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Man Mar 6
Crazy, crazy, crazy.
It is tiring trying to tackle this Q stuff,
From a first person perspective.
All this far out quasi side-history,
Drenched in hate of every kind.
Divisive as all hell,
A kind of game within itself
To distance us from each other more
Rather than bring us close.
Together we stand, divided we fall
In on ourselves as like
A house of cards
I shatter into a thousand tiny glass shards of a tea cup

Time did not stop it

Time did not reverse

Hands picked me, held me,
and mended me with gold.
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2023
~one more for Joel~

The “valuations” methodology taught me forty plus years ago,
now rendered valueless, and yet,
the devils remind in
humongous whispers,

confuse not price
(or reads)
with value!

To a man I never met, and now,
will not yet on this Earth,
this process, to estimate,
what a man’s worthy words
are but worth exactly,
how much???

It matters greatly,
for one has come to realize
these scattering of poems
will be my repute,
my legate in reverse,

to see me forward,
you will need to see me
in reverse.
S G Aug 2022
burning fire.
Cannot control,
my inner desire.
Getting myself into strife,
thoughts are bleeding into life.
Stay calm and poised through racing heart,
as the truth could tear it all apart.
Brendann Apr 2021
I could rule the world
I could make the waves of life calm
The birds would chirp
The sun would shine
The world would be more alive
If you were mine.
Reverse Poem
Wilkes Arnold Apr 2021
Life is pain.
But I wouldn't say
I've always felt this way.
Pain is a cruel and hateful teacher,
Demanding I fight for each and every breath.
I'm grateful towards death,
That it will all end at some point.
It's a ******* shame
That life has no real reason or aim.
What a peculiar thing
Sahar Gtoons Mar 2021
I had a reverse dream last night
My feet were weary before I started to run
Darkness stabbed me in the back before I could see the light

My eyes drained before I could cry
All the flower buds wilted before they could bloom
I fell desperately before I could even learn to fly

Melody Mann Mar 2021
If I could repeat this life there would be much to do,
Hearts to mend and deeds to undo,
Time spent mustering courage would transform into acts of expression,
My journal would be blank for my prose would meet your ears and not the page,
I'd share my mind's cavern with you,
And the journey would be ours to conquer,
If I could rewind and reverse time,
I'd relish a life with you.
Tex Dermott Mar 2021


Swiftly came

For the dashing

Derf Merrymaker

Yet things were in reverse

For his childhood blood brother

Whose odd name was Teaberry Von

His fame rose slowly in his ancient days

Derf’s fame quickly fell died a common man
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