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Chris 7d
Turn the Tides of Time..
To when I was so young
Travel life back to remind this soul of home
When I was the truth of my Nature..

Before I was wayward and anywhere-bound..

When this heart had not yet traveled the Waters of Nature to the Shores of Time..

When the world was less understood
When life shined kind and good..
Before I had to seek running light..
Every night..

Before the world came rushing in..
Before love and pain were alike
Akin to perfection were those years of life

Until Father Time took out his knife..

Until Mother Nature was darkened under the weight of the very sky I dreamed to touch..

Until I was only this normal human..
Until smiles and laughter became defense and hollow..

Mother Nature, I wanted to know you..
Father Time, I can't understand you..

But I can flow with these tides.. I can be resistant to your knives..

Oh, what horrors you have done to our lives..

But, Father Time..
Your shores will never beach this man..

I will survive..
I will find my sky..
A sky of hope.. Undarkened..

By you..
Monica Oct 4
Let’s do happy hour and discuss living happily ever after
For you are the one I chose
To be with at this time
Like fine wine
Going down so smoothly
No bitterness
Just sweet
Let’s meet
Travel the world
Don’t withhold
This dream
It’s just you and me
Dhriti Seth Oct 4
They say, everyone eventually leaves
Whether it be your house, your heart or your life
But what they never say
Is that they leave behind a part of their soul

They leave behind memories
Sometimes in pictures
Sometimes in humans
And sometimes in hand-written letters

Their departure holds a purpose
Though many a times it’s hard to see
For the heart is in despair, and the mind in shock
But fear not, my love, soon it will come to you

The Reaper is portrayed a villain
But he is merely a spirit guide
He leads the departed away from horrors
And into the hopeful light

It is said that the spirits find home
In a place a million ways better than here
But how can anywhere else be cosier
Than where lives your own flesh and blood

Those gone have a message for you, my beloved
They want you to know you’re loved
Not only by those who are alive
But also by those in the heavens above
Written for a friend, with love.
Hunter Sep 26
I don’t mind a lifetime.
I will keep the earth below your feet,
Hold you down when you are too weak to stay planted.

I know your hardships,
The pain from other boys,
Leaving no love in your heart,
And leaving nothing to love.

I will hold onto hope,
And I won't let you fall.
I’ll find strength in the pain,
I’ll change for you,
Be a monster for you.

I know you don’t want to be alone,
So I’ll stay glued to your hips.
And I don't care why this room is always cold
Washington can try, it'll never swallow me whole
And I swear.
We could be gigantic, everything I need
worth the guarantee
This could be the drug that doesn't bite
Just give me a try.
I swear I’m not like the rest.

Honey I love you.
You learn about someone as you date them, and through the months and bickering...You learn how to bounce back stronger then you were before and that love becomes stronger. You learn that when the person is worth it you'll do everything in your power to keep them happy..happy with life.
Hunter Sep 26
Your head on my chest,
Above my heart.
Your hair rubbing against my scruff,
And your fingers debating which way to hold mine.
I kiss you head before we sleep away.
“Goodnight princess”
The first time she fell asleep on me like this was so peaceful, suddenly you feel invincible and found a home. That’s the way I prefer to sleep
Hunter Sep 23
You’re off to college,
Doing things I couldn’t do.
I’ll tuck up in bed,
Looking at our moments,
All while you study and meet new people.
You’re going to do great,
I’ll hold a pillow every night thinking of you.
Just don’t forget about me over here,
Soon I’ll have a place there.
Learning to trust again after abusive relationships is something hard to do, I’ve finally been able to invest my trust in her. While she’s in college I’ll be home sleeping in the room she was in with me until I get a place closer to her.
Hunter Sep 23
The wind made your cheeks glow,
Shivering under your coat,
I offered a hand to hold,
And you squeezed my pinky.

The only color in my life,
Is you.
sure it's delusional,
but since she strutted in i haven't been the same
what else can I say besides darling look my way.

You are far away now,
But your on my mind,
I'll never put nothing above you,
You are my guiding light.
I hope you realize
You are mine.
After dropping her off at college all of the good times came crashing down on me, rather than letting myself sink into a dark place, I decided to think about the better memories we are going to make.
Mandalina Sep 23
There it goes again
like a feather lost in the wind
like a dead fish following the stream
like a salty tear falling from a chin

There it goes again
to somewhere far away
to somewhere dark and hidden
to somewhere out of reach

there it goes again

Allesha Eman Sep 21
How are you?
Are you lost somewhere in the valley,
walking down endless roads?
Are you falling in love whenever you meet a kindred soul?
I heard that time has caught up to your ways,
And now you’re chasing stars to have another say,
But I can’t help but feel like you needed to be saved.
So now I’m here searching along the path where your footsteps are placed,
Wondering why I’m chasing after a lost case,
But when I look at my hands, I remember the wrinkles on your thumb,
I see your soul searching for someone to love,
I remember that we’re reflections of each others hopeless dreams,
Now I know that you’re looking for someone like me,
But you’re too far gone into the future
And I’m just your past,
turn around and you’ll find me, where you left me last.
From the 26 Letters to time series
Hunter Sep 17
First you take a drink,
Then the drink takes you.
You start asking,
Could have,
Might have,
Or should have.

I’m starting to realize that anger,
And sadness are for those who have given up.
Have I given up..?
Is drunkenness a temporary sucicide?

My anxiety is feeling like a rocking chair,
It gives me something to do,
But it doesn’t get me far.
It’s not stress that kills me,
It’s how I react to it.

Baby open your door,
Cause I’ve been waiting for my blessing.
Give me all the keys,
And I’ll lock away the darkness.
If your grace is an ocean,
Then please let me drown.

In your arms,
I find refuge.
Did you say you love me?
Or do my ears deceive me.
Cause I’ll say the same words,
But I’ll shout them clearly.

I’m so glad you came,
You drew the curtain on the night.
When you call my name,
I can’t help but smile.
I started my life drinking a lot thinking I had control of it leading to troubling moments in my life. Soon my emotions were overcome with anger from exes and the way people treated me, my nights of being drunk felt like "clarity" like I was flying awat from my problems. My anxiety started to get worse and make me feel hopless, and the way I treated it was stupid on my part. Thank god I was able to meet my lover who is always giving me grace on my mistakes, she calls out what I do wrong so I can fix It. I'm so happy she walked into my life, she's able to rock me to sleep and make me forget about all my worries. I love you J.J.L
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