Oliver 1d

Good grades will buy my
ticket to the New Town
where there's sun and golden sand.
Good grades will save me from
the homework I am drowning in.
One day I'll count my change
to buy a banjo like my
runaway uncle owned.
Each strum will create
my Freedom Song.
Toes in seawater,
Strings beneath my fingertips;
I'll have found my escape.
While the tide goes out it will
carry my worries in its waves.

I just really want to get out of school haha
blue 2d

reminding me of
when I was still unbroken
(whole without split halves)

there are a million reasons for life to be the worst it’s been, but apparently I did something right,  because I get to call you mine. sometimes I think that I don’t deserve you, so I hold you as close as I can before you fade.

my face gets mad warm
whenever you say my name
(I love you so bad)

you’re shy and I’m anxious, but somehow we manage to make first impressions I love your smile and the way you’re alight, glowing. I always talk about lights when I’m talking about you and  I need a metaphor. because, my world was so dark, until suddenly: you. you are a thousand bright lights and you’ve been making my world luminescent from the very first moments.

the skeletons in
my closet are scaring me
(forget your demons)

I’m trying to remember who I was before I met you, even though I don’t want to. I want to forget her. she was so dark, so sad, so broken. this version of me is brighter, happier, kinder. I may be naive- but i don’t know how I feel about forever.

walls come crashing  down
promise me you will be there?
(you still light me up.)

You make me believe
that love does exist
and that perhaps it is within my reach.

Whatever way the wind may blow,
and no matter which way we go,
I will forever love you.

And even when you find a lover
who makes your heart skip beats,
please never forget me.

No matter if the tides be high or low,
no matter if we sink or float,
I will forever love you.

If we shall ever part different ways,
but you tend to sometimes miss me,
know I'm only ever a call away
and I'll be coming home again.

Whatever way the wind may blow,
and no matter which way we go,
I will forever love you.

originally written 6/12/16

This is kind of scary
We are almost too similar
Places, books, things we do for fun
But we are just texting
Hopefully I will get to meet you soon
Hopefully we will become one
Because I feel like I already know you
Because you are the female version of me

I found someone on tinder of all places and we are so similar it's eerie.

I only follow yet I pack alone.
Preparing to venture to the unknown.
Travelling from the true bliss of comfort
to the lonely nostalgia of fear.

I pack the discordant pieces of me,
hoping to maybe find their harmony.
Travelling alone requires no effort,
the opposite true for finding love sheer.

I bring the glasses which help my sad sight
wanting them to shed on courage some light.
Travelling in fear just finds land desert,
needing the warmth of others to stay here.

Warm clothes may suffice for some time unknown.
Though my case may seem rather empty it
remains completely full of cautious hope
to avoid living melancholy dreams.

1st Poem

Everyone alive has twenty four hours of choices
Everyone has good and bad days
The key is finding the good during bad days
That's when you are truly the happiest
If you can't find the good
If you can only find negatives
Then you must focus on removing the negativity
So you can smile again

Just keep smiling and everything will fall into place. It takes more energy to be sad than it does to be happy. So be happy and grateful for what you have because there's always someone that has it worse than you.
IrieSide Apr 20

Contemplating meaning
       known paths seceding
into an abyss
       of what could be

Alexander Leino Apr 17

Drowning in this bright white light
I’m alone on this stage like every night
Seeing all my fans screaming my name when I walk into the light
All I see every night is a sea of flashing lights
All they see is me hitting these low and high notes with ease
I make it look so easy while I dance to this beat
But when its late at night all I want to do escape
Escape this never-ending dream where I can’t find peace
Peace that would make me feel complete
Because my fans don’t really know me
All they see is me achieving a dream which is turning bittersweet
Bittersweet because they will never see the real me
So here I stand on this street corner all alone
Thinking about running away from this fame
That I once thought would make me feel complete

Just a poem I have been thinking about the past couple of days. I didnt really have a plan about how I was going to put my thoughts into words. Regardless here it is.

A thousand of them
And all around me
I know
The way they infect everyone with happiness.

But not me
My eyes are closed and I only hear them
One thousand sounds
Each one louder than the last.

And I wish
That one day I could see them
My own milestone
One I can never reach
But I can only hope for.

MellowMomo Apr 4

Our hearts are made from puzzle pieces
Intricately complex, but incomplete
Full with gaps, stains and creases
Changing with every heartbeat.

We're looking for real connections
Something fitting instead of patches
And endure a lot of rejections
To find the best possible matches.

This puzzle is hard to complete
At times impossible to cope
Not wanting to admit defeat
But we continue, because of hope.

So I too shall keep on going
Like everyone else day by day
Constantly failing, but also growing
Collecting our hearts among the way.

Special thanks to Mr. Jin!
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