Aa Harvey 11h
Your endless love

You could bring me sunshine, or you could be my rain;
Either way I look forward to seeing you again.
You could be love, or you could be lost;
You could be good, but I want you bad.
I will willingly pay any cost,
To feel your love; to make you laugh.

If pain is what I must endure,
To be allowed to knock on your door,
The knock me to the floor with a thousand rejections,
Because you are my cure and I will always rise once more.

If I must lose all that which I have,
To hold onto your love, then take it all back.
I will give you all that which I have,
Because, I want you bad.

You give me hope when there is none.
You give me shelter from the pain.
You give me your tears of happiness,
When I am dying of thirst beneath the sun;
You give me anesthetic with your kiss when I am in need of being saved.

I can only give you my unending devotion.
You are already my endless passion in motion.
I can be the arms around you when you are in need of a hug;
I can only be what you are to me…
Will I remain your endless love?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tim Mahon May 2
It’s dark, with interlaced fingers
Dear God, could you just bring us
To you, in a basket down a river
So I could be delivered,
But if the crocodile comes
I hope you are a swimmer.

Let me hide behind this rock
Have your presence walk in front,
I start with Dear Father God
And repent the things I’ve done,
I tear down my facade
I’m surrounded by his love
Like a dove during the flood
I search for things above,
        The Water.
We are all a son and daughter,
That’s what my Savior fought for,
Like a lamb sent to the slaughter
So our head stays above,
        The Water.
Heavenly Whispers gently falling down,
Offering me things wisdom profound,
Even though my life is broken
I’m still a Son that's crowned.
So God I’ll turn today
And like Jesus, soon one day,
I’ll be able to walk above,
        The Water.
This depicts prayer and the sacrifices Jesus went through just so we could be with Him. I hope you enjoy.
DarjeelingT May 2
Clasp of silvers twice as thin as each other
Both flat to end in its impact
Its echo does not repeat but lingers like static that makes you think of gold.
Drifting in an ascending melody that
Climbs the senses in your ears as much as your skin.

They lead us steadily
To the edge of the mountains and then stops abruptly.
Stopped incredibly as if it's afraid and timid.
Strings play so thinly as each are all skinny.
A miracle moving like smoke and gas welcomes her.

Slow dance in arpeggios, a glimpse of perfection for harmony, tip by tip
And in her quiver
She laments she'll wait forever.

Forever it may be til she is in the arms of the lover.
For the end of all thousand Decembers and Januarys
Undyingly and endlessly.
Anywhere you go
Seek the thunder you wander far and near, wide and narrow.

Until I hear you sigh
Until you stop holding your breath under the brim of our wishing well.
ShowYouLove Apr 21
Here I sit in this holy room
Surrounded by God and a heavenly host
Of saints and angels who give him glory.
Each changed by the body and blood
The power of love and beauty in the sacrifice.
Here I sit in this holy room
A witness to the saving power
A devotion to the perpetual presence
Of Christ with us and in us.
We are each bearers of light, bearers of Christ;
We carry him in us wherever we go.
Here I sit in this holy room
To listen and take in this wondrous gift.
I choose to accept this gift.
How can I not want to share this love with others?
How can I keep from singing and shouting His name?
Here I sit in this holy room
Holy Spirit fill this place and my soul,
Uplift them to the throne of God above.
Start a fire in me that cannot be quenched
And set in me the bright flame of love and passion.
Lead my feet and guide my steps along the path
Be my compass and my Northern Star
So I may never lose my way;
So I can always find my way back home.
Here I sit in this holy room
To add my voice to those around the world
At this moment praying for a change
In others and in their own lives:
Praying for safety and peace,
Understanding and patience.
Praying for survival, praying for the faith's revival.
Praying with men and women past and present
To call upon your aid as we aid those in need.
We pray for many things: our families, friends, nation.
We pray for each other, we pray for ourselves.
Lead us to you, take us closer to your merciful heart,
Love us and heal us and teach us where to start.
Here I sit in this holy room
I give thanks for the gift of undeserved love
And cast my gaze to Heaven above.
This Holy Room and He Is With Us were written during Adoration at St. Isidore in Bloomingdale. I went there on a whim one afternoon. The church was supposed to be closed, but I got lucky and I was let in to pray. It was so cool!!
sheila sharpe Apr 25
I know little of horses
Save that they entrance
With their manes hanging loose
over chocolate eyes that liquidly sideways glance
Save of their hooves that with castanet click
Accompany life’s dance
Save of their stillness in the frost of morning
Save of their speed in the fret of day
Save of their quiet in the calm of evening
And that they stir me on my way
Past the fields where the morning mist encircles
Past where the shivering grass gyrates
Past where the breezes carry hints of voices
And the remembering poppies sway
I know little of horses
Save that
once upon a dream
They lay in the lull of armistice
Where the memories tossed and teemed
My Great grandfather kept horses.  I think that they are truly magical animals, fully deserving of our gratitude and appreciation   Sheila at Kegworth
Romann Apr 18
Alas, this was not meant to be.
My feelings were not returned
We will stay forever friendly
All my dreams of love are now dead.

