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Lyndsey Oct 4
You are the Earth giving way beneath my feet. The shock of losing stability.

You are the wind rushing over my skin. The thundering of my pulse, reminding me I'm alive.

You are the thrill of facing my fears. The gentle understanding when I feel like it's too much.

You are the strength I collide with, that let's me know I'll be okay.

You are the safety I reach for, when the ground begins to shake once more.
lake Sep 26
i can understand
if you're not making plans
cause it's only autumn
it's the time for boredom

sun is coming down
i can't feel the ground
raindrops on my head
even on my bed

nothing i can't solve
it will soon dissolve
find a new solution
start a new discussion

turn off the alarm
stay here in my arms
if you need just call
walk you through it all
Fabiana Sep 24
the feeling of safeness resides right where you stand
i picture you like a home i get to at the end of the day, quietly submersing my heart into this feeling of ease
the sun kissing every piece of wall as it sets
i’m drowning in you,
and i know feelings never stay
but i think i could make a life out of this one.
wet . 11 hours
Caroline Sep 13
Can we ever win this war, baby?

The front lines explode and they are closing in,
Riddled with bullet holes and rough with the wreckage of darkness.
Each blast makes me jump out of my skin
And maybe I should run,
But the sun is dripping tendrils of fire
And the only place I can ever really hide
Is somewhere in the depths between us.

It is a dangerous game and there are enemies outside and within;
Galaxies colliding
In the spaces where you end and I begin.

I like how it feels to break apart in your hands,
Limb by limb, vein by vein,
Spreading out like the fires of battle that can’t be tamed.

I don’t know if I can withstand the flames that

Gently lick my neck.

Lie down beside me in these dark trenches.
I’m not ready to surrender yet.
So we'll run into the open
Keep your hand inside of mine
And then when everything is over
I hope to think of this as better times
The sky got red and swollen
I guess I never see the signs
There can't be songs for every soldier
It can't be solace every time you cry
Starry Sep 8
Do you do these
To me
Is it to add an another
Trauma on my frail mind
I wish I never meet you.
Starry Sep 8
I think my
Is cheating
On me
Or is
A pervert
This happeneds evens ever
It's not ***
Nor my meds
Its him.
Starry Sep 6
Last night
As i was just to log off
From twitter
I see this God awful thing
And think to my self ****
As i block the person.
Starry Sep 6
Dear pervert
Please do take
From the internet
Before I go bat sh*t
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