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Neelam Jun 4
The waning crescent
muttered, the stars were

Darkness growled, invisible eyes stalked on this
wretched being,

Disgruntled paranoid shadows
followed her, tempted by her
warm flesh.

Inconspicuous conspiracy brewed against her will,

in hastened pace ...
It's frightening for women to walk alone in the dark lanes during the night when the drug pushers, thieves and ****** predators are actively roaming on the streets.
clmathew Jun 1
For you I would build
written May 9th, 2021

If I could build a life
if I was that kind of architect
I'd build days filled with sun
soft colors - soft light - soft surfaces

you would always have shelter
and never be cold
your nightlight
would be the steady stars in the sky

your world would be filled
with food music and books
to help you grow healthy and strong
nourished with delight

I'd be every kind of person
to hold you
to make you laugh
to inspire you with wonders
so you are never alone

I would build this
if I could
for you

I whisper to you
you are safe always
just be brave
and whisper back to me
if there is anything you want

I would pull down a star for you
plant a tree in the middle of your room
inhabit it with koalas
make an oasis in the desert
a bridge across the ocean
(I am an engineer - and so - you are also)

Each day I try
to face my fears
for us

I live waiting to hear your voice
to know you feel
safe enough to want.
Zywa May 6
Cold rain being blown

under my hood, the shelter –

of the mosquito.
Collection "PumicePieces"
i wish you came with a red warning,
if you got to this point, go back, forward ain't safe;
Zywa Apr 12
Along the road stands an angel
with wild hair and a mouth full
of astonishment, an angel of stone:

mother, you stayed behind
you've seen too much
of the carbon black sky

The ground shook at night, the door
rattled with angry neighbours. 'Go away!'
father cried. 'What do you want?

My daughters? Shall I send them?
They are still virgins.' He called us
but quickly quickly we left the city

that was ****** then
We no longer have friends
Next year we would get married
Lot (in ***** near the Jordan river, 1950 BC)

Genesis 19:4-8 and Judges 19:22-29

Collection β€œFrom Sacred Scriptures”
Beckie Davies Feb 24
Keys between my knuckles
As I hurry to my car
This place still aint safe
At least not after dark

I've been female for thirty one years
My *** is abundantly clear
When I cannot walk outside at night
Without my friend called Fear

Keys between my knuckles
Pepper spray clutched in my hand
What can I say to these Testosterone Tyrants
To make them understand?

This place is still not equal
When half of us are afraid
I want to stay up late
Walk the streets and know I'm safe

Boys will be boys
They will rarely be men
The protectors became predators
It's a hard truth to accept

Keys between my knuckles
As I hurry to my car
This world is still not safe yet
At least not for us
this world is still not safe yet
at least not for us
Oskar Erikson Feb 23
you placed the tip of your tongue
in the spaces between my teeth
like a criminal
steals their way to safety.

was it for fear that the words spoken earlier
would catch up
and lead you away to read your rights
while I watch.

tapping my incisors, molars
taking count of the refuge you thought
would be offered unconditionally.

the door would have been opened
but for the threat of force
battened down the hatches.
Eli Apr 3
Demon of the light,
Standing by my side,
Showing me the way,
Saying it’s okay,
The only person who makes me feel safe
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