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Ashley Kay May 26
Hidden in the sage
There are
Petals of a new voice
Soft familiarity
Blurred edges
Like a riverbed

A yesterday life distant

Abandoned before arrival
There is a slow call
Back to the pale brush
Patiently waiting
For the return of the aroma
Named change

The saints
are always
crook: why.?
They have
none tolerance for *******. Yes
believe me
they don't,
even Christ
Jesus didn't. Nonetheless
though He
quoted "When your
right cheek
is slapped turn
the left side."
that's no *******, it's
what make
a Saint. But
He hesitated
not to chase the Merchandise
out the
Lord's temple.
******* are: like, sometimes where positivity is
anticipated finding negativity there
right is
the biggest
******* in the
whole wide
crazy world.
Full of
crazy thangz, crazy people living crazy lifestyle. Wide
life, out
the jungle,
homicides, massacre Wonder why we breathing, when
we living to
die. Or I'm
high? (Sigh)
when will the
world halt being ridiculously
crazy. Said
they he's
zany. Plagued
the sages
mad. However
sages are the
last hopes
to heal
the world.
army, enemy
agent of segregation. What right have
you to black
me, who am
I to white
a brother. ?
When we
looked just
the same, being  humanbeing.
How to become
human, Auth-positive thinking faculty, creativity,
optimism build only, nothang but
possibility. Innovation, inspiration,
Here rode
time on the
road to glory
is there any future anywhere.? if
there ever is
a time for
le' me use
mine now. I
was told
the future
is now, I
wanna live
it unfolding
my pages
stepping the
stair cases,
roller coaster,
fortune searching
ride slow,
I gets heading
I should rush
not, yet
on steadily.

"Folly kills a fool by foolery, and prudence makes flourish a sage by wisdom."
This is sage advice,
At gigolos don't look twice,
It's a pandemic world,
Solo *******, guys and girls,
All around the  world,'
Blip yourselves, dudes and girls,
Then on with the happy pants,
Back to online work, us ants,
How do I know all this?
Google's life coaching is the blip!
Feedback welcome.

Truth is acrimonious while deceit is honey
as getting p*y. But a sage cherished reality.
And fool falls by his folly. Foolery kills the scuffer
but prudence makes a wise discovery.

Truth is quite acrimonious on the tongue of scoff but sweet

in the
throat of
sage . At all cost
endeavor, spit it out !

in a society where  
is welcomed.
Where people
flee from

A society
where truth
is enslaved
while deceit reign.
A world where
sages are referred
as mad.

And foolery
rule. An
where love's
deprecated while
lust is summoned.

A place
where caring
is manipulated
as envy.

We lived in a
world where
peace is gradually becoming history,
making same
mistakes as ancestry.

But my dreams
is of a place where there'd be a
new world on planet earth, even
before the
very end of time.

A place as
peaceful as
where equality
lives among
mankind. When superiority or
inferiority is

A world where
love will be only language we
all speak and comprehend.


"Money is toxic it drives the
fool insane,
the sage maintain his lot."
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Know that

You are not
The only one
Also that sage
Who trusted
In love
Never answered

Then after
Genre: Dark
prim' Sep 2020
There was a witch
In the meadow near the forest
Living in a tiny house
With walls of woods
And roof of grass

There was a witch
Dressed in black
Picking Chamomile,
Sage and Thyme,
Rosemary, and Mint and Chives

There was a witch
Dancing in the night
When the moon was high
And the stars all out
Singing a song that no one knew

And I couldn’t help to wish to be that witch
For she lived happy and simple
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