G 1d
A glance to the right, and she walks through the door. Two seconds too long lingering on her face. Assessing the “threat”, finally looking away.

Country music blares, we’re seated at the bar. She couldn’t get a drink until I walked in. “Service with a smile” they say......Fuck that.

Driving down the road I’m stopped at a light. A cop pulls up next to us. She begins to shake.....

A joke taken too far, she’s forced to laugh. Convince herself it’s funny so it doesn’t hurt.
compare her skin to paint being chipped away time and time again until there’s nothing left.

Comparison. Yes. Compare her to the “friend” you have. You mean that one black guy you spoke to once. I mean you guys were polite so it counts right? Nice guy, never had a problem with him.......wait why would you?

I never understood until I met you. Now I’m ashamed. Ashamed of my pigment of who those people are, convincing myself day after day I’m not like the others. Asking for repentance for the sins I’ve been taught to commit in the past. A 10 year old racist child a model of her mother the epitome of casual racism. Adopting pop culture I’ll never appreciate or understand. Liking “hip-hop” but making remarks about the singers.

I met you and my blindness is gone. However my privilege remains. A broken tattered skin that I’m forced to remain in. Claiming a heritage that I’d kill to make disappear.

I wish  I could protect you. wrap my arms around you tell the whole world they’re wrong and never let go. I’d buy you a space suit, to protect you from the contaminated air, and the hate behind those meaningful stares. Cover you in a blanket of love and healthy normalcy.

If only love could break down walls and form revolutions. Because if it could, baby this would be a world full of real people and real solutions.
the real nature
hidden beneath many layers of skin
there is truth
deeper in those myths
many doors
to the same corridor
met each other
quite a lot of times.

Many scene changes
the travel lengthens
along grows like and dislike,
dark and white.

There are many dimensions
the time relative
evolution and decline
and all the unknowns undefined.

There is the pride
with the many passions
dragging us towards another illusion
the mirage stays for the eyes.
Existence questioned
time blinks away
only in grasp of enlightened
others effort futile
this chance while.

Acceptance will keep the peace
no appeal, no appease
keeping still
the background wheel
initiating the end of the suffer
meditating to get better.

The inner light
shaded and dim
concentrate to ignite again
to the right bright
remove the leftover dirt
all that spins it
and revive the lost spirit
the one hidden beneath.
Simoné 2d
It took me seven years
to realise
the words in my mind
were too deep for
my mouth to dig up
I thought it was easier
to open my skin
and let the truth
pour down my arms

It took me seven years
to realise
nobody should be allowed
to touch parts
of your home
or hold pieces  
of your heart
that you don't yet understand

It took me seven years
to realise
I will wear these scars
I'll carry them
through every smile
every kiss
every concerned gaze
I'll carry them
to my grave

It took me seven years
to realize
the pain carved
into the walls
of my castle
etchings of
attempting to disappear
are not a story of weakness
but a tale of
how I survived
Kiahlee 3d
Life is spent Trying to prove or self worth.
It all starts in the teenage years and never seems to end. Trying to prove we're more beautiful, stronger, successful, better, or smarter than others. Trying all the time to prove that we deserve love. Even when we feel that we don't.
            If only people accepted each other, I wouldn't have to prove anything.

Life is also spent in fear. Fear of failing, fear of loving, fear of losing someone you thought you'd be with forever.
            If only people accepted each other, I wouldn't have to be afraid.

Life is spent in trying to earn love. We beg to be loved. We try to prove ourselves to people that surround us: teachers,parents, friends, and anyone who seems important. We all do it. Success becomes everything. The simplest mistake could me we aren't lovable.
              If only people excepted each other. Maybe I would be loved.
When a boy tells you his fears,
Hoping you'll understand,
But you can't even hear,
His voice screaming for your hand.

When a boy hides his face,
Covering it like his blanket,
He'll always hate it,
Like a muscle always aching.

When a boy shows you his hands,
All that he’s ever grasped,
But he's never held yours,
Too afraid it won't last.

When a boy shows you his eyes,
How they’ve seen hell,
He'll want you to try,
To know how you've helped.

When a boy gives you his heart,
Covered in all its shame,
You don't seem too far,
But close enough to fade.

When a boy opens up,
Speaking of fears,
He'll hope you'll love,
When he calls you “dear.”

When a boy gives you his pain,
And expects you to feel it,
He'll yearn for the rain,
Ask for the healing.

When a boy shows you his hands,
How they’ve been empty,
He'll never demand,
For you to be lending.

