the dimensions of a beautiful
heart you once trusted,
has left your house haunted,
carrying the weight of a vice
and its foul play,
your shadow is weeping, hiding
under the candlelight in dismay,

your wings butchered and
cloths bear non-washable bloodstain,
you plead, "fix my lacerated wings,
for i wish to fly again"

even angels fear the kind of sadness
that leaves a soul breathless,
for it makes them commit the sin
of becoming faithless,
bury the ruffled thoughts
of grey torment in thy mind,
of this overbearing anxiety,
let your words unwind.
The cost of TRUTH
may at times burden
our mental energy and our wallets,
especially when we are delivered
so many cheap, comfortable lies.
TRUTH, however, is the tonic
that heals and fortifies our minds
against the constant flood of toxic oil
that pours from the gullets
of poseurs and profiteers.

The few who summon the courage
to embrace TRUTH are transformed
into angels of light. They rise above
the sewage of violence and hatred
of so many polluted minds,
the diseased souls condemned
to whither in misery.
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Angels dialogue with me intimately
and even the spark in their eyes comfort me
more than your devious tongue ever did,
more than your uncomfortable presence ever will.
Written on May 3, 2011
Composition number: 381
There's a place
where Poets and Angels
dwell, dance and make love
Sometimes they laugh,
sometimes they cry
And they kiss,
With soft flowers they fight
And half asleep
they ask you to join them
To cheer and celebrate
On violet clouds
And heal your dirty wounded soul
With rivers of wine
Where you'll bathe and be reborn
With the Angels calling him on,
No more the suffering on his shoulders.
Temptations alike to befall,
Angels high calling him on to come home.
Slept well and done away the past,
Finally a paradise to come last.
Though in times he had the grandeur,
Always the souls ready for him to lure.
Waiting - biding his time so on,
At least a place for him somber to rest.
In all the time he thought he had...
A longing time of future visions vast.
Sought out and known from him afar...
Beyond and far the Angels carry fast.
A time and their calling on high.
mysa 5d
it just takes a second
a sound
a feeling
before i can remember so clearly
what it felt
to be above the clouds
running with the angels
the sun illuminating their golden skin and their golden smiles
to be high on living
each time it stings
each time i wish i was back
each time i know i can’t

and for a moment i can see my golden skin again
i accidentally posted a different poem around 20 minutes ago, sorry about that
When I am dying,
I beg no crying.
Angels will be around me,
No one can see.
Sit with me,
Call the family,
All pray for me.
Read the Quran as much as you can,
To ease my pain.
The Angel of Death will take my soul,
Again I implore no one should howl,
Only pray, pray my soul flows out,
Smoothly like a drop of water from a spout.
Bid me farewell with love,
As it leaves,my soul will hover above,
To bid you adios!
Aa Harvey Jun 8

I am already halfway to loving you.
Halfway to the sky, you give me angel wings,
As when I see you I am floating on air.
I’m already halfway to loving you.

Say what you mean, it’s all music to me,
In the words that you speak, I hear poetry.
Forever I am falling deeper into you.
I would go to Timbuktu, if you needed me to.
For you, I would do.

Procrastination will no longer have its arms around me.
Apathy will no longer be my love.
Sadness will no longer allow me to share a house with misery.
You could become my life, as with you, I could be loved.

Love changes everything for me.
This time I hope the result will be different.
Surely it has to be…eventually.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 4
If all else should fail.

Let the light be gone and all darkness embraced;
Let me leave this world behind me in ruins
And let me be gone from this place.
Let the sun fall from the sky and wipe out all who stood before me;
Let all who dream of better futures,
See the ashes of a burnt out planet, buried under their misery.  

If all else should fail and my extinction stopped,
Then let the bodies drop
And fall from the pedestals we have placed upon this world.
Let the hatred unfurl;
Let the pain and misery rule.
Let all who came before me be brought back to this world,
To face their day of judgment…
Let them face their punishment.

Black out the sky with angel wings,
Hanging beneath the Devil’s claws and his puppet strings.
If all else should fail and I cannot be gone from this shell,
Then let Hell reign eternal upon this land that we dwell.

Then maybe they could feel how I feel;
Let them feel the agony of a dying heart,
That lives inside without a cure; let everyone depart
And leave this planet a wreck of a rock,
With nothing left to feed upon.

If all else should fail and I am not allowed to depart,
Then let the demons descend upon the ground before us
And burn the buildings down to give death to art.

If all else should fail and the pain cannot be removed;
Then let the pillars turn to ash and no broken heart ever soothed.
No person left with a heart to use;
No sanity left to claim to rule.

If all else should fail...

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 2
Dark Angels

It's a long way down, so grab a hold and make sure you hold on tight;
This is our time to disappear and be never found under this light.
Obscured from the all-seeing; hidden within our darkest souls,
Are the thoughts of a dark angel, his dark angel bride
And the end of all that which you call hope.

Standing in these flames, I feel no pain;
I feel ignited, united and saved from being saved.  
Let the waters fall and bury us all.
With flaming swords we go to war,
Without a shield to protect us; we want to fall.

Words ring aloud and true and break!
Our faith into pieces; we have been lured away.
Lead us into temptation and bring down a notion.
An army against your purity; this is our Heaven.

Destroy their love with a sinister growl.
Our love will die in a blaze of glory; we scowl beneath our cowls.
These walls must fall, for onward steps are forever required.
What chance do you have,
If the deceivers are the ones who will decide?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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