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nóah May 15
As I ****** your cheek and cup lovingly
Fervor runs through my veins; you felt the intensity
In seconds, you read and sight in my eyes
The vehemence and ride to my surprise
Down to earth you are, pinned on the wall
Clamors were cited throughout the hall
To rush in a room filled with ecstasy
We couldn’t care less, now it’s just you and me
Laid on a soft surface and have the gates wide open
Given with sanction, both parties have spoken
With passion written all over and seen through action
Just to end the night with love and satisfaction
first ever published poem
The most intimate thing you can ask a poet,
Is the meaning behind their poems...
AbdullaJabr Apr 9
I praise her arrival,
I wail at her leave –
I place my love in the sun,
Because I will never grieve.
She would never abandon me –
But if she leaves me be.
Weeing on my knees.
I’ll find comfort in the world,
Crying with me.
AbdullaJabr Apr 9
You will always be to me,
Surrounded by a dark, black, flowing sea –
Its waves and textures enticing me.

For I, a sailor so obsessed,
My fascination with your ocean in unrest,
Has me completely possessed.
In a beauty so limitless,
From its roots to its depths.

I drown in it fearless –
Aŧül Mar 7
If you see me closely,
I am the one with the halo.
If you hear me keenly,
I say a lot more than just “Hello.”
If you hold me intimately,
You can feel my wings too, and,
I shall make unimaginable love.
My HP Poem #1911
©Atul Kaushal
Jared Mar 2
The clock’s hands arrested
At the time our lips came.
The blood rushing in our temples
Overcame the ticking.

The air hurried into silence
As our hearts synced, beating.
The rift coming between us
Traced back and forth, rekindling.

Bother flees our skin
And doubt sinks in quicksand.
For sure, for certain,
As your fingers navigate
Every wrinkle in my hand,

And I catch your shoulder,
Yet to be chiseled, for wars,
From the weight of a gun,
Full of light, you let pass,

Piercing through,
Peering for my soul,
Searching for each crevice
To comfort and assure.

Your other hand,
Driven unto madness
Of an unrelenting encore,
Scouring for the ungrasped
And the worded whispers
To beg earnestly for.

… And time up on his chamber
Painted pictures just to remember
That moment he arrested his hands
To give two lovers an unafflicted chance…
Darsshan Nair Feb 26
Let us fall,
Fall into a satin-sheeted bed,
As our passions push us into an intertwine,

As each touch waivers away our ornaments,
That are nothing but a bother,
So that our skins may kiss,

Let my lips caress upon you,
And caress I shall,
Till the roses of desire that blossom on your cheeks,
Grows and spread to all points intimate,
As the garnered juices of intimacy between your thighs,
Waterfalls down your legs,

Shall our hearts pound as hard as the bed rattles,
As we feast upon our lusts, as if there were no more morrows.
You are easy to love
You make time for me
You are generous with your affection
You communicate your feelings for me without hesitation
You openly and honestly share your thoughts with me
You are curious about me
You want to know who I am and you want to know why

I can’t express how much this makes me feel loved and adored
The way you love me makes me want to be better for you
You have reached into my soul and pulled out emotions I have never felt
You spark my imagination and challenge me to explore new adventures
I hope I never have to wake from the dream you have given me
I want all of you – your laughter, your pain, your passion, and your heart
I promise to never take for granted this easy connection – intimate, honest, and rare
With hearts in tandem
we stand: lip locked
bated breath, sweaty palms
tongues wrestling to wring a sodden truth.
A simple truth that is this: I love you!

~ Inori
There's something about kissing that feels like trying to extract a confession of "I love you" from your lover's tongue.
Melony Martinez Dec 2020
Our souls are tethered
As if they have always been acquainted
Without shared experiences
Yet so familiar
We somehow shared it all
I recognize you in the intimate crevices of my heart
In places I haven't yet opened to you
You are already there
Illuminating the cracks of time and trauma
No need to speak
You hear me without words
You know me without time
You see me
You always have
The shiny armor and the bare flesh it protects
We only just met, but I already know you
I always have
I see you too
It's so nice to finally meet you, dear one
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