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India Mar 18
in his limbs i find penance

when he pins me down
                                                     its my mothers hands around my throat
                 for sounds i won’t make
                                                                ­                     to be allowed silence  
when we join i know
                                         i hate him  
after we part
                                                              i hate myself

                            solace in the steamed bathroom mirror
                                    hiding the sin from the sinner  
                                                                      washed off together as though


her limbs are absolution  
                                                    ­                                 seek and ye shall find
i am forgiven between her thighs
                                                                               on earth as it is in heaven
the prayer on my tongue meets god
                                                                ­                                                                 ­                                                                her gasp Amen
dailythoughts Feb 15
I like the kind of intimacy we share

so gentle

in no rush

taking our time to be


it's sweet & playful

I don't know what plans God has for me but I am glad that I experienced such a feeling
Tøast Jan 25
One more swipe.
One more swipe across one more greasy face.
My finger slips, skips down the page.
My finger pauses at your gaze.
The taste of your smile as it wonders through
my maze.
Ffion Jones Jan 7
having your lover
trace your earloves with their
fingernib is as intimate as
You make me surreal with love.
Chloe Dec 2021
You always watched
us getting off
in the mirror
as if the reflection
did it better than me

Bringing the phrase
“foot in mouth”
a new meaning-
as translucent as I am-
deep down I wished
you could see

A ***** West Virginia girl-
maybe you saw more
than I care to admit
You knew how to
give it to me
like the soulmate
you could never be
Ahmad Attr Dec 2021
Do you think I didn’t see you suckling on his cheek
Hand slithering down his forearm
Shameless in a crowded room
The moist scarlet of your lips leaving his skin
Caressing his hairless chin
Such a display of salacity in the broad daylight

But somewhere in my core, I loved seeing you like that
Even with someone else
Never knew you had it in you
To kiss the skin that isn’t yours
To look deep in the eyes of someone not watching you in the mirror
Humane for the first time

But he pushed you out
And you rapidly stuck right back on his body like a magnet
Do you desire the ones that don’t desire you?

Do you think I didn’t listen you breathing into his mouth
Nocturnal lovers in the blankets
Shameless in the darkened room
Rolling over each other
With rattling of your bedstead
And claws in his hairless skin
Such a display of depravity in the silent night

But he pushes you out
He doesn’t want to be called by your name
Do you desire the ones that don’t desire you?

Will you come to me if I push you out too?
If I stretch my arms really far
So my fingers can give you a gentle push
Will you finally come to me?
Or will you get too far out of reach
But It will be fine because you see,
I also desire the ones that don’t desire me
Ahmad Attr Dec 2021
The world can wait, we can still go on a walk
It’s okay to be late, but I am here so you can talk
We can stay here all night till the morn glistens
You can say a thing a hundred times and I’ll still listen

Your words, they hurt, the things you talk about
The moment I get to get close, you cut me out
But I’ll be fine in the end, I’m just so proud
To be beside you
Just to guide you
Just to provide you
Destiny C Sep 2021
It's been awhile since I thought about love.
I closed myself off to it,
And have yet to open up that door.

But I think about it now.
That must count for something,
Or maybe nothing.
But it's on my mind.

Love is a vulnerable place,
so intimate,
it's hard to find.
Made impossible to search for,
behind the door.

The one I closed.
Because I was too scared of the unknown.

But I have hope that i'll open it again one day.

I'll take it one day at a time.
Diesel Sep 2021
Who cares if they watch our love?
— Fact they rather'd see:
It matters not in this cove,
In this sprawl of love and sweep:

Re-lose those eyes in this rime,
Then folds will lay and swap:
Then pink and red would stain our skin,
And fight we would to stay on top:

And whites of eyes will sil'ly appear,
Too busy we are enveloped in we:
In all this thing of our love,
Of kiss, and rush, and kiss, and flee.
'sil'ly' is an attempt to remove the "ent" in silently.
Angela Rose Aug 2021
When I think about the future with you I smile about the little things
I think about the late nights on the couch, eating leftover Chinese food and laughing until we cry
I think about the days at the pool, putting sunscreen on your back, and finding your sunglasses for you because you misplace everything
I think about the sunny afternoons, exhausted from the work day, and you're pouring me a drink and telling me you're so ******* proud of me
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