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slowly step across
the narrow path -
fear    crawl backwards
She moved around gracefully
On a springtime's eve
Enjoying the sweet caress
Of the wind on her skin

The moon stirred the love
Awakening to dreams
She had of him
Swirling in her head

A dance was born
Inside her heart
A blanket of hope
Enveloped her whole

Each step brought her closer
To the memories alive
Within her soul
The fire still flamed bright

Always a moment
Never forgotten
As if it was new from
The day before

Nathalie Apr 14
An ending
is opening space
A new beginning
beguiles breaking free
from addictive cycles
in welcoming
empowering new
ways of relating

Each bold step is
birthing an
invitation into
the unknown
which excites
the spirit and
enlivens the heart.

One step in darkness.
One step in abyss.
One step in emptiness.
Just one step and you fall.
Don't let me fall.
I need your hand.
I'm watching my every single step
I'm careful not to stumble and fall
One stone on the road
could lead to a landslide
And one broken bone
could ruin it all
I'm watching my every single move
I'm careful not to scare you away
The faintest blow
could lead to a hurricane
And one wrong word
could be the last thing I say.
I never knew where I had you.
Desire Feb 21
With the end prize in mind, shift your eyes and
Focus on the now. Prepare for the next [step].
You dont need to have it all figured out.
You need only to be moving forward.
21 Feb 19, 1119hrs
One Step at a Time
21 Feb 19, 1119hrs
Wyatt Feb 14
Bursts of creative passion,
they used to come often for me
but now it visits for mere hours
every few months like a
distant relative that might as well
be another stranger.
That passion I had was a tool or a weapon
for attacking these things I hate about me
but slowly it turned into a question,
what didn't I hate about me?
I had no clue.
Practically I was
holding the pen to my throat.

What comes next after admitting
that you have some kind of problem?
I had no idea, so I would just
kept admitting it for years
because I was afraid
that the next step forward was
surrendering my sense of pride.
Giving someone else the keys to my mind
and letting them take it for a test drive.
They'd take it back to the shop,
get it's oil changed and
upgrade it's parts until it
resembled anything passable.
At that point could I even call it me?
Is changing everything
even an option for me?
Upgrading cars costs money
and so does their kind of therapy.
I just wrote until I couldn't,
I thought that was therapy
but I guess it didn't go so well for me.
So what comes next?
"Real" therapy? Drugs? Depression?
Looming doubt from everybody?
Disappointment? Embarrassment?
People asking what's wrong with me?
Decreasing health? A lack of help?
People mocking me and my struggle?
It's like an empire that crumbles
because there's a double agent
who makes moves from the inside.
That's like me versus me
'cause they're on different sides.
Dual-personality, a lost sense of self?
What can I make of my life?
What scares me?

Condemnation for my past?
Am I ultimately ****** to ****?
Have I derailed off-track?
I let my opinion
deter me from meeting fact,
when am I going to realize
real life doesn't have a hack?
Who knows?
I sure couldn't say.
If I ever did
I think I'd throw a parade.
See? That's what I do,
I make jokes because I've
got nothing left to lose.
What pride can I claim?
There's none in the truth.
I spend unhealthy amounts of time
thinking about learning to tie a noose.
Where's the joke in that?
Maybe it's me, I'm the joke
so maybe I need to meet the noose
for it to then be found funny.

I got no laughs for that, it's expected.
I think I killed the mood instead,
yeah it's pronounced dead.
I acknowledge there's a problem with me
but I'm too scared to take the next step.
Where do I go from here?
julianna Feb 12
Step 1:
What is step one?
I don’t want to be abandoned
I don’t want to put in the effort just to fail
I want to impress
I want to improve,
But there’s no step one without you.
I have no self-motivation.
rgz Jan 23
Contentment is a fleeting thing
Descendant of the peace but then
Oversensing will begin
Commencement of the mortal sin
Empty out the medicine
Then resentment will set in
Ten steps towards the loony bin
Guess I'll never make it since
Contentment is a fleeting thing
What a coincidence
Yanamari Dec 2018
Steps echo in the distance,
Pitter, patter
As I turn my head forward, leaving
Accustomed to the silence in my wake,
Eyes closed to the path that lays ahead.

Gazing at the floor beneath,
Avoiding my surroundings;
And yet these surroundings are pounding
At my front door.
I twist the locked **** carelessly
And consistently
Uncaring of my discomfort.
Repetitive and yet
Lock me out or I'll continue
To open these doors

At the front door
To which I open again,
Pitter patter
Spinning the threads of
Chaos again.
Ever written a poem and you're feeling it and then someone just cracks a crude noise and disturbs your flow? | The Step Series Revived: VII
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