Sometimes all I wanna do is
be sad
It's all I write about
It's all that I am.
Sometimes all I wanna be is
It becomes my mood
It becomes my truth
Sometimes sadness washes over me
And I let her
Like welcoming an old friend
Knowing they will soon leave
Sometimes all I am is
It drowns me in sorrow
It drowns me without color
But it's okay, they're a part of me
There's no denying it
But now they don't linger
They just come to greet me
To know about my life
And then they say goodbye
Sometimes all I wanna be is sad
And I'm alright

somewhere, on
                   pristine path
        moss silenced
                       footsteps pulled
            me into
                                    a green trance
                                                            where dreams of
              equilibrium still exists
                                                              until man announced
                                   I WAS HERE
  in the crotch
                     of ancient
                                         cedar heart
                                                                    sliced deeply in
                             unrusted, silvery
                                                                            axe head
we do not

gmw '17

What will each of us leave behind and what will others think when they find it?
Dorian Jul 7

My inner voice
Is a perfidious force.
Misguiding choice
Without remorse!
Exploiting a weak mind
He paints what’s to come
It’s words start to bind
Will I succumb?
My wounded soul,
Listens and obeys.
Dignity dying slowly
Passiveness taking it's toll.
He says ambitions will wither.
And they’ll slowly die!
In darkness I’ll slither
As happiness glides by.
So this is what I’m told
The decision lies with me.
That voice may mould,
Or maybe I’ll SEE!!!

Any grammatical errors? Feel free to slay me

Sleeping through the insanity.
Sleeping through the obscenity.
Sleeping through the bigotry.
I mix my Kava Kava decoction with Orange Juice
And sleep deeply
Through the Administration
Of Donald Trump.

Maria Etre Jul 5

I stood
on the stone
of sturdiness
to find myself
far away from
and simply

Stevee Stone Jun 26

Stamping your feet on the ground,
Wishing it was quicksand.
Heads in tiny places with tapers to explode.
Maybe you want it?

Necks with built in hinges,
To look back into the dark.
Where happiness reigns in your sadness.
Maybe you want it.
God only knows.

A million churches to live in,
So as not to go outside.
With towers of chastisement,
To avoid the lies.
Maybe you want it?
Maybe you don’t?
Truth comes and goes
Truth comes and goes?

Jason Stevenson Mar 2016

The being is pure;
The being is light,
yet we are dark
and sometimes lose sight.
We must be aware.
We must be vigilant of ourselves
and our present state.
Life won't always be pleasant
nor rewarding,
be we must maintain self-awareness.

Things will be heard
and that will test you.
Be strong,
be aware that the urge to react will be present.
However, strength isn't fighting the evil;
strength is being patient with it.
Choose not to let it in;
choose not to let it force you to act.
One must try to be patient
and maintain a peaceful mentality.

Only speak kind words
words that are neutral if words must be spoken.
Never let the evil exit your mouth,
for it will cause unwanted consequences.

See the situation for what it really is,
not for what it appears to be.
Evil is easier to see than the true situation
that is underneath it all.
remain vigilant,
keep your eyes open,
but keep your ears closed.
Speak to express,
also to reveal,
but never to hurt,
nor to swear.

it will pass
it always does


Th-e-ink Well Jun 16

Let me be present and grounded like the earth,
Let me be as bright and full of life as a flame,
Let me be fluid and accepting like the flowing water,
Let me be as ever changing and as free as the wind;

For there is a peace within,
A balance, that exists in all things.

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