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calypso Oct 27
every bit, every tiny bit
i can feel the elephant foot through
my chest, there is
little to no breath, can i stop?
god, if there is anything for me
please don’t make it wait longer
tell my future i won’t be coming
earth is not my place, not anywhere i’ve been
this is too much
half my day i want to scream on the top of my lungs
for help, for solitude, for no one
why am i not heard yet?

maybe i should tell someone
that my room is a mess like my head
and i can’t keep it still, slowly filling my hands
with anything i can find, i wont rest
i cant rest
i can’t let me go
i have to become my future
i promised i won’t go
i promised things i can’t keep
just let me go, my lungs have
and the blood swells my chest
my eyes aren’t smiling
im sorry im not joyful like i used to be
so joyful, it killed me.

its not you, i promise
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Wait..wait.. wait..
Who's in these shoes?
Wait .. weight..? wait!!
I feel my sole ripping

Weight?  Weight!? Wait....
A stranger behind the wheel
Wait.. Wait! No Wait!
He's caused all this pain I feel

The wait for this weights extinction
Has rot the strength to stand straight
Only to question if the weight is fiction
Or is it that I just have to wait to feel great

Grabbing that wheel can be hard at times
So some choose to fly auto pilot style
Closing their eyes and failing at their primes
Crashing when the auto pilot style dies

Was it the weight? Or the wait?
Who's to say?
We all wait for the weight of Death's great arrival
Hard to wait for weight to release- you have to find a way to release it or it will crush you. Heaviest weights are often the ones you've put onto yourself.
teju Feb 22
Oh, there it goes again
every once in a while
it's the same feeling
I wanna see you
I wanna hold your hand
and tell you
about everything
how I have felt
and my imagination

I'm waiting, waiting,
you don't know it
but it's true
can't get any word to write how it feels
I don't know if the wait is love
I wanna end the await and
and tell you
how I think about us forever

In my dreams, we're together
laughing around and
playing board games
stealing the last piece
of pizza from each other
laying on the ground,
pointing to the stars
cuddling on winter nights
and from there, who knows?
maybe that will be our first kiss

Is it just me and my imagination?
Oh, the feeling, the waiting,
I can't wait anymore
hold my hand and
tell me its not my imagination,
it's us!
Him Dec 2021
I will wait, until Autumn allows your loneliness, to fall - leaves - amid an array of affection arising.
Leocardo Reis Nov 2021
Every ship
leaving the port,
are each
a metaphor.

To the
brave who
how often
do you cast
a backward gaze?

To those
who depart
for other shores,
I think of you

When shall it be my turn
to cast a backward gaze
on those I leave behind?
JA Perkins Oct 2021
Don't you cry when
I'm in the grave
You'll be sad and
I won't hear..
Tell me what's
the matter now..
Tell the truth
and make it clear.

Don't you weep
when I go to sleep
if there's a promise
I've failed to keep.
I'll give to you and
when I'm gone,
just let me sleep
and don't you weep.
Live now
Give now
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