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Descovia Jul 12
The silence is powerful. All could be heard was the three voices in my head. To be in position of the new age war. It was seen in premonitions, ancestors spoke to me, in languages never heard by the living. My spells fell meaningless to aid as assistance for the greater good. Was any of this to become true at any point?  Never it dawned upon me, until I stood in midst of it all as a witness.

Aspirations of a greater and mystic purpose. Limitations in a human body, with a mind capable of breaching borders and enabling boundaries.

High frequency pitched screams (not belonging to humans), Clashing of weapons, elemental magic, nature, forces of the cosmic used in the measure of offensive and defensive methods. Sounds, all colors, it collided and exploded beautifully. Yet, it still weighed heavy on my fatigued heart.

Watching in amazement the angels overthrow the demons.  I saw the other version of myself giving everything to be a victor.

THIS IS MY WORLD. YOU FALL AS NOTHING HERE. YOU SHALL FALL TO YOUR HELL, WHERE YOU CHOSE TO MAKE IT SO FOR THE INNOCENT " Dark Descovia danced around attacks, that failed to reach in the slightest, the malicious smile on his face with a questionable expression, never changed as he snarled. His wand transformed into a sword, while swiftly swinging it at an enclosing group of surrounding horrifying monsters. The attack was so beautifully orchestrated, it appeared to be effortless. Seeing an athlete, perform the most simple task in mere minutes.  Human eyes could not detect or keep up with the speed in the manner this was done. The monsters all fall to the ground, headless and vanishes by a flicker of black fire.


The full moon floating in the twilight sky, was noticeably starting to crack and perhaps, battling for hours made me suffer from mild or severer delirium. My other side, with his own will and body, seem to suffer nothing from this. Asides, from being more frustrated and having blood-lust for justice.

Shielding my timid eyes, in fear as numerous demons appeared out of the blue, violently triumphed holding their own as well in battle. Being able to witness all of this, front row seats to the demise. Standing wearily using my sword as a crutch, blood seeped from wounds visible through the holes in my clothing.

I cannot let the world, my loves live in. Die. Fate, please do not end my story here. I need strength._  My teeth clenched, blood formed and leaked from my nostrils and corners of my mouth. My charm necklace, even had this particular glow to it. Another warning, I failed to acknowledge in a timely fashion.

FlashBack Moment Before The Apocalyptic War

"DAD! You don't have to fight to save this world!!! You taught me to save this world with words! You can do the same! Nobody has to die! Don't leave us!!!! _ "    At 6 years old, never thought Isaiah's voice would reach in depths and heard so strongly even in my weakest moments. The image of him, embracing me tightly, and tearfully sobbing uncontrollably. I decided to listen and depart with darkness.

"The war does not put fear in my heart. The heart of this world is trying to mend in all ways of feeding into hatred. It's highly upsetting. There is no solace without sound or color. I refuse to die for nothing, when living for you is everything!"_  

Dark Descovia stated as he twirled his swords, like drumsticks for that matter, one in each hand until they became motionless blurs.

* Apocalyptic War *

A figure in a black cloak appeared right behind me. My efforts in defense, were aimless and pointless. Trying to swing a sword on my part, which had the weight of multiple life forces. I am no master of swordsmanship, compared to my otherself.  In moments, I recall only seeing the figure wave it's hands in a ritualistic formation.  Finding myself, soaring through the air. Life immediately struck me with a freight train, traveling at the speed of light. The battle raged on angels, spellcasters, empaths all against evil. Never, did I think I would see my other side/alter ego show any emotion other than confidence and anger. His eyes swelled with anger and filled with tears. Running towards my falling body, in slow motion in attempt to catch me from hitting the ground. Drowsiness consumed me with warmth washing over me. My essence pouring out of me. I am not certain if I was falling to the end or heading for a new beginning.

Aloof. I wonder within myself in a state of stagnation.

Fear only prolongs it all, acquiring needed stability to our destiny.

I am powerless, watching this perfectly magnificent storm.

Why am I here? Why am I here? I use to know you so well.
Now, I feel like you are someone, I have never known.
The light was calling out to one of us before.
It was never you. You never deserve the pain this world descended from the skies. I will give anything for it not to be you, not to be anyone I love.
My love is nothing without you being here.  Still falling, I close my eyes trying to remember the final good moments....

All family and friends from every walk of life appeared before my eyes.
The funny thing about this is, it felt like a dream. Everyone I ever known past and present, was there smiling and at peace. Dressed in all white even my other side was there in the crowd of family, smiling carefree without a single weapon in hand

"You can't protect the world. Our children lives in. If you stay dreaming" Dark Descovia spoke to me and froze reality with his voice.

Why does everything hurt so power is not strong as anyone else's I spoke to him. He exchanged no words back, only our eyes spoke to each other.

"You have to save this world. Your life does not end HERE. BELIEVE IN YOUR LIGHT. IT EMPOWERS ALL IN THIS VERY LIFE"  In angelic unison the voices of family, friends, Isaiah, my other side and my lover spoke to me at once.

I've accepted it is now my time to fade....fade into the storm and become the light.... . haha..... _

May I close my eyes and finally rest in the name of purity for all salvation?

