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Sindi Apr 23
Dear eyes
You are lucky to have each other.
You complement each other plus you always see eye to eye.
You come in all shapes, sizes, colours.
Are you a reflection of the soul?

I like you when you twinkle.
I like it when you are real.
I like to make you real with a pencil and notepad.
I like you when you are present.
I like you when you are focused

When you are fixed on the goal.
Through you, I can dream.
Through you I see vanity.
Through you, deep secrets are confessed.

Dear eyes
You make scared sometimes with TV and social media.
I don’t want to stare or to look away either.
Tell me dear eyes how do I unsee what I have seen?

I think you are life’s most beautiful gift.
Tell me dear eyes is all that you see real?
Is it true that you keep memories of an entire lifetime?
Right before someone dies you press relay?

I remember seeing you red and wondering why?
Then I was told that someone broke your heart.
I remember seeing you green and wondering why?
Then I was told that you saw something that made you envious.
I remember seeing you twinkle ad wonder why?
Then I was told that someone made your day
Broken Pieces Apr 19
I'm finally ready to go,
But there is a fear that I won't let show.
I'm so scared I'm going to fall into the same dark,
I'm still forced to relive the past with every single mark.

What if I'm not actually ready to be okay?
What if everything goes great until people don't stay?
Why do I have so many fears about this day?
I keep saying I'm ready but is that really the way?

People tell me the fears are only in my head,
But I still have the biggest fear of being dead.
It's true I've worked hard and I seem new,
But yet there is something that still draws me to you.

I always thought if I could smile I was over you,
But I smile and the pain stays too.
If you say you're okay enough I'm sure it'll work,
But the demons will always stay around and lurk.

So yea I'm ready to leave, let's see how this will go,
Hopefully all of my emotions will begin to show.
I really do want this to be different so please help me,
I just want to be happy and be set free.
Bryle Apr 10
in this starry night
where the moon's nowhere to be found
the glitters in the space brightens
and in these specks of stardust
each containing a soul, a dream
wishes waiting to be fulfilled
they burn, worth a several lifetime
a significance, that the promises
tied in your fate, will be done
maybe in another timeline, different life

in the eyes of the dreaming
this night sky contains the hopes
of different beings looking
on that same night sky, filled with
stars shining on a dark space
they all find peace in the meaning
there is light in the dark
and that no matter how dim it is
it's still dazzling, its beauty perpetual
the dreaming once again prepares
maybe in another night
the dreams will be done
to remind the dreaming to be hopeful whatever the situation might be
g Mar 29
Driving 90 miles down the highway at 3am on a Tuesday
Hair flying in the backseat radio blasting at 30
the future is bleak
And the past is dreary
18 years old almost on the edge of 19
Emotions seem unbearable and other times weak
Nothing is ever alright I just sit in my room
and imagine myself grown over night
I cant pretend the future isn’t scary id be lying if I said that
I act a 1000 years my age no one understands that
I don’t know my purpose The search might take my lifetime
What happens when the lights go out ?  Am I in heaven ? Am I alright ?
To say I have worries is way over my head, anxiety creeps in while I’m laying in bed
Is it wrong to think I’m meant for more than this life ?
Think positive think positive I’m trying cant you see !
The more I think positive the more unfortunate I believe
JKirin Mar 27
Call my name,
see the ghost of the past I became.

Of this world, I am lost in the shadow
left to feed off the old war’s debris.
It’s too big for an innocent child
that is forced to grow up, don’t you see?

In the village, I walk unnoticed –
every grownup stares right through me.
On my tasks, I try to stay focused,
while the one thing I want is to scream.

Scream out loud at the people, the street
to be heard for a second, be seen.
In this world, do I even exist?
How, a child, would I even know this?

Call my name,
bring me back to the living, again.
about orphans
violetisblue Mar 21
I am going to write a happy poem
For once, I’ll neglect images of eternal damnation
And trade them for clementine peels and pomegranates
I’ll look up at forgiving skies with the eyes of a child
Rather than down to the mud beneath my aching feet
I am going to have some hope
I will grit my teeth and drag my feet, but I will do it
If I try hard enough, maybe I’ll convince myself this isn’t an apocalyptic fantasy
That there’s light at the end of any grim tunnel
I’ll skip through a field of daisies in a gentle breeze
Will do anything besides grimace when I think of the future
I’ll wrap my arms around my trembling body and make a first attempt at believing it’ll all be okay
I am going to learn how to swim
And instead of choking and sputtering as chlorine ignites my throat
I’ll float down the lazy river and ignore the world
The ocean won’t be frightening, won’t be unknown
I will push the pedals on my two-wheeler and never look back
Hope, this foreign concept, a new friend, will propel me
I’ll ride into a broad valley and rest my head on the soft grasses
And instead of reverting to my typical ways
I’ll spin around until I’m dizzy, intoxicated by hope
I am going to write a happy ending for once.
Purple Haze Mar 15
I sat down on a bench one summer afternoon
and realized; it's terrifying how much time we give away
To those who doesn't even matter to us anyway
Looking back at all those times,
I thought that was love
Yet all I felt was relief when it was over.

Spring, fall and autumn passed,
Those seasons we spent together we thought would last
Truth be told, all those days
I prayed for them to be over

Now once again, summer is here
No more yearning,
No more grieving.
I felt happier alone, more than ever.
BSween Mar 10
Today the unsteady ground
Hit me with the scent
that only summer brings.
Stumbling into morning
It rose like steam to baptise.

How many sleeps before
we may sleep spent?
Stricken but not ill,
Waiting for the sounds of the city,
Waking but sick still.
Come sit by me
Listen to my story
You will then know
Why , I am the way , I am
Where my strength
Where my laughter
Reside in me
Why , I am so resilient
Why , I want more from life
Why , I am lonely
Why , I still have hope
That in me , I know
I have lived the pain
I learn and grow from it
If , I can still stand up
Then anyone can
With all the struggles
With all the ****
I have had to live with
from birth till now
If , I still breath
If , I still believe
then you can
I can show you
through my story
Can it be
© Jennifer L DeLong 2/2021
Ann M Johnson Feb 24
I long for spring to warm me up after the sub zero winter chills.
I long for spring to come and take away my ills.
The asthmatic weezing is getting old as well as the snow and cold.
Spring please come my way soon I pray.
I long for better and warmer and sunny days
Spring come and please stay awhile
I know that your very presence will make me smile especially when the trees grow leaves again and the flowers bloom
The birds will come back and sing you a tune
My heart always makes room for you too.
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