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is not mere physicality.
Intimacy takes a heartful
of risky honesty.
Its essence is vulnerability -
an ability to willingly
hand over the key
to your dignity
and entrust it to another
by degree or in its entirety.
And listen carefully:
It's not limited to matrimony.
It's a delicacy
available to anybody
and without it
friendship is hollow
and fully half empty.
Reading 7 Myths of Singleness by Sam Allberry.
Nabi Sep 18
Falling sound asleep
Your fingers tickle me
I look at you with glassy eyes
You look at me with fire

Soft murmurs carry me
Up into the clouds
And so myself starts to wonder—
Could this really be love?
playing mine by the 1975 while i watch you doze off into your dreams
Chloe Jul 5
I love your dry skin
Every flake of it
With you I feel
more real than I’ve ever been

Love me loud
Make a show of it
I need an out
from the terror in my head

I love your eyes
and the words you say
to show you see
and hang onto all of me

Love me more
than you ever did before
I’ll pour myself onto you
as you fill me up

I love your dry skin
and how it peels away
I know you feel my love
There is nothing I wouldn’t do

Love me here
in the quiet of the night
Feel the broken
and help me make it right

Stay your love with me
and never leave me out
Heave away
the shadow of a doubt

I will love you, too,
out in the open light
until the sun falls down
and alone we come together
come is a three letter word
Chloe Jul 4
I see you
in the steam
I know
you’re not waiting
for me
And it breaks
my heart
And I don’t

I feel you
getting close
I wish I could
trustingly know
what you see
when you stare
head on
Are you thinking
of me?
Or would it break
my heart?
I just don’t

I hear you-
all the lies
you’ve said
to me
hang on
to your every
until it breaks
my heart
Do you
the downside of having *** is the person having *** with you can see you having ***
emily Oct 2022
You touched my soul
The intimate of all intimates
And burned away all the sorrow
As well as the pain and misery.
All emotions that ate away my delight of life
Were replaced with the foundation of you
It was like seeing in colour for the first time
And feeling the wind run its fingers through my whole body
It invaded my whole self
As you enlightened all that I was.
Ind Mar 2022
in his limbs i find penance

when he pins me down
                                                     its my mothers hands around my throat
                 for sounds i won’t make
                                                                ­                     to be allowed silence  
when we join i know
                                         i hate him  
after we part
                                                              i hate myself

                            solace in the steamed bathroom mirror
                                    hiding the sin from the sinner  
                                                                      washed off together as though


her limbs are absolution  
                                                    ­                                 seek and ye shall find
i am forgiven between her thighs
                                                                               on earth as it is in heaven
the prayer on my tongue meets god
                                                                ­                                                                 ­                                                                her gasp Amen
dailythoughts Feb 2022
I like the kind of intimacy we share

so gentle

in no rush

taking our time to be


it's sweet & playful

I don't know what plans God has for me but I am glad that I experienced such a feeling
Tøast Jan 2022
One more swipe.
One more swipe across one more greasy face.
My finger slips, skips down the page.
My finger pauses at your gaze.
The taste of your smile as it wonders through
my maze.
Ffion Jones Jan 2022
having your lover
trace your earloves with their
fingernib is as intimate as
You make me surreal with love.
Chloe Dec 2021
You always watched
us getting off
in the mirror
as if the reflection
did it better than me

Bringing the phrase
“foot in mouth”
a new meaning-
as translucent as I am-
deep down I wished
you could see

A ***** West Virginia girl-
maybe you saw more
than I care to admit
You knew how to
give it to me
like the soulmate
you could never be
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