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My head is heavy
Broken shards in the sides
Stiffened vines creeping
Taking over my insides
A booming weight of chaos
Buries me alive
Left with the fear of survival
And only a pinhole of light
The body in conspiracy
River gushes
From the nose
Overflowing it's banks
The head grumps
In pain
Quizzes antibodies
"En tu Brutus"?
Wrote this for Dr Peter Lim
rosie Apr 10
a thump of pain
bursting in my temples
emitting sharp rays of blinding darkness
sharp as a knife,
stabbing in my head
a pressure,
a weight
a pain coming from the inside
Ash C Apr 3
There's always this pressure behind my eyes, right at the top of them
Like someone tied heavy rocks to my head and told me keep my head up
I hate that word
"Keep my head up"
I'd rather keep looking down so I won't trip into reality
simone Jan 17
silly girl. what were you thinking? going out into the storm like that? i could've lost you. i don't wan t to lose you. don't get lost, i need you. stupid girl you never use your head. you're always lost in there. how could you forget where the horizon was? it's always here. please don't walk out into the ocean like that. it isn't your friend. it won't protect you. i will. i always do.
wrote this based on a lyric from a grouper song.
"My mother once told me
she walked into the ocean
didn't want to die
just couldn't tell where the horizon was"
Empire Mar 14
Awaking from my self-induced daze
I wasn’t careful
Too much wine
Not enough food
Not enough water
And to my stupid surprise
My head aches
I feel ill
I just want to lay in bed
Part of me is begging not to do it again
But another is begging for more
Celil Feb 9
beneath the
violet skies
to you

–as if it was today–
do not say
a word

as the first sight
disclose yourself
to me

you were my night
and now
testimonying the sun
somewhere else
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