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turtle dove
only love
waiting by the sea shore

holding hope
all i've known
wanting to be so sure
even though it's the same as the rest,
just as important as all the others;

the black sheep
is always the one left out
every time

and even though he's from the same type of egg,
has the same mother as all of the rest;

the ugly duckling
is always the one left out
every time

they look too different, they play too different
they're too different in general;
and society strictly states that different is dangerous and scary...

so never let something different too close
cause you never know what might happen...

but what happens
when the outcasts, the misfits, the losers, the whole gang,
finally find each other?

they'll stay together - instead of shutting each other out
they'll let each other in - instead of pushing each other away
they'll take a few steps closer - instead of separating from the group again
they'll stay together

and they'll finally have a home
in which they can live happily and freely, not fearing judgment.
and they'll finally have friends
in which they can talk to and trust, not fearing abandonment.

and what a wonderful day that will be;
when the black sheep and the ugly duckling
finally, for the first time, bump into each other.
Stand tall, don’t look down
You will fall
Windswept and spun around
We are small

I’ve been moving slowly,
Reaching out for you to hold me,
Keep on blinking at the moon
Know that I’ll be there real soon

And it’s a lonely, lonely world now
But that’s only for now
Don’t you understand my dear?
Hold on, for the end is near

There is nothing left to hide
When you’re helpless, waiting to collide
Through the flames, you’re by my side
We’ll go down together

Long guard the echoes
And our song will carry on

There is nothing left to hide
When you’re helpless, waiting to collide
Through the flames, you’re by my side

We’ll go down together
The world is a wretched place. Remember to keep your head up, always.
Jace Joesph May 23
Up above and far away
Is where I wish to go
Not in this burning astray
Stuck turning into snow
But guess I'll keep my hopes high
While I get lost among the sky
Bea Aguilar May 13
I wonder how flowers bloom beautifully
Without someone taking care of it.

I think and think.

It startled me
That I never thought
Of the sun,
The rain,
Even the bees and the butterflies
Or the plants beside it.

And so I tell myself:
There are more people that can help
Bring out the best in you.
It may not be someone you expected it to be;

Someone will give you
As well as richness.

Little flower,
Learn from the drought and the flood.
Mitch Prax May 10
What hope did we have
of ever navigating
through all of this mist?

11:10 AM
Al Grant May 8
I couldn’t reciprocate what my heart has
been humming
— “I have been waiting for you my entire life”
For I am tired and at a discontent. Seeking solace
only from knowing that we are special and just apart,

But it catches on my throat like cotton,
And I know you’d be frightened.
As terrified as Poe to
when he trembles over the rapping,
rapping sound from the raven.
Murmuring: “darkness there and nothing more”
after a phone call
ended things between us,
i came back to the cup of coffee
i made that morning.

it was cold and thick like syrup,
and so much different than the
warm cup i had earlier with donuts.
Mitch Prax May 7
All this time
we have been given,
I will not waste it.
I will not give up
on us.
I will keep on
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