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Zywa Apr 7
A person must learn,

there are no suns anywhere --

that don't cast shadows.
Novel "Midnight's Children" (1981, Salman Rushdie), chapter 3-7 "Abracadabra": We must live, I'm afraid, with the shadows of imperfection

Collection "Low gear"
uv Mar 24
The mind
The load
Slow down
Sit back
Your keep
A place
A balance
An emotion
Zywa Mar 9
It is all pastel,

the light, the music and I --

this very spring day.
Composition "Sonate per due organi" ("Sonata for two organs"), Muzio Clementi, performed in the Organpark on December 2nd, 2011 by Erwin Wieringa and Theo Hellema
Walls in pastel colours, stained-glass windows

Collection "org" #18
Jellyfish Feb 22
I should be thankful,
To be able to live the way I do
To not rely on my parents
To no longer suffer from abuse

This is the way I make a living
But it's hard for me to show up.
It's hard to explain it,
How I feel is tangled up.
I want to live in a book plot.
Zywa Jan 29
Between star and night,

between black skin and white skin --

our fire is burning.
Poem "Yúya Karrabúra" ("Fire is Burning", 2015, Alice Eather)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
Zywa Jan 4
Climb up the ladder

and look next to you, a snake --

is waiting for you!
Novel "Midnight's Children" (1981, Salman Rushdie), chapter 2-2 "Snakes and Ladders" (the board game "Moksha Patamu")

Collection "Low gear [2]"
Zywa Jan 1
Living to the full,

always searching for balance --

and finding myself.
For Maria Godschalk

Collection "On living on [1]"
I once wrote of a grand hero who protected galaxies from would-be conquerors
the remnants of a single town on a single planet following it's self inflicted demise
I wrote of love
of dreams
and of ghosts
many things that few wish to discuss
we are merely shadows of ourselves in the 'real' world
or perhaps this is merely a warped perception I have
yet the only true solace I find
is here
what poetry means to me
Desire Nov 2023
Been stressed.  Been depressed.
Been too depleted to decompress.
Had my issues and lost my way.
Lost myself trying not to stray.
Had some highs. Had some lows.
Had some smiles to put on some shows.
From sleepless nights to morning daze.
From not eating food to stress weight-gains.
I’ve had little-to-nothing to my name;
Suffered silently in my shame.
Been misvalued and disregarded,
or inconsiderably bombarded.
Been tried and been tested. Even been disrespected,
but the bomb inside still hasn’t blown.
I’ve done my part with the love I’ve shown.
If rejected or not well-received, then
shake the dust off of your feet and leave,
‘cause while the love you have for them is real,
so is loving yourself and keeping your soul at peace.

You can only do so much for others. Love yourself enough not to give up or quit. & when life hits, hit back 🥊 💛
You’ve gone far for others. Make sure to take care of yourself too. #balance #boundaries #love #peace #knowyourworth 👌🏽✌🏽
Anais Vionet Nov 2023
We’re playing the long game.
We share things, we’re lovers,
we slip in and out of each other’s lives
like jackets hanging on the back of a door.

Relationships are like instruments,
they must be played, kept in tune,
the carnal and the corny balanced,
carefully, like sections of an orchestra.

Sometimes, I feel that I have to bring the energy,
BE the entertainment - and I can do that - in spades
but not forever - I’m not a tireless-giver - in fact,
I'm atavistically Parisien (we admit loving nothing).

I’m learning that when a relationship’s conducted,
at great remove, the basics - like punctuality,
dependability and preparation - become a big deal.

When I’m in an optimistic headspace, I think we can do it,
maybe, that we know what we want and who we are.

That we’re playing the long game
My BF started a job in Genieva, Switzerland - it’s an ouch.
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