When a boy tells you his dreams,
Wanting you in them,
He'll want you to see,
You're his precious gem.
Maybe one day you'll understand... S.B. <3
You cry when in pain
regret when in vain
You fear the so called uncertainty
and you rant over the missed opportunity.
You try hard to survive
to keep yourself alive.
You make thousand of mistakes
leaving your heart on a heartbreak.
You trust someone easily
and love wholeheartedly
But what you get in return
is violent name of rejection.

But those feelings should be temporary
Just like how we believe
that heavy rain will soon end.

It's okay to feel hurt
and feel the pain
It's okay if you failed
and get angry when upset
It's okay to weep sometimes
and to risk your heart to love.
Yes, you fear for uncertainty
but you are brave enough to face the reality.
You see every failure
as a disguised opportunity.
You learned from your mistakes
and move on with your life.

Because those feelings are natural
and are equally compensated
By the happiness and joy
and the love we received from others
And those emotions are meant to be felt
because that's what make us a human.
It's fading, I feel it and I know you do too
Honey-Sweet memories
now showing the washed out grey
of times decay
that love drunk buzz
So prominent for a time
Now sobering up as our paths re-align
the mind and heart Shift from
our once shared colour-drenched dream
To the monochromatic 2-dimensional blandness of being realistic

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Awareness
can soften the blow

The curse of our conscious bond
is that we can't wrap ourselves
in the comforting blanket
of numbed ignorance
As others might
In the missing of Cold Nights

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Acceptance
can soften the blow

We have our distractions to keep
our Minds occupied and
the Midnight-Blue pining at bay
we preach trust in the Universal plan
And we mantra "come what may"
Yet the insatiable and inescapable void of hollow pervades
as our unity on the horizon
fades to grey

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Understanding
can soften the blow
Knowing what's to come, that it's self-inflicted, as much as we anticipate and prepare. Reality remains unavoidable and painful to face
how am I expected to love one,
without even considering the other,
pretend you’re not important, a no-one,
you’re my father and she is my mother.

I know that what you did wasn’t right
you had a wife, two daughters,
yet you did it despite.
a phycological game, I hope never a fight.
why did you run away
at the stoke of midnight?

you did the unthinkable
now to save your conscience,
your memories are all fictional,
your actions towards my mother
are far from forgivable.
you tore through her confidence
forever feeling she is invisible.
alone with two young daughters
those years for her were miserable,
yet you still believe you were a father
your parenting was mythical.

not to say that your life has been kind
you fought in a war,
lost a friend in the blink of an eye.
PTSD forever haunting your soul,
you knock back a box of wine,
few beers before your midday stroll,
self medicating your entire life
to stave off those memories
and what you did to your wife.

it goes deeper than that I am sure,
a lifetime of damage
that you have had to endure,
that is why I see a man
who deserves my attention
because I do not turn my back
on another human needing an intervention.

I understand why most don’t agree,
you were a monster, a controller
my mother drowning in the dead sea.
you’re arrogant and unpleasant
but you truly care about me.
underneath your exterior layer
I believe there to be,
a man gently crying
sheltering behind the carefree.

I am trying my best to be more honest
so I don’t live out my life after my father
whose lying is spectacularly flawless
so I do not see why I should lie to you
I want a relationship because
I am scared of what you might do
a vulnerable man, I am too empathetic
I feel sorry for you,
it is not purely genetic.

it’s a sad circumstance
for a woman of my age
trying to break through her father’s exterior
and enter an unexplored cage
to break free the humanity that I believe is left
and release you from the uncertainty
what you are heading towards is death.
I am planning on visiting my father at the weekend, while my mother has just gained the courage to seek help for the phycological trauma he put her through during their marriage. I find myself torn between enlightening him on what he has done and saving him from his instability by playing along with the delusional world he has created for himself. I am forever being told I am too kind to people who do not deserve it, but there are circumstances where kindness is the only option.
This one is personal.
Yeah, I can see why you would want to end it.
Your heart is torn just like your barren wit.

But that’s no reason to say farewell.
Even though your body may be just an empty shell.

Because this vessel I hold dear.
And losing you is my greatest fear.

I could never live this life alone again.
That loneliness was such an excruciating pain.

I’d rather hold you here and now.
For keeping you alive was my first vow.

I will not let you slip through my pruney fingers.
As your undying love throughout my body lingers.

I’d rather hold you here and now.
Until my mind your death will allow.

So, stay with me through sand and dirt.
And I promise to shield you from any more hurt.
Pretty self-explanatory. DON'T end your life. EVER. There is always more to be seen in this fascinating world and who knows; maybe even some happiness lies ahead...
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