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Sadie Grace Dec 2023
This is my recovery
I’m not where I want to be
I can’t shake these memories
Of the person I used to be
The scars fade but
They’re the scars that made me
The scars that saved me
Now I’m a little closer to whole
Filling in the holes that I wore through this soul of mine
I’ve been run ragged carrying around all this baggage
It gets too heavy after a while and it’s time to stop and steady myself
Why don’t you just lay it down?
This road keeps going up ahead
There are more ways to move on and one day you will be found
No sense in stopping now
There’s life up ahead
Living one day at a time
I keep filing through the pain in my head
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace
One day this life will stop and the you you knew will cease to exist
There’ll be nothing left but what you did with all the pain
Take a breath
Take a step
Let someone know
Life will ebb and flow
But we’re better off with you
We’re better off because you kept going
This is my recovery
But it’s not just mine
Written from the writing prompt: “my recovery means…”
LC Apr 2022
her heart soars straight over cloud nine
when she holds the number seven to her chest.
her fingers are adorned by five golden rings
and she trusts in the holy trinity.
she follows the partridge to the pear tree,
and her eyes bore into mine,
expecting me to follow her every step,
but I can only stand and watch.
Escapril Day 11! Prompt: an odd number of...
Here is how I incorporated the prompt into my poem. I hope you enjoy it!
among the skyscrapers my mind wander
how narrow my sight was
to only surmise what one might feel
realizing there are more to conquer
so i take a step back
revisiting another possible tracks i could take
Wanderingsoul Sep 2021
Eyes so deep, you could drown
Felt like seeing a queen with a crown
She looked like she was in a foreign land
Broke away from a life that was bland
Smiling like a fool but was aware too
A big responsibility, only taken by a few
She was ready to take the next step
Now all that was left was for her to prep
It's about me... I'm my own muse
Draginja Knezi May 2021
step by
nail by
in the hair
of a willow
may 2021
leeaaun Feb 2021
if you think, i love you
and i should take a step towards you
but what if you also love me—
why don't you close that distance then.
do what you expect from others first!.
Nikkie Jan 2021
For some reason, my black love is tainted.
What I mean is; it’s stale and lonely, not reciprocal.
I stand my ground, I speak my truth. Like lightning
and thunder, breaking branches forcing him to look my way.
Yet and still, those same branches, break into pieces forcing him to look away; away from the goodness of my heart, away from the responsibility of being good to me.

He’s afraid of my stance, afraid of me for being who I am.
He is afraid of being good to me, afraid to ease into my being.
He is totally afraid to be only mine, be only my days, nights, weekends and holidays.
He is afraid to own up to being one with me, being my man with no strings included.
He is wrong, wrong on so many adult levels. He is too old to play games.
Too old to play games with emotions like mine; grown up emotions that
deserve the best respect, grown up emotions that hail to my queeness.
I, being the queen that I am, deserves a top notch, down for me king.
Black or white, yellow or green, my tainted black love deserves happiness.
Happiness the explodes inside of me, radiating the glow of my sweet black love, my sweet black touch, my sweet blackness period!

My black love from what I can see is free for the giving, yet not so easily given.
I hold back my heart, I cover my soul, and I lay a dark blanket across my threshold so his feet won’t stump a hole in my heart.
Sometimes I slip and let him through; thinking I finally met my king. I slipped big time, I believed what he said, I believed what he did, I believed……….In him
Enough. Enough to know or should have known that this **** fool was using me.
My black love deserves so much better. My black love kicked his *** to the curb, my black love stands alone. My black love is too good to use up. My blackened love is taking a break, looking forward to the day that my king comes. I deserve to be happy; I am too good at being who I am.
Those who dissed the goodness of this black love will never experience my blackness again.

They will never experience my goodness, my blackness come alive inside of them.
My black love is mine to keep, mine to share, mine to let go when my king walks in.
My black love is lonely right now, my black love is mine to keep.
My blackness is hard to receive, but too hard to give away to just  any man.
My black love is like fire and lightening. Once you experience my power, you close your eyes and walk away. I dare you to step to my black love.
I dare you to stay and weather my storm.
John McCafferty Jan 2021
Complex indirect energy effects
Dominos tipped in motion from years ahead
Solar waves continue to rollover again
Subtle state flows felt beyond present tense

Self reflection an important order
To step forward in the right direction
Fear not the unknown events
Souls sewn into space with grace

Shadow self flexes when stressed
Amongst absent minded friends
Less of our conscious contempt
Form learned actions instead
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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