Ashley C Dec 2017

The lady of the water,

Sits highly fair and mighty.

Through her locks of hair, you may totter.

Now don't be fooled, she is quite slyly.

For she is only lonely

And wishes for a companion.

Please do watch her closely,

For she has once been abandoned.

She will cover you in her embrace till you lose breath.

You have tried to abandon her, is the case.

The lady of the water,

Sits highly fair and mighty,

For you no longer totter,

But you sit with her,

No longer a plea, Scream, Sigh, A breath.

You look very sightly with The lady of the water.

a spoof
on reality
there only
peculiar to
sensitivity as
mobility does
change in
cyberpunk while
our glorious
rays portray
freedom with
our initiatives
in management
or idolatry  
and driven
to extreme  
in America

LNI Dec 2017

I encountered an old Lady Poet in the underground last night.
Gloom crawled around while hope faded.
I looked for consolation in her mouth agape.
I hurried home to be alone and write about her.
Her ageless provocativeness electrified me.
I was left wholly.
Thank you, Lady.
You might be homeless
but don't you know you're a Queen?

Alaina Smith Oct 2017

Dont tell me I need to be a lady
I have a uterus. By default, I am a lady
Your reality is skewed
If I cuss, so be it
If I sit with my legs open, so be it
If I let my hair go crazy, so be it
i do not need makeup to be pretty
i do not need need dresses to be a lady
i do not need a man telling me how to act
You see
I am a real lady

Simon B Nov 2017

how you shock me
Tesla could not compare
a range of bullets of breathless air
soaring and crashing my endless
concourses of love and despair
i'm not alone, of course
but mine heart doth not care
only for you I try to make my hair
only for you I've been caught to snare
only you my heart to share
only one thing
you aren't there yet

you aren't ready to give me a single shot
and i'm not ready for when you ought.

About a girl, she knows of mine affection.... but doth not know of it's intensity. how malignant my affection indeed.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017

the darkness in her eyes
not enough to outshine
the lights that diminish the sky
every inch of skin bathes in fire

the shadow of blood lingers on her hands
desperation can never wash away
lines drawn by ages running deep as time
she knows she'll have to leave
but she'll always stay

not broken
nothing spoken
no words can muffle
her beating heart
no measure of emptiness
can fill up her hollowness
suddenly she knows
she has been taken

her face is so clean
but her roots are all muddy
her past has been mean
future is all bloody

the darkness in her veins
pulsing loudly, displays
the humanity
that stands in the way
of her destiny

This one is about Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare's Scottish Play. Please Enjoy my children!
Charming Blather Nov 2017

O my enemy.
Do I terrify?---
When I look at you:
I am going to look at you while the
napkin is slowly peeled from
my face.
I am going to look at you
while I stand rooted into the ground,
my feet covered in cloth, rooted into reality.
Into the Earth
I manage it---
I have done it again.
I have won the theatrical:
beaten the odds, defeated the Queen--Myself:
a goddess. A God.
I do not rise like the ashes;
I sink like a charm.

Ron Sparks Nov 2017

I walked out of my office today at noon
and slid into the stream of pedestrians -
the hipsters stroking their beards,
the pale professionals blinking in the sun,
mothers pushing strollers through the crowd
with more skill than a racecar driver

before I knew it, I walked past my lunch destination
I kept walking - and watching
the people of my town share a sidewalk
without attacking one another

for a moment I was tempted to take a picture
post it on online,
make a socio-political statement;
if people from all walks of life
can share the sidewalk
can we not find common ground?

I left my phone in my pocket - decided against
adding my unnecessary opinion to the
manufactured outrage
that is the sad truth of social media

I smiled at a pretty lady pushing her baby
she smiled back
and we shared a brief human moment
I kept walking

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