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No matter how I said to everyone that 'I'm okay' and 'I'm fine'. But everytime I'm alone in my room.
The emptiness would reflect my feelings and the darkness envelop my whole being.
The tears that I hide for a thousand smiles was shed one by one until it's countless.

I really want to share it with somebody but they don't understand.
All I could see in their eyes is sympathy which is I don't need it.
Losing someone you loved the most is something that you lose half of your life.

Indeed, I am miserable right now.
I am in between of staying or letting go the sorrow.
But despite of it, I'm still hopeful that someday the pain will gone.
© Unatnat03
thyreez-thy May 30
I lay on my bed in silence
no bad thoughts, nothing with violence
it seems a memory was all it took
to make me have a empty look
having a moment for what I've lost
of all the pleasure's, and all they cost

Self Isolation saves me from "I told you so"
And then they wonder why I never tell them when it gets too cold
Willing to bite my tongue just to suffer in isolation
My problems aren't yours, and are not up for delegation

Your curiosity is annoying, as your apologies lack pity
For where you see such beautiful vistas, I see a crumbling city
Judged for being silent, judged for being loud
Scolded for minding my own, yet hated for not intervening
What would work for both of us, so you are happy and I stay sane
To keep my secrets just as they are, to have us both stay in our lanes

I stay stubborn in my own mistakes, making and paying for them in due time
And as the choir to a hypocrite church, you feel inclined to intervene
No good walks this earth, and no good is in the helpers
Nobody requested shelter, you were never told to enter

Yet you call it "worry", Just another victim to help both your ego and your image
What is the primage needed to unload my problems to your "Ship of good will"
Yet still, even now, you pretend my silence is a cry for help
silence  stubborn  annoyed
Chloe Mar 28
I miss your arms
I could not feel them
They were never for me
Mine stretch out longer
It only made me stronger
Now I understand why you believe-
it’s easier

In my mind
My head is resting
on your legs
But I don’t know you that way-
the way I would like to
when I need comfort to fall asleep
and when I don’t know what to believe
to make it easier
You are my temple, the one I visit each day;
Your golden shades wave from a distance,
Your windows look out to the world, yet hide
What’s within.

Your marble walls show strength,
With fine lines and cracks on side,
Yet you are still beautiful to me.

Your doors, once open to all, have now been shut,
Innocence transformed into heinous mockery
By an act of violent intrusion by another’s hand.

And my worship must now be visual,
I leave you be, for you may shun me,
Not out of hate but precaution and fear.

I will wait for you as you heal,
As the cracks begin to heal and form stories,
As the minutes make you wiser and stronger,
As the memory loosens its grip on you,
I will wait for you as you heal.

Let me offer you the gift of time,
And if you wish, allow me to restore you—
Don’t let this temple be destroyed by your
Inner tempest.

And when the tempests come, I will stand with you,
I will take the rain upon my cheeks and stay here,
Until the tempests pass.

And when the tempests go and the sky arrive,
I will be here and I will wait for you,
Until the day comes when you are well
And I have your permission to enter.
Bipolar Poet Jan 21
falling in love,
all the falling
it hurts to hit
that ground
falling out of love
all my falling
didn't the strands of
our time been so cut
your memory resides;
slowly receding

falling in love
all these falling
once in a sky
of a thousand
wishful kisses
falling out of love
it's a fall out into
trading the tiny dots
of stars, to scars

falling, falling
falling —seems human
to fall in and out
of something

i'm constantly falling;
waiting to be
caught by
true love

Day one

Is it done?
It has just began.

I just can't run,
And let it all just be gone.
I don't want it to end.
Hopefully we can get back on track
I S A A C Dec 2022
releasing this album has to be the hardest thing I have ever done
always wanted to but shame suppressed
hundreds of files, hundreds of tears wept
my heart painted across instrumentals and melodies
nervous, will people get me?
get the metaphors, get the meaning
purpose, will I let me?
embark on a journey toward the sun
leave everything I hated having to become
shed a few layers, re-introduce me
climbing to the top, sorry excuse me
i arrived
early enough
to be comfortable
in my seat as
the patient and
impatient alike
shuffled the aisle
negotiating the overflow
of flaring elbows
protruding feet
and cumbersome torsos
a waltz of
dismissive apology
their only hope
to find their place
without inconvenience
yet with little interest
in whether they might
other passengers
along the way

as a man
recently evicted
from the seat
he had evidently
not booked
surveys the nearby
empty spaces
his mind churning
an internal gamble
of which one
might promise
the longer period
   of peace
before the rightful
owner arrives
he knows
he will need
to relocate
once more before
his journey's end
at some point
unknown to him
but predetermined
despite this
he settles down
in a seat marked
and closes
his eyes
Death awaits all
It is not the end
But a transition to
A faraway place
And the beginning
Of another life;
A better one
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