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Feeling the need to smoke a cigarette
When you never had one before
Fighting the urge to *****
Cause you got caught up on drinking more
Packed up your belongings and headed to the west
It's a cold autumn afternoon and the air hits your chest
All that is left of you is in your head
Your body is unstable and your eyes are sore and bleed
Life decided to cut you loose and let you have the noose
No one came to the rescue
There you lay waiting for death to accept you
Had you wished for roses and kisses the time you went away
Strangers from afar would not pay any mind that day
I suppose towards the end of me writing this poem I figured a reasonable explanation for it and I thought of the television series Supernatural when I thought of the title.
someguy 1d
The pain awakes deep in my belly
Making me want to scream at top of my lungs,
Reap and tear the flesh off my bones,
Dragging all insides on the outside

Now that I’m lying dead and broken,
Blood, **** and liquids of my body
Fill my throat, go into my nose and into my eyes,
Making me choke on them in pre-death convulsions

And so I’m dead, I depart my sinful body,
Watching angels coming for me from above,
Reaching with their shining hands for my soul
Only demons are faster, their hands are burning fire,
And before I realize it, I’ve already been dragged into ****, chained and cursed for eternity
Brianne Rose Feb 2015
Hear me and listen well,
Far Far from Heaven have you fell,
On wings, torn and strewn,
Slowly but surely, together again they can be sewn,
And back up in the Heaven you shall fly,
With all the Angels in the sky
just a random i made, Enjoy!
Tati Sep 10
My biggest fear is the day I die
Not because I’m afraid of dying
In fact, I’d give anything for the sweet release of death right now
To swoop me in its arms and take me far, far, away from this horrible world we call life
It is because I’m afraid that when I die, you’ll find someone else to love
Some may call it selfish, but I think true and everlasting love is the one that never dies
Even if the person does
I can just imagine waiting at the gates of heaven for you
For what seems like an eternity
Because that’s how it feels to be away from you, my love
But what happens when you finally arrive, but with another woman?
To realize that you moved on
To feel my heart shattering as I watch you enter the gates of heaven with her
And not me
And then
To have to live in eternity
Watching you with her
And not me
To have all the angels rejoicing
In the land of milk and honey
In paradise
Without me
They say everything in heaven is perfect,
and without suffering
But what will I do
When you walk into paradise
With her
And not me
Off this cliff.

Silent voices whisper

Just reach,

Touch the river...


Water is blue.
And hate is as black
As love.

Angels don’t exist...

You clipped all their wings.

And if I jump

I won’t fly..
I’ll fall.
Zell Oct 11
There i saw him standing,
Peered at another angel flying by.
Others had wings of varying colors,
And hers was painted in gold.

Mine was something of lesser value,
But it's what i treasured most.
Incomparable to platinums & such,
But it made me twinkle up above.

In silence i watched over him,
Heart aching to his praises.
With a tone of great awe,
He spoke of her wings.

He was encased in diamonds,
From wings cut off of my back.
We were surrounded by embers,
But i was unable to soar.

In exchange i was bound to suffer.
I remained invisible but immortal,
In a state of death but still alive.
Much like breathing through thin air.

This shield would eventually break,
Yet i had no regrets.
For what broke me kept him alive,
Even for a short period of time.

There at the sight of him,
I felt peace despite the pain.
For as he admired her golden wings,
I learned how a human falls inlove.
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
Ken Pepiton Oct 10
I put my hand in the hand of the man from galilee

Or I thought I did, I imagined he would walk with me
and talk with me

and help me fill the darkness behind my eyes,
which i think may have been blind, at one time,

I have memories like that guy, Gold-something
color maybe, Goldfarv? Bloom. Right, my augmentatious savant
looked it up and I sorted what I recalled

Google The Global Brain, where he named a kind of
category of knowability. Memes, he called them.

And I thought, memes mean something more,
not Dawkins's, nor Bloom's, but
these, heteromemes bubbling out my belly button,
look real close.

Fractally featureless by the time a clock could have been imagined,

the point of the story was made, and there is no end in sight.

Pop. Another apocalypse bubble eclipsed by mortality. Whaddyaknow?

What remains when a bubble pops at a positron level,
after the charge is touched and
the tensionpowerloss collapses the bubble?

You should think you know atoms work, like
not a cloud of super positioning, elect-
tric-magi-tech, touch screen at the quantum accounting point,
not that, but
a bubble, powered, one way or another, with a single charge,
Go, that's it.
What an electron does. It goes,
as soon as any sense can be made of it,
oughtaouta hear
ping. No charge, no bubble, but next sure as...

somethi' from nuthin must ahapt one time,
but ya'll take no heed, m'fallin angel droppin' in olfren, tricky hybridbast...

