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I wonder if she can tell at night
when we are tangled together
I am half goddess -half white hot anger from my mothers side
when I go to touch
It ends in bruises and bite marks
Disguised as pleasure because this is what I’ve been shown
Can she see the glow inside of me
Is eons of galaxies
Condensed to fit inside this skin
I do not belong here
I tell her all of it
How I fell all burning and ash
like a comet
Curious about what it felt like to love
I needed to taste
what it was about this emotion humans would start wars over
I’ve only ever been on battlefields ending with one lone victor
I’m trying to understand the way love moves
to becoming something I would bring cities down
to feel
to taste
to touch

- How to fall in love with a human part 3
Feathers fall to Earth
At the request of the heart
A gift from angels
Haiku 10
AmIEnough May 11
angels fall like fireworks
sparking on skin-burning
as i held him tightly
as i held him as if i’d die if he would let go

he let go

and i fell, falling like a shooting star
silently screaming as my splayed heart strangely kept beating
“i love you, aziraphale and all that you are” and my love looked down
and i saw him weep
(for me
for me!
Because of me)
i saw the tears from all his eyes run down his face into the sky
as he told me “you and i, all that we are, i will find you again no matter how far
away you land
a thud on the sand
a splash in the sea
i’ll find you again
wait for me”

i fell and angels all around me screamed out their dying cries
i fell and thought the fire all around me was surely nothing but lies
i fell and saw all around me it was better to be ignorant than wise
i fell and the stars all around me fell too, falling through the skies

i fell but i could not stop watching his eyes
those endlessly seeing
Throughout all my being
brilliantly ****** eyes

and i thought to myself
what else
could i possibly want to see
then his eyes crying for me
why would i want to see my life without him
a life with no hand in mine
a life spent twisting my spine
a life with wings bound in twine
a life with no sign of the Divine

why would you do this
why must you cast me away
i’d beg and i’d barter
(don’t make me a martyr!)
anything for a chance to stay

oh mother doesn’t listen
oh mother doesn’t care
oh mother i cry out; my tears glisten
oh mother are you there?

no one is there and i’m all alone and sometimes i wish i was made of stone
or better yet,
a galaxy
-brilliant and bold-
no pain to be had, no story to be told
just light all round me
light from the burning, turning sun

the sun, the sun it glows so bright
it feels warm, like a hug from him (so tight!)
so golden, so glittering
so molten, so obliterating
so like his countless tears

what is there for me to look for?
what is there for me to find?
the battle is over; they won the war
and i'm lost to him for all of time

oh sun please don’t listen
oh sun please don’t care
i cry out as my tears glisten
oh sun please just be there

burn my eyes black and haunted
burn them like these wings, undaunted
by the tar upon them

destroy my eyes so completely
so the only thing that can run so fleetly
through my mind is his eyes weeping so sweetly
as She casts me out and the kingdom is restored so neatly

burn them black, i tell you
burn them like i fell, oh hell, you!
burn them crisp, oh i smell you!
oh sun, you lovely ball of fire
grant me this, my one desire
make me blind so all i see
is him
weeping for me

it did not work
sun, you failed me

they are not black and haunted
they are not blind and bleeding
they are sickly, ickly yellow
and somehow always needing
to see him again
emma Apr 28
when he was stolen from us,
the angels fell from heaven
their pure wings were ripped from their shoulders
the halos torn from atop their heads
thrown to the ash

shooting stars plunged
doomed for earth
one by one
then all together

she wept through the day
long into the night
suffocated by the thought
of remaining without him

with anger and sorrow
she blamed the angels
who were supposed to
defend him

life without him
would be a cold fire in the bitter winter
but with no warmth

we bid our farewell to the closed casket,
the barrier between us
as it lowered
into the dust
Kyra Embers Apr 14
Panic and Perplex were angels,
                   Until God, grounded them.
Betty Apr 13
Long ago,
when earth was clean and silver bright
an angel fell, compelled by vast eternal might
beyond all time
through endless night so brightly starred
his wings aflame his halo charred
remembering beauty through his tears
to see him through in later years
Ananya Apr 7
Wide white wings with prayers of gold
a promise of sin on lips,
The glaring halo and horns forgotten
watching where the black and white dips.

The silver ball blasts open
scattering moondust from the sky,
Each drop an intoxication
making their aura cry.

My fingers dance on the piano
watching the angel stride,
Not a hint of terror
as they let the demon glide.

This is a place of dreams
there is no good no evil,
It’s a place where darkness shed
and good loses its will.

On a starry night moonshines beautifully as equally as you're. Hone, you **** gorgeous when it comes to your sound, sweet and soothing one's heart. I'm sending this to you wish I could sing you a lullaby to comfort your sleep and angels to guard and guide your dreams path. Sweetest girl. G-nite honey.
Jessica Mar 15
There’s nothing left here for me
Rose petals
Fall across my path
Crushed underfoot
My view
In sepia tones
An old song plays
It rattles
The passer-bys bones
And make believe smiles
As we cross
I walk through rice
Laid on the ground
Never seeing the groom
I turn around
Darkness cast across my eyes
And I’m sullen
Only the spent love left
Of the fallen
Who also ask me
Ellis Holden Feb 19
Trigger Warning: eating disorder mentioned
Tell Me Dear,

     Will you remember the days when I starved myself to a spine? Then I needed the hollow bones to match my emptiness inside. I needed to shrink to bare to be seen. Because then I was afraid my emptiness had begun to expand. I feared it would creep from within the confines of my chest and bare itself to the world. And you see, that’s why I had to stop eating. I had to make room in my gut so that I could hold the emptiness back from the world. And when that began to hollow my insides, I felt nothing but pain. I had no room left for the joy, happiness, or relief that containing the empty could bring. Those I left to all of you on the outside full. Maybe that’s why you all saw me as beautiful, because I brought you nothing but good feelings while I sneakingly choked myself on the bad. That goodness I gave you made me an angel in your eyes. But don’t you know angels have to be lighter than air to fly?

With all the love and goodness I could hold,
     Your Empty Flight
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