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Lurid pressure in perfect hiding,

Heat rises amidst quiet timing.

Covers conceal fingers,
And skin conceals-


Only from the blinded.

Our flitting breath from lungs to neck,

Begging tongue,
Baiting breast.

Tentative flesh,
Upon tentative flesh,

What comes next?

Anything I want,

If this is,

Don't judge my #'s
jbui 2d
he lifted my shirt as his cool touch buried me beneath a lover
a lover, i must gravitate towards serenity and sensual acts
acts, messy yet innocent; reeling me in for more
more, i want more, i crave what i bound to give
i give him, something for no returns
impossibilities have peaked, clean and unforgiving.
jbui 4d
Has it been so long to forget what true love must reap
To succumb the temptations of inner crave,
and allow this moment of tragedy, consume our willing lungs
As the world goes round, and flowers bloom,
the beating of our hearts surrender the blackness of the dark
At last, discovery and fallen hearts to the ground
jbui Dec 1
Feel the wetness between those thighs and envision the moments we long,
Wring her up, toss me aside, and realize you were wrong
Escape internal madness for the gift of such despair
So, when I seek joyous encounters, all there will be left is fear
As the sun begins its cycle this morn, I picture the ache of light
Gone. And compressed of all your sins, she drowns in all her might
emotional pain can hurt just as bad as physical infidelity...
Verdant Quo Nov 29
I am nothing
more than a reflection
that has animated itself over the water’s surface

But the picture is so much clearer
I seldom stop to think about,
The things that make me—me.
My stardust eyes reflect starry skies
And all that’s in between.
I have a body which knows no rest,
My swelling chest
My full plump *******
Have held most everything.
It was your pillow
When one too many
Problems creased your brow,
It was a saucer,
When you painted me
With honey and olive green,
Only to be licked and ravaged—
Nearly torn at the seams.
These hands have seen more I argue
They weather by the day,
By whenever they touch your sensitive skin
You say, “I like them that way.”
You’ve kissed my lips
With the reverence
Of a reigning queen.
And still, I sigh,
When one too many sleepless nights
I wake between your sheets.
Baqir Talpur Nov 14
Some where between the perpetual isolation
that we created in the name of personal space.
The wounds that were never healed,
Because they never received the ointment of attention.
The misunderstandings
That pilled up into a giant rumpus,
And ignited the dubious disposition,
turning the intimate conversations into constant fights.
The love that we lost,
To the demonic darkness of our egoistic nature,
Still exists,
But only in the fragments
Of some moth-eaten memories.
Brynn S Nov 14
Pressed against echother under a veil of stars
The pavement scratched my feet
leaving indents of pebbles at my heels
Covered on a summer night
we watched how each moved
We mesmerized sweet promenades
We understood the depth of memories
I fell into your arms
We danced as one
Two souls lost in a two step
A waltz of our own music
Humming the tunes of Presley
Eyes gazing into each others minds

To know what we were was a guess
You were the artist and I was the dancer
A mixture of spontinity and daydreams
Together we floated
Laughter filled our lungs
The music lasted us forever
It was our forever now

You whisked me away to a land of hope
A hope that still has yet to cease

Giving me a new world and a new name
Lover you called me
Affectionate and graceful
Emotions of children
Accompanied by the spark of an old flame
Joined together now
We felt as if we have met centuries prior
Under your gaze
Comforted by heartbeats

Together we have stayed
Who would have known we would make it this far?
Brynn S Nov 10
Lying in nights true form
I saw you beneath me; the bees began to swarm
Tasting the trails of where finders have lead
Ecstasy leaning to worlds untread
Marks to deliver such sweet sound
Pounding hearts beat as movements confound
Show to me this sweet child of night
What lips have shown each chase cause me fright
I shutter under melodies of hot cress
oh darling you have pocessed my breath
Arches and bones have created your path
Lead me to the promise land and show no wrath
Curves sway as the seas begin to crash
Meet me at the high point, watch it thrash

Dear somber veil
Intertwine the wreaths forming moaned laurels
Little by little each touch shows quarrels
frivolous children under satin minds
Laced with faucets, wax, and rinds
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