Deena 2d

i have my own weird story about Princess Diana. when she passed in August twenty years ago, i was living in western Nebraska. i loved my little job with a little family-owned motel near the base of the Scottsbluff National Monument. i remember thinking the day she died,
i've got to remember this. for whatever reason, i gazed at the heavens during a break in a little nook Clyde and Mary made for smokers. the sky
was baby blue, the clouds were clustered puffs of white, the sun was high noon, as perfect golden as any child could draw in primary colors all. i thought of Princess Di
dead. it truly was sad, how she went, the circumstantial evidence of a royalty marred by passive-aggressiveness by her in-laws. so many people die every day. some are famous, most are not.
her death affected me i just figured it was mostly because she was female, like me, and because she was such a shining light,
a true beauty in presentation of how great human beings can be when we follow our hearts, even if we are mocked or disparaged. she was an example, maybe, of someone who did rise
above it all. i took those moments that day to think about her briefly and then went back to work. then at night,
the dreams began coming about a month after she died in France. in one of them, she and i
talked at length in a treehouse together, with a flashlight between us, fireflies and stars our partners, truly a storybook kind of scene and in another, she was bloody, quiet
and i was the one mostly talking, telling her things would be all right as i tried to wipe the scarlet from her face. in still another dream, she was acting as though she was a lifelong friend and not a princess at all.
it was a mash of dreams from the heart of a woman only 31 years old, me, and she was running around in my psyche. i remember telling a few people about my dreams of Princess Diana.  
well later, in October,
i found out i was pregnant and the date of conception mirrored the day she died, right around that time, within one week, no more. the baby daddy found it wild. we both recalled late August well, for our own life events and for the funeral of a princess in England, the motherland of so many. at odd moments over the years, i
have recalled the closeness of her untimely death and then the heavensent and sweet birth of my little blond girl, the latter a long time dream come true.
i'm not suggesting anything mystical. it's one of those weird things in life that has discernible thought-worthy components. my daughter, like Diana, is beautiful.

Julia, one of many, many babies conceived in late August, 1997.

One at a time, slowly and softly,
I will carry you through the breeze,
Patience my lady, worry not;
For I will be your wings,

If you wish,
And only if you will.

Look at me, seek my world and
I shall welcome you,
With this chansonette,
This gentle little song for you.

A little undelivered piece I had written a few years ago.
haley 7d

A woman full of menace and desire;
Freckles laced upon a pale complexion,
wide eyes colored a misty sapphire,
and ink-like locks resting in opposition.

As an artist amidst her painted skin
she dreamt of love and moonlit nights,
confidence arose from a source within
while summoning her mystical insights.

Masses of books sprawled across a desk,
drawings with notes and candles afire,
a scene she considered quite picturesque;
a place of confinement in which she conspired.

A woman who is known by many monikers:
sorceress, occultist, clairvoyant, bewitcher.

In the form of Shakespearean sonnet rhyme scheme
J Jul 14

I hear a song in the distance - stand deep within the pains of my heart yet troubled - My mouth trembles words - I think the thoughts I want to shout - Yet linked to a shattered perspective - Emotion nothing comes out - My lips stand still what is this I feel - Infatuation detangled like the veins that embrace your body - Run down your spine - Tangled I'm lost - Direction is amuse I refuse this is my hope - I ask you to ride my Jet Plane our song - A note to tell - Don't Fuck around my Lady river - You grip tight this is our flight - Life is scattered like the whim a whisper I shutter to detect the fear in your heart - Does this beat get louder - Or is clutter our way - Our story began so sketched out nothing planned - Page by page it proposed a light in a dark space - I never felt grip so tight - You gave fever to a place I call comfort - My time - Seconds afloat - I do not know how to perpetuate my thoughts - Im lost - I long - I taste - Your skin yet distance
Do I pray the God to save what infatuated my heart - Brought tears sorrow joy thru this drout - Im dry of the memory you gave me - Desire that one day it will appear before me - Lost stolen for nothing - Was it worth it
Did you love me
Hate me
Kiss me
Memories surround
Im untouched
I long for our lips to meet
Ill wait
Love remains
Our stain

Alec Jul 12

My lady of the sea
Oh how I miss thee
Oh how beautiful you are
Waving to me from afar
The secret language you speak to me
Beckons me to the sea
The way you wave as I come and go
It seems as though you know things I don't know
My lady of the sea
Do you wait for my return?
To tell me all your secrets so that I may learn?
Do you yearn to embrace me once again?
You are, after all, my longest truest friend.
Will you sing to me?
My lady of the sea?
My darling dearest who calls me to her side
Do you wait for me to embrace your riptides?
My lady of the sea
One day I will answer that call that beckons me
I will go forth into your arms and fall
To my deepest sleep you will sing so I am lulled.
My lady of the sea
Oh how I wait to embrace thee.

Jimmydon Jul 8

She is already the perfect portrait

She lies naked on the bed
I see an opportunity to create
The perfect portrait
As I cover my pallet with paint
I look upon her form
Every curve soft and pleasing
Her olive skin glistens
Seductive bedroom eyes
Warm supple lips
She is radiant and glowing
I begin to touch my brush to a color
Then as the brush kisses the canvas
Another color, another stroke
Still nothing appears
I walk over to her and sit by her side
I look deep into her soft green eyes
Kiss those warm supple lips
Then my heart begins to realize
She is already the perfect portrait

She had a fading tattoo
on her thigh
which caught my eye.

Winnie asked me
to help her
bath Florence
as she was alone
and I wasn't busy.

You don't mind
if Benny helps me
bath you
do you Florence?
Winnie said.

no make my day
for a young feller
to see my tattoo again
first time
in many years
I can tell you
Florence said.

Used to be
a dancer
back in
the early days
danced on stage
up in  London
and sometimes
when we toured
we went all
over the place.

Once Winnie
had helped
Florence undress
I saw the tattoo clearer
it was in blue and pink
and was of a dancer
doing the can-can.

Is that what
you did Florence
the can-can?
Winnie said.

Yes that
and other dancing too
did more than
dancing too
other times
she laughed.

I smiled.

She had her
grey hair long now
as Winnie
had unpinned
the hair to wash it.

Had a young feller
who wanted
to marry me
but he got himself
killed at Mons
and that was that.

Another one came
back blinded
and although
I could have
married him
I wasn't keen
on marrying
a blind bloke
you know what
with me dancing
and touring
and having to
help him
I couldn't do it.

I think he married
some other girl.

Florence went quiet
had my chances
but never did marry.

Bet you were a looker
when you were young
Winnie said.

Got a photo
in my drawer
when I was a dancer
one of those sepia jobs
faded a bit like me
but you can see me
as I was then.

We eased Florence
down in the bath.

I wondered how many
other men had seen her
like I did
but didn't ask or say.

Once in the bath
Winnie did her back
and Florence talked on
all about once upon.

Vachaspathi Jul 2

I swam across the seas of her tears of sadness and tears of happiness.
To truly feel the depth of her.

Hades Jun 30

O' Woman who mirrors the night,
Once your lips touch mine, It's a delight
Cold, prickly winds embrace me tightly

O' beloved lady that was once prayed for,
My intentions are genuine to win your core
All of my dignity and I entrust all my vulnerability

O' beauty that reflects on the fullness of the moon
I'm here with such promising words to swoon,
Those words I could have uttered to you before.

I do not possess all the power, but only fate will keep us together,
But woman, all my life, and heart's dedicated to your image
You're the only one in my heart

it's the english version of "Pagamo't panliligaw"
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