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Arthur's kingdom, bright, so clearly shines
Among the grassy knolls of Briton
The Round-Table knights patrol the land
That Ol' Winter has clearly bitten.

With poor peasants freezing in their shacks
Their love for Arthur keeps them smitten
They don't remember the last they saw
Of the Almighty King of Briton.

The Round-Table knights now carry guns
And your tales have all been rewritten.
Oh what must we do to summon back
Our old sleep-stricken king of Briton?

The world is different now, my Lord
And in new tales may you be written.
With sword in hand, Lord please striketh down
The ****** New-Rulers of Briton.
For Avalon, for Albion
Francie Lynch Nov 30
I am no longer a Roman,
Though my nose would differ.

I'm not Viking,
But my descendants have blonde and red hair.

I am a beneficiary of the dark ages,
The scriptoriums and monasteries
That brought the Greeks and Romans to life.

I am not Gael, though my eyes smile
When I hear the harp and pipes.

Neither am I Saxon nor Norman,
Victorious or defeated.

I, we, have metamorphized,
Casted of the moulted casement,
Spread dry wings and lifted,
Carried on fresh winds
To new worlds
To read, write, fish and hunt,
And I have gathered
My lineage,
Framed it in genetics on my wall,
To point at in fond remembrance
Of what I once was,
And what I am.
Arianna Nov 26
The fairest of Seasons,
Mad with flowers,
Drunk on roses,
Delighting in Green,
In glossy arrays of foliage.

Время года, красивое больше всего,
Как нимфа
Со цветами, бешеное,
На розах, выпившое.
С зелёным наслаждается
В гирляндах листвы.

La plus belle des Saisons,
Comme une nymphe,
Folle de fleurs,
Ivre de roses,
Se réjouissant dans le Vert
En garlandes
De feuilles de feuillage.
Arianna Nov 25
L'eau tranquille,
Je me perds
Dans l'infinité
Du reflet d'un moment.

Still waters,
I lose myself
In the endlessness
Of a moment reflected.

Спокойная вода,
Я теряюсь в бесконечности
Момента отраженного.
Reading, and a language game. :-)

Recited version: https://jmp.sh/v/j7wXIm0ojzSN650zN1om
Prettier than a lone rose in the winter, like a rainbow coloured umbrella on a snowy desert, you stand out. You're more special than a purple sunset, you're so beautiful, and you don't know how that smile makes lions purr. Noah_arkenswagg
Brynn S Nov 25
The bin
Silly little boy
You say such odd things
Small quips of a king
Tall steps they must seem
How far you have traveled
How tired you must be
Oh dear child
Save your soft gleam
Thank you for your words
Each little line
Ridicule shall fade
All in good time
Jing Xi Lau Nov 21
We're all dying to feel alive,
Are we the living dead?
We hate to love
But we fall in love anyway.
We wander just to get lost,
But we want to be found.
We spend our nights together,
But we feel more alone than ever.
We cover our ears,
Shout across horizons.
What's this sound?
Deafening silence.
Piercing through the noise of the world.
Ammar Younas Nov 20
Going to leave you behind now
I need to clear my mind now

Your hair, bangles or smile
Nothing will keep me bind now

Despair has advised me
not to love you blind now

Devils and angels, fire and ice
will never be combined now

After driving me crazy enough
You need to be fined now

It's more than skin and curves
Beauty should be defined now

I walked through this dark eclipse
My stars seems to be aligned now

Thoughts were scattered stardust
These poems have enshrined now
November 20
******* are itches like skin conditions
forget the admissions and feelings and visions
find yourself in a position where decisions
are void, because there's no choice,
no recognition, my voice is an imposition

With no occupation, or real reason to function
I'll spend my money on medication 'til
I'm believing what I'm seeing
Something is weighing on my mind heavy,
roll up another blunt-skin,
***** open another bevy,
Something is playing with my mind lately,
just write a couple bars
Yeah, that'll tell them nothing maybe

My hopes were up, but they have come down
It's too often we carve a smile out of a frown
just to fit in
           when we were born to stand out
So as a rule tell others how you feel,
not let em figure out
Honesty's my policy, unless I think they're on to me
and now I've lied again
I better turn my life around
In a short life, I've been much, I've been proud
I've been up, I've been down,
I've been chewed and spat out
Left out in the sun, left out to dry up on the ground

But all the aspirations that I'll never meet,
can be recycled to ambition if I get back on my feet,
But all the things I was promised, that's deceit
the act or practice of deceiving,
concealment or distortion of the truth,
for the purpose of misleading, so they got me bleedin'
and everything I want, I'm not receiving
and everything I need, I know they're keeping
Renee Danes Nov 15
Ah, the poor lad,
Stumbling across the road
His lean frame nearly blows away
With the wind.
An orphaned child,
But to what he had,
Next to nothing,
Just then a short gust
Blew him him up,
Then down
In front of the steps
Of the towns schoolhouse
Where the teacher was finishing her day
She saw the lad
Who was quite afraid
And asked him softly
"What is your name?"
"I-I-Ichabod Crane"
"Where are you from?"
"Nowhere, mam"
"Where is your mother"
"I have no dame"
With that remark
She patted his head
With a pause, and a thought
She quietly said,
"Why don't you come and live with me?"
"I don't see why not, you're very pretty,"
"Why thank you, Ichabod," she said with a blush
She when back in the school and got all of her stuff,
For years she taught young Ichabod
Not just to write,
For her knowledge of teaching was very broad,
She taught him how to dance and sing,
Watching him dance, a peculiar thing
He never quite honestly mastered the skill
Neither in singing, I'm afraid, as well
He liked to eat
And that he did
Though one must have wondered
How he stayed so thin,
She told him ghost stories
Every night before bed
But soon they started to get to his head,
One day he told her
He'd leave her care
Go out into the world
And teach others out there,
They said their goodbye's,
With tears in their eyes
And Ichabod left
And you know the rest...
What would Ichabod's (The main Character from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow) childhood have been like, here's what I think happened...
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