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Awaiting us in the heavenly places is a joy like a river which knows no bounds

O what a peace it shall be to our souls cos tasting this we shall weep no more

Weep no more
We shall weep no more
Weep no more
We shall weep no more

Just keep this faith which can never fail
And weep no more
For we shall weep no more
A song in times of trials to keep the faith.
Danielle Jun 2022
They used to call me  "ethereal"  but I never imagine
the way it feels like, until the time came I told you,
you were ethereal

You were heavenly yet detrimental
as it is only meant to be whispered
in the heights and distance.
Ave Maria May 2022
Angels kiss you when you are unaware
in both your most painful and most beautiful moments
Danielle Dec 2021
This is a warfare;
                               we keep  it in photograph,
                               we keep it in pages,
                               we keep it a secret.

                              I thought I was a keeper

and then everything is heavenly
                                  You are beautiful at daytime,
                                  and shining bright at night.
                                  "You are ethereal"
                                                       ­          the distance is an animosity
                                                       ­          though, we keep on
                                                                ­ reaching
                                                    ­             It is not about the
                                                                ­Yearning; we were still
                                                                ­looking at the same sky.

I thought I could keep you (as I keep everything about you)

you wouldn't  be able to held the sky as it was meant to be ethereal
Kolawole Zainab Sep 2020
Heavenly downpour is here
To wash away every fear,
Cleanse the impure souls
And actualize unachievable goals

Heavenly downpour is here
To make the leaves and flowers
Bloom by her superpowers;
The birds dance happily and stare

Heavenly downpour is here
To carry the burdens we couldn't bear;
Enthrone the gloomy slaves
And enliven corpses in the graves

Heavenly downpour is here
To drown faithless failures and sins
And celebrate the lasting wins
To prove that she truly care

Heavenly downpour is here
To announce another harvest year;
Farmers till and toil the land,
Hoping for bountiful harvest as planned

The cloud cackles and tickles
As she sent down her blessings
To the deserted earth in trickles
Touching the trees by caressings

Children play hide and seek
Both the strong and the weak;
The pitapats of hails on the roofs
Invigorate homes to sing and hoofs

Couples savour the blissful breeze,
The scented moment drew their lips
As their hearts and mouths freeze,
Holding hands and waists in grips
Lilly F Jul 2020
i remember you whispering in my ear in mass when we were meant to be reciting our hail marys.
and daydreaming during the homilies of how dangerously strong our love may be if it was let known,
reverberating over holy lands,
overpowering the sounds of church bells.
but only the walls can hear our words over the loudly sung psalms
and only a god can see in the dark.
your love was architectural.
your love built me cathedrals,
your love built me empires.
the soft vibrations of your sweet love words bounced off the stain-glassed windows and silently drew an echo over the room,
through the pews, up to the sacred altar, presented as a gift to all.
a poet you are, my love,
a goddess, even more so,
with your words, you have the power to create
and with your love, you have the will to sanctify.
for churches are divine, and gods are ancient,
but you are you, forevermore, every century.

Jackie Mead Jun 2020
Do you ever wonder, what why, who you see?
When you cast your eyes heavenly.
By night when the stars shine bright.
Like fires burning in the skies.
Do you ever wonder who you see twinkling before your eyes?
Do you ever wonder who has joined you that night?
Is it a popstar, politician, inventor or wisely sage?
From a time so long ago, you cannot remember their exact age.
Clinging to their last song, speech or invention.
Letting go, never their desire or intention.
Or is it a lost loved one?
Letting you know they are near.
Listen very closely what do you hear?
“Hi, its smee, I know you think of me all the time, I just wanted you to know, I did not go far, I am right here!”
Taking in the stars is a game we all love to play.
Breath in
Breath out
Take a minute
Take Five
Take a moment to feel alive
Connection made now you can rest.
Relieve the pressure from your chest.
Sleep tight without longing.
Knowing you can see your loved one again tomorrow.
Brings a small amount of peace and joy, helps to dim the sorrow.
Dedicated to all lost loved ones, in particular Dad, Pete, Shane, Oskar and Ted.
Always missed, never forgotten. Keep shining brightly, we see you.

3 years ago, Grenfell Tower happened and many people lost loved ones and some lost many loved ones.  This is dedicated to anyone who lost and still misses a loved one.
Amna Khan Jun 2020
The Heavens are closer
to Earth tonight
to sing for you
and hold you in their silk arms.
But you are frowning at the sidewalk,
looking for pieces
of your broken heart.
Just look up, darling.
Constructive criticism is welcome.
On Instagram as @amna.writes.sometimes
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