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My disquieting thoughts strike at night in the wee hours
As if born along by the autumn winds and bracing cold
Persistent as a fever and fierce as thunderstorms
What can be forgiven and what cannot?
I fall asleep to another night of uncertainly

I awaken to a new day of endurance
My spirit ablaze with hope can cope
With feet steady and face to the wind
Transforming the toughest trial into triumph
Because beyond the pain the prize is seen
9/3/2018 - Poetry form: Reverse Poem - A reverse poem is a poem that can be read forwards (top to bottom) and have one meaning but can also be read backwards (bottom to top) and (potentially) have a different or opposite meaning. It does not have to rhyme and doesn't have to have an opposite meaning when read from bottom to top. It DOES need to make sense when reading it backwards, however. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Contoured Oct 8
Disintegrated wings,
Even angels fall too.
A glance up to the sky,
Caught a transcending view.

Landed on two feet,
An angel's new terrain.
Only few will sit and worship,
But most attempt in vain.

The sky was never cleared,
In fact, formations all the more.
A rabbit, a cake, an astronaut,
Even rain would still downpour.

Following in hopeful doubt,
Freedom's symbol is no chain,
Bare in mind, no change occurred,
The droplets were always acid rain.

Caught in fair deceit,
For my fault was to submit.
When glancing from the outside,
I didn't see the whole of it.

Because angels never fall,
With wings upon their back.
For a fall is cunning foolery,
And we're victims of attack.

Stuck in hypnotic values,
Our worth seemed to accrue.
But we must've forgotten the fact:
That the devil walks here too.
all mirrors serve a purpose
set me reverse a mean law
all mean men serve a ream list
send me reverse no meme law
all mean ones serve a reed nest
send me reverse no meme law
all mean ones serve a reed nest
poetry instruction:
you will need audio software capable of reversing audio, like audacity.
think of a sentence, phrase, or other series of words.
record this slowly, and reverse the audio.
transcribe what you hear as close to existing words as possible.
record your transcription and reverse that, transcribe again, and repeat as much as you like or until you reach an equilibrium.
Jaxey Oct 4
Your harmful words
Pass through me as I bath in
My own compliments
reverse poem; it's all based on perspective
Jaxey Sep 15

but no longer
I am
and yet I'm not
the sad in me is now
my hope is slowly
diminishing into nothing
my new beginning
was suppose to be taking over
my sadness
no longer
I am
but no longer

I found a home inside myself
Chris Aug 14
My brain is fried
Over easy
My brain cells died
Makes me queasy.

This nausea
Is giving me
New empty thoughts
Of hollow dreams.

Writing this now
I'm asking how
I've been endowed
With useless talent.
Äŧül Jul 26
Here it goes... :-)
So, you descended from those skies,
The moment I saw those pink eyes,
I fell from grace believing those lies,
Bewildered I was seeing your eyes.

Of angels you're a priceless princess,
This is the most real fact in my life.

Unbelievable beauty met my eyes,
Of those herons you're ******,
You are my story's heroine.

Everything about you is so beautiful,
Very trustworthy & honest you are,
Often times you come to my dreams,
Loving this new journey I am to bits.

I am addicted and you are my drug.
My HP Poem #1752
©Atul Kaushal
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
I just watched a news report
about ‘Direct-Air-Carbon-Capture’
which removes carbon dioxide (CO2)
from the Earth’s atmosphere
to reverse climate change:
Big fans **** in air
which is passed through liquid
which absorbs some carbon dioxide (CO2)
then the CO2 is extracted from the liquid
by chemical reaction to form
solid pellets of calcium carbonate,
thereby removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

One Direct-Air-Carbon-Capture (D-A-C-C) plant
can extract 1 megaton of CO2 every year
from the atmosphere –
which is equivalent to 40 million trees;
It would take 40,000 D-A-C-C plants worldwide
to stop further climate change.

I wonder
when will global society
become desperate enough
to avoid bad climate change events
like cyclones, droughts, floods
that governments will spend the money
to build these 40,000 plants
and save us all from climate change.
Miru Eirudy Jun 7
Read down.
I am different.
That is because.
I do not care what they do.
I do not do the same thing as they do.
But I do not care.
All of them.
They tease me.
They laugh at me.
Because I am different.
I ignore them.
I stay silent.
I do things on my own.
I love what I do.
I am unique.
That's what I tell to myself.
They are all the same.
Read up.
Not my best poem, but I tried my best. I haven't wrote for a long time. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading. :)
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