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Clive Blake May 9
Don’t always march to another’s drumbeat,
Nor always dance to another person’s tune,
But march in time to your own heartbeat and
Dance and dance, till you reach the moon …
Dear Love ,
After seeing you
I have come to believe that beautiful things are beautiful
Even if we don't understand them
Especially you
March has marched in
Half way through the month
It is hot and has brought summer along
The grapes and melons have turned sweetest ripe
The mangoes have arrived too
Raw and green, they are best pickled
Come May
King Alphonso, will be here
From the wild coastal lands
To conquer every heart
For a golden reign
idyllic steps
are bare
in green
make months
in golden
year the
gavotte in
her little
black dress
that the
music of
spring in
vapor of
the string
makes her
frosty as
the hills
Juliana Mar 9
i have never understood when
someone tells me that snow is beautiful
the shimmer of white dust
settling like a veil on the now dying grass
the grey clouds they’ve descended upon
the yellow of dog **** giving it its only color.

how is that gorgeous?
don’t you want to make a snow angel?
let’s go sledding!

i want the summer
i want the springtime
i want to open my sunroof
feel the cool breeze on my skin
take of this ******* hoodie
go outside
go on a walk
look at the trees
remember that people exist.

i’ve never liked flowers
i don’t have a good sense of smell
but I would take the pain of a beesting
over the tears of a snowman any day.
aya Mar 3
im missing
from my own
i always find myself trying to find myself (another existential crisis <3 what a time to be alive am i right?)
The arrival of life
Something new is beginning
Before my very eyes
The world does not try to hide it
I’ll be replaced even before I’m buried
But I do not resent you
I’m not jealous of what I’ll miss
I’ve already lived my lifetime
And that’s all anybody gets.

My body slows
As gravity has it’s way with me
My mind is slowing too
Slowly the neural network is going dark
And with everything slowing down
What does time do?
It races ever faster
Our first day was longer than last week.

The page is turned once again
As a eulogy of winter is recited
While the weather outside steadily
Changes the season
As the sun seems to shift
Towards the North
Until it reaches its maximum height in the sky.

I see the leaves regain life
And flowers sprout from the ground
Blossoming the earth
With new shades.
The Vernal ground develops
As I can see the dirt slowly begin to give
Between my feet
As the ground in which I stand
Has no seasons.
Its nature is unknown
And already it rots at my feet
It’s as though even nature
Has an understanding
That soon is my time to go.
41 lines, 306 days left.
cici Feb 20
we sit and try to name all the stories we barely remember:
supposedly, as if you have rolled your tongue like that your whole life.
it is march and as much as it pours
I still grimace as the truth rises
out, lustful for air and understanding

(don't you remember,
every dreary november
that girl, meek and bolder
with a chip on her shoulder
unsteady, not ready
to fall down, heart out
shattering onto the muddied ground
reaching out, then
deep down inside
no tools
trying to hide . . .
but how long will you choose not to see?

don't you know, young one,
then there was nothing you could do,
don't you remember, her, that girl,
that girl she was you?)

the rain drip, drips on the lawn
and I hold the handle tighter. take a sip and sigh.
the soft rays gleam on the walls, our hands, where my lips just touched
and we watch them dance in the occasional light,
and we sit reckoning with the wisps in our hearts,
to be unafraid of the morning, and when the water rises
feelings are rough and heavy and weigh like bricks, and are sometimes relaxing
yes: the word is cathartic
Peace be my inspiration
For true love and happiness
is what I'm craving
But yet..  I'm fa..ding
Yeah, I'm faded
Yet..  I've had, way too much precious
time spent gettin' stone'd
gettin' bent
Lit at the finger tips as I blast off
at the lip
Now I'm off racing in my Spaceship
Flying high on another
Space trip
Wasted.. and on vacation
to an un-known
Wasting my.. vacation
Just living life casually and lavishly
Through the eyes of another
Disguised as another.. in another
Face Off
Yo..  But that's more time wasted
I think it's time to rip., the Mask off
And I know Death is probably thinking?
Yo..  What a R.I.P off
And now I'm wondering where it
all went
Sitting here in an empty room hyperventilating with no.. air-vents
As my thoughts are spent.. vacant
Fixed on dealing with these issues
while feeling.,
Yet sadly mistaken I was when I first trusted the,
Fallen forsaken
See the agents of Satan left me frustrated and.,
Now I need saving
But dämn..
I should of never feel for it
I might even go to Hell for it
But now I'm falling through the basement
further decaying
As I watched my whole world cave in
as I gave in to this world of
And while having this revelation
I'm now faced with the possibility of
Eternal Damnation
But not just me
But the whole dämn Nation
And while I'm asking I'm thinking.,
What ever happened to the good old
U. S. of A?
Cause we as Us can't deny it no more
For our one Nation under God is no more
Yo I seen it in the mourge or either
read it in the., papers
In the obituaries this pass March
or February?
Yo the images are really scary if you really.. Think
about it
Yep.. No doubts about it
Just thinking out loud.. soundly
But I always seem to be, shouting out of the crowd both..
Slightly loudly while quietly mouthing
The silence is Kíll'n me.. Softly
I guess truth always falls on deaf ears when you refuse to hear what some
may call
Resorting to sheer ignorance
Saying that it's true bliss
Lol.. Now that's nothing but pure
Non- sense
But don't fall for the sales pitch not unless you're willing to sell your soul for just another
Sale's Pitch
If so?
Then you're just another sale's chick
And if that's the case?
Then by all means
Pick up your bat then and
Swing for the Fences
Cause you just
Soul'd Out
Once again another one written 5yrs ago
Ahead of its current time but still relevant to times back then but even more relevant to the current times and events occurring today 🤔
I only changed and added a few things here and there to make it feel personally more relevant
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