I will come back for you. I may be different, my love for you will remain.
If my life ends this war for tranquility. Then this world can have my soul....

"Soul?? You forget. There's two of us....You have more to connect to also"_
Should I do a part two??
You let me know in the comments.
The battle may rage on
Descovia Jul 7
I never thought I would discover a passion as yourself.

Miracles restore my desolated mind, repeating a problematic past. The demons no longer reach me with their screams, the damage done to my spirit, it all vanishes from your embrace.

Your voice is loveliest tune in the world. I rather not live without the colors your ideas paint into life. Music sings and fills the air from your soul. You know enough about yourself, still it's a mystery to you. What your essence delivers in quantities. Blessings are bestowed upon us, upon all from your divine presence.

It's remarkable. It's astonishing. Vibrantly godly.

You are the key, providing me LIFE.
You are strong as LOVE and without you.
I would not be able to DREAM

I love you ever so much.
You are a true earth angel.
I will fight by and for you
always on your side.
Warrior or Spellcaster.
Mastering multiple abilities
I learned from the best.
Zywa May 23
Expressing your love

works best if you see people --

as body angels.
"Engelen" ("Angels", 2019, Arnon Grunberg) --- Collection "LTGP in the 0s and 10s"
humming strings pick apart the
quiet in the night air, in a simple
and easy rhythm, shivering
through the grass in a dream,
dark at the edges, but a tune
that i remember the words to

dusk in the moonlight, cloud
cover so the comets are just
glowing streaks in the gloom,
but silhouettes on top of the
hill are looking up, missing pieces,
on a cold, windless night

one of them's singing, quiet
and warm, red nails in the soil,
other hand wrapped around a
wrist where the hand ends in
green, in shimmering strings,
trying to press down the chords

it is bitterly cold, and he can't
feel his fingers, they're dreaming
of summer and a breath of it
remains on the air, warmly
fumbling the lyrics under the
clouds, on a hill next to home

and the denim is thick and the
rhythm is less steady, but the
music continues, and a young
child looks out of her window,
and sees two angels on a
hilltop, singing to the sky

the sky, is falling down,
the stars are thin
and the song is
ending, but they
play the final
note, and
it never
Ave Maria May 15
Angels kiss you when you are unaware
in both your most painful and most beautiful moments
Shane Lee May 7
There is a belief that Angels are pure
And Demons are evil.
Why is there the belief Angels are pure?
Why is there the belief Demons are evil?

The gruesome, dreaded, and terrifying Angel of Death
Is just the kindest and most merciful of demons.
The hated, haunting, and sinful Demon Lord of Hell
Was once ethereal and a beloved Angel.

One does the job appointed to it - but this brings hatred, fear.
The other only being what it was created to be, but this is NOT in
     the best interest of humans.

What distinguishes the Angels from the Demons?
One is Pure and one is Sin?
Would that mean God creates purity within sin and sin
     within purity?
Or is that we? Is that human?

Do we interpret such beings as we humans would interpret a myth?
Or do we cling to such things as truth
     for fear that we are inadequate because we choose to be
          rather than because we were created that way?

There are times when the only company are Demons.
There are others where Angels are the reason we are alone.
They are not always doting.
They are not always viscous.
Are we simply insignificant?
That being said, I just have so many questions on how we view religion itself and the beliefs within them. There was sooooooooo much I wanted to write but it was just sooooo long lol
Anyways … I hope this is enjoyable and is READ AS POETRY rather than an attack on religion or belief.
© Shane Lee
your friends pity me
i see it in their eyes
but pretend it's
not there

you bring me along regardless
holding hands under the table
laughing alongside them
and we toast to your
oncoming sobriety

and i think they pitied you too
knowing that you and change
were fated mortal enemies
starting from conception.

god buried you in the dirt when he crafted your soul;
and the angels cursed you, turning the earth
to marbled heliotrope:

we met in that dark prison.
you whispered that everyone
had given you up. so i swore
to never leave. to try.
to fight for us. to

you hold my hand for 46 seconds underneath
the sputtering pools of blonde light
after your narcotics anonymous

and the angels pitied me as well,
turning their heads at stoplights
and crosswalks like i wasn't even

as if i could forget or pretend
that i've never seen the
eyes underneath
our bed at
btw im not tryna demonize addicts bc that's some rl hard stuff to deal with, my ex-partner just happened to suffer from addiction alongside being an absolutely awful trashbin person.
Alienpoet Mar 30
There is no room for gods
for angels and hope
for wings of flight
and depth of field
this defensive arms want to yield
and this scarred heart wants to heal

There is no room
for imagination
under the weight of these books
the text fills me up
no devils cup
no drugs or substances can free my mind
the weight of the world is unkind
and the sub titles aren’t signed
and chaos has died in my mind
or it’s been set free
I can’t escape I just don’t want to be…
Lasting letters,
  Falling as petals,
   Taken my soul away.
     Angel feathers,
        Loving dear freckles,
          God calling us today.
             For when we die,
              Of prancing meadows,
                 What more can we so say?
                   Upon clouds shy,
                     No need to say why,
                       For the divine to pray.
                        Alas we are,
                          Never old far…
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