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that-that pain
uhuh it's in my head i guess?
like my eyebrows are being pulled over my eyes
oh lord it HUrts
okay makayla breathe you will be fine.
no NO NO
i will not be fine when i have this
aching and paining
this headache
She guarded her heart with her head
Because she’d rather have that hurt instead
It’s easier to rationalize away her feelings
Rather than actually allow herself to feel things

Her heart tries to speak
It barely squeaks
Her heart is too weak
So she keeps the key

And when her head hurts it retreats in fear
But her heart is so shriveled that no one can hear
All of her issues exposed, as was guessed
She believed them, but now doubts this was best

Unable to defend
She meets a dead end
Locked in cement
She follows the same trend
Til her bitter end.
Celaena Nov 4
The pounding, the pounding
It's pounding in my head.
The pounding, the pounding
Oh when will I be dead.

The pounding, the pounding
It's rotting up my soul.
The pounding, the pounding
It will not let me go.

The pounding, the pounding
The beating of my heart.
The pounding, the pounding
It's tearing me apart.
If I got a headache
every time someone wrote about natural beauty,
I'd have an aneurysm.

And now I have one more.

I'm still waiting on the aneurysm.
Evan Leonhard Oct 13
my circadian rhythm beats
at such high frequency
my mind is shattered
shards of broken thought
litter my consciousness
my insights lay scattered
RedD Oct 7
This, this, just ******* this
whatever the **** this is
In my head
Its running round in circles
Leading me a merry dance
stamping all over me
Cutting slices to my core
and i can't defend myself from the attacks
because there's nothing physical to push away
its noxious and suffocating
and maybe its just better if I let it take me down
but it surrounds and smothers me just the same
why can't I fight it
I'm so tired and ashamed that its stronger than me
whatever this headfuck is
a grown woman
I should be strong
not right now I'm not
but maybe tomorrow
but I know I'll get headfucked again at some point
and I'll be as defenseless as I always am
******* headfuck
just another anxiety attack to get through
Michael Oct 6
I have pain in my head that won’t go away.
A constant headache that is with me everyday.
No let up, no reprieve,
Just constant thumping pain for me.
I feel like my head could burst,
And what a relief that wold be,
Because the continuation of pain is truly the worst.
Surgeons cut me open,
My brain they could see.
Why is it that they still have not been able to fix me?
My tumour is gone,
But my brain feels the same.
The danger has passed,
But the suffering won’t go away.
Several years ago I had a brain tumour removed. I am left with a constant thumping headache every moment of every day. Some days, like today for instance, it’s just too much to bare.
zoe Sep 26
how unfortunate
that i wanted to keep your heart with me
and my burning lips
could never meet with yours
how unfortunate
that my fragile hands
could never caress your untamed hair
or your cheekbones that could stab my palms
how unfortunate
i could only see your face occasionally
and yet it roams around in my head
roaming the room you kept in my brain
how unfortunate
you never saw me in that manner
and you only let me drown in my feelings
you only let me overthink and suffocate
while you march on in blissful ignorance
you roam the room
roam the room
roam my room
yes, it is unfortunate
i’ll grow to hate your name forever
even though it was special in my lips
i will never see you again
until your hands pass mine in the grave
it was always unfortunate
but you still roam the room inside my head
as if you’re renting space in there

i think i’ll let you stay in there
i want the season to end
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