I am writing this using a pen that was oh-so-kindly gifted to me by a kind old lady. She also gave me a cookie, but that’s beside the point. I think she knows that the best way to bribe college students is through food. I’m standing at the table beside a girl who I THINK is in one of my classes, but I still am not quite certain. She is the kind of athletic and strong that screams “this is the confidence that you’ll never have”. We’re both being shown a piece of paper with a minimal amount of writing on it, but an infinite amount of pure heart. The paper says a sweet word about prayer and doing well on finals and all that, but my focus is on the excessive amount of exclamation marks at the end of each sentence. I guess Presbyterians really are the Oprah Winfreys of religion. I forgot to mention that the old lady is Presbyterian. She is advertising a fall bible study led by college students, which, if I were not plagued with the constant assumption that I’ll never know how to socialize or make friends, I would be absolutely enthralled by. The truth is that I’ve been trying to get “plugged in” for a while now, but how can I get plugged in when my wire is frayed and everything I touch seems to smoke and burn at some point? My plug is a circle and the outlet is a square, so I guess it’s like that saying, “A circle can’t fit into a round peg”, or something like that. Anyways, I didn’t mean for this to become an analogy between being disconnected and electrical outlets, but it turned out that way. The old lady at the booth was nice. I hope to someday be that lovely. Although I was around her for a total of thirty seconds, I saw what it’s like to live a life not shrouded in a black cloud of fear. So, thank you, lady.
The recesses of my Soul
Three words I have
To utter
In these bones of misery
Do all things
pass away?
Just know
Within my core
A fire burns brightly
For you

Though I know not
The spaces between
Your lips
That drip
myrhh and honeysuckle
These rationalities of my dreams
This day, will soon discover
The smooth outline of your body
On this sheet of paper.

Lo, and behold
I write for you
These resins
Cause heartache
Because you are not here with me

My Queen, My Life, My Love
Together, as One, Forever
dedicated to my BC friend.
With love,
Lillian May Jul 2
too strong she was.
dizzily on the edge.
Do not disturb the disheveled lady,
made cynical, tottering on the ledge.
"I can't manage tonight."
said poor miss polite and reasonable.
Nick Stiltner Jun 30
I peek out my window and see her,
Lady Twilight in her shimmering black gown,
walking up my cobblestone path.
She walks slowly, at ease, looking from side to side
and moving in her flowing stride, up to my doorstep.

I creak open the door and her eyes rise to meet mine
and she grins, a soft smile etching her smooth face.
Her head tilts ever so slightly to the side, her raven hair
hanging from behind.

The warm rays of the day have given way to the enveloping gray,
a hanging light clings to her outline, lit by a hidden source.
Hues of deep blue and violet shades mingle through the air,
suppressed to black as the sun makes it steady retreat.

She takes a step to me and raises her arm slowly,
placing her softly on my shoulder.
I break contact with her eyes and look down,
trying not to see as Lady Twilight quietly fades away.
bret Jun 29
tied up like
the perfect man.
but let my neck drape
low like
an unpicked Lady.
bathe me in attention
but dont ask if ive earned it.

'its chilly out here'
she told me through
from her breath.
well god bless the
turpentine i transfused
for my blood
thats keeping me

i only live in the now
and by the time you
get there
ill be gone.
chasing a pipedream
or a dragon that might
give me a different
on things.

'its chilly out here'
she told me through
from her breath.
all you want is warmth
but i breathe
snow and
into your atmosphere
not because i want to,
it just cant stay

i dreamt a pair
of wings into my
life to find if i was
ready to see
the tops of buildings
without wanting to
off them but i
gave up.
only i know whats
for me i think
thats the

'its chilly out here'
she told me through
from her breath.
she wiped the
from my hair
and i felt
the comfort of nothing
all over.
ive been chasing
from the edge
of a
Lash Jun 26
i am not to be pursued as one your sexual interests,
because i wear clothing that are tight-fitted and lack inches.
refrain from holding on my arm, don't approach me with the famous mating calls; matter of fact don't approach me at all.
"ayo sexy",
NO, you cannot text me.
no you cannot take me home, or use slick talk to undress me.
"maybe if you dress more appropriate, with elegance and class"
how about i wear what the fuck i want without being harassed.
"act like a lady"
please do not play me.
i will not submit to your labels of what a woman should be,
or how she should dress.
really? what's next?
will i have to wear nun outfits to get a date,
because it's respectable, then will i find a 'mate'?
get the fuck up out my face.
maybe i shouldn't use profanity,
maybe it makes me less of a lady.
& maybe words like "niggas & hoes" make me look fuckin crazy?
OMG you're so unlady like.
ok but i sleep great at night!
maybe i should be a lady, so tell me what is a lady like?
sorry, nope, i will NOT shave my legs every night.
i will not wear extra clothing to be pleasing in your sight.
sick of the world and how it tries to label you, i am who i am. i wear what i want, do what i want & say what i want because at the end on the day only me has to live with me, & only i am affected by the consequences of MY actions so if you are uncomfortable, then make yourself comfortable by dismissing yourself from my presence :) love ya'
Shadow Dragon Jun 11
If you want to define love
you are not worth of such beauty.
Because love is not to be defined
just like you can’t describe
the golden thoughts of a crazy lady.

Her shine will forever remain
unspoken amongst the cruel men
who no longer know what to strive for
or what to do with the the puddle of shine.
pale lady, full moon,
spurns a million suitors' winks;
sits alone, brooding!
Bryce May 18
My mind emerges from the muck of dream
Sheen of crust and blurry view

In my mind you loom

In my dreams you sing your tune.

Step, clomp, foot, stomp

Off these laces
Pull these wagons
Heft these towers
Lay their power

Dream of vistas green and new
Untouched where?
there I see you

Log cabin of Linking Logs
Cobble our souls and roll them in stones
Heat our hearths and steam our schemes
Give us that leftover dream

But flags wave in every breeze
There is no land for my free

And that farm on the brook
I dream of maintenance
Will fall as quick
into this reapere

to pull the gift of life from dying soil
And play that I can have paradise
on earth

With iron ore
and sweat of toil

I will build a walled garden
to respect the rest
and tell myself

To keep dreaming.
Vexren4000 May 7
Rolling dice,
Tossing coins,
Probability sometimes our friend,
Other days lady luck is vengeful.
Numerals rolled,
Amounts on a die.
Faces of the coins.
Or roulette wheels,
Random chance?
Or controlled chance?
Man knows but does not,
That is the beauty of,

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