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Our twisted bodies
collided into one another,
like bits of angry Earth
reaching for the horizon.
And beneath our bed of dirt
we rose like mountains.
Deprived of oxygen,
but still
I could not help

but to dance upon your peaks.
For my lover and friend. What beautiful mountains we have built using only our hands and hearts.
I can't lie
I am consumed by you
Piece by piece
You bring me to my knees

With every breath
Behind my ear
I loose my mind

Tell me how could I escape?
When the only thing I want
Is our lips to collide

Tell me how could I escape?
When the only thing that I want
Is for our bodies to become one

I need you here by my side
Every single time
Let me scribble my name onto your skin

So that you won't forget
I'm that freak
That will keep you up
Till you give up
because it's 1 am and I'm craving for you.
Sythin Voxe Sep 24
If the world was the size of a penny,
a dollar would be my thoughts.

A silver coin forged in fire from scolding that's always scaulding hot.

Like a spider who cannot spin web,
I'm given a ball of twine.

Equipped with confusion and creativity, I weave a stronger web-like mind.

Under vulnerable exposure
I am like a cheetah without spots.

Mixing ink from my fear and pain to paint myself in polka-dots.

My missing words hang in the air
like wood and winded chimes.

Missing points and memories just because they slip my mind.

If the world was the size of a penny
I'd have a penny for my thoughts.

I'd spend it on complete sentences,

some extra twine,

and spots.
Looking for a shred of understanding.
Nobody Aug 8
As soon as I opened my eyes
I was reminded you’re not really here.
My first thoughts today were of you,
and what you’d whisper in my ear.

So I guess I’ll lie awake in my bed
daydreaming you're holding me tightly;
wishing i could smell your sweet scent,
and feel your warmth inside me.
Shayloves Jul 10
My man is so good to me...
And treats me so fine,
He keeps me coming back for more...
Each time I think I’ve had my fill, I’m back again,
It’s a treat for all my senses really, every last one stands at his attention.
I mean, how can I resist?
Look at him, moving like the king that he is, with that **** grin.
He brushes aside my hair...I feel his cool breath on my neck, a soft tickle on the skin...
Then he whispers,
“More eggs baby?”
Don’t you just love a man who can cook?
For those sweet intimate moments shared between two.
LRF Jul 3
The rain
that falls here,
pattering on my roof,
from the same cloud
that sailed half a continent away,
to shower drops in
muted thuds
into your hair
onto your shoulders.

We shared
of microscopic intimacy
we even
July 2020

Inspired by the Holy Palmer’s sonnet in Romeo and Juliet, and Donne’s The Flea.
Isaac Jul 2
Straighten my spine, add aplomb to every line
The poetry I write a capsule of the time
And times I wept and countless tears shed on the street
Running away, running back to me
Delicacy is hidden in my speech trying to not be abrasive or mean
I mean I love you so much the words get tangled in my throat
I gulp it down, too early to say
Too early of a play
To expose my feelings, to lay my brain
So scary to think you might not share
A plethora of rain need some Sonny and Cher
Your arms stretched out and my head your chest bares
I feel you breathe, I feel you underneath
I need you near
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