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They are blue, my eyes.

They are blue
like my father's
like my grandfather's before him
They are blue.

They are blue
like my mood every January
like an unused pool in Fall
They are blue.

They are blue
like a brand new bicycle
like a tear in the shower
They are blue.

They are blue
like a berry
like the last view I had of your body
They are blue.

They are blue, my eyes.
i start to think about rooftops and airplanes
it is there that we see the veins of our cities
from up above we utter their beauty
a beauty that we can't seem to utter with two feet on the ground
from higher ground we begin to understand
that we are all but small creatures
in a world of unknowns
from up above we can finally see
just how small we are
from up above
we see
I try to be tolerant,
but you repeat conversations from your head
knowing well I'll play by your script
despite my lack of interest
in your need to repeat the past.

I try to be tolerant but
you won't give me a chance to breathe,
not with those dagger eyes that have been threatened,
not with that yapping mouth that has been triggered,
not with that closed mind that screams to be opened.

You view your world from your eyes and get caught
thinking your view is the best view when it's not.
You view your world from your eyes and get caught
thinking all your thoughts are true and valid when they are not.

I like you best when you remember on your own
that your limitations are limitless,
and together we live in this world of a mess
and call it our home.
Sometimes our feelings and thoughts are not valid. We are human, we can be irrational, this could make us delusional, that's why we need friends/family to give us a reality check, and tell us what is true from their view. So many people are now saying absurd things like it's a fact and we are all just sitting back, tolerating them instead of having conversations about these issues.
Bullet 6d
Passing out love
Eyes closed
Seeing the world
In a view of Red

Waking up dead
Eyes opened
Seeing the world
In a view of Blues

The way these people
Belittle the energy
That can bring peace
They have mixed feelings
Seeing the world
In view of Purple

Stripped of caring and worrying
Exchanged for depression and disguises
Running from a red loved past
To obtaining blues of the present mind
The world viewing in purple
But my eyes can no longer
Hold a hue
Christopher Sep 24
There's nothing really to be said.
Even though here you are,
Wondering what's going through my head.
Don't break a sweat because I said what I've already said.
It's the same beat and rhythm that we jam out to everyday.
Except you thought it'd be better to tune it to your liking.
Just sit back,
Cause it's a way we live.
Cause that's what we've always been about.
Carless and free.
So don't tell me I don't know what you're thinking.

Funny how we think we live and dance the same thing yet we dance all differently on a up or down beat.
Sometimes I feel like I'm jamming with the wrong guy.
Yet he could somehow follow my lines and ties that I've been providing all of y'all since I started to learn how to rhyme in my spare time.  
Truthfully being said, that's a lie.
Feeling the blues but feeling uppity in a jazz vibe. You dig?
Petra gorges
sandstone cliffs
this river
she'd drown
her red
rose gem
with jungle
like aura
her pin
did sling
round her
face like
her cavern
of clement
can assuage
hers to
City in her Jordan
MaxiM Aug 6
It seems people think race is important, where as i do not like to run
MaxiM19: Race
Hestia Aug 18
That time. That time when I felt in…
What, how could be happen to me? Not now, not now please!
I can’t see anything else just… somebody is going to help me?
It hurts but when I see that smile and those eyes I fell like a big block of antarctic ice slowly melting down for
the first time.
Is this…?
Please let not this happen to me. I can’t do it.
I’m scared. Of what? Don’t know.
It’s just my dreamly childly romantic way to see things.
I believed to all those tails and I’m too scared of the chance of a never happy ending
Seth Milliman Aug 17
What is but solemn grace,
The man forgotten by men.
He seeks the world for riches and glory,
Yet learns there are better men in place.
What ho and wonder,
This cosmic ball of life we play.
Where truth and lies dance together,
Like words with exchanging names.
So forget the man forgotten,
His name rubbed off of glory’s vain.
Where he sits and waits on the worlds revolution,
No redemptive grace.
So forget the man,
Clean the slate.
The world is already a noisy place.
I grow this garden
With tender care
Hydrangea, Water Lily, Rose
All fail to meet your presence
For the queen dances in
An oasis of beauty
The humming of an angels choir
Spun around the buds
Sought the smell of petrichor.

Aster, Azalea, Angraecum
Entwining vines of amative domain
Secreting morning dew
Reflecting the suns shine
Imitating the beauty of the moon
Presenting an Orange Blossom
May eternity rest in the entwined vines.
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