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Nik Bland Sep 22
Machiavellian in the way you step
Sultry temptations
Slow drag on the coffin nail called life
Slight correlation
How sweet for the world to bend for you
Scuffed to the knees
With a smile reminiscent of crocodile
She walks dangerously
At threat in every sense of the word
Fluent in her wiles
Innovation in internal investigation
Transcends the mile
Deliberate in the introspective
Oil and grease the machine
Poised and confident to represent her perspective
Let the lady sing her blues
Don't bother why
Just let her cry
to the sound of (the sweetest) goodbye

Let the lady sing her blues
Don't tell her to smile
Don't tell her "Don't cry"
Let her sing for a while

Enjoy while it lasts
The blues of a lady
That once screamed
Please save me
and got away

Enjoy these sweet minutes
For hours and days
Minutes in nights
and thoughts of goodbyes

Let the lady sing her blues
Don't bother why
Just let her cry to the sound of sweet goodbye
Anna Sep 3
I searched this book full of words
Something that could describe him
Wouldn't know how to put in terms
Just as I found nothing
That understood the greatness behind his gaze.

[D] could go for the Density of the metal that protruded from his chest
The blade was shining autonomously like the crimson full moon
On Werewolf Territory Day
Like a piece of wood thrown into the fire
I could see the flame in his eyes.

There was the beauty but the beauty
Was nothing but fear
His words gave me shivers as I walked throught the path
I wonder what would be like to define him
Would the words be real just like him?
But would he be real or would he be smudged ink passages
In this old moldy diary smelling like also old roses.

[I] would go for Imagination, place where he crossed me
Like a wild horse running from the storm in the field
He had worries all over his mind but couldn't show anyone
Selfish way to say he had feelings over the scary sense.

Beauty had no name
But if I knew his, I would surely call it by
Beauty is his name
Had no harms but had such a charm
I could feel it in his eyes
The look he gave me I never saw before.

[C] would go for Coward
But that honestly applied more to me
He tried and insisted once and twice
Maybe more, but I had no ears back in then
I was deaf by the occurrences.

Tried to warn me
That things wouldn't be my way
Nor would they stay the same
I said I would try.

[T] would go for Tactless
Something I wished he was not
I wouldn't feel his power on me now
If he wasn't, but we don't get what we want
Is it what I truly want or am I the tactless?

Once his fingers ran down my skin like dance in the rain
I could feel the warm touch he had on his fingertips
To be honest I was scared, that was new
And they say the new is good but that didn't feel likely.

[I] again could go for Icy
He was such a piece of ice in the start
Ironic when he could but indeed
The void was where I always went in the end.

Indeed he had no mean to be like that
Still he didn't know love as I did
He had no signal of it but family
And I hoped with all my heart
That he would feel the same I had back in time.

[O] would go for Observant
He always had that over watch eyes
In time I doubted if he could blink
Never did when I was looking
And I was always looking.

Once I told him I could be his muse if he wanted
I bet he thought I was only saying stupidity
Indeed I caught him looking at me when was all over
And then he brought all I had, again.

[N] could go for Naive
Something that back in time I thought I was
But wasn't I just enjoying the good time before the danger?
The danger looked like a fun time back in then.

Bathing at my own blood was not what I thought I would be doing in the end of all
Still I didn't cut myself in the outside
I was emerging from blood.

[A] would go for Acrimonious
Caustically he destroyed me
As nuclear acid
In our fierce dispute
Pain in my bones is what I felt but I had no mark on me.

Slowly he built me up
Sweet buttercup of mine
Bitter piece of cinnamon
On my ice cream pie.

[R] could go for Ravenous
Because there I was again
Rabid for you as a piece of meat
That I could not take outta my head
I had it on the back and on the center.

I was hungry, but not for your body
Your body was not the only thing I had on mind
I had your mind on mine
I wanted to eat your feelings as you ate mine
But I would do it gently.

And finally, the letter [Y] would go for Youthful
I suddenly stopped emanating all that old vibe
And after meeting you once and twice or more
Knowing every centimeter of your skin as some subject I knew best
I was glowing youthfully as some missy that just born.

I was the lady on the red dress
Soft skin and well done hair, glowing as the moonlight
The smell of old roses emanating from me
And from that moment I knew
You had regrets, my sweet dictionary.
I was able to finish this without crying, congr. to me buddies. I'm setting my baby free today, I hope his words mean something for you.
There is a lady in the night
A constellation fair
Lady of the Crescent Moon
You'll see her sitting there.

She wears a diadem of stars
Opals of bright hues
Each color in it represents
A soul who's been abused.

She, who is their patron
Lets them shine like suns
She holds them in the heavens
And cares for every one.

She holds a scepter crystalline
Wears rubies on her sleeves
Her bossom alabaster stones
A tapestry she weaves.

The crescent moon behind her
It's beams are like a flood
It is a second diadem
For she's of royal blood.

AH! You cannot see her?
No. You will not see her soon
You'd only see from VENUS

Lady of the Crescent Moon.
I hope you enjoyed this. It's written for my friend Sar, and based on a picture she drew.
I LOVE that drawing!
Ruhee Aug 7
She yelled to her voice
Drunk to her eyes
Slipped to her thighs,

She sung to the skies
Danced with thrives
To light up many smiles,

She walked with fears
Ran with tears
To make paths clear,

Today do we shine
In our beautiful lifeline
Through her blood and sweat that signed.

Fathima Ruhee
Hereshecomes Jul 27
Grant it
You stepped in
through a crack
like an assassin.

And yes
your prying eye
did establish how far
you could reach

Little did you know
that the lady you made out of me
can see in the dark.


Red flags you waved before me
for your colourful entertainment
Pillars for my temple
And swords for my angels.
YusufKudsi Jul 3
Sailing through the waves of depression
“Oh, Lady of the ocean help me before I sink”
How calm does the ocean look while the storms raging inside his mind
“Oh, Lady of the ocean help me before I sink”
The unknown drives him crazy while the hope in his heart keeps him sane
“Oh, Lady of the ocean help me before I sink”

A captain with only prayers on his mouth and music in his soul.
Zia Jul 1
I live in a body that’s no longer mine
You shouldn’t stress, you look fine
Friends tell me from time to time
I add to my water half a lime
I look for weight busters online
My hips still choke my waistline
It costs me a pretty dime
every day when I’m on lunchtime
Riding farther from my knees is my hemline
Surely there’s another way to cloud nine?
Johnny walker Jun 24
Since I've been going for my morning coffee In a local cafe I've met lady In passing the first time I saw she spoke and she
I Introduced myself she told her name she's very pretty but she seems alone but for her
I saw her today we spoke briefly she told me she'd been to the gym I've got to pluck the courage
to ask
If she's alone and If she would like a friend so I'll just have to wait and see
maybe I'll see her  tomorrow I do very much hopes
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