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wyle tan Jun 10
The strength of people's voice, loud and clear
Can any elected representatives speak
As loudly, as clearly as the people?

True courage and democratic freedom
When people gather and march unconfined
Not cowering in their corner
Only to hear their pitiful squeaks

If it must rain, let it not drizzle disappointingly
Let the trumpet sound from the hills
Not under your bed, but let the light of freedom
Blaze fiercely
Reference to Hong Kong march against controversial legislation.
June 2019. Organizer claim 1 million came out on the streets.
will May 29
kissed you in the grass of march,
as i wrapped my hands around your waist,
i can feel you glow
radiating the moon's light
maybe we could lie down
and let the world go fast forward
let's stay the night
as we doze off into the stars, into the galaxy
Bohemian May 14
She could be more lost than anybody as though no akin
She could be more distorted than the moon's skin
She could be more sceptical than what eclipses bring
She could be more pessimistic than March equinox
She could be more cynical than the devils in abyss
She could be more sadistic than Harley Quinn
She could be more ghastly than decapitated heads
She could be more dead than a corpse itself  
But when she rose,
You know ?
She attributed him in nothing
His relics are buried
And I ?
I donot care with delight by my side

March 4th


the only date that encourages us to
go on.
I know it's not March 4th today, but I just thought of this.
March fourth(forth).
Chase Parrish Apr 11
Eastward we marched toward the Black-Water Tower.
Every stout hero aloft by their willpower
We knew the bloodshed the pathing would bring
March'd we with willful and unyielding hardening;
March did we eastward,
To Black-Water tower.

Damnable scourge is the Black-Water Tower.
Watching our coming with malice and glowering
Knowing what death it brings
Naught did we cower!
March did we onward,
To Black-Water tower.

First came the rattling,
Then came the thundering
Lumbering hoof-beats grew louder and louder.
Then did the marsh turn alive with a showering,
Splinters of arrows all poisoned and sour.

Bellowed and charged did we
Onward to victory.
Many did fall but were all men of valor.
     Righteous, and honored.Yes, all men of valor.

Death did not leave them fair,
Nor took them anywhere.
Save for the heavens, and memories of ours.
After we burned them, some somber few hours,
March did we eastward,
From Black-Water tower.
This is the fifth poem in my The ****** Journal series, it was also the result of a prompt we had in my poetry discord to write a poem with a unique meter or internal rhyme scheme. I took a lot of influence from Charge of The Light Brigade, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. My goal was to write a completely dactylic poem in the setting of The ****** Journal while portraying a theme of valor. As always I'm up for comments and critiques!
Sketcher Apr 9
We like hanging out together,
Even in the stormy weather,
Riding bikes, holding hands,
Walking in the hot sands,
A little kiss now and then,
From two little tiny men,
Who only walk upside down,
With a crazy looking frown,
They are to be buds,
And #1 studs,
They always make eachother laugh,
Even when they’re doing their math,
Funny, funny, hahaha all the way,
That’s how it went for the rest of the day.
I found a poem I wrote when I was 9... so... 8 years ago... enjoy I guess... /:
Raise the flag!
The lucky lost
fighting waves of inky stars.

Sleepless soldiers
on silent streets,
waging war on the wild and wistful.

Fall in line,
learn our song!
These ragged ranks have room for all.

So long as dreams ne'er come
and nightmares run,
we will whisper our violent lullabies.
#8 in my Year One collection, from notes on 11/19
Lilli Sutton Apr 4
These last two days have been a stasis
snow bleeding white from the sky
or the wind in the curtains –
we had to shut off the heat
and it’s only getting colder.

I like my voice best
when I have something to say –
isn’t that always?

Today everything above was blue
and bright – I had to squint
to see the road.
I tried to ride my bike
but the puddles
kept me from getting very far.

Lately I am so full of feelings
and movement becomes
the only way to escape –
soon I’ll have to admit
that I’m not getting anywhere.

February drags its feet
I was hoping for March
but now it feels impossible –
I sleep and sleep,
and dream of waking up again.
BoringBoy Mar 31
I am not air.
Don't neglect me, but also acknowledge my presence.
Don't take me for granted, and use me as a way to avoid others.
I am not water.
I am not here to shower you with energy.
I am not here to be polluted with your bs.
I am not dirt nor rock.
Don't assume i'm easy to kick around.
I have my bugs, but that doesn't mean i'm unappealing.
You will not walk over me, damage and destroy me for your own interests.
I am not fire.
Although, I may have a temper, don't assume I'll burn you.
I can be warm, but don't take my warmth for granted.
I am not your element.
But I am your friend.

If you learn to love me as who I am, our bond may never end.
Ritz Writes Mar 27
I hope you find comfort in those verses when you're running out of words and feelings to justify your own conflicts deep within.
As long as I'm writing
I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Who you are and what you did
What matters the most is how far did you come?
And how far will you embark on a new route in this unending destination.
As long as I'm writing
May you find strength to make amends with your past and embrace the scars hidden behind the fine lines and wrinkles
May you stay humble and your eyes twinkle.
When the dawn arrives and the end leads to a new trail
May you find resilient in that struggle
With various roles assigned to juggle.
The end is where we begin.
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