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Touch me Jesus lest I die,
Touch me once a thousand times.
Touch the perfume of my soul,
sanctify my every thought
and for thee I shall live an eternal dawn.
Amanda Hawk Nov 12
Tiny cheesecake
You are such a delight
A tiny morsel
Three bites all mine
Once I find that pesky fork of mine
Favorite poem for my favorite food.. cheesecake
The one
Like no other

The fabric of nobility
And that fire and zest
You are
More than
Just beautiful
No one could deny

With that
Exquisite grace
Mighty presence
Vibe in
As a cerebral delight
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: That's you.
Author'sNote: Where were you before?
Benita Dalby Oct 25
Softly you touch my back I feel your comfort
Our eyes meet, with just one look you reassert
Your gentle hand brushes the side of my face
Our first kiss in this beautiful space

You hold my hand in crowded places
I feel protected, suddenly time erases
As I wander down the streets with you
My internal voice says “I can’t believe this is true”

You ameliorate and allow growth that is full of light
Never have I known such an enchanting delight
Two captivating souls, scars internal
Magical words reminiscent of a verbal journal

Perfectly imperfect is what you allow me to be
Each time we’re together I feel so free
You see me, the beauty and the scars
I feel like you were sent from the stars
Andy Chunn Jul 3
It was the first, and never before
Had flavor exploded, and I wanted more
My partner was dizzy from taste overload
Downing a pint of sweet Rocky Road.

Many a night, while sleeping alone
I’d drift off to sleep, and dream of a cone
And wonder what it would really be like
The time when you take that very first bite.

Tasting together the scent of each flavor
Ecstasy for each partner to savor.
And then a time of recovery and rest
Knowing that now you have mastered the test.

So go for it, and search the right type
Devour it all, with major delight
Just take the chance, and right it will seem
When you finally taste your first ice cream.
You are a delight
Cause your words match against the laws
The volume silent between you and me is intuitive
How can I be the source without your light

Delightful like the stars
I know from miles, you are clever
We may not met yet
But nature tell me that you a change of greatness

Your thoughts show me greater confidence
Which make me feel emotional
Cause you have a power of positivity

I resemble you
Cause you are
A Delight.

K-mari (c)2020

the supply of words is not inexhaustible

neither are the combinations thereof;

what is inextricably true, of these two linkages

that is not exhaustive, is my endless delight,

in finding the ones that I’ve yet to contemplate

till you brought them waving to my eyes,

so as far as I’m concerned, you originate

delight daily, and that is the spark you create

making every day, the eighth day of creation of the world.

Sat Aug 22
Kashish Aug 10
I never believed in happy endings
Because they never really seemed to exist
Not until I met you
Not until you made me believe, and I couldn’t resist
Resist you and me. We were so impossible
Never did I know, I’d love you with all my heart
And you’d love me too, for who I am
But now that we do, I can delightedly say that you are my life and not just a part.
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