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Amy Oct 8
Hold me.
Not letting go.
Assuring me,
this will be everlasting bliss.
Kissing me,
like you need to breathe me in
the way you need oxygen.
Promising me
this once in a lifetime love is forever.
But we both know there’s a shadow hovering over us
"This will end one day…"
when lovers can't be together.
B D Caissie Aug 14
The constellations command awe and respect.
With you that and more I will always protect.

Shooting stars travel in firmament skies.
Bursting within your heavenly eyes.

A lightening bolt through the body is far to much.
But I feel it’s jolt with your every touch.

The phosphorus glow of the moon casts a sliver of light.
It’s hue guides our bodies long into the night.
Bhill May 18
Oh, the moon is at it again
What, you ask
It’s hanging around in its lofty space
Its place in the sky above us
Above us gleaming in whiteness, with the desert sky being its playground
The whiteness is disrupting the dark desert sky with uncanny brilliance
Brilliance so vibrant, and, well, bright and full
Its fullness outshines all other objects near its path
All other heavenly partners take second place when the moon is in this phase

Ahhhhh, I love this place called the desert...

Brian Hill - 2019#123
Inspired by the moon....  Of course!
The desert sky never disappoints...
AmeriMav Apr 23
Beauty of the moon
Lady of the star filled night
Sunlight does display
Though its true form and splendor
By its phase remains unchanged
Tanka form
TD Apr 20
Hold tight to fading love

crushed petals
emit such heavenly scents.
J Michael Apr 21
Out of the formless void
Shining forth like an asteroid
The shooting star
A wish upon my heart

Edges of a dream
Overlap upon the seams
Staining the world in light
Through the windows of my eyes

I see you
Deeper parts of deeper truth
You see me
Leaning into this gravity

Sifted to find the finer gems
You, most precious among them
And I, stumbled upon
This - The Loveliest One
Within his piercing blue eyes
She found heavenly love
Sparkling for her.
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