the destination
but not as much
as the

Every step
is satisfaction,
and dreams.

Every light
in the lonely sky
is waiting
for you
to look up,
on your feet,
and reach.

Every step of mine
Is in your pursuit.
Wherever you may be
You are in my vision

When the bond is of pain,
Then how bad is separation.
As only they get separated,
That were always wanted.

You are hidden within,
In my heart my friend.
If not inside my smiles,
Then surely in my grimaces.

Every step of mine
Is in your pursuit.
Wherever happiness is
There lies my success.

My HP Poem #1608
©Atul Kaushal
Rebecca Kinga May 31

It was like
Holding big dreams in small hands
Having no wings to fly in your lands
While I
Dreamt of touching stars
Mending never mending scars
And felt like
Gliding in the highest dreams
Floating in the deepest streams
And it was like
Holding big dreams in small hands...

Dharker May 24

Is it that insane
that we all want the same
Talking to each other
oh how it sounds good
That you can
connect with me
and feel
what I'm feeling
deep inside
In those translations
we enter minds

A petal ready to fall
in liquid thoughts
Is it just a dream
Should I take a step at all?
To where the monsters live
Ready to show their faces
To the wondering soul
who walks alone

Kee May 19

my feet are pounding the ground
but it feels like im flying
my heart is beating like drums
but i can't feel it at all
all i know is that im a few steps away from freedom
can my feet take me there?
maybe i can leap to it
i can't fail
i need this
i need to be free
i want my own air in my lungs
no, not want
i need
i need to be free

in economics class
mr. gardner is talking too much
Shofi Ahmed May 18

I have nothing to impress you
            nor the strength to follow
                        your surefooted step.
                             But the will to be yours
                                            with love forever.

ben Apr 8

one movement..
one step..
one word...
can make or break someone
one word...
can change someone's future
one word..
can change if someone has a future.

Ellie Geneve Mar 29

They call them baby steps

I'd like to think its because
babies walk slowly and unsteadily
often fall, quit, and crawl instead
and on most days,
they walk one step forward
and two steps back

Brett Palmero Apr 11

Fall down
We grasp at everything
But as we drown
We realize we have nothing

Climb back up
We continuously fight
Take each step even though
We barely see light

Walk a mile
We want to give up already
But we can't help but smile
At the progress we're making

Run toward the skies
We reach for the blue
And we rise
To enjoy the view

Linda Terman Feb 3


Wants to be the old stone bridge
Awaits, sense the rain, sun and sleet
Until the day
You, just once step out
And I recognize your feet
On your way, across me
Then I could wait
more than five thousand years
On this delight

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