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Jordan Ray May 4
I can't say that I'm sorry,
Or wish that I'd written a different story,
The stars may not align,
But at least we can say we tried

I don't see you knocking at my door,
You must be slightly jaded or massively bored,
I hear no voices at all,
Just a whisper of what we used to call


I walked straight into your town,
Before the dust had a chance to settle down,
You never voiced your concerns,
But had enough air in your lungs to hurt

This must have just been some game,
For months now it hasn't quite been the same,
You fade the more that I blink,
Is this what I am destined to think

of "Love"...
Ali Harati Apr 25
Looking towards the mountains,
In the ceaseless hike of living,
Is it us who's taking step,
Or are we self deceiving?

The raging winds in sorrowful snow,
And fear shaking beneath,
Are we feeling it all,
Or are we sightseeing?

The high mountain summit,
Where we look to feel alive,
Is it the sight that we need,
Or what lays underneath it?

To play upon our burden,
To act as if it's myth,
To make us be the things that
we don't see ourselves being.

We need to look deeper,
We need to reach further,
We need to embrace it,
we need it, to receive it.

Or if we just ignore it,
Cover it up with being,
We lose sight of our self,
and sight of our beginning.

Lets hope the lone hiker,
Looking towards the mountains,
Can reach the deepest heights,
And see what needs seeing;

And what there is to be seen,
Gives him a farther sight.
Lets hope he keeps seeing,
Lets hope he keeps reaching.
The path towards self-understanding and acceptance is not an easy one.
Jordan Ray Apr 25
Pull away from my arms
And rest your head on someone else's shoulders
I don't mind

When the smoke clears and;
You're thinking straight and thinking sober
You'll realise

That we were just two different people, pulled into the same old light
But when it got dark, we started to fight
'Cause we're looking for the eye of the needle
In amongst the hay of everyday people
We're bound to get it wrong sometimes
And that's alright
By me
Nobody said something
Many came into her life
The words of others were empty
He had the correct ones

I Love You like you are
No need to change a thing
He said while holding her
Few tears then appeared

His hand hold her chin
Her hand caressed his hair
This was too fast
and right at the same time

Let the time tell the story
Of two who have not met
Who believe in God so deep
and pray day by day.
Para Un Tesoro Escondido
ScaryGary Mar 16
I think it was 5th grade...I told a teacher that if you give me more time to think of an answer, on a test, I will give the right answer. Giving time limits is the way to make a dumber people. Patience and understanding always leads to the best outcomes. Right? It shows in everything. Hostage situation? Go in and get the hostages never works. Not negotiating never works. Period. Never. So, going against truth is the downfall of all things
Tired of truth about me being so important, and the lies about me are more important to some. I'm all good love you
These streets are awake
The lights offer a path to follow
Look up and not down to see
The treetops and brims of sky
Look out to see the painted houses
Of brick and melted yellow
Nowhere to be seen is order
The chaos is what makes it
Beyond words, beyond eyes.
It houses nostalgia of youth
It fears and celebrates death.
This city is mine but not for long
How I'll miss its descendants
Its language of old
The battered, the beaten
All the untold
Brooklyn. My city, my home. I hated you for so long- only because I could not find the strength to find the beauty within me. Brooklyn, you're alright;)
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