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Brynn S Dec 2018
Manufactured moans
My stomach turns to stones
I cannot feel, how I used to is a flare
Each second after I am left
Left to something odd; my mind
My mind can’t place or displace
Everything evaporates
Not much is left to salvage
The rubble vibrates
Turning into winged creatures
They escape through my mouth
It’s over
lins Apr 2018
The more I look at you
The more irritated i become
I’m not sure what to do
Your voice makes me numb

I have to get away
From your wicked exposure
Every single day
I feel you getting closer

The nearer you get
The faster I run
I break a sweat
Fleeing from your gun

Bullets that are pompous
Forged with distrust
I have to be so cautious
waiting for you to combust

I’ve got to save myself
I never have before
So this is a farewell
I’m walking out that door
Speak easy
Hit the peace pipe
Hate is fleeting

Don't make a peep
Hear the sounds
Draining around you
Feel my silk skin
And forget




Dear blood of my blood
Moon and my stars,
Do you really
Have what it takes
..To be wild
Truly and irrevocably wild
With me
And Leave everything behind
Sometimes I doubt if I do
But I need to be your hero
So there's no room for second guessing
All there is to do is just
Lately I've been booting with leaving society like I've always wanted, bit fear and anxiety get in the way. And starting a new relationship during all this is not the best idea .. But i know I've been given this prize for a reason and it's always easier and more fun with a partner. Hopefully I'll find out the know-how here shortly
m Sep 2017
irma in the distance
it was cold and the sheep were bleating.
your hands had made there way under
my shirt, tracing your warmth on my back.

we had talked for hours,
about politics and food,
and tattoos and love.
showing me a sliver of your mind.

you kissed me like you would die without my breath. you took my hand and showed me inside and asked if i wanted to brush my teeth. you gave me one of your extras. the entire time in your bathroom you ran your hands all over me, and we discussed our preferences in perfumes, and the color of each other's eyes. in the bedroom we had a race to see who could get naked the fastest, and you won. we laid under the covers and kissed, everywhere, and you whispered,

"i don't love you, you know"

i said "okay". you continued, "but i like you, a lot, i think you're so **** cute. kiss me." and so i did, forever. i feel like i still am. i could create a home out of your bed and cocoon in there for the rest of eternity.

i leave for europe in three days. you haven't texted me, or anything. your passion has left a mark on me that i will have for a very long time, a mark i will cherish with every part of my soul. these fleeting connections created have left me with bruises on my neck; i have a necklace of lovers that could have been and you're the deepest one of all.
why do i keep ******* doing this to myself.
Poetrylover Aug 2017
January 5th....
The day where I lost and left
Everything that I've ever cared about.
On this day I had a doubt,
That our first kiss
was going to be our last.
When our lips danced and cuddled
I felt that the world stopped moving,
What mattered was that moment,
A moment that I was afraid of letting go,
Because I knew
it was going to be my last day with her around.
It broke my heart that I had to leave,
But she brought me back into one piece…
Her warm breath sliding down my upper lip
Felt like that warm breeze
During a cold day,
Our lips were dancing on the tunes of our feelings,  
Our minds are caught up in the moment,
Afraid of letting go.
Every girl after her felt and seemed worthless,
Because no one has the warmth of her lips.
I would love to hold her hand for one last time,
And feel the warmth of her lips one last time.
leaving and  letting go of someone you've really loved is hard. So love your significant others and never hurt them.
Anthony Smith Jun 2017
Here they sway from side to side.
Father and son, hand in hand.
That poor little girl
Who never stood a chance.

For boy, as you know,
Daddy had a thing for those
Of innocence and very few years.

Yet you watched from the shadows,
As your old man went on,
He didn’t know that you were there.
Why didn’t she scream?

You couldn’t believe the scene,
He is not the one you know
Today he had betrayed your soul.

But you would run if you could,
He blocks the door,
Of this old and abandoned shell of a barn.

Close your eyes boy, but the ears won’t relent,
Just look away and pretend you don’t see
Their silhouettes clinging to the walls.
Now you can never be free

You know the century is early, the laws unevolved
They say what you have seen has left your soul unclean.
They know she was your friend, so now they’ll understand.

This wasn’t your fault, you didn’t make it be
You know your father is to blame, he who hath sinned.
Unleashing evil in its purest form.

But that’s not what they’ll say
When they condemn you two to fate.
As from behind the crate you step,
“Father it is time to flee.”

You know his darkness, yet with him you must go
For life on the run alone, you cannot survive.
You strive for your freedom, with your demon at your side.

You travel the miles, yet with him you will never speak,
Because of him, your childhood is gone.
And even worse is the loss of her’s.

Together you last for many a day
But in the end you’ll never get away.
For it is now the third day of the second week.

You know you are caught, yet with him you’ll still not speak
As the cavalry rides up, and they take you away.
Back to the village where it all began.

The trial is short, the girl revealed all,
as before you were ever found, you were both deemed guilty
And tonight you shall hang, along with your old man.

So here they sway from side to side.
Father and son, hand in hand.
That poor little girl
Who never stood a chance.
Echoes Of A Mind Sep 2016
I thought I had got rid of it
I really thought that I finally did
The feeling which only cause troubles
Both for me and for others...

This whole summer I did not feel  anything
Protecting the happy memories, which you gave me
Because as soon as I realized that the feeling was there
I ran away from it in fear...

Just this one,  I thought, please, not him
I don’t want this feeling to destroy everything
The friendship I worked so ******* building
Is now in danger cause I begin singing
Each morning that I know I’ll meet you...

So now I’m brought to tears again
As I’m feeling at loss
Don’t want to see you walk away
Like everybody else
Have done
I don’t want to lose another friend
Who I can speak to while being myself...

So now I’m teasing you
I’m trying to make you keep a distance
Cause I know that I’m not strong enough
To keep myself away from the one I love
But I don’t want to ruin our friendship
So I’ll hide these feelings and instead feel pain
Because of the words
Which I’ll never be able to say
Once more
I'm gonna run away...
A random poem...
Letícia Rocha Jul 2015
Silent cries and hushed whispers
The dreams you would never let be
Your words feel like knives
Your stares pierce my skin

My hopes and wishes are nothing
When placed in front of you
Everything I hoped to be
Is dead and gone
I never thought you would be a killer

Let me hopeless
Let me be a failure
Let me be nothing
But let me be me

In the end, this is just a plea
A plea from a young girl
Who never could be anything else
Other than what you never wanted me to be

I beg you
Let me fall
Let me burn
Let me be destroyed
But let me be me

You can't see the fire that burns inside
The will and the hope
That have kept me alive
You don't know me
And you can't hold me
Not anymore

Let me be dangerous
Let me be furious
Let me be terrible
But let me be me
Snowflake Apr 2015
Straying leaves upon the trees,
the lightning thundering free.

The light escaped the shuddering shadows,
as the only thing that matters is the soft patter.

Fleeing free, as swift as light.
The shadows seem to gleam throughout the night.
I was bored.
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