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Salut et bonjour,
Mon amour,
Comment ça va?
Fine as a silver chime,
Moi aussi...
Pax Romana?
Miss me, Minerva?
Don’t flatter yourself,
You’ve shattered the dreams,
Of too many beings,
You were Poseidon,
Most of the time,
Sooo, you want to make the poem rhyme?
Duh, you’re not tryin’ to make it sublime
Acting out and writing a collaborative poem for an honors assignment...not submitting this, obviously.
Of course...I always get assigned with the popular least this one had some wit...
*Everyone nicknames me Minerva. Lol.
Ovi Oct 6

Anyone can turn
Anytime into a monster
Who would look at first
Who is here an Alabaster?

Everyone wants to move
Faster and faster
Who cares about the norms
Who is here that master

Keep up the beats so high
So we can't hear from the sky
Ignoring the rules, baby
Let's focus on all those means of joy

Turn on the lights
Turn on the lights
So, all we can see
What's the truth

All we understand;
is a fist or foot
Have we ever really
Escaped from the shade of boot

I don't wanna see
How lavish is his suit
He's an animal, a capitalist
Whose business walks on loot

Every time he speaks lie
For money, he could die
He's trynna be a God, yeah
Although, he doesn't comply

Turn on the lights
Turn on the lights
So, all we can see
What's the truth
The situation looks horrible when we look around to see what a man is doing to another man. Nothing is certain in this ephemeral world.
Maria Mitea Sep 10
Una tu!
Divina creatura!

Asculta, Luna! Asculta!
Only you can hear my soul!

Una tu,
Angel de la Guarda,
Te auguro la Luna!
Te ador Luna suava!

Credema, Luna! Credema!
Only you can see my soul!

Eu sunt,
Umbra ta terestra,
Lumina azurie vivanta,

Eterna principessa in the dark!
Luna, angelic guardian!
Juliet Aug 30
The veil would open,
The veil would close,
The veil was in my skull
And all its icy shores.

Sometimes it freed things,
Sometimes free things freed it.

Sometimes it speaks,
Sometimes it cries,
Sometimes it creates,
And draws all the worst lines.

The veil was my brain,
It protected me to harm,
But sometimes the veil,
Was itself the harm.
Juliet Aug 30
I never really liked poems.
Or maybe it's proper to say that I'm not a huge fan.

If it is a piece of music
There's always a chord missing
Wrong rhythm
A bad intonation.

It does not suffice
In describing the myriad of thoughts in my head.
It was always short in line.
Short in feelings.
Too romantic
Or not at all.

But I remember staring at the ceiling
Imagining your smile plastered in it
I started looking for you in poems
I started drafting one
I started describing every parts I could remember
I start loving one.
the title is toooooo unique, yes?
Pockets Aug 28
Te amo means I love you
Wǒ ài nǐ means I love you
je t'aime means I love you
I love you means I love you
But when you say it
It don’t mean ****

My friend shared this in a group

जरा धीमे से मुस्कुराया कर
ऐ जिन्दगी....
यहाँ नज़र लगाने वाले
हजा़र हैं.....
( Behold, dear life, do not smile so
I am afraid someone would cast an evil eye )

My response

Muskurati hai zindagi
Nazaraandaaz naa karna

Hawa ka rukh badal jaye
Toh tum naa badal jana

Kuch mausam ki hai sifarish
Aur Zindagi ki guzarish

Muskura rahi hai zindagi
Tum nazaraandaz naa karna

(Life smiles at you
Be not ignorant

The winds may change course
Hope you don’t

The weather recommends
And this life requests too

Life smiles
Be not ignorant)
Was inspired to write in Hindi today
And stare out the window at all the trees
And I didn’t wonder how the leaves
Were such a deep, rich shade of green
I was just grateful that they could be seen

And that’s when I knew
I should drop my science class
And do English literature instead
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