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Sometimes, I struggle with acceptance
I judge my works by the number of likes,
comments, repost, follows and reactions
Some works, I usually feel I nailed them
Until people's reactions prove otherwise

Sometimes, it makes me doubt myself like...
Maybe this is not meant for me?
Maybe I'm not as good as I think?
Maybe they just don't like me?

On the bright side...
It makes me want to sharpen my skills
It dares me to write even more
It helps broaden my horizons

I also figured out...
Huge reactions is not the goal
If one person is truly touched
Maybe that's all I need
That's my new drive and I won't give it up!
Do what you do regardless of numbers, it should make you feel good first and look for just one more genuine person that is touched.
You never said bye
You just upped and flew away
Making me feel sad
My dear brother was the reason I began to write it's been just over 6 years since he flew away x
Tori 1d
Soft, moonlit wings glide under the light of the moon,
while shadows dance on the snow below.
Flying into the unknown, breathing in whimsy,
she refuses to land or succumb to the fatigue.
But the frosty silence lulls her to sleep
with pinstriped stories delicately written onto her skin  
until her mind succumbs to the stillness

and she no longer flees from the snows embrace...
Sometimes the love that we feel for someone is like a moth travelling through the night, it is beautiful but it cannot withstand the cold, harsh truths of reality. How could something so pure survive in this environment? When these wonderful feelings no longer provide the stability we need to survive winter... What am I to do if there is only winter and no springtime?
sky 1d
And as I fall, like a leaf in
autumn, I fall in peace, even
knowing you won't be there to
catch me.
sometimes I don’t want
to look for silver linings
or talk about timing
how things work out
as they should

sometimes I want to simply
sit down with
look it in the eye
acknowledge why it’s there
without assigning it
some universal meaning
I want to tell it, I wanted that so badly
without hearing reasons
why it couldn’t be

it is what it is
it isn’t what it never was
and I
am disappointed
if i accept a situation as it is
i hardly make any effort to progress

if i try hard, i get restless
and desperate to settle with less

unpredictable is the destiny
life is an unfathomable sea
i swim, float and sink in it
vacillate my spirit

accept from heart?
or try hard?

or perseverance?

always a puzzle
a mind under boggle
may it be a emotionally correct mix!
most of the situations get a fix!
In a tough situation....wheher I should try hard or Accept the things... Don't know what is on cards for me... failure is a hint by almighty to step back or hurdles are just tests...
Acceptance, the catalyst for healing,
When you accept it's value
Sarah 5d
stop lights change color
no matter who is watching
or if nobody is watching
so don’t you think for a second
that i need you
to tell me when to i’ve changed
Amanda 6d
Many of the rumors about me are true
My insecurities reflect the past
Cards that I discarded weren't all that bad
Metaphorically folded too fast

You can assume whatever you want
Could imagine a million possibilities
In a lot of them you are probably right
I just feel I am viewed as a person diseased

It's only natural to judge in haste
I try to change their impression
I struggle with tired stereotypes
Hope those I love can see my intentions

My eyes betray sad stories
Vaguely told in shades of brown
And all throughout mistakes are woven
Punctuated by tears leaking down

I was a loser for awhile
A burden who offered less than nothing
Let my issues get the best of me
Friends have tried to give guidance
Wasn't ready to accept advice, kept ducking

Immature approach to solving problems
Erect a wall to guard my heart
Let my issues get the best of
Embrace sin when life falls apart

Find it amusing when hypocrites whisper
With each passing day grow stronger
It was difficult at recovery's start
To be judged a person I wasn't any longer
Your past does not define you
I am not beautiful,
No matter what people say,
Because it's always a daily struggle
To look at the mirror and accept myself.
I'll end up hating myself anyway.

I am not happy
With how I weigh,
Because I'll never be as skinny
As those girls on screen, flaunting themselves.
I obsessed with numbers, and I still am.

I am not confident
With anything I do, or say,
Simply because I'll always never be enough.
I'll only end up cursing my work and words.

What I am, though,
Is someone constantly struggling
With trying to accept herself, and coming to terms that
I'm pretty okay.
If it weren't for my friends, I wouldn't get any progress.

Someday, slowly, I'll get there.
I'll learn to accept my flaws,
Embrace my soul and tell myself,
"You worked hard today.
You did it."
Still learning.

I constantly hate myself but I'm learning not to.

I'll get there soon.
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