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rk Jun 14
you want to see
how soft and tender my flesh is
and crack the inside of my mind open
like a pomegranate,
ruby jewels spilling onto white sheets.
i offer my plum ripe heart to you greedily
prey wanting to be hunted,
only to be left with sticky hands
from trying to hold myself together
when you walk away.
- we all have a hunger.
Rama Krsna May 21
i bow
to the dark one,
hued like the rain bearing cloud,
who adorns this universe as his anklet.

that deep hum,
in the cosmic backdrop
his outgoing breath

dulcet tunes
from his golden flute,
the gravitational field
binding our Milky Way.

salutations to the unborn one,
who’s also the eternally playful one.
karma keeper of the cosmos,
bearer of the mountain of human pain!

© 2022
Inspired by a beautiful painting
Rama Krsna Apr 30
why does this world with all its contents
seemingly disappear like sugar in milk,
each time i stand
in front of your sanctum of bliss?

seek Govind,
the one, the only
with all you’ve got.....
or else,
in his snare of illusion
you’re forever caught

© 2022
inspired by a triad of melodies from ancient yore
Eslam Dabank Apr 16
A rustle on the skin aches the betrayed beauty priestess.
     She resides in the fires germinating the pain greeting us - 
The greeting feminine wounding the was-loyal spark, 
     In the bones renegade of the deity imaging a chast stark.

Fires ablaze rumble the calm calamity long embedded; 
     It is awaken, the memory of the temple-goer beheaded.
The mother of unfairness unchained, by the just wise, 
     Was the birth-giver of horror which from love did rise. 

Devotion is blameless, for it shelters humanity blind, 
     It humanises the divine, and divinises humans kind, 
Fostering within a verdure pale of frayed graves, 
     For the lessons and disappointments, love engraves.  

My Minerva were you, a Gorgon sister was I, poor me!
     The Infatuation agonising of mine, soothed me: the debris,
But, as blind humans are, so are deities of the universe, 
      Deities forgetful of purpose, but not the next verse.

“War is glorified, Earth is a paper, power is its weight; 
     Bloods beautify the victorious' plate, and opens a gate, 
A gate, a shortcut towards the heavens of peaceful gods, 
     Says the saints and repeats the puppets as everyone nods.

Love is dirt, in the name of gods, it all must be purged -  
     It, or what seems similar, noone cares, “the Gods scourged!” 
Who are you, Earth's dust to say no, Lucifer's descendants?
     Servants! accessories you are! Barely, and merely pendants.”

For you: ***** and part, stop and restart, body and heart,
     But your thoughts everything did discard, leaving us apart.
No goddess were you, that, I shall bear in my left days -
     Curtains burnt, scripts are stained, and cancelled the plays.
stillhuman Jan 31
I wish I were a god
so that i could let you drink
the milky way
and swim through galaxies
and sleep on stars
and ride on comets
to visit all planets
and marvel at all the wonders
i created for You
"There's a pain, it does ripple through my frame, makes me lame"
Paul NP Jan 24
You are the Love that I Remember,
You melt me through Aeons of Winter.
You make me the blazing Djinn,
You make me the Christ without Sin.

You are the Cure for The Cold
and my love is like Footsteps in Snow.
Where I follow with Feather and Rose.
To give you my Heart and my Soul.

You are the Love that I Remember.
You are the Love that I Recall,
You are the Spirit of my Crossing,
You tie me in Beautiful Woes.

You are the Essence of Color.
Also the midnight cruiser.
You are the spring fawn,
and its your laughter that makes me grow.

You are the will of the bright.
You are the source of my spiritual writing.
You make me the king in blessings.
Blessings of virtue and light.

You are the love that I remember,
the truth and the love that is tender.
You are the ocean of responsibility,
that I pick up when reason is withering.

You are the quintessential virtue.
That all there is to know is full.
The fullness you supply, I imbibe
these virtues; with intimacy, grace and time.
Written in the Muse of my new song, But also a Work in Progress
Lil Moon Moon Jan 18
I imagine my happy place,
I picture it in vignette taste.
Like looking through colored glass,
There's a sepia quality to its grasp.

Like wading through a dream,
There's a vagueness to its every gleam.
Everything's the same yet different here,
A constant familiarity hangs in the air.

The picture varies from time to time...

Always it would be a house of some kind;
The edges forever unrefined,
Be it a cabin, a mansion, a farmhouse or two or three
Every ***** nook and cranny this mind could carry

Always it would be somewhere remote;
By the sea, the countryside, by a cliff, or under trees,
Sometimes in an open clearing of endless green grass swaying in the breeze.

... Home.

Though every version varies,
One thing's for certain in this house of made-up stories.
Always, always, and always a thousand times more,
You'd be there standing by the door.

Now I never questioned this part somehow
Cause here's the truth of the matter in tow:
This place could be a garbage dump for all I care
But I'd still call it heaven so long as you're there.

And I find that it's the only thing that matters;
To have your figure carved into this place's corners
I'd gladly let this place take your shape
The smell of warm bread and books here you shall drape.

This landscape is treacherous and ever-changing.
But I know as long you're there in my dreaming,
These childish mock-ups of reality
Shall remain my favorite moments of clarity.

It is my piece of heaven on earth,
My secret happy place while I'm on this dirt.

Heaven don't have a name
But God forbid I find it fitting
That if it did, of course

It would be yours.
Lil Moon Moon Jan 18
I write you poems in my head,
Hundreds thousands of them taking up space like the dead.

Some are sloppy with narry a rhyme,
Some are perfectly prosed and pieced in time.

Someday you will hear them,
Falling like prayers from my lips.

And when the day comes I hope you don't mind.
I hope you don't mind.

I write you poems in my head
Someday the stars will read them to you in my stead

And when the days comes that you hear
of my secret oaths to you my dear

Please bear in my mind
I needed no echo
... I only wanted you to know.
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