When one reaches a certain point of life,
One tends to run out of original ideas.
Whether one worships God
Or worships the Devil,
One tends to fall back
On rituals.
What inspired him most
Was the texture of her skin.
Rough in places....
Smooth in places....
An invitation.
He loved to hear her voice on the phone.
He admired
The all the flowing contours
Of her body,
But  the  geography of this  microfeature
Is what he felt
Most devoted to.
He could pamper her.
Every day.
a well-focused shot....
captures an erotic treat....
visual sushi....
with Japanese precision....
unpretentiously sexy.
Based on a photo by Itsuki Shinoyama on 500px
Krishnapriya Jun 25
You are so vast
Bigger than the mountains
All the stars, skies and planets
A zillion galaxies and then some more
This entire universe and beyond

Yet, Oh Yet!
sweet beloved mine
how is it?
That You fit completely
into my little heart?

Smile at me sweetly
In every breath
As i chant Your name
Fulfill my life wholly
with minuscule drops
of tender all pervading love
Kat Jun 24
I realize that
survival isn't
blowing out all my candles
so someone else can be my light
Lucius Furius Jun 23
(After Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem by the same title)                                    

Love is not all. It is not meat nor drink
nor slumber nor a roof against the rain.
In the beauty of sunlight falling on water,    
love is hardly a major factor.                                          
It cannot stop a bullet
or lift a crashing plane
-- or make a stopped heart beat again.
Yet people are killing themselves
even as we speak, for lack of love alone.
It may well be under pain of torture,
starving/dying of thirst,
tested by want past resolution's power,
I'd strike a bargain:
a cup of water for a different life,
a life without memory of you and our children;
I'd trade our love for food. It may well be.
I do not think I would.
Hear Lucius/Jerry read the poem:  humanist-art.org/audio/SoF_066_love_is_not_all.MP3 .
This poem is part of the Scraps of Faith collection of poems ( https://humanist-art.org/scrapsoffaith.htm )
PoserPersona Jun 23
Lambent as sunlight deferring to night.
Luminescent as a moonlit stream flows.
Daily ordered rhythm evokes the slight
dancing of gentle breeze wooded shadows.
Moving, but not abusing emotion,
as does orbit moon to Earth's ocean tides.
Shining, but not blinding with devotion,
as does center sun to Earth's fragile life.
Fire and ice bodies are apparent,
in their divine otherworldly power.
Paper and stone records of the ancients,
reveals both their ecstasy and terror.
Just thoughts of losing you; despairing swoon.
As you, my love, are both my sun and moon.
Aa Harvey Jun 21
The id, the ego and the super-ego.

You and I, we have a connection.
Let us be joined at the hip; my hearts resurrection.
I rise once more to beg, to implore!
For a chance to be loved by a woman I adore.

I am infatuated and this desire cannot be sated.
No going away, until I know how you feel.
Are you currently dating?  
Are you loved and is it real?
Have I already waited too long,
Longing for your love, for me to become;
To ever be considered as ‘He could be the one’?

Is your heart repairing?
Am I being awfully daring,
By confessing my desire to be forever yours?
Do you think you could become my true lover and so much more?
I can be truly caring, or I can leave without sparing,
A second thought,
For what might have been…

If this is the case, then just place a full stop.

Leave my heart to just drop.
I will fall down on this spot;
But then I will move on…

…for I have no time for silly daydreams to be wasted.
No wishes thrown away on a love that is ill-fated.
I am searching for love in all the wrong places,
But if you want me, then you have got me
And I will be ‘last seen back-flipping’; so elated!

I will never stop smiling,
As long as I know we are both trying,
To make this love last,
Like it could be our last.
If it never existed, then why do I feel like this?
Devotion to you, words unspoken leave me mute,
So turn up the volume by embracing me soon,
Before this romance is gone and I am left licking my wounds.

You are out of my league, but if you really want me,
Then guess what, I am all yours, three sheets to the wind.
In love I would be your faithful steed
And I would lead you to safety, beneath giant redwood trees.
Even if that meant taking you over-sea’s,
Then off we would go; choose your good ship, please.

Which heart do you want and am I placed at number one,
On your list of contenders?
You are seeing my true being, no pretender,
With suave one-liners non-existent
And no lies for promises, that are gone in an instant.
I am genuinely attracted to you my gorgeous beauty;
My jaw drops, my heart stops
And then it beats at double the speed that it should be.

And all of this I do,
Because I want you,
To love me the way that I could love you
And if you know that will never be,
Then please, kindly, tell me;
Because you are a sunbeam
And I am in need of photosynthesis energy.

I need your love, so pick me up,
Or whisper goodbye and I will retort the thought,
What might have been, if I could only have been,
Allowed to fall for you…

What a life!

And imagine what could have happened,
If you had fallen for the ‘id’, the ‘ego’ and the ‘super-ego’ of ‘I’.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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