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Eve 2d
There once was a girl who


Who dreamt

But it was not meant to be

Because the






Their ancient




And it was not meant to be.

Those cruel



Had shone their


And found a



So the girl

When she looked up

And saw no comfort

No truth

No love

In those cruel



Who had decided that

It was not meant to be


Who was she

To try and write her own


Who was she

That ******


Little girl

Who was once foolish enough hope.
down by the river, we see through the shore,
and bare witness as human proclivities roar.

Diving into the water, we hold its wet hand
for the rivers enlivenment, so few understand:

so down by the river, we will lay in its bed
while lullabies sung by the lapping waves tread;
as the river explains, in liquid morals unsaid-
its teachings, in riptides ,flowing into our head.
as the sun on the water, scintillating, does glow
it calls to us now as we're destined, we go.

running down by the river wind blows as branch quiver
Gazing into that ancient and only life giver
Casey 3d
I had a dream that I lost you.

The ground below had shattered and fallen, leaving you over an endless void.
White knuckles from clenching the railing,
you were barely holding on.

I was on the other side of this railing, safe on a sturdy platform.
You looked up at me with wild eyes, beads of sweat trickling down your face.
I outstretched my hand.

A hoarse whisper, from chapped lips, "You don't have to do this,"
I wasn't sure why I had said that.
After all, this situation hadn't been your choice.

Still, you clung there, unmoving. Just....staring.
I took matters into my own hands, and leaned over the railing,
grabbed you by the wrists in an iron manacle grip.

And then the flood came.

A torrent of rushing water broke through the chasm
as if a dam had broken wide open.
The raging currents roared their threats at us.

Your fear quickly turned to sudden confidence,
a grim smirk spread across your face.
Ripping away from my grip.

And before I could blink
You hurled yourself into the depths
Blood-curling, piercing screams.

Pinching my arms,
I can't wake up.

It wasn't a dream that I lost you.

Or did I dream of losing me?
Anne J 5d
You know
It’s like a feat
It never stops or misses a beat
It’s like a feat
It’s like a dream
It takes you down an imaginative stream
It’s like a change
It surprises on what’ll be an exchange
It’s like a nightmare
It gives out a sickly red herring glare
It’s like a fall
It rushes out to a crying yet crackling call
It’s like a feat
It  stops or throws out a defeat
It’s like a feat
You know
Another poem for my art project, a reverse poem. Read it forwards or backwards, though I prefer backwards.
Anne 6d
(tiny crushes) from the top
on the first of may
sunny bright, blue skies.
you look at me.
with your slight cheeky grin
taking my fingers, slowly
t h e - d r e a m
trying to wake up from
the reality which was  mine
to begin with.
(until you cheated) now read from bottom
tried writing a reverse poem! hope it makes sense
Aman kumar Apr 27
I hate the girl of my college.

You’ll never hear me say that

If you feel like I’m good enough

You’d be right

I used to be happy with her

To watch you

Was the greatest thing

I refuse to ignore it

But I know it’s a hope.

I feel bad for her

No longer can I say that


I’m still fighting for it.


Now read from bottom to top
CJ Apr 14
I'm A-lone: ( Read from top to bottom )

I am Alone.
But I know that,
I will be fine
I told myself
Someone would care.
If I was hurting.
It would be wrong to say that,
I have nobody.
Now I know
I've changed.

I'm Alone: ( Read from bottom to top )
Juan Bot Apr 11
Read it up to down, then read from the last stanza up to the first

They don’t deserve our help.
So don’t tell me,
They deserve a second chance.
Open your eyes
They are nothing but
Drug addicts and alcohol abusers
With needles pinned to their shoulders
Littering the sidewalk
They are sloths
Stop saying
We should
Support local shelters
Instead, we should
Get rid of them
We must not
Share our food and
Give them a helping hand
I have a better idea, let’s
Throw them into a river
It’s not okay to
Acknowledge their existence.
They are worthless, failed abortions
And don’t be ****** to think that
These people are just like us.
Read it forward, then read it in reverse. Two Polar Opposite Perspectives. Support your local homeless people.
Emma Q Apr 5
I love him
And I refuse to believe that
He has been horrible to me
Like my friends tell me
He simply punishes for things i should be punished for
It is not like
He abuses me
I know that
He doesn’t mean to hurt me
It is foolish to believe
Divorcing is the only way

Soon, It will be clear that
He really cares for me
I hate the fact that most people believe
I should leave him
It’s not that bad
And I don’t think
I hate him.

Now read it backwards
It was real,
But all this time,
I thought it was a dream.
I stood there, alone.
All I saw was darkness.
The scent of loneliness caused mayhem into my mind.
My ears almost screamed when touched by the light blow of the wind.
The voice of death was one of a kind.
It's killing me so I stepped outside.
I realized,
It's a dream.
(Now read from bottom to top)
I missed doing reversed poetry but I think this isn't a good one though
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