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Chantell Wild May 2019
in slow motion
with that other
version of you.

Not just about heart
It's a stomach thing.
One feels it there,
pounding away.

Unborn wings
The birth of a something
Pressure at your back
As wild birds sing

Everything's right with
believing that
the good in you
is the God in You.
PrernaK Feb 2019
Morning haze,
I wake up
out of words.
I close my eyes,
look for your face
and just like that
a poem emerges.

Prerna K
Wouldn’t you believe
pigs might fly?
Wouldn’t you be aware,
there is a pair of tranquil but flying souls?
Surfing and cruising together with a solitude-minded, flying pig.
Across and within,
gently emerge with their burning hearts,
two solitude paths in one.
Wouldn’t it be a celebration of
silent rejoicing?
Nobody wonders that
it could take off
in a spring flight.
Wouldn’t it be able
to set a reunion destination?
Nobody knows:
their tranquil souls have
but won’t say and
we all know.
By Angel. XJ/08/02/2018
Brynn S Nov 2018
I float
No longer swimming to suffice
I’ve met at minds edge
The peak of perception
Lies veiled and lay to rest
I no longer need a spark
Ends of tired knives
Too sick to hurt
Power from the depths
I emerge
BlancaNigrida Feb 2018
Fire and pain and sorrow behind me,
A soul in my knapsack they didn't want me to have.
   I hear shouts from behind the wall I've broken,
     I can't let them get me again.
      A light, a song, a passion for me
        Lying just beyond the boundary.
      They shoot me down and I bleed tears,
     But I emerge, my loot intact.
   But I emerge, body busted and broken.
But I emerge.
Sequel to 'A Plea To My Captor'
Poetic T Sep 2017
We are all caterpillars
       waiting for that moment.

That transforms  us to a
                 butterfly of reasoning.

We will in that moment,
              fly higher than ever before.
Seema Jun 2017
She lived with her dark side
Only to believe, that one day
The light would reach her
To show her the right way

Committed with naive sins
She thought of giving up all
Same as everyday
She would let herself fall

Addicted to some new drugs
That filled her lungs with smoke
She coughed and repented
Then she started to choke

Heaven, it is, in the world of smoke
Hell is no where near, to be seen
She was losing herself in the mist
Awaiting death, to cleanse her sin

Failure was her try, to get back on her feet
As she sat there wailing her heart out
Deafness and silence seemed to grasp
But no one responded to her grieving shout

She pledged to bring a change
That would make her feel free again
         In the hope that the mist would disappear  
And relieve her from her miserable pain...

Leila Valencia Nov 2016
Last night
A quiet word...
was trembling
A touch....
hypnotized the senses

It was pitch black....
I went to the kitchen
I drank all I could find,
And slept in the garden.

Last night
I pulled flowers from the garden's ground
And clipped their petals...
It tasted like honey.

From that,

  All blended into a kaleidoscopic metamorphosis.
Channels opened,
yet, I could not foresee the end
the world became a dome.
Immortal shape shifter's
danced restlessly...

When I awoke
There was dirt in my hands.
My mouth, had dirt.
I woke up covered in dirt.

But, I can only remember
how I drowned into an deep abyss.
The rest amiss.

In the depths, my outer self became less
In the future, I hope I do not grew thicker skin
Mind and body alterations
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