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Each day at dawn
I rise and yawn
And look upon
What you've written

Then smile bright
To my delight
Beauteous sight
Of your love song

With many words
Your heart records
And spins onwards
So romantic

Ignites my heart
Like match head start
Strings like Mozart
In my heart ring

Then I reply
With simple "Hi"
Let out a sigh
As I'm thinking

How can this be?
Her love for me
What does she see
That compels her

Cause everyday
My heart you play
Each time you say
How you love me
Rhupunt form
our bodies match in an absolutely flawless manner
they sing together with a fiery passion
theyre symphonies writing themselves
theyre perfect harmonies within
like a cadence of sweet victory
our bodies together sing in the perfect key
Alexander Foe Jan 28
I live in fear
That I cannot say another word;
The pain descends
On me like a thousand bursts;
Slicing my torso in two.
The burning flame accumulates in my chest
I just want to let it out-
The ebb and flow of unspeakable tones
Articulated from my ***** into letters
Of scarlet-red BLOOD :
Bearing my shame,
My anguish,
My torment
But most of all, my happiness
And faith.
Pallavi Jan 21
Life will never ,
Let you sit back.
It always keeps you,
      on move.
It's agreement of disagreements,
dancing on its groove.
Pain, agony, and
feeling of despair.
Every fair chance,
is there to repair.
It's a bundle of
Glee, euphoria & delight.
Need a right move..........
and embrace it tight.
Pallavi Jan 10
I woke up at midnight
looking at the stars,
How, Wonderful !
their life is .....
no boundaries and no bars.
Clouds or wind nothing matters,
It's a source of collective
They are far away from us,
still shining so bright.
I want to get merged,
in their divine light.
Which can uplift me,
with tempestuous delight.
AmeriMav Oct 2018
It’s like a garden full of jasmine when the sun is going down
It’s like a rainbow, or a gentle rain, or an ocean’s rolling sound

It can’t be bought with precious jewels, or silver, or with gold
It can’t be stored, or bottled up, no strong man’s grip could hold

It can’t be forced, it must simply flow, it loses all value if faked
It shines, and dazzles, and wildly glows, especially for a loved one’s sake

It’s like a sunrise from a mountain top, or a relaxing tropic isle
It’s special, lovely, and unique, my darling, it’s your smile
AmeriMav Nov 2018
Men look to the stars to be awed
By the vastness and beauty of space
Through the darkness, and void, and icy cold
They watch the planets race

The light of explosions, and birth of stars
The swirl of cosmos inspires
The never ending infinite decor
Through the endless light-filled fires

Yet I have been lost in a place more deep
Than the host of these can know
A world of light and shadows dark
Full of wonder, wisdom, and woe

It is in this place that I wish to stay
For my heart and my soul realize
That a world of treasure, and sorrow, and life
It is found when I gaze in your eyes
AmeriMav Dec 2018
In moments like this
All my delight is in you
You make my heart sing
A Haiku
AmeriMav Jan 4
What is that chiming
Elegant descending sound
Striking my ear with delight?

It's the soft clear bell
Lifting lightly from her lips
My lover's enchanting sigh
Sedoka form
Tekan Jan 2
Leaving me wanting more
I reminisce your first sight
Not a single flaw
Everything just right

As you move on the dance floor
In the evening light
Four by four
Beats with a bite

I feel your energy roar
With all its might
I wanna see what els is in store
So I pop you an invite

"meet me at the door
I'm the lady in white

if you wanting your soul to soar
and ignite

Love youre
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