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I am fire,
Warm enough to give you comfort and a feeling of safety
Hot enough to burn you and be your ending.
There is passion and love within me as well as destruction and the ability to create a storm.
Do you see clear the coast at hand.
And know the side to which you stand.
Are your feet safe in the sand.
Or do you flounder in the waters band.
Is your strength firm on the land.
Or will sea hold sway through its command.
Will you follow the seas demand.
Or pull for shore with oars all manned.
To steer the course that life has planned.
Toxic yeti Mar 12
These days
There are more wolves
Instead red riding hoods
Those who are
Wearing red
Are vulnerable
My weapons is my mouth
And my minds
Pick your’s carefully.
Out smart the wolves.
say Mar 2
you are so great to me
you are my sanctuary

lost in your arms, there is no place I'd rather be
You can love someone with your whole being.
But if they don’t bring you peace
Or offer the most important things

Then the love will be one built on
And letting go of who you are
For the sake of their heart.
Leaving yours unsatisfied.

Hold on to your hope
Don’t let go
You deserve someone who makes you more
Than who you are alone
Of who you are at your core.

They deserve one
Who makes them feel the same
Not someone who makes them feel shame
For not living up to expectations

And it’s not your fault
How they feel
You can only control
What is yours to heal.

You deserve a home
Without a hole.
So if you’re missing something,
That isn’t coming,
Maybe It’s time to let go.

If you’re missing something,
But that seed is growing
Keep holding.
And keep hoping.

No matter of what’s in store
Become more
Of who you are
At your true core.
Zywa Feb 27
Invisible is my hand, in which
the earth lies, I caress and hit her
pull fire out, pile up ice

I bring hail to her, snow and rain:
Love me, please!
Oh, love me, please!

.....The humans hope to see me
.....and to hear from my mouth who
.....I am and what my plans are

.....they search the secrets
.....of life, they ask:
.....Love me, please!

They seek access to heaven
to power over safety
no unpredictable wind

but Amma Appa
to look after them:
Love me, please!
Collection "Secrets & Believers"
Baylee Kaye Feb 26
my heart breaks for what breaks yours
everything I am falls apart with you
let me be your refuge and your strength
I will give you all of me for all my days
so long as you trust me with your heart
no longer in the safety of these decorated walls
say goodbye to friendly faces in these crowded high school halls

these people were like family for four metamorphic years
the guidance of the teachers subsided tides of crystal tears

hidden in the chrysalis of the freedom of young age
do not forget this chapter as you turn to the next page

the transformation is complete
the chrysalis bursts
we have now been banished to the real world
written on the poet's last day of high school
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