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Mark Wanless Oct 3
on soft clouds i walk away
so many days we were lovers

feel time pass now with my heartbeat
as we wander far apart

kissed by angels when i'm sleeping
or is your sweet soul touching mine

this vaunted world is just a nonsense
without your memory in my mind

in dark night dear past the moonbeams
i will ever see our favourite star

but in this moment my spirit aching
i'm slowly marching off to war
Leo Janowick Sep 25
May there always be an angel on your pillow
Could a feather sticking out of a pillow be from an angel’s wing? Maybe the entire pillow is filled with angels?
I wish for you the dearest things

Long summer times and endless springs
A happy heart that always sings

And angels on your pillow  
All the joys that love can give
As long as there is life to live

A peaceful mind to give you rest
And angels on your pillow
Someone there at journey's end
Someone who's a faithful friend
Love beginning without end

And angels on your pillow
Cool breezes when you want a breeze
And blessings always when you sneeze
To come and go the way you please
And angels on your pillow
Amanda Sep 24
You hold the beauty of angels
I see darkness in your eyes
Should have known from the moment we met
You are the devil in disguise
Just a jaded poem I wrote during a breakup a long time ago
Peter B Sep 20
I sometimes go to the hills
and try to spot them flying.
I heard that when you spot an angel,
in your life there will be less dying.

I spend many hours waiting,
people say I should go home
that I'm wasting my time.
That angels don't exist.

But I know one day
I'll see their light.

Well, if they don't exist,
then so don't I.
Pao Sep 13
the golden angels
sing for me
a melody of tears
from all the pain they’ve endured

in a planet called pluto
angels fall
and angels hit the deep abyss
for them to realize

they are within me
i’m the angels singing for me
a melody of tears
from all the pain i’ve endured
n jacob Sep 12
Have you ever had that moment?
You’re standing on the mountain peak, for that one moment.

For that one moment, I can almost hear angels singing,
I can see the true beauty.

And it isn’t just the vast sky above me dotted with clouds,
It isn’t just a waterfall, or a desert scene of hot white rock,
Or majestic tress standing tall as to say, “I am”.
Or the stars coming together with their mother moon to almost dance in the twilight,
And say, “I am here, and so are you, and this is IT.”

It isn’t just as if I’m walking, down a long dirt path,
Lined with fireflies, and the sweet breeze accompanying me like
An old friend that I never met but somehow know.

It’s something to do with the birds chatter, and the child’s laugh,
The bliss of some sort of innocence, a lack of need for things
That I can have, but don’t bring me above the mortal, material, mundane.

No real understandable words, nothing really sets it off,
But it goes, as a shooting, pure assemblage
But its followed by deep chills, and some surrenderance upward.
Some serene, almost lonesomeness,
Yet accompanied by all the souls of the world.

I’m not self, but everything,
For one fraction of timelessness

and it’s almost like it all makes sense
It's set off by the scene of nature, and brings a split second of chills and unified peace.
m h John Sep 9
i count how many
days go by
by counting the number of stars
falling out of the nights sky
i do this because
i like to believe
that shooting stars
are fallen angels
and that maybe one day
the burning star i wish upon
will be yours
Klita Sep 7
Angel's walk among us
Those thrown in another life
Broken wings and broken eyes
Contemplating suicide

There are mermaids
Who are swift and fast
Gliding through without a glance
Wishing and hoping
Someone will give them a chance

Fairy's fly around us
Their words teasing our ears
Mocking at first
Fears falling on deaf ears

And many more I cannot mention
For there is no more time

Thoughts are said to cost a penny
Sadly mine will cost a dime

But this I give to you for free
So listen with care and hear me

Though many are forgotten
You will never be
Mitch Prax Sep 2
I know a
modern angel
who navigates the skies
with wings of steel
and a heart so real.
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