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Spriha Kant Jul 2020
Whirling in your charm
I crave for owning tiara
ornamented with your love.

No matter what you are ,
but a king throning on my heart.
Remorsing my actions,
Soothing own woven wounds,
I staggered,
The ambiance around me filled with familiarity,
Feeling my breath enticed,
Replacing the blur with vision again,
The wind started whirling around me,
My brain looking out for the reason,
Trusting my senses I turned around,
Fallen on the ground,
Finding for the gulp of air,
She lifted her head,
Eyes moistened with tears,
Breath uneven due to tiredness,
Lips trembling with the cold,
My heart broke with destruction I caused,
Converging her fortitude,
She held out her hand,
I only asked her 'Cam I be weak?',
She responded with her liveliness,
She entwined me in her freshness.
Two damaged people trying to heal each other is love..
Mr. Siri made Alexa log-in
through procedures
utterly flawless
making her whirl
an inch above the floor
by typing her identity code
accounting her effortless slip
with her ballerina poses
to connect to his system
with a unique set of
symbols, alphabets, and number.
Feelings in the cord,
as ease on fire,
byte by byte,
a soft glow, beeps
saying, “login wasn’t successful.”
to correct her attempt
she enters again
and gains access to
multiaccess applications.

©Feelings Coated
annh Apr 2019

‘It was a girl playing a harp, like in an orchestra. It was in this tree at our campsite. And since it was breezy weather that weekend, the girl’s arms were almost always turning.’
- Paul Fleischman, Whirligig
Asma Neelam Jan 2019
In darkness I wandered
frightened and scared
a smell so strong
as I inhaled
the room was wet
with pillars around
I chased to catch
the hollow sound
no matter where I
went and stand
the world it seemed
away and expand
heart it beats like
last of its breath
no one to hold me
save me from death
something strange did I see
as it came embracing me
kind eyes, warm touch
I melt and merge!
I melt and merge!
Brynn S Dec 2018
Chase me like sweet syrup
Running down my throat
Plunging into the swirling pools
Esentric flames, bursts of passion
Only in minutes do I hold your time
Clutches of eminent divine
Glory blossoms
Fawning over youth
Rise lover’s quill
Awake the beast
I’ve been having writers block, my mind has not yet been cleared.
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
...thoughts and feelings are soulless soldiers
bleeding my blackness like ink
leading the cracks to the brim
And do they dip deep, indeed...
they come out the other side thinning
and thinning still
and thinning
and seething my fabric
as my quietness parallels the tempo of serration
the wanting of you:
to flow and embrace
my every erasure
with the renewal
the slow violent blossoming
flowing and growing
into our fragrance
Our one world
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
I’m not broken
I’m a puzzle not to be solved
I’m a bird of…
Preying on rain…
But the clouds elude my webs
I’m the underside of an antisocial umbrella
What with the moisture-averse lovers nowadays
I shoo them off and twist my spokes
And finally I’m no longer pretending completeness for the sake of my surroundings
Because She comes clad timeless
Comes with the thunder
And She tastes like all or nothing
Translation into Bulgarian:


Не съм счупен
Пъзел, но не за подреждане
Аз съм птица…
Хищна за дъжда…
Но облаците се изплъзват от моите мрежи
Аз съм сухата страна на необщителен чадър
Какво им има на избягващите влага влюбени тия дни
Пъдя ги и се извивам в спиците
И най-сетне не трябва да имитирам цялост заради обкръжението
Защото Тя идва цялата в безвремие
Пристига с гръм на мълния
С дъх на всичко или нищо
TK Feb 2018
Internal screaming blares inside my head,

Clawing at my own skin as if it will tear,

Because at this very minute I really couldn’t care,

Drowning in thoughts of pure despair,

I am

Suffocating, in the wild mess stuck up there,
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