I don’t know if you really exist,
If you did
And you’re male,
You probably have a case.
Toxic Masculinity.
You’re probably watching a stripper dance on her pole
As you drink your Jack Daniels Whiskey?
Or you might be
A Taliban Militant
Preparing for a suicide bombing
To put an end to it all.
In any case,
I don’t really think
You have much desire
To live and serve humanity
Unless you make peace
With your Feminine Self
Wanderlust Jun 6
You used to call me Angel.
For my halo, for my grace, for my beauty in this space.
And you were the Devil,
For your hatred, for your soul, and for your vicious need for control.

You wanted to be different, I wanted to change,
And we thought we'd accomplished that, isn't it strange?

But you're still the same, a hate-filled monster.
And me, that beautiful, angelic girl?
You've lost her.
Uncle Alan, Why are you so serious?
Every time, over the phone,
You always talk like something’s wrong,
Just your voice alone
It fills my head with anxiety, fear
Why so stressed?

Sure, life’s stressful
But it’s much more than just that
You’ll just be drowning in it
If you don’t stop seeing it that way

Cousin Amy, why so sad?
All the time, your eyes look dead
Careworn, Tired, Frustrated even,
One look and I feel
Like despair is filling my lungs

Sure, some things are depressing
But only if you think of it that way
It’d be like a wet sponge
Taking the life out of you

Deluding you from what everything
Is really like

Johnson, Hank, why so restless?
You talk like you’re carefree
Doing what you want
It a thought of the consequences
Inconsiderate, Unempathetic,

Can’t you see what’s really happening?
How you’re breaking yourself
Shattering all your conscience
Is this really what you think
All life is?

Sister Madison, why so euphoric?
It’s like you’re intoxicated
With happiness
But that’s not a good thing
Not any more than despair or anger is

You just live in an imaginary world
Like some Barbie
A zombie more like,
Everyone thinks you’re perfect
You do to
But then realization hit you
Like a truckload of broken bars
Is it really?

All your emotions
Controlling you
Shading your life

Uncle, Cousin, Brother, Sis!
You should never flow with the emotions
They’re too much, of you allow them,
They’d lead you off on a
Heavenly waterfall
Just to crash on the demon rocks below

You must get a grip and balance
Your thoughts and emotions
Reasoning and logical thinking
Mind and Heart
Heart and Mind

Keep them steady
That way
You can safely lead off
To the warmth of the sea

And meet the angelfishes
And the beautiful corals
And learn to beware the shark
And the jellyfish

Not too much
Not too little

Life’s about balance
Having just enough on both sides
To remain upright
Even with a few close calls,
But Upright.
Balancing Emotions in life
Val Vik May 25
Fallen ~for the cosmic dreaming
& Risen for ~planetary alignment.
~ West ~ East ~ North ~ South ~
Intersecting Lines ~ & Swirls ~

around the heavenly body.

~ Stillness ~
Swirls in place. North ~ South ~
East ~ West ~ Oceanic waves ~
Flora ~ Root to rise ~ Anahata ~ energized!

~ Criss Cross ~
Butterfly ~ constellations ~ sway
Pose ~ to extend my soul & groovy Love
in honor of sound ~ Universe resides

~ Lounge ~ Namaste ~

'~ ~'  ~ ~  ~ ~  ~ ~ ' ~  ~ '  ~ ~  ~ ~
Hula Hoooping night!
Jay Dayz May 22
Why is white good?
Why is black bad?
When there's white lies,
when there's dark truths.

The bright light blinds;
the darkness creeps.
The light, it lies
the dark, speaks.

Our perception is clouded,
with lies bright as stars.
And it's only us who creep in the darkness
who can see our dying heart.

We need to realize;
white is not good,
dark is not bad.
And yet...
Dark is not good,
white is not bad.

There is a balance
We have to keep
Extremes blind our eyes,
and tie down our souls.
Alexandra May 20
it may not seem like it
but I’m learning to be an equilibrist.
holding that long and heavy stick
trying to keep it straight.
you secure me on both sides
but it all depends on me.

and when I achieve balance,
it feels amazing.
So in love, afraid to lose her-
I’d rather keep her as a friend
So to have her, day to day-
Until the very end

To have her keep me company-
To keep me gratified
I’d rather keep her as a friend-
Than keep her not at all
sara May 13
I loved til I was black and blue
without much right or reason to.
I loved you soft like morning dew.
You'll fool me once but never two.
dont wear your heart on your sleeve it will get wet
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