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ayumi ebony Sep 11
it’s getting cold.
her work begins to pile up on her desk,
paper cascading around her off the table,
sitting ignored as she thumbs through a book,
humming softly.

and she feels ever colder,
because though she knows the sun will touch her face one last time,
she feels the impending sense of everything changing.
her freedom, her sleep, and all those books
-piling up around her in dizzying towers she can’t seem to hold upright.

each poem has become an ode.
no longer does she right those summer love poems,
notes of dreams and pining and romance.
she’s grown lonely,
and grown up.

each ode is to who she was
-the kind girl with the widest eyes and strong opinions,
this new girl with no focus,
drifts and watches the ink run down the page.
she’s so worried, because she doesn’t care.
and doesn’t care about that.

tomorrow will be better,
she says, sighing with tiredness repeating over and over again.

but the pounding in her head won’t go away,
and all the doubts sink in
-you’ve lost your edge.
-you’re not doing enough.
-you’re never going to do enough unless you break.

her heart seems to beat colder,
slow down and she’s not that old.
she’s young, and she feels herself,
the brightness and ambition disappearing,
and they’re replaced by content and a sense of emptiness.
i was feeling depressed yesterday. luckily i'm feeling better today!
Daniel Ruiz Aug 9
I guess i'll stop trying to find love
I guess i'll just let it happen

I'll let whatever destiny has chosen for me
i'll let her sneak in and see me drown

my mind is blocked,
i can't believe i'm writing this
at the border of blight
watching the ground,
trying not to fall off

I'm a mess,
and i will always be.

I hope destiny has something good waiting
for me,
for better or for worse
whatever i deserve.

i hope,
i hope
i hope,
and i hope again
why do i have to hope?
to wait?

sitting in this lit but hidden corner
in the back of my mind

finding words that at the end
will not even rhyme

hoping that something perfect

but you see,
perfect doesn't exist

perfect it's just the closest thing to god,
the thing that we most want,

someone once told me that god isn't
a big bearded man sitting in a throne
in the sky,


god it's the pursuit of happiness
god it's the perfect you want in another person,
for me god is a she,

hope you understand my definition of perfect
because i know yours is different

and i do what most people don't,
i understand,
i don't judge,
expecting you to do the same,

your god could be the extraordinary,
the holy powerful,

and i'll still be by your side,

my god?

my god is the smile in someone who needs it,
my god,
is the little good that's left in the world,

my god,
doesn't exist.

but guess what,
i'll stop hoping
when the smiles fade away,

i'll stop,
when you look at me
the  same way a racist
looks at those kids in cages,

i'll stop,
when a" true God shows himself"

until then,
I'll hope for a better tomorrow
with someone i deserve,

Are you hoping too?
I have faith in what's right, in happiness, in the well being of others, That's what i have faith in
Addison Aug 9
My blankets are cold.
My sheets? Unforgiving.
I can't help but wonder
At all that I'm missing.

I sit in this room
Brimming with nothing
Just wishing you were here
Instead of having nothing

Nothing is wrong
Except where you should be? nothing
There's nothing but me
Nothing but me in my own head

Nothing is colder
Nothing is worse
Than missing nothing
Nothing anymore

your hair is now nothing
your tears? no more
no more resent
nothing anymore

now you're nothing
just some dirt in the ground
i can't help but wonder
if i could've helped you stay something

i still miss you
even in all your nothing
my little white scar
is now your only being

Nothing is wrong? Okay,
I trust your judgement.
No seriously! It's nothing!
Just keep in touch, okay?
My headaches aren’t like yours
The pounding isn’t the same
For when I get a headache
It’s simply my brain pounding against my skull
begging for it’s own escape
It continues beating against my skin
My skull shaking
Is only my brain trying to put itself out of is misery
Isn’t strange how a headache is how your brain tells you something is wrong? Maybe that’s why some people inflict pain on others when they don’t know how to deal with their problems.
Poetry Jul 26
Come in all

Come and

They are tempory

Your pain
Is tempory too
We all have that voice that says we aren't sick, that we are acting. Mental illnesses are valid and they cripple us more than a broken leg ever could. With a broken leg we can't walk, but with a broken mind, crutches are harder to come by.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 5
Anxiously waiting
Healers take a drop of blood
So my mind can heal
Out of the doctors, finally!
Blood test out of the way and now it's time for the waiting game!
Thank you so much for the support! ^.^
Lyn xxx
Joliver Jul 4
My head is splitting
Like atoms before fallout
Each footstep echoing
From the floor above me
Rings loudly as a gunshot
And the muffled conversation
Sounds like a crowd a million strong
I want to shut off
To restart my brain
But socializing
That great and terrible wyrm
Stands between me and my goal
The glittering treasure
A warm bed
And I'd much rather suffer here
Than slay the misunderstood beast
There's being an introvert, and then there's not wanting to go upstairs to get pain relief for your splitting headache because there are guests over
Lyn-Purcell Jul 1
Faintest summer night
Death will come and take the light
I fear for yonder
Annnnnddd....my headache is back with a vengeance!
I'm gonna have to see the doctor's cuz there is no way having headaches, pulsing headaches, on a daily basis is normal.
111 followers.... AHHHHHHH!
T-T I'm so happy I could cry!
Thank y'all so much!
Love you!
Lyn xxx
Seanathon Jun 23
Tremendous pressure
    Between two trees
The pressures of autumn
    Which crinkles the fallen, forgotten, leaves
    And cry beneath our feet
As we grind them slowly back to the earth
    Unknowingly, she knows
    And drinks it all in
Like a summers mead
My head... good Lordy my head, just behind my eyes. /:

Throbbing noises , neon lights
Please ! Go away
Smell of caffeine ,
It's being unendurable
Oh ! Aura stabbed me
Torment troubles somewhere around
I want the drug acetaminophen
Don't drill my cerebrum
Head is walking with nightmares
Monsters are advocate there
I need relief
Agony is so inconsiderate
Fire is in brain and flood in the eyes
ibuprofen ? Didn't work !
Headache is still over eye
Though attack is fixed for skull ,
I'm taking high dose aspirin
Now , I'm gonna sleep with migraine
And wake up with migraine .

©Smriti Ranabhat
How painfully a pain feels
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