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Luna Jay Mar 27
No government,
No harsh intent-
Rock hard words
Become intimate.
No authority,
No center of peace-
No hate,
No mistakes,
No ******,
No ****.
No inequalities-
No more mouths to feed…
And it sounds like a joke
When I think of
The world as perfect.
Is it even worth it
If it’s not built to last?
Daisy Rae Mar 24
I feel pain everyday
A mental collapse inside my brain
My mind just isn’t the same

I’ve become a sad version of myself
I no longer enjoy the things
That used to bring me joy everyday

I no longer have a reason to wake in the morning from my slumber
Sometimes I wish before I drift off to sleep
That I may not wake in the morning

My wishes go unanswered...

I continue to rise into each day
Succumbing at the very end and praying that I wouldn’t have to start over again the next day
And so I do

I wake only to wish for the night again
I contemplate the purpose of continuing it
What is stopping me from stopping me?
Only the what ifs

What if it gets better
What if one day I no longer cry
What if I no longer crave the pain to cease
And it simply isn’t there
What if one day I no longer want to stop breathing
Or stop my heart from beating
Or contemplate ceasing

What if I want to live

My thoughts are plagued by neverending hopelessness of an even worse tomorrow
I tell myself that it doesn’t get better
So it mustn’t

My hope died a long time ago
Along with my carefree soul
And passionate heart
It ceased

So I must cease along with it
I must become forgotten
I must be no longer.
My current mental state
be-no-one Mar 24
And lies don't last longer.....
Scarred, beaten, broken
Wrapped in a cocoon of lies
Filled with despair and hopelessness
Tortured, alone, confused

Once came a man with the ability to set me free
All he did was came and captured my heart
A soothing voice that had love wrapped in the words
He set me free from the holding cell I was trapped in

Blessed be I now that I am free
My heart slowly mending as it can be
No longer a prisoner
No longer alone
No longer afraid

zz Mar 5
You broke me
beyond repair
I am not a woman
just the collection
of shattered pieces
that no longer
fit together
Johnny walker Feb 26
My darling If you could see me now your loved one so afraid of being alone who
has struggled so much since you've been
At times I've been so afraid to have to try to make It on my own even the thought of this Scared me Into almost submission of my
Since you've been gone constantly tying to cope
just when I get my finances sorted going nicely then out of blue hit
Another demand for money
not only suffering the the loss of you my darling but continuely hounded by demands through my
Oh If you could see me now
I know you'd shed tears for me my darling how your husband has been treated so badly after all he gave to
In our time together and since your passing treated by those told of this those In authority with just shrug of the shoulders as If to say whatever totally disrespect for you and your life to which so much you
Its a world now and Its people that's are only Intesrested In what they can get from us but when we have nothing left to give we are tossed aside like unwanted
When are considered no longer contributing to society we are tossed away liked disgared *******
The longer I remain alone
the more I feel natural.
Funny how time slips
away days that pass
with a blink of the eye
left thinking where did
It go where once I had
youth on my
The older one gets the faster times goes even
a year seems nothing
but a year as a kid was more like an
Funny how time slips
away particularly when
you no longer have youth on your side
One becomes old-time passes In a blink of an eye you left wondering where It all went
Brynn S Jan 21
You’ll go blind darling;
Power to the top shelf
rush into will
Melt into minds pull
Silent drums and wonders vast
I twisted your hair and grabbed at cloth past
I wanted only a moment to stay forever
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