A billion thoughts running through my head.


If I could just step out of my own head for one second and see what others see me as. There would be no more pain.
Cause the view I have of myself just isn’t working anymore.
I don’t need love. I just need acceptance.
Now I guess I’ll stay lost in thought.
Until the time comes.

                      With love,
And every step
Towards you
Is a leap
Full of laughter
Light on my heart

And every step
Towards you
Is sped as I land
Back onto earth
Back into my life

And every step
Towards you
Is rebalancing myself
As I try to understand
What it is that I am doing
As I gaze out to the empty horizon

And every step,
Towards you...
Is full of worry
Every next step reconsidered
Every next foothold possibly
The uncertainty in each step...?
Whispers and whispers
Of silence
Whispers and whispers
For warmth
Whispers and whispers...
Yanamari Jun 13
With every note that flows
Every stage that goes
I get closer to an end
Maybe closer to you

Every staccato that unfolds
Overlapping that legato left untold
Moves me closer to an end
A stage ending with you

Every rise
And every fall
I hope
To find you

So used to the idea
Of two different melodies
Starting together instantaneously...
That I so desperately want you

But as the arrangement continues to flow
In a cadence of escalating ostinato
The hope that there is a stretto or
Chord progression... Slowly weakens with the idea of you

So much so that
Every beat resonates within me deeper
And courses through my veins
Almost leaving no space
For you

The pain left in every note that
Brings me closer to the end
Twists you into a syncopation
And I into a ballad of bottomless commiseration

I just...
I pray to God
That my composition ends
In the best quality it could ever be.
Twalib Mushi May 30
Sleeping is nowhere to be found
It's six o'clock
He has got the metallic sound
Tinkling and click
All over his head

About the choice he made
He rethink
As the scene begins to fade
A step by step,tick tock.

Like firewood
His temper sparked
His brilliant efforts were thwarted .
Helene Marie Apr 14
step by step
they let their
tattered shoes
take them
to wherever
their mind
so often wandered
Ginger R Apr 11
I stood
On the edge
Of the shore
Peering past
Where others
Have gone
I took
A step
Of faith and destiny
And so did you and so
Who touched the water
Before the path turned away
From the others
Heart leaping into my throat
As the road turns away
I think this is still unfinished, it was sitting in my drafts. I might add more... maybe.
A W Apr 2
Finally, tears were shed.
There was a heart that bled.
An able body that could not be held.
Calling out to the silence; cold.
Shaking a hollow breath.
There I lay beneath.
Your feet raised to step over me once more.
I can't bare the pain in my core.

No longer do I feel my life is mine.
I don't feel like myself anymore. He took that away from me. The fear I constantly have feels like I can't reach out.
the unspoken rule for some solemn

that if given the figure,
you can not yearn for the character
that if given the qualities,
you can not question the fantasy
that if provided with love,
you must forget of the love not given

suffocate with love, figures, it's fair
but allow the mourning, the crying, the upmost despair
because when a child experiences that character leave
they will believe what they don't want to believe

you've taught them they're unwanted,
that's how they'll grow up
they'll evolve and develop thinking they're not enough
ShowYouLove Feb 17
Everyday I'm told to live in a way that gives you glory
Everyday I'm called to walk and tell the world your story
But I just don't know if i can really do this
So I just won't go, afraid that I'll miss
They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step of faith
It'll take a miracle because the first step is the hardest to take
And I just can't see where it is you're taking me
So I'll stay right here out of comfort and fear
They say you can walk on water if you just believe
Or move mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed
But I just don't think I'm strong enough
For the wind is strong and the waves are rough
I try to follow you and walk in your truth and light
Yet I try to avoid doing wrong and strive to do what is right
But I fall so readily and start to sink in shifting sands
So I cry out. Place my feet upon the rock, help me to dry land
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