of the great sinners that no one ever prayed for
Silver pools of silence never filled with the words for those who needed it most
The gods of other worlds watched as you raged at your creator
Screamed at him about his flawed system
Feet ****** from broken glass you had placed
You had every intention to fall here
Bleed out on the celestial steps of heaven
Never ceasing your waltz of wrath
You hoped your burnt it down before you crashed
And when you finally sunk to the ground
Your soul spent
You could swear you saw the morning star blink in gratitude
But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most
-Mark Twain
Brynn S Nov 2018
Breath to chance
Each silent dance
Flesh of moment
The bones of time
Parades of crimson
Blankets of coal
Ivory mothers
Nothing but soul
Touch the night
Caress warm velvet
I’ll see you again
Do not ask when
ghostbroadcast Nov 2018
I saw two fairies dancing between the trees
twirling and swirling in perfect harmony
Their iridescent wings fluttering shyly
gold dust radiating outward daintily

Oh how lovely, I had thought
that these creatures had found the love I only sought
'Twas a passing wonder though so I turned away to leave
but something caught my eye that I just could not believe

There was a certain desire in their movements
hungry, haunting, ravenous
And the gold that encased them was not floating languidly
it spilled out from their bodies in all different ways

That's when I realized 'twas not a dance they were performing
but a ritual of death: silent, graceful, mourning
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