Mister J Jan 1
I sing sweet whispers of affection
Offer only the best to catch your attention
I ask you, oh radiant goddess of Olympus
May I humbly be the one you choose

For eons your heart suffered
Your trust tampled and discarded
Your coveted love easily forgotten
Leaving you in pain, down and broken

Oh goddess, queen of Olympia
Shine your light towards me
Look at my growing affections, I pray
Embrace my devotion, and the words I say

I don't want to be the Zeus you loathe
Nor the offered champions who eventually leave you
Instead I simply am a mortal admirer
Enamoured by you, my eyes only seeking you

I don't want to be the one who hurts you
I simply want to devote myself completely to you
So I pray for a future that you will see me
As I have chosen to seek the world just for you

Oh Hera, beautiful yet broken soul
I promise you a lifetime of Love
Just to give you smiles everyday
And to be your pillar and strength

In my simplest mortal words, I love you
Regardless of your flaws and your iniquities
In my simplest mortal ways, I'll love you
Through all the ages, no matter what stands in our way

So please, Let me choose to stay
Because your mere presence is my heaven
Your embrace my sturdy, protective walls
Your kisses the nectar and ambrosia that sustains me

Oh Hera, goddess of my affections
Please see me as where you fit
I'll stay here until you're ready to choose
Because in all this chaos, I vow to treasure you
Dedicated to "Hera"

Happy New Year!
I love you!
Thanks for reading!

First poem of 2019

Johnny walker Dec 2018
There are times I just sit and wonder why how did this all come to be, going
about my business without a care In the
All of a sudden right out of the blue I'm hit "wham knock out blow, my wife Is dying and there's nothing can do but watch and
Heartbreaking sat by her Hospital bed holding hands she's growing week
I tend her every need but I know
the end Is coming and I think then so did Helen she had said farewells to her family and was ready to
go and go she
Seeing growing weak struggling to breath was
hard to watch going to Inevitable was coming
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I have become the poems I write, and the poems have now become me lost now In a wonderful world of
But happy to be lost, in my hour of need I found the escape from reality
writing poems of my true love nothing can touch me now
For I'm protected by poetry that saved my soul
through power of word my
safe haven free to
To express my true feeling open up to the world In
The gift of poetry writing given to me through Insperation of my late wife Helen who told me write you can do
it she
The gift of poetry writing escape from reality Inti my own private space to share poetry with all
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Again I walk this life
alone but much older
than before older but wise to try to cope with life alone
after so many years of marriage
now the feeling that I've never felt before till the day you went
departed from my
life to be left here on my own
I felt cheated a life so
young was taken stolen from my heart left to
face this life here
When Helen departed I felt so cheated her life stolen from me so young she deserved much better In life than to die that way
Nathalie Dec 2018
When you are kissed by love

In its sacred form

You can no longer shroud, behind

Any other kind of devotion

You are instantaneously transformed

By the pure sparkle of it

When love draws you out

Its creativity knows no bounds

Your imagination awakens

To the reality that lives

Inside the temple

Of flesh in which you reside

When attraction sees its

Mirror image in another

Where two souls remember

Their shine and purpose

True beauty emerges

And grace is born

When both hearts are open

The energy flows

In peace and harmony

Marvels are everywhere

Clarity becomes crystal clear

And intuition becomes one’s guru

When this new awareness

Is sealed in gratitude

A narration through

The nature of spirit

Unfolds, and through

This seedling, the blossoming occurs.

Johnny walker Dec 2018
I'm sat In local cafe a coffee In hand just killing time thinking to remember of all things gone bye which I need to remember In order to
By keeping her memory very much alive for Helen still plays big part In my life It's as If she Is still with me  that she never
I feel that her spirit still
remains In our house as
If she's came back to here to where she was born where we shared so much time In the 20 years we had
Memories while killing time wonderful moments
ravyn Dec 2018
my hand in yours
we watch as the sun goes down
a thousand fireflies tour
through the streets of the old town

life has not treated you the best
(an understatement)
and for that im sorry
you deserve more than panic attacks
and constant overbearing sadness

ill give you the moon
if youll take the stars
ill give you the sun
if youll take the moon
id give you the world
if i had it in my grasp

and maybe it will be okay
with my hand in yours
and the streets dimming with end of day
and the buzz of fireflies turning to roars
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I know all about lonely know all about pain depression self-harm to suicidal thoughts, attempts on my life caused by abuse suffered as a
Suffered throughout my life I'll never stop suffering but over time learned to cope but struggle just get by with lives up and It's downs
I'm now sixty-five
years old but my every day struggle It's still the
same, but live In hope this will all
But know In my heart It never will, I'll just go on hoping, and to remember you darling will carry me through the rest of
Suffering child abuse led to depression suicidal thought
attempts on my live but hop
Johnny walker Dec 2018
For I'm old and can longer
lay beneath the darkening skies as done when I was young to gaze upon the wondrous stars
within an Inky black sky laid upon cold frozen ground wrapped In warm snug sleeping bag watching aeroplanes fly  beneath the stars, off to warmer climates Imagine people on board stairing from there plane windows can they see me like I see them, where Is their destination and to where will they be this time tomorrow, I drift
to sleep free from the pressures of life to sleep amongst the
When young I would lay In a sleeping bag laid upon the cold underneath the star
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