Lily May 23

You tell me that you'll always love me,
more than you could ever say,
but let me not follow your rules,
sing my song out of tune.
I'll be your biggest nightmare,
the biggest failure you ever saw.
I'll be the one you don't want to know,
the one you see as broken and torn.
I'll be the one you throw away,
force out of your mind and forget forever.
I'll be the one you say you never loved,
not even a little bit,
not ever.

You say you'll always love me,
no matter what.
But your unconditional love
gets more conditional by day.
And so I have learned to live as if I never had it,
as I will never allow myself to be your slave.

This isn't a love poem, such as what you are probably thinking. It is more to do with acceptance. Of coming out so to speak, and showing the world who you truly are, but knowing your true self will never be accepted.
Lily 4d

Any statement beginning with  
"I don't mean to be racist"
is going to be.
it's going to be the kind of racist that hurts.
Because people who use 'that' sentence, mean it to be.
With no remorse for that they are saying.

No person, no matter who they are, deserves to be spoken to as if they are below you.
Believe it or not, we actually are all evil.
Some have bigger houses, and others go on more dates, and some even have higher IQs.
But strip it away, leave only what we can take with us to the grave.
We are all equal.
And no one deserves to be spoken to as though they are not.

Any time  "no offense"  is used,
you are going to be offended.
These two words don't create some kind of guard over you, your heart and your feelings.
No, these two words just give people an excuse to be harmful in their way with a fucking scapegoat.
But this is not a valid excuse.
Not even close.
So don't allow yourself to feel too 'senti' when you get offended even though those two pathetic words were used.

Human beings find ways to be so harmful to others.
We take advantage,
harm with our words and ways,
and so much more.
But more often than not consequences are not felt.
No lesson is learned, and so it becomes the norm.
But this is not right.
it's time to stand and and fucking fight for what is right!
Allow yourself to be heard and emotions to be felt!
Take away the inequality, racism and so much more.
Because what it really comes down to, is do you want your children growing up in this war?

Gerry 4d

By the 18th of October around 3 A.M of year 1995, a child was born.
He may not look as good as anyone or as pleasing as anyone but for his family, he is an angel.
Time flies so quickly, and the boy grows differently from everyone.
He didn't bother to consider any doubt of being different to everyone.
He's just like a normal kid, playful as every child in the neighborhood.
But as he grows further, thoughts came into his mind and enough to make a doubt.
And he started asking himself, "why do I look like this?", "what is wrong with me?".
His doubts consumed his playful mind turned it into a lone, doubtful, and twisted mind.
But you'd never see that on his eyes, nor to his smile, for he learned how to keep this burden.
He experienced many things as he grows. But good or bad, he turned it to a lesson.
From being playful and careless, he became silent, observant and unpeaceful.
He tried to show his true self as he tried to get his circle bigger but his burden grows. Keeping him away from everyone.
Because of his thoughts, doubts came in. It makes him unstable.
Now he never cares if they'll accept him or not and never tried to pleased people.
And now he was happier when he's alone rather than to be with people and their lies.
For now he learned that "Life's a survival".
The more you tried to get many friends, the more potential enemy you'll have.
"Do not let everyone knows everything about you" for they can use it against you.
"Always keep your circle small" for it is only for your true friends.
Happy 22nd year of existence.

Truly Yours,

It was actually the story of my life.. i have a sixth nerve palsy thats why im different..
thanks HePo for letting me post this one on my exact birthday
Bella 7d

Her name is beauty
you can call her pretty
her friends call her cute
strangers say appealing

she spends her days wandering
draws eyes Wherever She Goes
Like a worm lures fish
or a magnet draws metal

Everyone wants to be her
She thinks the world is gorgeous
everyone gets to be unique
To have their own skin

She wishes she was like them
but everyone who takes her picture
Everyone who tells her what she looks like
Give her a different image

She is not unique,
She Looks like everyone at one point or another
She doesn't know who she is
all she wants is to be unique, like you.

I think you might be gay
But I accept you as you are
So if you ever come out
I will be here with open arms

Just some words on what is going on.
Story Oct 12

As the fog settles in the fields
Relaxing into cold dew drops
Heavying the wheatgrass
Bending to kiss the warm earth
I, too, bend under a weight.

While the fox is lost in the arcane
Frantic and shadowed
Shifting obscurely in the underbrush
Shivering from the dark and damp
I, too, shiver in obscurity.

I, too, shiver in obscurity
Shivering from the dark and damp
Shifting obscurely in the underbrush
Frantic and shadowed
While the fox is lost in the arcane.

I, too, bend under a weight.
Bending to kiss the warm earth
Heavying the wheatgrass
Relaxing into cold dew drops
As the fog settles in the fields.

Mark Lecuona Oct 12

I'm starting to dig reality
The fantasy world is too much
You're too young anyway
Everything you want I try to avoid

I don't worry about being a man
It doesn't pay the rent
If you're hungry enough
What you are is how you're employed

What are you looking at anyway
Jesus said knock it off
How bored you must be
You people judge, your soul destroyed

I'm gonna' remember you
Nothing can ruin a good dream
You love me as I am
I'm not jealous, I'm not paranoid

If I was a cat,
I would be orange and fat.
Meow meow,
meow meow.
Purring to some human chitchat.

Instead I am human,
Nothing but a feline fan.
Meow meow,
purr meow.
Be more than one thing, yes you can.

Chloe Oct 4

Religion had locked me up in a closet
shrined with Adam and Eve
        Mary and Joseph.

Adam married Eve, my child,
Mary bewedded Joseph, my child.
Blessed be the day you crawl out of this closet
to be coveted by the golden halo God has waiting for you.

I have been clothed in God’s golden halo,
drapery of fine linens, for he loves me so,
and religion had locked me up.

I wish for Adam to marry Adam,
Eve to love Eve.
For a closed door shall never preserve,
progress has made its step forward,
and I choose to march with.

Religion had locked me up in a closet,
for if I had never opened the door,
misery would have reigned upon me.

And with this,
though I may be frowned upon in a chapel,
hostility will never hold my heart.  

-Chloe Aldecoa

My cousin, a bright soul, a loving heart, a treasure for an eternity; she weeps. Her heart loves unconditionally, but who she is, is not loved unconditionally.
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