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Aseel Sep 27
My dreams and my fears
Are having a battle
Inside my head
And all I’m doing
Is taking paracetamol
The Vault Sep 4
My brain is stuck in cruise
And sometimes I get lost
Lost on words and emotions
Stuck on what I should be feelin
Head poundin and medication low
My brain is stuck in cruise
Just goin with the flow
Maybe I am addicted
Or maybe this is withdraw
But baby I am stuck
Stuck on words to stay to you
maria Aug 21
My heart is now blue,
faded blue,
like the headache you caused me wasn't enough.
You're trying and trying to warm me,
oh, please,
I don't want this.
Let me decide,
I want to keep dying.
a time situation when everything felt a faded blue

Written on August 21, 2019
Iz Aug 14
I sit and watch
As an elderly man eats a 79 cent ice cream
From the local gas station that resides at the end of my neighborhood
It’s 10:02 P.M. and my head hurts
It’s hurt for two weeks
everyday the same pain greets me
with the piercing sensation of someone pressing their thumbs so deeply into my eyes then wiggling them around in the ajar sockets like a bowling ball too big to grasp
I’m tired of breathing this insatiable need for oxygen burdens me to no end
I can’t feel my toes I’ve stood too long
Blood pools in my feet as my chest half heartedly pumps blood wearily through this haunted frame
I can’t close my eyes all I see is what I’ve lived
This worn down shabby life worth two paper clips and some pocket lint at best
Leon Murphy Jul 27
A storm is imminent when the sun had jumped over the horizon,
I am not waiting to be able to sing
and when the bell rings the pain starts to penetrate.

I'm all alone here while the nail sinks into my eye,
Here, almost the unbearable follows.
I just want to be able to sleep but
the hammer hits the anvil every time.
I'm hiding from the light while normally
we can get along very well.

It's dark here, it's quiet here,
however here, the bells are loud and unbroken.
My will has been beaten, black and blue,
a bogeyman of the night, a romantic couple of
All I can do is wait until the sun walks over
the sky again.
Millie Jun 27
The kind of headache where your head is buzzing
And the people around you are blurry
And although they seem slower
Time goes faster
The pressure spreads around your head
And starts to throb in your ears
And your eyes begin to give up on seeing
The lights are angels with halos
And the ground is so close
Sleep becomes such sweet mercy
Cyndi May 15
I feel my arms go cold
The thoughts in my head fold
"Oh no, not again,
I just want it all to end

I feel it on my neck
A cool and heavy breath
The white all melts to red
There's buzzing in my head

Infernal whispers in my ear
I want to run away from here
I wish I hadn't missed my meds
Forever haunted to all ends

A sense of dread washes over me
I should be over it, but I'm not free
Even though it's only been a year
I thought I wouldn't still have the fear

I close my eyes
I can still see them
I cover my ears
they whisper I’m red
I plug my ears
I can still hear them
I can still see them

Things are different
I have my friend's support
I tried to escape the torrent
All of my effort
I have Quetiapine
For whatever that's worth
I try to leave the scene
From then on and since forth
I have experience
and I'm always trying
The ----ing inconvenience
I have ways of coping
But it all
the same

It just
the same

It's still red
It's still black
It's still a burden
on my back
It's still a conch shell
A wave of fear
It's still a tickle in my ear
It's still a void staring at me
with piercing white eyes
God, I want to get free
those eyes
the only thing white in the world
Like a horrifying play, it's about to unfurl

I hold my head
I hold my heart
I lie in bed
Afraid to depart
I want to cry
I really do
I can't explain why
I can't seem to

Maybe it's because I like it
Some part of me does
I really hate but I admit it
I wish it never ever was
A misplaced giggle
A twisted smile in my head
A love of edges
A want for the blazing red

It's a part of my brain
That I just can't constrain
Makes me feel like I'm crazy
I can't be insane

I got things to create
A life to live
A tested fate
A want to give

But it nags

Oh it nags

They say a laugh is the truest form of communication
Well, what if it's true?
What if that laugh you heard
Was me through and through?

I really must fight it
The laugh and the grin
The red in my head
Can't escape from within
I know it's wrong
It doesn't though
Its twisted song
Stopped at my throat
It isn't me
It isn't me
It isn't me
It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me
It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me It isn't me

I don't want to be red
I guess
I'll be

My second poem in the RED series. This one might add more confusion into the already confusing ideas and narrative, so I guess if for whatever reason you're trying to decipher my ramblings I'm sorry.
Mark Parker Apr 29
You can tell me I'm wrong,
but I feel like your words are fallacies.
Everything is wrong, I have a headache,
a stomach ache, I feel tense enough to do harm.
I refuse to be part of the world, this is all
bull...a bull with horns, running at a red flag.
When it's all or nothing, isolating from everything.
Frantic hands, passive glares, and silent stances.
Bizarre and unbounded, my feelings lay unspoken.
Written while thinking about one of my students today. He refused to do a thing or say a word, but he is usually one of the brightest kids in the school. Literally a basketball starter, honors student, and decent child. I have him work with other kids that have issues doing their work. It's sad to see him this way.
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