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rk 6d
i want to unravel you
pick apart your bones
devour you so hungrily,
you'll stain my sheets
and leave me aching.
- h a d e s; my love.
Apollo 7d
Lovers kiss
fig-sweet and holy
tangled in ivy
fingers twined 
in Titian hair
He loves the taste
of wine and blood
the madness 
of drunken lust
of frenzied rage
of flesh and fruit
Lips full
and blushed crimson
slick with nectar
Words that spill from
his kiss-swollen mouth
rend and restore
burn against skin
Balm of Gilead 
to the heart
Drink him, slowly
the thirst
is bottomless
Apollo 7d
“I love 
the taste
Of someone else’s wine
On your lips and your cheeks. 
You crave the tang of iron
And ichor
On mine.”
Apollo 7d
the feeling of an open mouth
breath that comes in sighs
and blooms over skin
the point of a spider's leg
tugging at the seams of eyelids
trailing drying tears
over your cheek
pushing between lips that praise
and teeth that crave
the bite of a lover
the sting of fear
in the same exhale
"I love you" whispered
over the din of war
"I need you" spoken aloud
in the reverent silence of worship
There are none that can claim to have witnessed divinity.

They merely grasp fleeting signs, slipping past like grains in an hourglass before turning to dust.

But not I.

I have witnessed a being of utter perfection.

I have glimpsed serenity in the gentle curve of her lips.

I have gazed upon galaxies swirling and glimmering in the oceans of her eyes.

I have heard symphonies in the sound of her voice.

I have felt the fire that sparks from her fingertips as they touch mine.

I have beheld a goddess.

And she has smiled upon me.
KatThebliss Oct 3
I want you to transcend me. I'm unhinged and my breath is bated.
Come in for the **** and end me, the trepidation is like condensation. The release you provide is enough to drive me crazy. I can't help but think about it. It's an addiction now, but I'm not trying to fight it. Pull me in closer.
Dharatal Oct 2
He was the water for which
I became thursty .
He was the food for whome
I became hungry.
He was the poison for which
I was ready to die.
He was everything for me,
But he made me feel I have nothing.
A person who is your world,u smile in him,u cry in him ,and if u know he/she will never be yours still u love him/her ,then this is your true love
( Meaning the end-rhymes consist of 6-4-2 rhyming words )

The most precious thing
will never blinq
for this occasion
my happiest congratulations
from my heart to yours
in romantic symphonical moors

the depth not to measure
just for pagan pleasure
for divine delights
we'll have long blessed nights

amongst paganish duvet
holied by God’s own brevet

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Have a most enjoyable DAY, bb
PF. 24 September 2020
Haley Protega Aug 27
Do you feel as lonely as I often feel?

Are you also misunderstood?

Perhaps we could help each other heal,

Would you try? I know I would.

A kingdom for your thoughts –

I only wish I knew

how to connect the dots –

What's making you blue?

You say you can't sleep,

but you won't say why,

your secrets you keep,

I try not to pry.

Beneath an icy surface,

a hidden magma river;

an unseen furnace,

as silent as ever.

You let no one in,

an armour with a smile,

but can you truly win,

isolated on your isle?

Let me share your troubles,

prove to you my worth,

rebuild castles from rubbles,

gold and silver from the earth.


(for. S.)
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