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Filomena Mar 4
The mage with her sage
was cleaning her cage
imagining tragedy's
angels engage

She erected a sigil
protecting her vigil
a palindrome had in Rome
angst to assuage

As she brought out her cards
she thought of the bards
had her spirit inherited
some of their ways?

When she put them away
she had nothing to say
and the guides of her writing
were silent for days
Late evening of Thu. Mar. 3, 2022
This pessimistic version was written first.
stillhuman Mar 2021
There is something in the air
no more ice nor vampire lairs
The sun rules over night
and brings forth all things bright
And the flowers greet him with glee
all shining and rising among the ****
As the maiden smiles to her tummy
her child smiles back in the shape of a bunny
It's the breath of spring,
balance and growth with it brings
So let us blossom my dear
make our intention and power clear
Merry Ostara to all who celebrate. To those who don't, I wish you to blossom this spring
VerySadLibra Dec 2020
I take this life and love
With my hands at my side
And heart wide open
The warmth of candles
On my cool and steady mind
Her light hits my face
And her energy fills my cup
I drink what she offers
I give her everything in return
Some miracles have happened lately
I don't know what makes it happen
It makes me almost believe in the lord above
Now I'm hoping, soon, your heart will open.
Wether it's candles, spells, or crystal magic
It's brought me pain, but goodness too
I've been happier than I've been some years
Now I hope it brings me you
A poem every day

i just got a good mark for my greek test, i'm starting to believe in miracles
Filomena Nov 2020
The spirit of these long dead men
Be found to live in me again
And just the same when I am gone
Our spirit guide our children on
Meditation on ancestors.
"I" may be changed to"we" for group recitation.
"Men" is meant to encompass all humankind here.
LittleFreeBird Jul 2020
Wild spirit  
dancing under
Moon lit
bathing in  
Her nocturnal


Shadow twisting
around the fire
naked skin
toes skimming
in exultation

jules May 2020
i sit in the bathtub
surrounded by
lit candle wicks
allowing tears to flow
feeling the comforting
cleansing of the water
wash over me gently
as i connect to my breath

the new moon
allows for manifestations
and new beginnings
so, i grab pen and paper
and jot down:

when i see myself in the mirror
i want to look deep within
and see the divine being i am
instead of
someone i wish not to be

i wish to cultivate
self-love, stillness
and harmony;
giving myself the space
to slow down and reconnect
while loving myself tenderly
for all that i am

i wish to spread
this love of self
unto others in my life
and to the collective
beings on the planet

in hopes that they too
will see the beauty
that is already within them

thanking the four elements:
earth, air, fire and water
for their guidance
and protection,

i step out of the bathtub
blow out the candles
dry myself off and
step out of the sacred space
releasing my intentions
into the wild.
berk Apr 2020
it's not bubbling cauldrons
its just accepting the earth,
and knowing that if you give out
peace, you'll get it back.

it's comforting.
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