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I knew
You would have mild fever
Then suffer
Just called the doctor
He is taking too long
Jan Apr 3
You told me
THINK about your health

You told me
I HAVE to stay in discipline
to get a life to LIVE

Everyone tells me
I CAN'T **** the treatment off

I don't want to die
I don't want to die
I don't want to die
What if I die?
Or worse,
What if I never get healthy?
Treated like a queen
Now afraid of her majesty

Reluctantly, I have seen
confidence becoming vanity

From self-love to narcissism
ongoing insanity

From king to servant
emotional tragedy
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
Today I consulted
And referred to you
You gazed me
Head to toe
Probably found nothing
Then, referred me back

I put myself on
Mindset Therapy
And ensured to rest on time

"No need of follow-up"
"Heal by yourself"
Pretty harsh advice, that was
Genre: Clinical
Theme: Something out of nothing
Eola Nov 2020
My memories are gone
Not that I'd like to remember
The last time she didn't hit me
The last time she treated me better
me Oct 2020
i never understood the phrase
home is where the heart is
until i was shaking on the floor of
my hospital room and it was nothing
but walls
and even when i found the energy to
decorate with cliché little things
like fairy lights, posters, my
skeletal “art”
i felt the room swallow me whole
until i was nothing but a grain of sand
my new roommate was a wrinkly zucchini-girl
and i tried not to speak to her
but we heard each other cry in the night
and we never said a word
but i could feel her eyes on me
a girl down the hall
heard me talking about my addiction and
she told me she would pray for me
later that day she pushed me
into a wall and pressed her
lips against mine
then told me i was tempting her,
i was a sin
just waiting to happen
so i sat in the dark outside her room every
night before i went to sleep
and sometimes she would
come out
and hold my hands
and tell me she loved me
Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Prism paradise.
Administer the scimitar serum.
Stray, gleam, candied eyes.
Stay, morbid stars,
Sermon on the shoe horn
The 10, Ja commandant
Glacial looking glass,
I love what you’ve done with the place.
Thomas W Case Feb 2020
Hook him up to the machine.
Shock his brain into
Death stalks him;
he is aware.
There is too much
flash in his eyes.
His brain needs a reboot;
he needs to forget,
like a goldfish, like
a monkey in the zoo.
Hook him up to the machine.
He is too sentimental.
Salmon swim in his blood;
he has a paisley heart,
and a tie-dye soul.
He can smell colors.
Hook him up to the machine.
He has Van Gogh eyes, and
a Bukowski gut; he walks
like he's lost in a maze;
hunchback sadness,
butcher knife nerves,
Hook him up to the machine.
He believes in love,
and has too much trust.
His vivid green memory
is a curse, we need to
crash it, **** the eternal spring.
Hook him up to
the machine.
we all go crazy sometimes
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
So here I am
out on a raft
just me and my anxieties
trying hard to get
away from a vessel
taking on so much water
I think I see Jack and Rose
swimming towards us
TIZZOP Jan 2020
dis here speech addresses all colors
this speech addresses all colors

try to appreciate life
try ta appreciate life feel me?

try ta respect everyone
try to respect everyone

yo maybe eved try ta love people
maybe even try to love people

tis be what i done been learnin' in stationary treatment  
that's what i've been learnin in stationary treatment

if ya don't embrace such values
if you don't embrace such values

try at least tolerating others:

you's black, white and biracial brothers
your black, biracial and white brothers

don't forget you's sisters
don't forget your sisters:

black, biracial, white

24 hours be made of day and night
24 hours are made of day and night

ya feel me?
do you understand?

every man be a mister
every man is a mister

every woman be a lady
every woman is a lady

racists are lazy
racists be lazy

since they don't want to understand "others"
since dey don't finna understand "others"

lovin', tho, be de best mood to make it trough dis state that we call life.

loving, though, is the best mood to make it through this state that we call life.  

from me to you:
from me to you:

Today is a good day.
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