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She was fully clothed but they still found a way to
Sexualize her
Generalize her
And make her feel uncomfortable with every step she took
I Walk As Me
unicorn and all the soil ran
I turned and all the views and
all opinions and all appeals and executions

turned the whole ground under my feet

and how to walk now
how now to chase everyone from everywhere

unicorn unicorn
fast almighty eternal infinite
continuous unicorn

Nab Karbela Nov 29
Finally I could sit next to you. See the world at the place you are. Then I know it obviously different, my place and yours, make us see everything by different eyes.

Every second is a chance. Every spot is a lessons. for those who open their mind and heart.

Would you come and see how the world looks like from my place?
But there, nobody borrow you his eyes. You have to see by your own. But from my place.
Would you?

Akshiv Nov 23
Past the Tempest,
See not through;
'morrow defiles your view --
Naught is rage.

See you the pain, the suffering, the rain
What eludes is awake, awakend Land
Land agraze, Land that cleanses -- cleanses the root of pain
***** thy trees of despise, thy Sycamores of ever growing wants.

Take it away, afar from memory.
Remaining is Love, Unity, Solidarity
'gainst the land, that land which gives you view, view past the Tempest.
I wonder if you see me as fragile or strong. I wonder if you think that I’ll break your arms. are you careful with my heart , are you afraid that I will fall apart?

Or I wonder if you know that I am strong, despite the fact that I have been wronged? Do you know that I have strength  despite the fact we both know I can break.

I wonder what you know.
I'm sorry that I'm staring
I know it's kind of daring
It's hard to look away from something so beautiful
I'm giving in as usual
I feel so warm when I look at you
I know it's weird but it's true
You won't let me have your love
So at least let me have the view
Caught me staring way too much today, oops...
Bullet Nov 4
Place me seated with a placemat
Waters on both sides spring
Conversations of leaves fallen
Color separated between the lines

The way women n' men view
Didn't want anything on the menu
Spilt Motz sticks n' fries
Paid Plate $7.88

Birthday had to tell you ways
Things like not everything is okay
Head space is telling everyone is against me
Had to bring you on a filtered level

Room full of people
Chilling at Denny's
Judge for a shared plate
But thoughts only hit the door
When you point at something you don't get

Judgement try to enclose your mind
Night try to eclipse me from time
Was judge for sharing a plate of food at Denny's made me look at life like not everything we do is okay or set at a certain kind of standard.
The beauty,
so blinding to the human eye,
way above us in the sky.
A view like this
just can't be missed.
The Sun and the Moon often so distant,
but at this moment, that couldn't be more different.
They are right where they need to be,
something so beautiful, the whole world wants to see.
With special glasses made for the sole purpose
of witnessing this brief yet beautiful view beneath the surface.  
For something to be so beautiful that there are special glasses made just so the world can watch it for a brief minute or two.
Who wouldn't want to see this pretty view?
You told me to describe you...
They are blue, my eyes.

They are blue
like my father's
like my grandfather's before him
They are blue.

They are blue
like my mood every January
like an unused pool in Fall
They are blue.

They are blue
like a brand new bicycle
like a tear in the shower
They are blue.

They are blue
like a berry
like the last view I had of your body
They are blue.

They are blue, my eyes.
Kora Sani Oct 14
i start to think about rooftops and airplanes
it is there that we see the veins of our cities
from up above we utter their beauty
a beauty that we can't seem to utter with two feet on the ground
from higher ground we begin to understand
that we are all but small creatures
in a world of unknowns
from up above we can finally see
just how small we are
from up above
we see
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