Umi Apr 11
A kiss of death,
Before you can safely visit the realm of the deceased, the long gone,
A last breath, before it can end, escaping the boundary of this reality,
The embrace of death might not be always gentle, it may take some cruelty before it sets you free, to fly away, leaving us, finally behind,
It may happen in a restless night, or when you are asleep, that a lady comes to engage her lips, pressing them against yours and spiriting you away, lifeless, the corpse would remain, but worry not, darling.
If the kiss lacks of passion, more importantly dedicated affection however, it shall be unsuccessful, leaving a mark of fear in that soul,
Without a sound, the light dies, plunging everything around in deep yet loitering darkness, burnt, blistered and fallen is the blooming life,
Even so, humanity has no other choice but to follow this chosen road,
Living as they do now, unable to escape the endearment of dying,
I hope that, this body of mine can disperse in a gentle peaceful way,
Carried away with a single kiss of love, then sleeping, for eternity,
With that being said, would you like a kiss,
Darling ?

~ Umi
SangAndTranen Apr 10
You’re preaching your vanity
To my innocent insanity
But I will hide within
While you strut and jut your chin.

Feeble destruction, I confess
Sitting in my pretty dress.
Ribbons of gold and silk of blue
I wouldn’t lift my skirt for you.

Roses white and gentle pink
Stained with red when the thorns prick
To behead a rose - 'tis not wise
Our stinging beauty terrifies.

Among the peonies, footsteps soft
Pretty little ladies’ faces don’t rot.
Corsets choking our manic laughter
Underneath her frills it’s a disaster.

My innocent insanity
Comes with a smile.
Take my paper hand good sir
Stay with me for a while.

You’ll enter blind
And leave a new man
Able to hear
That that is not there
And barely able to stand.
Aa Harvey Apr 8
The lady in the flowers

The lady in the flowers with the white cotton dress;
It flows behind her and clings to her, as she gathers her bouquet.
With her crown made from picked daisies, she looks like a Princess;
Her smile shines like a sun beam on the fourth of May.

In this magical place, we are lost no more; we are in love!
Good Heaven’s above, are sending signals to us.
As she dances through the tulips,
She is soft to the touch and receptive to my advances;
Ladies in lavender do not give second chances.
But she is truly forgiving all my misdemeanors;
She is a vision in white and I want to be dancing with her.

As the path made from patches of grass,
Leads us into a beautiful future;
I am at ease in this place of peace.
She passes through reeds and then I lose her!

She vanishes beneath the water and all I see is her waving goodbye.
Oh my!  Where has she gone?  I am screaming on the inside;
But as I dive in search of her, I find myself… a wonder land.
I had never imagined that this dream could really have happened.
Into the water and through to the other side;
I climb out into her arms and again off she glides.

So once again I give kiss chase;
In case this time she is gone for good.
But she is never really leaving me;
She is just leading me to a place where we can be in love.

The leaves are multi-coloured
And this place has forever been hidden from all before.
She has welcomed me into her fantasy;
I can be a part of her world.

She skips through clear puddles
And in each of them I see my double.
I am a stranger on the inside
And I am rather befuddled.

But she is the fairy light I follow morning until night
And with all my might I shall become a part of her life.
Out into the clear, there is so much to see and to hear
And whenever she is near, blue birds suddenly appear.

A blanket is waiting next to a hamper for two.
We can rest now we have found each other…
Love is in bloom.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 7
It was just my imagination.

In all the worlds that I have seen,
The sun’s rays have never shone so bright,
As they do right now on this planet of ours.
I pray to see this day last throughout the night.

Eternal sunshine is needed to reveal,
The lady I see in the depths of my mind.
Her voice speaks of echoes of fondness,
My fond memories of love are lost; never again will I be healed.
But if I could find a lady like her,
Maybe I could find a way to once more smile.

I wish I could love her and once more see the ladies smile;
No tears does she ever shed, for she is strong of heart.
She is capable of inner strength, whilst I am fragile
And forever locked within my own broken heart.

A gift to her I wish to bring,
As a peace offering; she is equity.
The lady I have never met drifts into my soul
And makes herself at home.
Hopefully, permanently; not just temporarily.

She is Gothic of soul and dresses like a Goth
And that will draw me towards her always,
In a desperate search for love.
She is the last hope of the hopeless,
Who has been ready to give up.
I dream of her when I am awake
And she swims inside my blood.

She floats inside a vessel; she is created by me inside my brain.
She breathes oxygen into my lungs
And sends love flowing through my veins.
She is a figment of my imagination,
Who I am desperate to somehow make become real;
Just so I could once more feel loved.  Just so I could once more feel.

