I only let myself go into You
Cause You're the onle One
That's proven that my heart
Is in a safe place

Thank You
May 16/2017

Oh, I spy,
in the corner of your eye
there’s a tear that rests so carefully
It’s been there for a while
I know you
I see you

When the winds of this storm finally
blow down the Wooden barricades you keep
I will watch the snow with you
From your open door
From your open door

Oh, I spy,
in the corner of your eye
There is a hunger there for something more
That has been there for a while
Wanting something more
You are wanting something more

I know you are cold in bed
And your tears keep you awake
But I know your sorrows see your fears
The ones that make you shake in dreams at night
As the snowflakes fly on by

Oh, I spy,
There’s a sadness in your eyes
That reflects the own deep in my soul
I’ve been carrying a while
I felt love from your cold fingertips
As they shiver in the snow
Was I the one you needed?
when you wanted something more?

I know you are cold in bed
And your tears keep you awake
But I know your sorrows see your fears
The ones that make you shake in dreams at night
As the snowflakes fly on by

Oh, I spy
From the corner of my eye
The way you hold my hand so carefully
Let me hold you for a while
When you need me
When I need too

Know I have been alone as well
But you are always on my mind
I will not let that tear in your eye
Freeze in the winter air
For my arms will keep you warm
As the storm rages in our minds
I feel you
I need you

When you’re sitting through the lonely nights
Pretending not to cry
And you ache to know there’s nothing more
Waiting in the snow outside.
I hear you

When I’m alone in my bed at night
With no one there to hold me tight
You enter my head and I’m alright

©LadyofRavenhill - 3/16/17
**These are unfinished lyrics to a song in the making that never was quite done. Perhaps I will finish it some day. For now, enjoy the jumbled mess of verses and rhymes.**

No innocence
No joy
Your house is not your home.
"You don't read the books on the shelves!"
"They're just there for display!'
The books are read
In the mall,
Where it's SAFE to read......
A relaxing environment.
The Ladies in hijab.
The Men wearing payos
The Fashionistas
Wearing next to nothing.
Buy some Tea,
Sit on the Public Couch
And read your book.
There are no terrorists here.

Of course, I'm referring to Denver's Cherry Creek Mall

It's built to last, it's built to last!
Built to stand against the years.
Built to hide us with ourselves,
Against the wreck of all our fears.

Who built it we no longer know.
Who made the walls so tall and grey?
To keep us safe, to keep 'them' out,
Though who remembers who is 'they'?

We shall not leave it; we must not!
For terrors surely lie in wait
To catch us when we drop our guard.
We must not venture past the gate!

No prisons built by foreign hands
Will keep our children or our wives.
For in our fortress they are safe
To live protected, watchful lives.

How often do we create prisons for ourselves out of fear that someone else will imprison us?
JAC Apr 26

Are but blemishes on the surface
Of safety, comfort, love and strength
But blemishes hurt like hell.

Alyssa Lynn Apr 26

I wrap myself in his arms,
His warmth enveloping me,
Soothing me in a way
Nothing else ever has.

His breath tickles my ear
And I laugh, turning
To kiss his sweet lips,
For he is mine and mine alone.

I think of him daily,
Lingering in the sound of his laugh
And the pure joy in his smile.

He shields me from the cold black wind
That often threatens to overwhelm me.

Though I am sometimes loathe to admit it,
He saves me.


I only hope he will never go.

Because two hours away is entirely too far, sometimes.
Daisy Rae Apr 24

I found a gun in my house
And I don't know whether to be scared
Or feel relieved
Because sometimes people go mad  
Mad enough to forget any morality within
Mad enough to
-----------get the gun---

Gabriel Burns Apr 17

Cooking beneath the shell
The meat of my thoughts
Like a hermit crab
The boiling of my dreams
Escaping as high-pressure steam
Through tiny fissures
In dye-shifting armor

I never opened up
I never bent or broke
and never cracked
But now is never
All I have, I’m giving back

Plug your ears
To the deafening screams
That no amount of heating
Can make edible
You are the hardness of my shell
Omnipresent and Incredible

I wanted to post this earlier, at the time of writing but I guess it had to ferment a bit.

Home is no longer home
if safe isn't what it is.
A child deserves nothing
but happiness.
Trading legos for bombs
and sticks for knives.

Leah Sherman Nov 2015

Welcome to the island of misfit toys
A place for unwanted girls and boys
A place where everyone cares, and no one is rejected
A beautiful place where no flaw is corrected
A place for the beaten, scolded, and abused
A place of forgiveness for those wrongly accused
A magical place where you don't have to run
A magical place with no ropes and no guns
So welcome to the island of misfit toys
A place for unwanted girls and boys

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