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I S A A C Mar 20
so much mystery surrounding me
so much inner journey I am bound to be
taking on in the future, so insecure about my future
but truck along fiending for gas, I take it day by day with a little sass
still don’t drink coffee and you can hold the flask
so trying to outrun the trauma from my Dad
it's a tough pill to swallow and that’s usually no issue for me
thank god I traded all that for ****, I always was attracted to green
aquamarine baby, no march aries
pisces like the koi fish coasting on the crystal blue water
evolving, healing stuck in the past no longer
moment by moment, touch by touch, hands entwined
friendship showed me love
I S A A C Mar 11
its been 2 years, I grew so much but I still carry the same fears
the fears that you kissed, your hand I still miss
I always have the memories but even those start to slip
it's all the ****, it's all the daydreams
my days start to bleed, I need a trip
I need to escape, I need a bridge to get across these violent waters
my emotions are stronger the longer they harbour
I return to that day in your car where the rain fell so hard
could barely hear rain on me on the radio
I think of you no matter where I go
I see you with your boo in Turks and Caicos
I see you living it up and not day goes
by where you don't
cross my mind, got myself in so much trouble in the pursuit to find
someone that shares your light, someone that takes their time, someone who is actually worth my time
you just wished me a happy birthday and I wish the convo never ended
I feel without you I am suspended
not able to move, not able to do anything but cry
as I watch the only good man I’ve ever met thrive
I wish I could say you were ****, I wish you hurt me harder
maybe then I wouldn’t be stuck like this, loved me better than my father
maybe I was just a pitstop til you found your forever
maybe I was destined to find better
but on these cold march nights, it's hard to keep that in mind
but on these cold march nights, I just want you in my sight
drown in your light, love you as you deserve
maybe that's what it boils down to
never met someone who
was worthy of my love, worthy of my touch
I S A A C Mar 10
I'm 20 now, my logic still unsound
I still linger around and use **** to drown it out
I try to be perfect, be an adult, and keep working
but I am not perfect, it hurts knowing that it hurts showing that
but vulnerability is a virtue, I continue to work to
to shine my light to shed light on what might
be brewing under the surface, for a random observer
I'm 20 now, I hate the way it sounds
almost like the tik tok of a clock, I’m an adult now
my prime is coming to an end retail therapy to pretend
I'm not where I want to be, I'm not happy where I am
do I keep put on the track I'm on or do I switch lanes instead
too many tabs open in my head, too little time spent out of bed
I need to get on my own feet, I need to plant these seeds, I need to not burst at the seams
because I'm 20 now, cant wait to see it out
wondering where ill be, who’s beside me, and if I’ll still doubt
Bloomed from a Rainy past.

We’re 8 years apart.
Born in entirely different centuries
Born in different seasons and on different days.
Yet we’re exactly alike.
Yet so contradictory

Our hair, our face, our expressions.
Our jobs, our mannerisms, our perspectives.

You don’t see what you’ve done to me Kristoph.

You’ve planted this seed in my head. That I should always listen to you, that what you said was true and gospel.

You nourished that seed in my head while raining down on me like a hailstorm.

You had my strings in your hands. Cherry picking what I thought and what I should know.

You make sure that seed was planted deep inside of me.

But I broke free of your storms.

I became my own flower.

So when I bloomed it wasn’t what you wanted. You tried to prune me. So I built a fence to protect myself.

You gave me the seed but I became my own garden. I flourished while you wilted. Your visions became stationary.

That’s when I realized it.

You aren’t a flower at all.

You’re a ****.

And when you can’t infect one garden you move on.

So you took him.

Now it’s my job to free him of your thorns as well.

And together the two of us will

Clive Blake May 2021
Don’t always march to another’s drumbeat,
Nor always dance to another person’s tune,
But march in time to your own heartbeat and
Dance and dance, till you reach the moon …
Dear Love ,
After seeing you
I have come to believe that beautiful things are beautiful
Even if we don't understand them
Especially you
March has marched in
Half way through the month
It is hot and has brought summer along
The grapes and melons have turned sweetest ripe
The mangoes have arrived too
Raw and green, they are best pickled
Come May
King Alphonso, will be here
From the wild coastal lands
To conquer every heart
For a golden reign
idyllic steps
are bare
in green
make months
in golden
year the
gavotte in
her little
black dress
that the
music of
spring in
vapor of
the string
makes her
frosty as
the hills
Juliana Mar 2021
i have never understood when
someone tells me that snow is beautiful
the shimmer of white dust
settling like a veil on the now dying grass
the grey clouds they’ve descended upon
the yellow of dog **** giving it its only color.

how is that gorgeous?
don’t you want to make a snow angel?
let’s go sledding!

i want the summer
i want the springtime
i want to open my sunroof
feel the cool breeze on my skin
take of this ******* hoodie
go outside
go on a walk
look at the trees
remember that people exist.

i’ve never liked flowers
i don’t have a good sense of smell
but I would take the pain of a beesting
over the tears of a snowman any day.
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