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Xylos 13h

A cluster of breaths

Cold feet,

I'm still,
And hoping to pass on.

We live and we learn
But we never conform
To the norms
That have been set forth
By others on this earth

I’d rather live in lies
Than waste my time
Waiting for someone else
To tell me how to live my life

I see something in you
Past the limits of dark and light
It’s your enigma
That fills me,
So full of energy and love

You’re a perfect spec of star dust
In the infinite galaxies
You make the universe yours
Like the nebulas that create
The most wonderful worlds

I want to travel with you
At 20 parsecs past the end of us
Never conforming
To even the laws of nature
That’s the wish that I have
for you and I

My beautiful
My Nebula
My sun and moon
And all the matter in between
My greatest achievement
Will be when you’ll finally
fall in love with me
Don't wait until
her heart gets tired
before you do
something for her.
You can reason out
with the mind
but not the heart.
Patricia M Oct 10
Here I am standing,
Waiting for my food that has yet to come.
Dying from starvation.
Hoping for salvation.
hahahahaha just for fun when my food took too long
I know you're busy and I should be patient,
but your absence always leaves me wanting more,
and to show you in how many ways you mean to me.
I leave you those messages to know,
how much I love you,
but sometimes I wonder if it's too much.
Do I talk a lot,
am I already pushing you away,
is there too many things I'm already saying,
do you really appreciate me,
am I really worth your time,
are you really accepting of me,
and everything I do?
These questions just come rushing in when you vanish,
and sometimes it's hard to manage,
myself left alone,
because you've always been my core,
and without you everything starts to feel cold,
so I feel the need to light that fire again,
by flooding you with my feelings,
and hoping you appreciate your significance to me,
but I don't want to pour so much onto you that you drown,
under the weight of my praise for you.
So I'm going to continue the only way I understand,
and that's present you with my deepest of sentiments,
without it seeming like an emotional brandish.
Our connection runs hard and deep,
and the thing I want most is to make it blossom,
so I'll try my best to not oversaturate,
the soil that we're walking on,
but sometimes that's difficult,
as longing makes the heart grow in it's devotion.
She waited for her knight
Long time has passed
Even the light of lamp diminished
Her hope is lost.

She is waiting to shut her eyes
But a glimpse of love had kept her awake
World has disowned her
And her voice is fading.

She scream in her dreams
Sound of coming feet wakes her
Her world is shattered
And her heart has lost its blood.

Her knight went for a quest
Defending her country’s honour
She now rest peacefully with her son
For her knight came on shield.
Phi Kenzie Oct 6

not yet

Wait until you’re called!

why are you fidgeting?!

Be patient!


Xylos Oct 5

Would you

Till I can reach out,

If you can't
Turn back to me?

I know love,
All the effort
Won't be mine.

Don't ask me if he did.
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