It is not always easy to express one's self
When his artistic creations are never placed in galleries
They are often forgotten of
Sitting there gathering dust on a storage shelf.
It seems as if ten more people are at the same task
As which you create with
Comparing their outcomes to your own
Your light of hope fails to light
Due to many missing you that must express
such visions
A dog starved to the bone.
Eyes meet the other exhibits
As your kiosk is primarily never sought for business
The confidence of challenge is there, however, it soon melts away
When all of the hard work which you have placed
in expressions for the world to see
Fade to darkness like the "dark side of the moon"
As night simply ends the days.
Questions remain about what you are truly "gifted"
at or "ahead" of other game pieces on the board game of life.
When so many are inventive such as you
One too many is a crowd.
You pull down a fake smile. A fake shrowd.
Now the net is neutral
Damaging my once vibrant flow
As my hands are now tied to how I can grow
The rules of the game are now many and harder to get around
Like a roadblock in your sight of your future
The air begins to become too thin and your mind weighs heavy
As the cut in your creative inventiveness
Bleeds too heavy and needs a "miraculous" suture.
Needing others on my team
Every time  I seek out such
I'm the "driver x" at the "speed races"
and the "forced gun" to bear uninspiring
and lonely expressive paces.
Is their justice to the laws limiting one's freedom of expression
just to protect those in the "top few?"
When the own half of the platform on which you try and "compete"
However, you are too small to be seen as "you."

This poem is concerning Net Neutrality. It shall place too many restrictions upon our freedom of expression. As it needs not to be limited enough to cruel competitiveness and other hefty charges to earn the privilege to post that in which you create, the government hits the final blow. They are slowly suffocating us artistic souls and silencing true brilliant voices. Bringing forth needed information to the world.
Chloe Jan 7

The universe has it's way of treating us.
Giving us love,
and hope,
and happiness.
The universe has it's way of testing us.
Giving us hate,
and loss,
and sadness.
Everything we experience is a lesson.
To help us learn.
To help us grow.
Sometimes people aren't meant to stay in our lives forever.
Hold on to the ones that are.
Fight for what you believe in.
Know when to give up.
In the end, you will find your balance.
You will find yourself.

Ryan Poplett Jan 6

Teetering on edges fleeting,
My sanity close to meeting
The granted expectation of ages past –
Understand the world beyond the laugh
Come to me,
Come to me,
Come to me – Now!
Understand the world that bows
Goodbye to a fleeting dream,
Running on empty steam
Help me now to
The world
That is

This is one of my favourite poems that I've written and the more I read it out loud the more it grown on me. The way it sounds is really fun and I made it shaped like a spinning top which it is loosely based off.
Arthur Vaso Dec 2017

Where is the sunshine?
Can I wake with happy rainbow thoughts
Will you ever be in my arms
The one who reads poetry in my soul
Or shall I remain black with a heart morose

Id touch your fire
Id listen angels choir
Id hold you silently no matter how dire

You are my only light
You are my only hope
Sunshine though seems forever and away
If only I could hold you
In my arms and in my heart

Id touch your fire
Id listen angels choir
Id hold you silently no matter how dire

You make me happy
Yet you are so far from lands unseen
In my dreams
That twilight makes lovers fade away
Sunshine the illusion fate devours
Id touch your fire

Id touch your fire
Id listen angels choir
Id hold you silently no matter how dire

Was listening to this song
It inspired me for many reasons but I was recently banned from another poetry site for standing up to bullies, and for some reason, I thought of sunshine, why some chose to their behavior is beyond me.
Lana Eve Dec 2017

to enter a world riddled with word knowledge
but what is world knowledge, in a world plagued with emotion?

feeling with our mouths open

shut up you idiot
and fucking kiss me

Tyler Zuniga Dec 2017

dripping in gold,
eye contact is fatal.
i think i am unable to relate,
amongst my interpersonal debate.
relax time,
contain my glow.
it’s warm in december,
the weather changes
   without snow.

Skylar Musa Dec 2017

I said I didn't want to talk
so I ignored you
Too long

I said sorry
You said it's fine

Ups and downs is what we had
The fifteen days with you were nice
We are over it now

You give me balance
Yet your surroundings are in chaos
I am my own chaos

I think of you at times
Hoping that you are safe
In the turmoil of Catalonia

worry for a friend
Akash Mandal Dec 2017

Keep your feet rooted in the ground,
stay humble, maintain your balance,
because life is a seesaw ride,
the world will lift you high,
make you feel dominant and
give you an illusion of flying,
while it stays down
on the other side of the fulcrum,
with absolute control over you,
ready to throw you off
your floating pedestal of conceit,
and you'll never see it coming.

Don't trust the world
with that kind of power.

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