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ibkreator Jun 25
I look here
I get this

I look there
I get that

I look for it
and it looks back

everything I see
I put in my eye to look at
ibkreator Jun 21
you can do

about what you cant
ibkreator Jun 20
The New World

re actors

to conditions
others have already
ibkreator Jun 20
You can not look at and focus
on something you don't want
and not activate it in your reality

You can look at something
you do want to see
and in the process
deactivate what you don't

you release yourself from the resistant vibration
and emotion of looking at what you don't want to see
by looking at what you do want to see

we have learnt to suffer
been trained to stay focused on things hurting
in the hope they may go away if we stay focused on them
how is that working out ?

suffering isnt required to grow
misery be optional
its where and how you look at things
that determines your vibrational stance
and your life's circumstances

reality only changes
when perception does
there is no other window to creation
but your own looking
thru your own eye
your own consciousness

clean that eye out
and all will become clearer
as you look thru it
ibkreator Jun 16
shadows fall
where the sun wills it

as the changed
not as the changing
ibkreator Jun 12
Your breath gives rise to butterfly wing
Carries wish to seed at fertile feet
Shapes your echo to the ear of great mountain
Your voice spinning on the wild eagles call

Your heart waves green cross the nape of valleys
Pressing your kiss to the lips of the silent rivers
You thresh your hair on galloping wild horses
settling their wake in the rays of suns blessings

Your body shakes the faces of oceans
Cracks its limb on solid grounds
Your children’s whisper
Your angers roar
You be
Where wind be born
ibkreator Jun 12
Remember when we didn’t think for each other
We played in life and our quarrels were not long living
We moved on swiftly for we knew better
not to stiffen our excitement

Life didn’t matter
Living it did
We choose to be Kings and Queens
of our own imaginations
No skin could separate our worlds
ibkreator Jun 12
There is no master
but your own conscience
Follow not
Go where you know you are going
Think on purpose  feel on purpose  
Do not seek to dilute your inspiration for attention
You want a love not asking
A world you create by your mind
not a world created for you by others minds
old willow May 25
A great sage once said,
'A journey of a thousand miles
begins beneath one's feet.'
I say,
'A journey of one foot
begin with one's intention.'
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