Yet she still occupies my reflection
I cannot deny my admiration.
Her smile pierces me like a lance…
I suffer from a peculiar ambivalence.

Every single heartbeat, similarly
To a wound, strangely reminds me
Of my utopias, delightful ideal.

Perhaps it would be enough to stand with her.
My love will protect her forever
Until another makes her own real.
This poem was originally written in French. I decided to try writing in my first language for a change, and it came out nicely, so I decided to share the contents with you!
Alice Lovey Apr 17
I've never been good with words
Each thought is from lyrics heard
Losing myself in every piece
Till they all become a part of me
Or am I these things I've never written?
Only ideas that stir from somewhere hidden

Inside my own head, trapped, as my mouth works silently
Trying to speak, violently

I wonder what it's like to be somebody else
How hard is it to think for one's self?
I'm back at this familiar place
Yet nothing ever feels the same
Nothing ever feels the same

Have I just become you?
I've idolized everything you do
Every syllable you sing,
From the sound of your voice to your eyes shining.
My obsession is me
My obsession is me

And I must say,
It feels so good to be so lost.
Alice Lovey Apr 17
How is it possible
To feel two things at once?
That sheer the mind like paper.
"I hate you,
                     I love you,"
Spoken so close together.
Every time,
Each some crime.
I'm b roKen then TRANSFORMED.

A swelling heart,
                              A burning rage.
Back     and     forth.
Don't turn the page.
Not again,
Not like this.
Please don't stop this thrilling chase.

"Stay with me,"
                           "Leave me be,"
If you know what's best for you.
I'm good for you,
I promise you.
"Don't look at me,"
                                  "Who is she?"

I'll isolate

There is none,
I'm the one.

I am nothing,
This time it's final.
I'm sick of you,
So don't come back.
                                   Where are you going?
                                   Why am I sewing
                                   This new patch?

                                    Let me f
                                                            i n  t  o    b   l    a     c     k . . .
I played around a bit with structuring here. It was fun! This is meant to be read with different paces in each section. Starting off slow, then picking up, slowling to desperation... until the calm hopeless emptiness of isolation, to anger again and once more back through  a slow drop into giving up.
Alice Lovey Apr 17
When my world is only you,
It crashes into millions.
A universe completely renewed
Only by your distant “hello.”
Greet me again as you once did.
I find myself waiting,

The way you orbit makes me feel you missed me,
Whispers of comfort so quiet in your heart.
I hear them, one by one, then it's history.
But trying to piece together a mangled puzzle
Will never paint your portrait.

I twirl my hair around my finger
And I look to you with that smile.
But behind
My secretive eyes
I search for you infinitely.

You step into your summersuit
And in entropy, I fade away
Yet you still reach me
And I feel the desperation of unknown
I cannot shake it, I cannot read it.
And it’s back to square one.

Lost eternally for eternity
In the pool I’ve dipped my feet in
Ankles, knees, thighs
So intense I that could die
In this tragic ambiance of high.

In your voice and in my silence
You return to atone
I forgive and reimburse
The pleasures we yearn to relive
Even in the moment’s final time
I've everything to give.
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