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i soulfully wonder
of these devoted feelings i have.
because the quality it posses
is abysmally surpassing
the extremities of emotions.
simply to tell that,
i am madly
Victoria Jul 6
you are a work of art, my dear.
a poem,
                                and promise.
my greatest love, my biggest fear.
my soul,
              my sanity,
                               my sin.
my heaven, hell and purgatory.
my dear, you are my everything.
She Writes May 12
She was scattered, shattered, a soul in disarray
Every heartbreak chipped a piece of her away
She became hollow, an empty shell
A shadow of the body she used to dwell

He strolled into her life with his kind and gentle touch
Pieced her back together, made her feel a rush
Showed her she is worthy of love and affection
Helped her rebuild with care and perfection

Now she is under construction, but it is different this time
She's not fixing what was broken, instead building a new paradigm
A relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and devotion
Love that strengthens and grows with each passing emotion
A woman knows when a man loves her,
By Divine Grace she perceives such things;
Even when his love goes undeclared,
She can feel it vibrate her heartstrings

A woman knows when a man loves her,
Her heart opens when he turns the key;
From her face a noble radiance streams
Reflecting love's rare divinity

A woman knows when a man needs her,
Watchful she stands, ready to appease
With wise counsel and devoted love,
Putting both his mind and heart at ease

A woman knows when a man loves her,
She'll nourish  love's seed until it grows
Into their own Garden of Eden.
O, there is no doubt, a woman knows!
hami Apr 1
and there she is,
known as cruel wicked for speaking.

her hair was tied,
her neck was strangled,
her eyes were poked,
her lips were stapled,
her arms were rotated,
her feet were collected,
and she were dressed into something new.

but she did not like it all,
and broke the strings above her.
they called her a demon,
setted her into fire,
darted her heart with spears,
dragger her into venous snakes,
tangled her with ruling hurricane,
just to let her meet their god, lucifer.

yet she is still there standing,
hoping until her last breath—
after all, she is the woman of god
who died from people she devoted for.

"war may be over— but inhumanity remains" ; @wordsbyhami
Sneha shenoy Feb 25
Lord said :

Sufferings will come my dear,
Don’t worry I’m right here.
Do not flee, do not fear,
Keep your heart clean & pure.
Utter my name and remember,
Your difficulties I shall shear.

Finally from the land distant or near,
A conch you shall hear.
Cranreuch on heart will clear,
Gifting you the divine mirror.  
Mirror unveiling your shadow was me  
You plus me what a beautiful affair !

You know it ! Not something new,
All know it, Yet experienced only by a few.
Once the betel leaf of devotion if you chew,
Shall you drown in the juice of intoxicating brew.
Remember! Once I enter, don’t you try to shoo,
For thy devotion, in thy heart forever I stay glued.

Here I come fulfilling my promise,
I’m forever yours, a mere servant at your service!
Odd Odyssey Poet Sep 2022
Speaking in tongues in accordance of
      The audience, prior the winds of your voice
To be spoken in my ear of that accordion
      Accordingly so of the bellows—the chorus of
Love in that mellow tone of a Holy orchestra
      A symphony of the Bible; all revealing many mysteries
As I constantly read more of you

All the text setting a picture of your context
my joy is content: not like a performance
      Of this world's contest

Psalms 121:1‭-‬2 NIV
I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

So as the top would say;
I'd lift my eyes higher than the mountains
    To you Lord—
Of where my help comes from everyday

So I pray: to be humbled by your grace—
    non dependent on man to guarantee the will
Of your way
    In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
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