Noah was a tellin' Ham the truth found in wines that moved themselves
aright, slurry tongued, but pisstoff

The idea of somethin' goin' south in a family,
that started up again when
ever Noah started drinkin' old wine, sayin' sbetter'n...

Who told you I was *****?

-- aye, ye know, Noah was drunk,
No excuse, but you know.

Things were said, that maybe were forgotten, after a while,

But those father wounds a man imagines worst
are the one's his son's forgot.

The story being told is complicated. See,
the Bible is a lens,
not a map.

It got me much farther than this, should you ever
visit me.
that's not in the stack,
that card's about as relevant as McLuhan's hair of the dog.

Somethin', ain't it?  All them three meter dishes shrunk down
to the size of a spoon, a teeny weeny spoon, a coke spoon,
like on Miami Vice, back when.

Satellite TV changed the desert, fer sher, but 4g, brohan,

that was the trick.
Future, on demand, where outhouses are still de rigueur.

Before you know it, country kids,
too poor for any but outlaw dreams,
can audit courses at MIT,
if somebody
shows him, it can be done, prove t' him
it works, faith can make things happen,
happening is sorta hard to nail down to one thing,
until the very last
Planc-sec.  Astrophysics is part of the metagame, fer sher.
there's some stuff that takes some patience,

everything that's old is only old, not rotten.

Olde time religion, at the oldfo'k dayroom,
where the clock runs the whole show.
It's another game show. Saint Bob Barker takes a bow,
and declares the worth of all your eyes behold,

If, if, if you are alucky winner and you arise when I call your name
to come on down
fall on your knees and declare the worth...

pure gamesmanships required here, golf whispers only,
worship, smuch more difficult to aim for than praise.
I agree.
Praise, appraisal, worthyness, worthship, prize,
how do you declare such a thing worthy,

A feeling? What's it worth? Depends. Safe? Priceless. Don't shout.

So we sell walls. We'll be rich and powerful wallbuilding,
citi-zen warriors fed and fattened by those we make
feel safe.

That's the idea. It's worked for years, at least
capitalized Campbell's bliss and Sagan's billions and billions of stars.

Workers will work for food and a feeling. And Facebook.
They choose, believe what's easiest, they are told,
you are absolutely co-rectallatime, tekayepeel.

There are such wishes being made, on all manner of stars
for happy ever afters. If wishes were asked for, whatif
connecting to the source of haps that are
all happiness can possibly
consist of...
Oh, consist is a sticky, gluten idea stuck in my daily bread.
It's related to resist, desist and the command to stand. Sistere.

This is that bomb, this is a dam buster Jesus H Christ Bomb!

Something's bound on earth to go wrong,
ever since Eve bit that apple, if she'da left that apple on the apple tree
Nah, that ain't how it went down and
songs about it don't change it none.

But, maybe this is me interrupted..
Whatif, nothing is immaterial, as an idea, it can't go wrong,
and Murphy's law, obeyed, is good, all the time.
Ask the pilot. What if,
asking for help helps? Was that a message? A touch by an angel?
Spirit, the idea?
Are you familiar with its role in reality?
Something makes these bubbles spin, y'know.

Ignoring is bliss, nay,
No more,
precisely, nevermore, quotheraven, shall the man who can read
be locked away from all the stories of all the things that
men, wombed and un,
have told and tested for ever, it seems,
when ya stop
striving for perfection and let patience have her way witcha,

whatcha learn can change the world.

Look back. Good news from a far country come our way.
In my younger days, I visited folks in county homes, the rest homes that once were called the po house, and sometimes I'd just sit and watch Jeopardy, and hold her hand, while listening to conversations with angels, all around me.
what if I am not really a human
but a bird whose wings have grown
deep within my aching bones
like angels, they sing
of days I've not yet lived,
times no one has seen before
as though *** wants me to learn
from all that is inside myself
She tells me to be patient,
soothing voice of Lady Light,
whispers me to sleep
in some faraway galaxy
where peace makes all the planets dance
and love makes the stars burn bright
Bullet Oct 9
I'm drowning in the falls
While I have these angels
Who sing so well
But I know their sirens  
Are just the serpents tongue twisted
They say this is a revenge for a Poet
But I'm just not for-showing it
The warning could be
To look in the devils eyes
N' see how dark the world is
How really it can be filled with these demons

I've honestly never been afraid
Until I've seen where the granite path leads
To these burning bedded plates laid
Each step is a wise one
Thinking of a chip on the shoulder
Never gets you ahead
I'm leading to wake up at the end
Of the waters one day
The shattered pieces of love sending me down

Falling from Heaven and living on ****
Angel casted but now can tell
Sowed the grace to the soul
Ready to die for an entirety
She gotta know how it feels

