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No stress
Isaac Mar 11
its been 2 years, I grew so much but I still carry the same fears
the fears that you kissed, your hand I still miss
I always have the memories but even those start to slip
it's all the ****, it's all the daydreams
my days start to bleed, I need a trip
I need to escape, I need a bridge to get across these violent waters
my emotions are stronger the longer they harbour
I return to that day in your car where the rain fell so hard
could barely hear rain on me on the radio
I think of you no matter where I go
I see you with your boo in Turks and Caicos
I see you living it up and not day goes
by where you don't
cross my mind, got myself in so much trouble in the pursuit to find
someone that shares your light, someone that takes their time, someone who is actually worth my time
you just wished me a happy birthday and I wish the convo never ended
I feel without you I am suspended
not able to move, not able to do anything but cry
as I watch the only good man I’ve ever met thrive
I wish I could say you were ****, I wish you hurt me harder
maybe then I wouldn’t be stuck like this, loved me better than my father
maybe I was just a pitstop til you found your forever
maybe I was destined to find better
but on these cold march nights, it's hard to keep that in mind
but on these cold march nights, I just want you in my sight
drown in your light, love you as you deserve
maybe that's what it boils down to
never met someone who
was worthy of my love, worthy of my touch
EmVidar Jan 24
How do I leave?
When my mind screams
for me to run  
my heart convinces me
each time we've parted
you may have learned something
and be the person I want you to be...
not the person
you really are...

-em vidar
Chloe Dec 2021
What is fertility
but a little you
and a little me…

Like a car that’s been driven for too long

Watching it stick before your eyes
Slip and die

No hope of my own
But love is infectious
I love you
And love brings life into this world
e Dec 2021
Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh

There we were when everything was golden,  and I swear I could pull
the truth from your face. I still remember the start of wanting,
the echoes of memory
dancing in the depths of my mind.
The traffic lights joined into a symphony of colors. We were lost
and I was reading your hand like a map. Felt your heart, pounding
from the palms.
          Heads turned upwards: the stars,
our singular guide. Right before the curtain calls,
you hold me closer, and I melt into your magnetic touch.
And I knew that whatever it was, we would never need words.
Maybe you were sent by the Heavens,
maybe I made you up.

I saw the sun
rising from your body. And in that moment, I was certain:
With you, I want to share in eternity.
You hear my voice, calling out from the deep desert. I hope for rain just so you can bring me the flood.
I take your hands, stretched out before me. Like I am your scripture and you’re holding a sermon. You have your hands all over my body,
in search of
       home.  This is what you say:
We can move one millimeter at a time,
like trees do.
We can set the sky on fire ,
      if only to keep the stars warm.

I want your name
written next to mine
You don’t need to ask.
SoVi Dec 2021
You walk away
For a day
For a month
For a year

You say it's okay
It's a faze
It's just for a day
It'll go away

Then you realize
In a moment
In a blur

That you have forgotten
Abandon and ignored
The words you've penned
The poems you've cared for

Now you have returned
To a familiar place
With a different face
The time has come
To end the hiatus

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
It's been a long year. My passion for poetry was nonexistent due to COVID and school. But it has returned (even though I am busier than ever LOL). I don't think I'll have the same drive for poetry as I did before. But I'll still be writing.
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