Banan 1h

I feel it all, i feel it to the core
Every bit and every ounce
Its under my skin
Rushing through the jugular
harboring every part
every corner
Of my soul

I close my eyes
and picture the light
behind your eyes
And its radiating warmth
that melted the icicles
within me
Into bottomless oceans
shoreless seas
Of devotion
Of love
Where i immerse into life

I close my eyes
and think of your lips
touching mine
And ascending into the sky
of a moonlit night
where the stars
shine only for me
lighting my way
and guiding me

I close my eyes
and think of breathing you in
Breathing your scent
and how the air has never been clear

I close my eyes
and i could feel
That i found the compass
That leads me home
When my little fingers
Fill the gaps
Between yours
And my heart racing its beats
Leaking love, leaking you

I close my eyes
and picture your features
and i see the rest of my life
Safe and sound
Latching on to you

Main hoon dasi
Kisi ki naukrani nahin
Na koi kaharin
Main hoon devadasi
Devalayon ki shobha
Sada saanjh ko
Kanak deep jala
Devstuti kar
Khud ko bhagyawati samajhti
Main hoon devadasi
Yahi to hai mera garv
Wah din yaad hai aaj bhi
Raja ne jis din meri pratibha
Ko samjha
Mujhe devadasi ka pad saunpa
Mere premi mere devta
Sada raat ko jinke liye
Ghunghroo pehen naachti main
Lekin garima meri hai aisi
Aashiq mere anek
Naachti jab main
Mujhe dekh
Woh kya maza lootte
Mere punya ko chhente!
He prabhu
Jeeti hoon ab
Roz shoshan ke dar mein
Uddhar Karo naath
Tumhari patni nahin
Aakul bhagat ki to guhar suno
Uddhar Karo prabhu
Kehlaun mein
Punya devadasi!

meekah 4d

i hope you never have to know
the depth of my devotion
because to know
would be to understand
the emptiness you left in me
when you had nothing
to give back
and surely such
would eat you alive

we matched on tinder today and i'm upset

my legs broke from all the standing around i did, while i was waiting for you
my arms ripped from all the weight i had to carry due to the fact i can’t express my feelings for you
therefore my jaw hurts due to the fact that every time i see your face i grind my teeth into dust that you just blow away
and i curse the day I met you

Luis Valencia Jan 15

My name is chaos in his mouth
His voice was a storm - Tempest
A fierce zephyr
He is fragrant
Hibiscus Hyacinth Jasmine Gardenia  
spreading over me like a fog
A quiet mist
That sings a beautiful song
He is everything
The molecules in everything
Yet he can make me feel like nothing

watched me
J Jan 10

No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
My armour is bent and dented and
cracked, and underneath it are cuts
and bruises and scars from the horrors
of the countless battles I've seen, and
some of them almost did break me.

No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
But if you'll have me,
I'm prepared to take a vow and swear
an oath of fealty and devotion and love.

You need only ask.

You need only ask.

When you called me
I waited a second to answer
Anxiety shook my body to its core
In that second time shifted
That second turned into 5 seconds
Then into 30 seconds
By then the phone stopped ringing

I never knew what heartbreak was
I was naive when it came to love
But somehow my perspective shifted
I felt my heartbreak in those 30 seconds

The phone rang again

And I watched it’s blinking red lights-
Mock the tears streaming down my face

I backed away
The phone screamed with desperation
Its screams ridiculing my heart
Laughing at the cracks forming

Missed calls
Most people don’t know the true meaning behind the name
I do
They call them that because they are missed conversations
Missed hopes, missed second chances
They are able to make someone miss you

I do not answer his calls anymore
It hurts too much to give myself false hope
When he just wants friendship

today he called me and I did not answer, he was my best friend but I wanted more. Here is a tribute to my dreams that were washed away when I hung up the phone.
Thomas King Dec 2017

Torn from your life
Like a weed from a garden
Not caring of my feelings
Or even asking my pardon

Mindlessly dislodged
And left to wither and die
Not even given the chance
To tell you goodbye

My love no longer worthy
My caring no longer wanted
And the pain that I feel
I will forever be haunted

But I hold tight to my resolve
And hold my head high
As I choke down the tears
And refuse now to cry

I know in my heart
Even after I’m gone
My love for you still
Forever lives on

It lives in the soil
Where my roots still remain
Tattered and torn
But alive just the same

So like a weed in garden
It will grow once again
In the same exact spot
Where once I had been

It will grow strong and proud
Replenished and new
With kindness and caring
To give only to you

To watch over and protect you
And give you its love
As I painfully watch you
From the heavens above

If only I were a flower
Succulent and ornate,
Maybe I would not have had
To suffer this fate

Thomas King Dec 2017

Thy elegance of form
Hast weakened my body and soul
As the weight of thy splendor and beauty
Hast become my payload

To carry thy love
Within my pitiful heart
Hast become my penance
For wanting more than I deserve

Pardon me for my weakness
But worry not for my struggles
For I have harvested thy bounty
And now must boldly ferry thy lading

I beg thee do not smile in my presence
For the weight of joy
It will add to my corpulent heart
Will surely be my undoing

Let me trudge along my road to happiness
And like an oxen who carries goods
Without complaint of discourse
I shall always be your love’s beast of burden

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