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Ken Pepiton Jul 20
The stones in the stream now,
we are not water,
we are not clouds,
we are like

minded men, wombed and un
running rock to rock
laughing and laughing and laughing

until nothing hurts.
Nothing hurts
the stones in the stream now.
Good morning, bit by bit, this is the next day... following the stream
Steve Page May 22
Waiting for rain that may never come
Watching the sky for foretold clouds
Planning my day around speculation
Finding I've wasted 7 hours.
clmathew May 21
I wait
written May 9th, 2021

I wait
for the sun to rise
so I can see
if the trees
still reside

I wait
for those who slumber
to wake
so there is the possibility
of  . . . ?

I wait
to know the question
so I can search
for the answer.

I wait
to find the key
that makes it all
make sense.

I wait
for the tears
to start?
to stop?
to know why I cry.

I wait
for daylight
so I can cultivate
something other than

I watch
my cats sleep
in the middle
of the night
I wait.
There's a few poems about not sleeping. This one was in the middle of the night. Waiting.
Vira May 6
Words, waiting to be told – he said

How do I express what I hold
In my soul, in my longing for you to behold

It feels like a desire of a lifetime
Just to hold you once for real, in the hands of mine

I have held you for time immemorial in my soul
The wait seems forever when I will see you for real
Love and longing for a platonic soul mate  - the relationship that can never be...yet can never let go....
Daksh Apr 30
Frost; Snow or ashes?, her tears
rain down on me.

Floating and falling, attentive but lost
into you.

Closed the door and went downstairs
with you in my mind.

Kicked the pedal and saw you from the window
with tears in your eyes.

last seen, crying in the bathroom
if found: tell her, I'm in the sky

I will wait for you
Kassan Jahmal Apr 25
For this love she said to,
"wait on me"
Despite my heavy heart,
love don't put your weight on me.

The long wait has a heavy weight
This was inspired by a long distance relationship I once was in, that I was willing to wait 6 years for her.
Akta Agarwal Apr 16
Am waiting for so long ,
but now am not capable of waiting for you
and hurting someone
who do really care
Now I lose all hopes,
Now I don't want to wait anymore.
I want to restart my life
all fresh and all new.
I want to erase all the pains of past
which is given by you.
Now am tired of waiting for you
but now my new life will bring new happiness,
now I only pray for my dreams to come true
and to see the proud in the eyes of my parents,
whose eyes is filled with lots of pains because of me.
I just want to erase that pain with proud happiness,
and am now waiting for the moment when I will make my dreams true,
and this time my wait will be for sometime only.
Wait will be some time only
Kellin Apr 14
In my mind there is a house

And I have flung the doors wide open

Only to find it empty

In the distance, I  heard rubber against the pavement

But it wasn't your car
Kellin Apr 14
I told you I'd wait a thousand lifetimes for you

But little do you know the lifetimes I already lived before you.
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