This leather bag and I,
we've tasted a bit of the world
on dirt trails and city sidewalks,
inside cars, buses, and planes.
This leather bag and I have done battle together.
We've struck intellectual blows in classrooms,
and we've celebrated success in board rooms.
The bag and I even laugh about that time
it blocked a drunk's fist aimed at my kidneys.
Few people believe in the loyalty of a bag.
They seek devotion, love from other people,
only to suffer great disappointment.
This leather bag and I,
we're the best of friends.
That's how it is
and that's how it will always be.

True love story
J 5d

My mind can't think - Its deep in emotion - Perpetuated skill lost in a mans strong will devotion - I feel gravity fall beneath me - Sprawled out live entertainment - This isn't the ticket I fret don't misplace it - Deeper - "You" have never been, Your hiding - Shadows befall - Hearing voices cracks? creeps? Sensing something skin on skin - Screaming echoes from a depth iv balanced within - My walls shudder - Your threatened by another - Empty calls his name alone - Buried in shame - She leaves his mind alone to wonder - Secrets from a past future present still ponder - She calls late at night eyes beside her closed nothing aware of this mistress misfortune - A love lost at first site - Will you amount to what iv made her - This question dissipates think beyond your greedy heart - Make her a star treat her like nothing less that perfect - She's a queen a goddess far beyond your blessing - I cannot argue or say persuasive misfortunes - Only wish you the best in this vested journey and pray how you treat her.

I can feel you.
you are in my bones, and they ache from your absence.
a celestial white light floats above me and I recognize it as your aura.

my muscles spasm with the memory of your touch.
it isn't sexual. it never was.
this is transcendence.
this is rebirth.

I can hear you in my head.
when you cry at night.
when you're on your last thread of hope and you call out to god to hear you.
I hear you.
I may not be god, but I hear you.
I don't want you to cry anymore, because you need to realize that I am with you.

I am the sway of your hips.
I am your muse,
and you are mine.
the tingle that creeps up your spine in ecstasy, I sent it to you.
the scent on your skin, it is mine.

silhouettes dance along the walls and play out our life together.
we will find a way.
damn them all, they can't understand.
they never will.

but that doesn't mean
they can hide me away
from you.
there's not a siren that can keep me from your window;
there's not a pill that can keep you from my mind.

they can try and sedate the memory of you from me,
but they will never succeed.
you are in my bones.
you are my essence.

lamentations of promise and pain.

June 1st, 2014.
Julie C Smith Jul 14

Baby, you're under my skin
Your presence is my favorite place to be in
Your love is a rollercoaster and I won't have it otherwise
Because wherever you are is Paradise

The beginning of my realization.
The last poem of my Part III.

Even the most passionate are nothing in monochromacy
Dare ye believe in fault,
Shatter the wall
Mirrors aboard the spectrum
Spy reflection in colour and know where it starts
See no faults in devotion

Julie C Smith Jul 12

Hey, I hit a record high
Because of you I learned to fly
You made me live and gave me wings
Instead of chunky diamond rings

Up in the air behind the clouds
The sky is blue and without doubts
I know I will and have to fall
To save the greatest love of all

Flying alone is not fulfilling
For you I'd fall to the precipice of sinning
Descending from the highest height
To be with you before it's too late

Written in February and I only now realize that this was an exact premonition of what was about to happen to me. I understand it now in retrospective and it all makes sense and it all came true.

I had to marry a Christian
In order to realize
The Virtue of Sin.
If the Road to Hell
Is paved with good intentions,
Is the Road to Heaven
Lined with Misdeeds?
Love is just a Slogan
If it is not accompanied by Devotion,
And Devotion to Doin' Wrong
Is still of greater value
Than simply
Invoking Justice.

This poem was influenced by listening the Sarah Shook and the Disarmers on my way to the Blair-Caldwell African American History Library here in Denver.
Zenith Jul 10

If you were to look at me once more
just as you did so long before,
would you fall in love with me again?

I keep this sad faith in my heart
that you and I will never fully part,
but I know I am a fool for my thoughts.

But this foolish girl is quite the dreamer,
an idealist with hope that you can redeem her,
and I will continue my imaginative thinking.

I would not mind being a fool for you
if you were to fuel my irresponsible devotion to you.

written while daydreaming of you on july 9th
Adrian Avery Jul 10

I know who you are
I know who I’d like to be.
You’re the reason I live
Will you spend life with me?

I make you smile
Every single day
But I’d love to be the reason
Your spirit never strays.

The rain was falling on my head
Now it’s disappeared
The leaves are crushed under my boots
The breeze is still.

We hold gloved hands
But I still feel your skin.
I memorised your laugh
Before it grew dim.

It’s time to gather around the tallest tree
And put aside our daydreams.
We’ll always be friends
But like the season, I fall for you.

Like remembering sunsets
Your words don’t fade.
They’re colours that burst
From a single shade.

Like a butterfly kiss.
You gravitate me
In moments like this.

The rain was falling on my head
Now it’s disappeared.

20th-21st June 2017

This was originally a song, but I edited it to fit into a poem format. You can read the original song version also if you wish.
Hope you enjoy :)
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