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There I was,
in the very depths of despair.
In a place so very dark.
And I no longer cared.
I had closed my eyes,
As I said my final prayers.
I had made up my mind,
I would no longer be there,
I'd be gone,
As soon as I finished my prayer.
But when I opened my eyes,
There was an angel standing there.
She told me how much,
The Lord loved me.
And that he'd never,
Not once,
Forgotten about me
I know not her name. But the Lord sent her to me when i was ready to give up and forfeit my life while in the depths of depression. Thank you.
I saw two silhouettes
standing oblique
in the dark mystique
of a long dead street.
With my path blocked
from the light beyond
I was denied the prize
from where life absconds.
Were they lovers or threats?
Or jesters and priests?
As they turned astray to face me
With eyes of charcoal gold
They undressed their bones
to bare the holes
within the prisons of their souls.
Tattooed upon these wounds
were promises forged too soon
Shattered ‘neath the witness
of a crimson, crescent moon,
I saw ones fate
soon marooned
with great fortune
entombed in doom.
The second wore simple linens,
and espoused poetic virtues
He spoke of poets long since dead
but said you can reach them if you choose.
As I drew closer to these phantoms
I spied familiar faces
One was young and one was old
They spoke of fortunes long foretold
They spoke of ******,
they spoke of Buddha,
they said life is what you make it
When I gazed into this mirror
I was neither dejected nor elated
Luiz 6d
we are one winged angels
only together
may we reach the heavens
Alex Oct 11
do you think, when god created us,
they immediately realized their mistake?
the angels must have hated us
they should
they do.

imagine being the perfect epitome of a being,
only to be cast aside for those who create nothing but unbridled chaos.
"it’s what makes them perfect"
they said once, when one of the angels asked about it
"the chaos?" Gabriel asked
"their humanity."

i'm convinced none of them understood exactly what “humanity” means,
and we don’t either.

the day that i reach the end of the road,
when i meet earth, and my soul is the only thing left
and it just so happens
that the god I write about turns out to be real,
i hope they let me ask this question just once
And in her last moments,
my grandmother turned to me
with tears swelling in her tired eyes
and said
I weep not because of the beauty
which I am leaving
but because of all the beauty
which has yet to come.

I still weep with you.
To my great grandmother. A decade has passed and the pain remains the same, but the beauty you spoke of is so evident.
Elena Mustafa Sep 30
Every time
I have a
At the odd
I see the white flash
Or the angel
Indicating thats its
A prophetic dream
Not just a nightmare
Ylzm Sep 24
no magical incantation
but wordless agony

bitter and disconsolate
thunderously piercing
in all heavens
and hell;

angels cry
stopping their ears
quaking in terror
on their knees
unbearably compelled
beseeching all powers
to heed—

heavens and earth
Hoshi Sep 24
Oh how sweet an angel’s tears are
I would know
Angels cry too
Their tears are like sweet honey
Dewdrops that reflect sunlight like glowing glass
Angels oh how you sob
Like waterfalls gushing with sorrow
Spooks Sep 16
There is so much pain in your eyes
I see the pain when you cry
I wish i could take it all away
Make you want to stay, for just one more day
If i could only make you see what i do in you
Maybe, just maybe you wouldn't be so sad and blue
You would see behind the pain, that there is so much light
You would even see you stand out in the dead of the night
You would see you are so much more than capable
See that those dark thoughts are escape-able
See how much there is about you to love
See how your angels sing for you above
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