I want to embrace her,
But she is a non-entity who is out of reach.
Still I am searching for a way to meet her,
Each time I go to sleep.

I am thinking about her as I lay in my bed,
But she knows nothing of me and she never will.
My thoughts will be about her, until I forget.
She will spring back into my forethought’s,
Whenever my body is still.

And still I shall love her with every ounce of my heart;
For she is my last sense of light, as I drift off into the dark.
Soon she is gone from my head;
I tried hard to not forget,
But I can think of this kind of love no longer,
For she is real only inside my imagination and not inside my bed.

My ghost of a love drifts away from my attempts at amity.
She floats away into the never to become just a memory.
This is a tragedy.
She is a vision, lost way up in the ether,
Disappearing like a rocket ship shot into space.
She was here once, now my sweetheart has evaporated
And left my soul without a trace.

Gone like the wind, she has blown through my heart.
I felt her breeze blow through my life
And now she and I shall forever remain apart.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Lily Mar 30
Conversations overlapping.
Suitcase wheels rolling.
Babies sobbing.
Mothers calling.
Headphones blaring.
People scurrying.
PA system whispering.
Starbucks bustling.
Airplanes taking off and landing.
And in the middle of everything,
The lady in black.
Sitting motionless, hands grasping her
Black umbrella, her sleek black dress
Accentuating her young body,
And whilst a black veil covers her face,
Her tears shine through, reflecting
From the bright lights of the airport.
When you look closer,
Her slim body trembles with concealed sobs,
And her calm facade is broken
With closer inspection,
Broken inside from something undetectable from the outside.
The lady in black.
We have all been her.
Brooke P Mar 27
Crazy Cat Lady

Why are you so lonely, now?
You have all those cats.

Crazy Cat Lady

Maybe you could make money

if you taught them tricks.

Crazy Cat Lady

Your whole house smells like litter
You should get out more.

Crazy Cat Lady
stop buying them all sweaters
they do not like sweaters.

Crazy Cat Lady

I hope I don't become you

I have allergies.
something a lil lighter for y'all
My beautiful lady ...

my life got beautiful ...

because if you ..

because you are always ...

with me ...

all my day ...

and all my night ...

even ...

within dream ...

my dreams ...

which it all of you ...

it's really so beautiful ...

because of you ...

i feel love ...

and feel all a happiness ...

love you my lady ...

whom always ...

giving me love ...

all happiness ...

OH lady mine ...

desire you now ...

wish you know ...

how much i do ...

do you feel sweetheart ...

love you ...

hazem al ...
Kuvar Mar 16
Have you ever seen a lady
That you struggle for life
That you gasp for breathe
For her body is breathtaking
Have you ever seen a lady
That you fight for her
That you sustain an ugly face
For her character is beautiful
Have you ever seen a lady
That you worry of her
That she stole your heart
But you failed to arrest her
Sam Mar 16
I had a dream
That she noticed me
That she smiled
And told me she’d walk a mile
If it meant that we could talk
And walk

But then that dream
It went into a horrible something
When she didn't come to school
For a whole week

Let me just say
I was terrified
To think that the girl I
So desperately want
Was going through something
That makes her sad

I begged and pleaded
To every god I know
To just let me take her place
To let me deal with the pain
So she can smile again

It isn't fair
That she has to experience
Something that takes her smile away
The beautiful smile that I look forward
To seeing everyday
When I get to school

She is beauty, she is grace
And she has the most beautiful face
And talents

What I wouldn't give
To sneakily hold her hand
Under the cover
Of a blanket we could share

For now I'll settle with the subtle flirting
And looking at each other
With those stupidly cute love eyes

I want to give her those love eyes

I guess I'm just a chaser

But I'm a chaser of a beautiful girl

Who doesn't deserve me
Wow I need help.
Tripti Biswas Mar 12
Who is that girl in that rich purple dress?
With her golden hairs loosened on her shoulders?
With her glittery dark evening gown,
She looks like the most glamorous lady in the town.
She seems the smartest , the boldest of all,
With those stary eyes she glances
Like she claims the world ,
Like a magnificent queen she looks,
She looks like she owns the Sky.

Who is that little girl in that cute yellow dress?
With her short sandy locks, that barely reaches her shoulders?
With her mellow lemon yellow skater dress,
She looks like the most adorable girl in the city,
She seems the cutest, brightest of all,
With those curious big eyes she stares,
Like she carves all the magic of the world,
Like a little charming princess she looks,
She owns her castle and her books,

But do you know her, who she is?
It's the same lady in the purple gown.... Then be it As it is.
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