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Kris 1d
Look out the window at night
Down the corridor with no lights
Perhaps there's something under the table
Try not to scream as your eyes grow unstable  
Above you, behind you, why are you up so late?
What is the fear of the monster but the fear of the wait?
Remember, sit calmly and try not to portray slimy dread
The slightest movement and you might end up dead
Maybe it's nothing, maybe it'll go away if you pretend
But remember, the amount of breaths you take may depend.
If only you had brought a light, a friend, a blanket to protect, if only if only.  
But on nights like this, your mind becomes aware of your existence so lonely.
Now if only there were a thing for company, a creature, a thing with a mouth to speak.
To lighten up the silent mood; to break the tendrils of the unknown; but what if it’s a freak?
Suddenly the walls extend, the air becomes cold, the roof unroofed, and you fear what has been delayed
Being trapped by the frozen nails does little to fight the horrors that the mind has been dying to portray.
Each sentence is meant to get progressively longer, like how time seems to last longer and longer when scared. Text kinda also resembles a lamp.
I've got pain in my heart,
And some pain in my lungs,
But not the angsty, metaphorical kind.
I mean literal pain.
It burns, to be honest.
Or if I'm lying on my side,
I can't breathe,
But not because someone isn't around.
I actually can't breathe.
Multiple pulmonary emboli will do that.

I've got blood clots in my lungs,
And ******* does it hurt.
Okay, it only really hurts when I exert myself.
The rest of the time,
It's just a mild annoyance
Or so I tell myself.
The doctors aren't quite sure what to make of me.
Something isn't quite adding up.
I don't smoke,
I'm young,
Healthy weight,
Not pregnant (nor have ever been),
Relatively active.
I, by all logic, should not have multiple, massive, blood clots
In each lung.
(Like, at least two per lung).
I'll continue to believe it's just clots,
Something kinda serious,
And not anything worse.

I feel like I should be more worried.
After all, I've got some pretty hefty restrictions.
No lifting objects over seven pounds.
No exercise greater than a short walk
Down to the mailbox.
Stairs? Don't even try.
Running? **** no!
Standing for a prolonged time?
Ugh, so annoying.
But that's all it is-
An annoyance.

I get out of breath ridiculously easily.
I stand up, walk to the bathroom,
And suddenly have no oxygen.
It hurts too,
Can't forget about that.
It's like someone decided to play polo
With my chest
And my lungs are the ball.
Forget about anything more intense
Than a short walk.
I ain't doing it!
Good thing my social life
Was non-existent to begin with.

We'll see next week
Just how serious this is.
The hospital doctors seem to think it's urgent,
While my normal doctor isn't too concerned.
I guess I'll see on Friday
When I visit the Blood Specialist.
Until then, I'm a breathless glass doll.
**** me now.
Don't get multiple, large pulmonary emboli in each lung. 0/10, would not recommend.
Often I wonder which is harder
'Singleness or Marriage'
How do we do it?
The struggles of being with someone and remain purified sexually
The focus we must attain in this manner
The mindset of suppressing **** and passion
Remaining without touch till the set time
Our partners how they seemingly accept the challenge but later deviate;
With talks like ‘am only human’.
How we look innocent but crave deep down for a tiny piece
The chain of celibacy a slavery we were made to follow
Or else anguish and chastising
Am broken and torn
The lessons I learnt I hold dearly
Corinthians stated worries
Oh my fate!
When whilst thou end, this status I cross around my neck
Wait! but don’t look waiting
The side talks and jest, the respect long lost
Yours will be the latest I know
Happen already!
Wait on *** permanent anthems now
Smile and wave don’t show it
Or you are jealous.
Be happy and suppress
Be hopeful and pray
For how long!
Be patient, kind,
***’s time is the best
Oh when!
It’s been 3 decades and counting
No judging authority
I only want to be loved
Now I live for myself alone no deviation from love and service
I will do not just right but the right way
With *** before me.
This poem is centered on the travails of singlehood, marriage is considered preferable sweet, the holiest and perfect tag also everyone's dream and singleness the No game, unwanted and some sort of plague everyone is running away from.
faith 6d
drifting downward,
picked up by a breeze,
floating townward,
with everything at ease,
i envy this feather,
so careless and free,
i'm tied down with leather,
with nothing to see,
a weight in my heart,
a wait in my head,
my dry lips now part,
i'm on my deathbed,
my heart is still hurting,
oh when will it stop,
why can't she stop flirting,
and just set up shop,
inside my arms,
with comfort and love,
where no one will harm,
my one true love.
If only
she didn't let him go.
If only,
if only she had known.

If only
this hurt doesn't last long.
If only
she could be strong.

If only
she could tell him.
If only
the light wasn't dim.

If only
she didn't wait.
If only,
but now it's too late.
Last week
I had raised an open question;
There is no response.
I know because I have scanned
The air,
All newspapers and weekly tracts,
My mail
And even my phone calls;
The silence stays.
O, gentle heart!
Do not ask me to repeat that question.
Except you
I do not owe to anyone
My trust and faith.
I have forgotten my being,
I must know who I am.
Lost I roam in this wilderness;
I want someone to find me
And not question my presence.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 30
and turned off the lights in the daytime
turned off the light and it was snowing outside
it is snowing outside today

and I'm still still waiting

Umang Nov 29
One day you are gonna love me back
Like you have loved before
Without any fear of breaking
Without any hurt

I m gonna build that trust
Where you can be yourself
Where you can feel the warmth
Where you can be fear less

I m gonna fill this spaces
Where i lack
Where the monsters hide
Where the darkness rules

I m gonna prove it
To be worthy of your love
I m gonna make you proud
To be one who holds you

Its gonna be hard
But i wont break
Its gonna get hurt
But i will wait

For that single day
For that little hour
For that slightest minute
For that flashing moment
Where you shall be fearless
To love me back
Without any smallest doubt
And that time will froze
That feeling will be stored
Carried on
Until i live.
Hope One Day Nov 27
Don't end up being with someone just because you are lonely.

                                                    ­I belief,

It's better to be alone rather than
being with the wrong people repeatedly for short while,
just to **** the loneliness you experience being on you own in you life,

Its worth awhile to wait for that special one,
who'll fill your life with endless love, happiness and fun,
just by being on you side for the rest of your life.

Don't keep giving away your pieces to everyone
you come across in you life.
Who knows, the day you find the right one,
you might have nothing left to give.
You have to kiss 50 frogs before you find your better half is all an ancient MYTH. Wait for the right one who is destined for you to complete your life.
There are the sharp thorns
Protecting the rose buds;
I shall not touch those buds yet,
I shall not risk shedding my blood
But give the buds
The needed time to open,
Sprinkle scent,
And show their colour
To the bees and the butterflies
That flutter about in wait.
With the buds in full bloom
I shall sit beside the roses,
Admire their colour,
Relish their fresh aroma
And be inspired
To write an ode in their praise.
But I must act fast;
I should not wait
Till they shed their petals.
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