Lyn-Purcell Jul 5
Anxiously waiting
Healers take a drop of blood
So my mind can heal
Out of the doctors, finally!
Blood test out of the way and now it's time for the waiting game!
Thank you so much for the support! ^.^
Lyn xxx
Joliver Jul 4
My head is splitting
Like atoms before fallout
Each footstep echoing
From the floor above me
Rings loudly as a gunshot
And the muffled conversation
Sounds like a crowd a million strong
I want to shut off
To restart my brain
But socializing
That great and terrible wyrm
Stands between me and my goal
The glittering treasure
A warm bed
And I'd much rather suffer here
Than slay the misunderstood beast
There's being an introvert, and then there's not wanting to go upstairs to get pain relief for your splitting headache because there are guests over
Lyn-Purcell Jul 1
Faintest summer night
Death will come and take the light
I fear for yonder headache is back with a vengeance!
I'm gonna have to see the doctor's cuz there is no way having headaches, pulsing headaches, on a daily basis is normal.
111 followers.... AHHHHHHH!
T-T I'm so happy I could cry!
Thank y'all so much!
Love you!
Lyn xxx
Seanathon Jun 23
Tremendous pressure
    Between two trees
The pressures of autumn
    Which crinkles the fallen, forgotten, leaves
    And cry beneath our feet
As we grind them slowly back to the earth
    Unknowingly, she knows
    And drinks it all in
Like a summers mead
My head... good Lordy my head, just behind my eyes. /:

Throbbing noises , neon lights
Please ! Go away
Smell of caffeine ,
It's being unendurable
Oh ! Aura stabbed me
Torment troubles somewhere around
I want the drug acetaminophen
Don't drill my cerebrum
Head is walking with nightmares
Monsters are advocate there
I need relief
Agony is so inconsiderate
Fire is in brain and flood in the eyes
ibuprofen ? Didn't work !
Headache is still over eye
Though attack is fixed for skull ,
I'm taking high dose aspirin
Now , I'm gonna sleep with migraine
And wake up with migraine .

©Smriti Ranabhat
How painfully a pain feels
Daniel Ruiz May 21
I’ve heard by so many people that,
suicide isn’t the answer
That life has so much to offer,
That dreaming doesn’t take much,
That dreams can become real,
That love will come.

Nothing will overcome this feeling,
Im drowning in thoughts,
Im Overthinking,

Sometimes the sky looks clearer
Than other nights.

And today,
Today’s one of those nights,
I can see the stars
Shining bright tonight
Furey May 14
my head is killing me
looking at anything hurts
it's like if someone took a knife and
I don't know why it hurts so bad
my eyes overflow with tears
it's a migraine
there's my heartbeat
it makes my head hurt worse
please stop
I just want to sleep but I can't
medicine not helping
what am I supposed to do?
Wellspring May 8
Stinging pain.

It keeps punching,
At my brain.

I can't see out of my eye.
Not with this,
This solid grip.
Slowly tightening around it.

My vision is cut off,
My pain unbearable.
No one can help me from this deathlike grasp,
Because Migraine has a hold of me now.
Yup. I'm in pain. Ouch.
MOTH May 7
Sometimes I watch the clock to remind me
To remind me that I'm not frozen in time
I can still be seen
I exist

And sometimes I smile, because
Smiling is typically contagious
Some people get off on happiness
But its a drug that's worth the trouble

Did you know that happiness is equally dangerous
People do crazy shit for pleasure
But is pleasure really happiness
Or is that just what we tell ourselves...

As I wonder in a repetitive tick
And realize that these feelings are stupid
To feel so anxious
It's all so obsolete

Anyway, I'm ready to go
Have to catch the bus to get home
I hate Mondays
But only when the sky raises false hope

In a moments time
I'll disappear from your mind
You hold my existence in your power
But like a glance, I'm something you simply see
Not something you'll ever miss
Shannon May 5
How constant you are,

from the surface of my skin, to the depth within.

Oh this pounding in my head,

the cephalalgy makes me want to drop dead.

Please just let me rest peacefully in my bed,

Though the sobriety I wish to endure won’t come.

Pills after pills,

And more pills still,

It won’t crush this rising affliction,

It’s most certainly not an addiction.

You prevent me from my task,

You crush all concentration in my path,

You’re a constant discomfort,

An ache in my brain,

I might just be going insane.

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