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Ceyhun Mahi Feb 3
A beach – a sea – a breeze – a night,
My mind — my heart – feelings – and mood,
Lit up by golden lamppost light,
Alone, while I do hope and brood.
My hope's from beauty, and from
Darkness is all the brooding, here
Making me both alive and numb,
Between a joy, between some fear.
But oh, the wave did hit my feet!
A coldness embraces my skin,
(My socks all wet), it did retreat,
Back to the sea – where have I been?
    Both hope and brooding vibes did leave,
    To be mindful, I now achieve.
Mohith Jan 1
If colourlessness was a colour
Let the world be painted colourless
The world,
In which I can see through you.
The world,
In which you can see through me.
Brynn S Dec 2018
Have you ever watched the stars fall from your eyes?
Not many have, it’s a terror that masks itself as blue
Once the stars fall they reveal the darkness beneath
The absolute
That’s what I call it, it’s an immenant force awoken by madness
It exhumes itself from a dusted space and collects the spare thoughts
It feeds on my lungs, it rips pieces of my soul
Dragging them down to the plunging tides to be washed and preserved into a formulation of unbridled torment
I have not the slightest to why my heart beats in two awful tones
Maybe it’s the excitement, maybe the moans
I need not worry for breath falls short
I always reconcile back to the night it made itself known
A dwelling creature beneath my stomach
Risen from the ashes and buried in self pity
The sad clown of desire without as much as a tear I stood there petrifical in glances
Watching the bottom of the glass come closer, it snuck up on me as it’s fragments plunged into my chest and brought with it the terror
Frozen in silence I heard only the wails of my lungs
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
unwavering guarantee
once found
nothing last forever
crash n burn
leather is no match
inevitable skin burn
relentless search
easier finding a creature
trench in the ocean abyss
without a flashlight
if you’re lucky enough
to find someone loyal
cherish the preciousness
hold it tight
grab that hand
don’t let it go
all the same
holding on to hopes
emergency cord
plunging parachute
one love
Anna Dec 2018
so tell me why you're here
is it to relieve your mind with writing words?


is it to hear the words of others
to find relief?
Grace Dec 2018
somewhere inside
is eternal peace
outside of time
I am released

memories serve
a singular beast
who doesn't deserve
to come to the feast
sara Dec 2018
I’ve never heard this song before
as flowers come out of the floorboards;
I forget what my heart had ever been sore for.
life is as light as you let it be- a difficult pill to swallow sometimes
Spicy Digits Dec 2018
Rest from my heavy heart
And tired soul
From contemplation
From the waves of emotion
From the scars of misunderstanding
From the weight of feeling
From the - I pause to watch
To watch a ladybug
Explore the page
My shirt
And disappear into the spine
Of this book
Bunny Rubinstein Nov 2018
I sit on the counter, feet draped over the sink watching the sun rise over the trees through the open window
As I bring my coffee to my lips I feel the familiar chip
The one that my lips have felt every morning for years
This cup snuggles perfectly between my small hands, the warmth shielding them from the cool spring air

This cup has been through a lot
A few moves
More than a few lovers

The Alice in Wonderland decal has worn off and the seafoam enamel is cracked-- a mosaic of all the times I didn't care enough to hand wash it
The handle fell off once, I wanted to practice the Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken things with liquid gold
But I'm a college student, so glittery modge podge worked just fine

In many ways I am this cup
Used, well loved
Slightly broken, held together with glitter and good intentions
I don't mind the cracks
In the cup or in me
Cracks show that you are strong, can handle whatever is thrown at you, heartbreak or linoleum
They also allow light in
To brighten when darkness is all you can seem to find

As I reach the last sips of my coffee the sun is well up
My cats are hungry and I'm running late
Some days it's worth tardiness to reconnect to a part of you you thought was lost

Today is one of those days
David Bojay Nov 2018
flowers left unseen
even if my prescense is unseen
i wonder for the reasons to bleed
to think of all there is to see
to know the unlimitedness of it all

back here again
before work
to write in skeptical delight
to know and hold my ground tight
the grip doesn't soften

awaiting for my shift to start
gather myself in my car
reflecting on today and the hw left undone
i dont' get this **** for ****

one day, it'll come together
without the people of today

and the thoughts that followed

out of my way
you ponder in my doubts to portray
a side of me that never wins a game
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