I've entered a void to bring me to
An Adam n' Eve garden
Wondering around can't learn
Where to meet such light eyes
Demons have me playing their dance
But an Angel is out there
Wishing a piece of grace would grace her

I'm still walking with demons
Devilishly dressed but coating
A layer that can not be detailed
So whats my route to derail
Live while you can no longer live it
But will your soul be up lifted

Im ******* the way she feels
Thats just the heart pouring out
Love toxins for the siren to bring
The heart beat with each step
To the music
Makes you sway in between
Feeling the curves to
Where you should've been

Falling down hasn't reach the level
To where sanity is found
Waking up seeing **** or love
No longer laying around
Graced without a soul
I need someone majestic
Angelic loved like a lost relic
I want heaven love thats outta this real iced fall world
Falling out of love is some tough ****.
Jewbarremore Oct 9
I’ve spent my summer falling apart
Rolling coins saving for a part
Expenses for a role of a full heart
Million buck deal to fall in love for real
So I’m paying for regrets acting like it doesn’t have a set on my mind
Playing a cassette tape that’s running playbacks of a broken heart
And there’s no time to relax
You lose your moods n’ you disrespect the sunlight
The night becomes your brother n’ the moon your sister
Panther visions n’ panic attacks are very similar
Makes you see what’s real in the night
Everybody’s famous words “you’ll be alright”
Is the earth giving it right back
Saying karmas a *****
But I share this space with it
If you don’t gravitate to this my son
I can only hope you can grab onto the solar rays coming from the sun
Let the light guide the way
N’ let the darkness convey
Talking with the devils n’ angles
Makes me kind of feel like
We’re all pins n’ needles
Trying to so each other up
Coming together but with at what cost
We came to gather for peace n’ art
While 15 year olds are picking apart men in their 20s
Channel 8 news said Waterbury a deadly place to be
We look for whatever peace that might be
But look at were love got me
So what do I think when someone I don’t know looks at me
The city I love doesn’t know me
Without Waterbury there’s no Drew Barre
The cities blood runs with each an everyone
I can understand where these demons n’ angels are coming from
Spinning heads directions leave me heading down
But falling doesn’t drop me leaning on a Xana
Im losing my mind already have too much depression n’ anxiety
Drugs are the way to heaven
Trust me I know that has two meanings
How can I slur like a devil and look like an angel
Same ******* way I preach like an angel and grin like a devil
Summer waves so you put KOD at bay
So I had to say keep the drugs that mess
with your brain away
I’m here to keep that energy to stay
Waterbury I don’t want to see my city die
But I just had to drive here with 6
memorials on the way by
Praise where your from or you’ll never grow son
I know how these devils n’ angles like to play merry go rounds
Set standards high climb these trapeze
Now let’s see if these traps offer peace
Cuz these straps sticking bands leaving us wrapped up at the end
******* rolling coins wasn’t a good plan
I might not have the production
But I have the Pronunciation
I am faded just like every single one of us that’s overshadowed here
Now let’s see these night n’ days turn our minds a certain kind of way
Waterbury a city with Sins n’ Holys
Waterbury the mother land of violence n’ love
Waterbury the Sin City n’ the Holy land
Where the devils n’ the angles are dividing us up with love games
Cascade me a beautiful rainbow or cast me away
Spread all these colors across all weather
Don’t let these drugs trap you in holes
Don’t let it dig yourself into a ground you can’t climb out n’ run son
Don’t let these clowns swing above on these trapezes
I just want the people to be elevating high just like Jayden McMillan
He gives Waterbury the hope it really needs
We might be ****** up but we deserve the spot light too
Soul picking is the hardest but let your mind harvest
Thoughts of respect grow love with the community
Trust me we’re all scared of the light cuz the dark is our best friend son
N’ who is my sun?
Well that’s every single one of you cause I just orbit all around you
Respect everyone or love no one
Waterbury colors come together
The water berries it’s self into you n’ me
Are we human or family I wanted to ask humanity
Double takes just to be aware
But peacemakers I a dear
It’s 50/50 everywhere
The water the city carries isn’t in the rivers
It’s that water thats berried into us
Trust me the bending is mind twisting  
But I heard the way the water heals is worth the wait  
Waterbury where we play these characters of our own
The part I play may not be the lead role
But we each partake in our own actions
Why da ******* think we’re called the 203
We got these demons n’ angles jumping around with you n’ me
That means 2 really makes 3
2 or 3 Entities
But we are still Waterbury
The city where I am from, Waterbury CT,  receives no love from the outside world making us forced to look for new land to be loved by. There used to be a club known as “Sin City” and an attraction called “Holy Land” I use as  analogies to show where the demons and angels are coming from when their running through the minds of every single one of us in the city. Waterbury is a dangerous city but it is shows it love when it can. Waterbury I love you.
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