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Planned something out
didn't see there wouldn't
be a tomorrow and all my
yesterday never to become
my reality very little time
did I have or warning was
I given

To your sudden departure
I'll never see the likes you In
my life again I'm grateful
for the time that we had  
and we shared It
I'm grateful for the time  we had
and new this girl called Helen
Early morning  go for a coffee
write a  poem or two, get some
Inspiration, by people,watching
as they pass me on
Then It's back home by midday
to feed the cat put the washing
the machine on then off to sleep I
Wake again 5 pm write some
poems with the tv In the back
ground not really
Then It's medication time take
tablets write a few more poems
then It's off to bed I go a typical
day since my wife has
A typical day now that My beloved has passed don't really feel like doing anything anymore but write my poems
A distance far of memories
of all our yesterdays fulfilling
all the precious dreams we
held  from deep within where
once two hearts beat so fast but
now there's only one, that of
A heart that beats much slower
now no longer beats In time
my hearts rhythm different now
Where two hearts did beat In time
Syncronised together as one
Two hearts did beat as one in the rhythm
of time
Helen influence In life
just as strong In death
still guide me through
life almost as If she still
I suppose she never
left where now the
house I'm living, Helen
lived on and off all her
The way my kitten
stares blankly at the
ceiling  perhaps our
kitten see her there
Still watching over us
This was Helen's home most her life
Perhaps she never left here
Now I walk a lonely
path where before my
wife a similar path I'd
I've slept on park
benches In field over
looking the sea, bus
stations railway
too even slept In a
I've lived 6 weeks alone
on the street but nothing
even comes close to
lose one wife but now
for me Its a only a lonely
path now that lays
To walk alone In life where once this was nothing nrw
I miss washing
and brushing
Helen's hair
the simple
things we
used to
We would go to
the park there
we'd sit and
talk about
old times
kiss and
Then we'd make
our way home
arm In arm
stopping to
kiss a hug
along the
How I miss those
days we spent
as Helen and
Johnny and
to how we
used to
Remembering all the simple things
Helen, I did together such small
things sometimes
Twenty years have come and
past, but never thought It wouldn't
last, Almost a year since my
              Helen passed
  Oh how I miss my beloved

Almost like a child who never
Believes his youth wouldn't last or
that he'll grow old
but sadly will come the day we
                all pass away
   Oh how I miss my beloved

She was all I ever had, never
been loved like this before
Helen's love, a one time love
             my only love
       Oh how I miss Helen
         ­         LOVE
Helen's the only girl I ever loved
or ever wanted to
Sometimes I go back
to walk the Hospital
corridors that lead to
the ward that Helen
was on
A Hospital ward she
didn't mind being on
because she was
loved by all, Doctors
Nurses and
I don't believe Helen
spirit ever left Hospital
I never told Helen, she
was dying but she
I believe her spirit still
there, and walks the
corridors looking for me
Will go back on 23rd Dec
In hope I'll find her
walking those corridors
Can't let Helen go, have to cling to memory
In order to keep myself alive
I now walked a lonely
a path without you by
my side, no longer know
which way to turn, or
the to which way I should
But I know your spirit still
walks with me, I can still
feel your hand In mine and
that's way It will always be
for I'll  never let your hand
slip away
Helen spirit still walks with me
I still feel her had holding mine
When found by Helens
love I'd lived a life all
alone, as If I was already
When she gave me her
love bought back the life
In me, that I'd lost a long
time ago
For the first In my life I
started to live, something
I never had known
Helen, please don't leave
my darling, every night I
cry In pillow, sprayed
with your
To try to Imagine you still
there laid In my arms
wrapped the warmth of
your body
Helen, when she gave her love, breathed
Life back Into me
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