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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I've only just begun to begin the beginnings of what's to come
They told me it couldn't be done and if it could it could never be undone
Reinforced the foregone conclusion that I sure wouldn't be the person to get it done
Maybe I'm a human counterfeit, a blasphemous false prophet, either way the unchosen one
A complete waste of profit, a wayward prodigal son on the run
With a set of wings designed for Icarus, the parable goes over my head as I race straight at the sun
Swung for the fence and got my bell rung, if there's no brain damage it's at least gonna swell some from the concussion
*******, would you look at that, they were right, it can't be undone
Realization hit as the last song was sung, forced through a cancerous lung
As the dung that fills me spills freely over my tongue on to everyone
A headache for some, fun for no one, ask anyone

Man Jun 2023
Should have known,
The only one, trying for years.
That giving all of myself
To someone who is empty
Will only render me,
kippi Sep 2022
olney transportation center.

i put my bag down in the plastic seat next to me and allow the cool musty subway air envelope my senses. the lights are too fluorescent, **** they’re bright. my chest fills with pressure, the cap at my throat holding on desperately to stay put, stay tight. don’t scream. my breath is getting harder now. why do they even hang out with that person? it doesn’t make sense to me. my music gets louder in my ears, smooth bossa nova pounding brain waves. focus on the lyrics. they make me too angry. my lungs are struggling to hang onto the air, it’s coming in and out of my nostrils too fast. my throat is getting too dry, but my water bottle is too heavy. i don’t want to pick it up, i want to keep thinking. why won’t they just listen to me? why won’t they see things my way? how long is this song? it seems like it’s been forever. i’ve passed galaxies and worlds in this subway tunnel, the stars too fast for my eyes to grasp. i can’t think my way out of this one. no amount of thoughts flying around my head can fix the necessity of simply doing nothing. my hand is forced to be empty. i need to bluff. it’s way too bright in here.


thank god this song is over. i’m going to do homework instead. i don’t like this song very much, but i’m not going to change it. maybe i should turn off the music so i can read better.

hunting park.

i think i’ll be home soon. i don’t like what they did today, i should listen to my mom more. my eyes are really heavy, i wish i went to bed earlier today. maybe i’ll take a nap when i get home.

susquehanna dauphin.
cecil b. moore.

i don’t like this stop today.


time is back up to speed. maybe i’ll go to chinatown, buy some moon cakes. the mid autumn festival passed already, i wish i could’ve gone. i don’t really care for half of the things i say i like. maybe it’s a labor of love, to lie about liking something. or maybe i just don’t have the ability to say i don’t like something. but i know i dislike things. i dislike how bright these lights are, ****. my migraine is getting stronger. i want to go home. i am going home.


my throat feels like a desert. time to put my phone down. my head hurts too much.
this is a real experience that i just had
am i ee Jul 2022
seems way too complicated

loses lots of something in the translation.

suppose pictures are part of that?

but really?

just wear a hat!
what ever happened to the good old ways?
being in person?
who knows what you are getting on the
other digital end?
not for me!
I say with glee!
am i ee May 2022
46 minutes of my life ticking away
listening to your insecurities.

46 minutes of my life ticking away
listening to you wrapping yourself in knots
over what people might think.

46 minutes of may life ticking away
where I could have been laughing.

46 minutes of my life ticking away
where I could have been with the ONE.

Stop worrying about what other people THINK!
who cares what they think!

What do you think?
or not?!
Rachel Rae Dec 2021
Atlas dropped his globe atop my neck
And I thrashed and screamed
Under the weight of it
Brumous Jun 2021
If one can be drunk on love,
I'd rather stay sober
than having headaches
and the wretched pain
of a hangover.
I don't drink, alright.

edit: I changed hungover to "hangover," it was surely a typo since I needed to copy then paste it because the 502 thingies kept happening
Aphasia Jan 2021
It hurts
The pain echoes through my skull
Bouncing around like a ****** rubber ball
I want to feel better
I want to feel normal
And all the regular things from yesterday
Feel so, so far away
Like nothing will return to how it was
And the fear will linger forever
Migraine is not a headache. I don't know if I can see now, and my entire body is worn out. There is so much pain and fear and uncertainty.
Jaxey Jan 2021
as the thought of you
leaves my head pounding
I tell myself
the pain
it just another headache
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