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lovely 2d
1 year
4 seasons
12 months
52 weeks
365 days
8,760 hours
525,600 minutes
31,536,000 seconds
and i want to spend it all with you
i don’t really know where these are going they’re just going somewhere :)
Ready to explode
Wait a minute, don’t leave me
Things will get butter
"Sleep when you're dead",
"Oh come on, liven up",
"What?? Nooo, please come",
"One two three drink!!",
"Snap out of it!",
"What's wrong this time??",

These and more, are phrases used by you "normal" people, in a ploy to entrance us very special, very unique, very very awesome people who have a condition known as depression.....
We'll sleep when we want to,
We'll liven up when our brain chemicals allow us to,
We'll come along when, or if we have the confidence to,
Don't.. Don't ever tell us to do that,
And, what's wrong?, if you knew us at ALL, you'd refrain from asking that question!,

Think on normals, we have feelings ya know!
# understanding # respect #love #empathy
(c) 2019
Mazen Edlibi Feb 22
I saw it in me! I saw it in my silence! I saw it in my dream!
I saw every minute telling me to leave!
I have to leave! But where to? That I didn’t know!
Just walk away…walk and other things will fall into its places! Don’t be afraid!
Don’t be scared!
Don’t be skeptical!
Don’t wait for that thing to happen!
Don’t wait for that change, that you are longing for!
Don’t wait to be a stranger again!
It is just a label! You are a stranger even in your enoughness…
In your fullness…
In your wholebeing…
Just take that Leave…and be …
The Leave!
Brynn S Feb 18
Cycolpitic view
Unedited outlook so bleak
Disabled in ability
Off turns the night
Replace stars with bottle caps
****** glass
Little shells
Asante' Jan 2
How is it that
the minute
I let you go
was the same minute
I began to feel
beautiful again
Brynn S Nov 2018
Return to the skies
Each moment of bliss
Silence spreads
Like a momentary kiss
Rip those thorn
Exhale the petals
Grasping for the handle
Fighting for love
At the smoke of a candle
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I’m falling deeper
Into the water
I’m being suspended
By the hope of tomorrow
But as I fall
I think of you
And I’ve sunk deeper
And no light can go through

I’ve been waiting for a lifetime
What’s another minute
I’m in my perfect world
But without you
I’d leave it all in a minute

You’re all I desire
I want to be consumed by your fire
Nothing can stop us
If we lie here together
On the brown grass
Our attraction never tires

Kiss me
Make me feel alive
Like the ocean and its waves
Love me
Like the sun shines throughout the day
Touch me
Before this world turns gray

I need you
Like the world needs the day
Let me kiss you
And show you I’m okay
The world revolves
Around the Sun
But my world revolves
Around your vitality
I hope our forever is enough
You’ll never stop loving me
I love you my sweet honey bee
Jonathan Surname Oct 2018
Houses in tall grass.
Another one shut down, the mines.
Boon of pride, swollen like a tick caught in your sock.

Winds blow through yesterday and are colder now.
Ever wonder why some things aren't allowed?

Attention like reception, cut-down by the everything in-between.

The quarry used to be a swimming hole.
Now it's just a hole.
Memories are the only reminders worth remembering.
The second hand embarrassment of a word mispronounced
makes my skin ***** with goosebumps.
Makes my hair stand on anxious end.
Hope no fleas are underneath.

Stay at home. Stay inside. Stay put.
Hole yourself up in your room.
The chance is a drink you'll wake to regret.
The mistake is in believing you know best.

What greatness have you achieved to give yourself advice?
Everything accomplished within four walls you've lived in alone.
Your whole life.

Houses in tall grass.
Sleeping in dusty room.
Tread softly lest you disturb the might-have-beens.
The first step in succeeding is listening to the lessons.
ten minute poem,
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