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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
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Our lips are touching
But my mind is drifting
To everything but you
In these moments of truth
I have no proof
No hopeless devotion
Or strings of emotion
One foot out the door
Pedal to the floor
I’m counting the steps
No thoughts of regrets
Waiting impatiently
Feigning affections
Knowing my direction
Listening to the beat of my heart
Following the rhythm
Searching for a brand new start
Awaiting the moment
When I have the words
To explain why we need to part
Cowardice in its purest form
Nothing outside of the norm
Kim Essary Sep 9
Looking at these walls filled with  sickness in every room, I can't help but wonder what is going through your mind.
A thousand questions I know is  running through my mine.
How did you get to this point of giving up and cause your own defeat,
Was there something  I could have done or said or something I didn't do? Did  you give up when I moved away, did you think I gave up on you?
Such a beautiful soul that lost all her will to live.
I caught myself when i started questioning God why.
Why did they have to take your leg when you had already lost your ability to walk
It's like He opened a book and made it so clear to me.
There you are laying in that hospital bed shining like a star.
The light I thought was gone forever is all that I can see.
You may have lost a small part of your leg but you gained your will to live.
You woke from your nightmare of giving up on yourself .
Now you are chasing your dreams and setting goals, you are finding your self worth.
It won't be long and we will be walking along the beach of the oceans sand.
I'm forever by your side as God will guide your way, if you should fall don't give up just reach up and grab God's hand .
God has big plans
Dedicated to my best friend, Angie Crawford
Crow Sep 8
How shall I tell with tinseled word
The beauty that is thine
Can tongue so rough or phrase absurd
Express creation divine

If thy hand by chance would brush
Then clouds, course as gravel fly
Lest they be touched and with jagged husk
Disgrace the vaulted sky

A glance be cast from thine eye alone
The sapphire brought to shame
Must steal away no more than stone
Its blazing fire tame

Remove thy veil, thy countenance revealed
Glorious Sol his face must hide
Averting his gaze, his luster concealed
Giving place of pride

Should thy lips favoring, a kiss bestow
Rubies abased, on bended knee
Acknowledging a hue beyond that they know
Become versed in humility

If poor verse could induce thee to concede
One exquisite facet of form or face
Then thine eyes and mine should be agreed
Upon thy incomparable grace
Trust on the road,
walking by the riverside,
crossed some trees,
and sat on the pile of rocks.

He saw loyalty walking by,
and out of curiosity asked her,
what made you visit this site?
what made you to be here?

Loyalty replied
"no matter how i am crumbled or twisted,
my devotion won't ever wither away,
i came here to soothe my mind and soul,
not to let you alone and ever to troll"

Then the trust gave a smile,
mustered up his courage and said
"I am not fragile.
I lost my way in agitation.
I became a bait to misconception.
i was thinking as a broken trust,
where i should have followed Satisfaction."
Aa Harvey Aug 27
Let me make you even more beautiful.

I’m disappearing to breathe some weed;
Petite emerald smoke creates positions of love inside we.
In somebody's companionship, this devotee feels warm;
Every single woman I could covet, simply to adorn.

I haven’t had an adequate amount of your care.
I fondly solicit on behalf of your cast aside heir.
I am endearing to be devoted to you and you only,
For my spirit is holy and the mischievous sprites ungodly;
So prior to breathing my last breath, I beg for you to crave me.

The mind looks mournfully, upon the old and harmed;
The memories of a broken lovers charm.
I yearn for you exceedingly; I beg before your beauty,
To an even greater extent than prior,
To truly be in love with me.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Xylos Aug 19
I am,

            WRITING  .   in  .  HIDDEN,


            WRITING  .  to  .  HIDE.

V Exeter Aug 10
I found out that
grapefruit juice
is particularly good
at stimulating human
salivary glands.
I bought some to
fight the coffee tongue,
tacky, gelatinous.
Now, baby, my mouth
hangs happy, undone,
dripping for your come.
Whether a vulva, a clit,
a head, or a shaft,
you'll find yourself
plenty wet, clutching at the bed.
LilmizzXO Aug 3
It's you.
It's only you.
Running through my thoughts everyday, subconsciously, consciously.
It's only you.
I want you.
I need you.
I desire you.
I lust for you.
I love for you.
It's the strongest, most passionate love I've had for anybody.
Loving you more than I love myself, that's new.
Your doubts tell me otherwise, but I know you want me too.
Baby, my mind is yours, but, we do need time.
But the hours are quaking and my hands are shaking...
It's a hunger to need to hold you, touch you, taste you, kiss you, make love to you, devour you.
Awakening every sense invested in me, I tear to the thoughts.
I love you.
**We will be one
A love
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