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When I feel like quitting
I tell myself, "Take just one more step."
Then I do it.

And then again
When I feel like quitting
I tell myself, "And then take another
"Just one more step."
Then I do it again.

And again when I feel like quitting
I say, "Self, take another,
"Just one more step."
Then I do it again and again.

I keep talking to myself
And I keep going
Again and again and again.

Until there is just one more step to take
And then I say,
"Self you can do it. Take Just one more step!"
As I step into my, "I did it!"

I celebrate and celebrate
All the while
My mind is thinking
"Self, What is  next? Let's do it again!"
One challenge after another. Keep learning, keep growing, See the lesson. = increased wisdom.
Joanna 4d
Change is evident to anyone who can see pieces of the puzzle come together as a key.

Stages come and go, and yet it can seem slow to the one who is unaware. Somethings that happen are just unfair.

Levels of growth appear shallow and strained, especially for one just coming in out of the rain.

Two steps forward and one step back, today has ended feeling off track.

Just the same, there is a determined climb to overcome obstacles, and find strength in the midst to go the mile.

Change is real even when there seems no real chance to move the dial.
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Carmen Jane Sep 10
All the harmonicas play the same sound
You listen as you lay helpless on the ground
The heavy clouds now  are drifting away
The autumn leaves are starting to sway

Oh, my love, trust me when I say
All your problems will go away
You can rise up, you can stay tall
You are a wonder and your problems are small

Cause you are tall as a mountain
Wearing love -  clear as a fountain
You can spread all this love
You can change the lives of all

All the harmonicas play the same sound
It's about time to get up from the ground
Can't you see the wide blue sky?!
One step, a all you need to try!
annh Sep 1
Subway skip jive,
Off and on,
Up and over,
Been and gone.

Mind your wallet,
Watch your step,
Take your seat,
Turn right, lean left.

Token trav’lers,
Quick, quick, slow,
We’re underground,
And on the go.

‘I loved the abandoned subway stations, rushing past the darkened platforms, the sprawl of graffiti like old letters. Letters left by ghosts.’
- Hannah Lillith Assadi, Sonora
Quinn Adaire Aug 28
One step at a time
One task at a time
One day at a time
One second at a time
Maybe I won’t break down this time.
One step.. two step.. three step...
Kriti Mishra Jul 16
She took a hesitant first step
Closer to bay.
Sand crunched under her toes,
And cold slapped her ankles,
As a wave broke upon the shore.
Receding waters,
Left her tilting like creaking post,
Overburdened with laundry.
Surprised, she jumped backwards
Retreating to the sane solid ground.
But sanity lost,
To the wild, tempestuous sea.
Poetic T Jun 22
Life is death,
            breath is a tome.

And every step,
          we walk to

our carcass in earths grasp.
Standing on the precipice of a dream,
The Sun in my eyes.

Shall I take this fateful step once again?
For when last I stood before a dream...

I took that step,
And valiantly, I plunged into a darkness from
  which I have still not been freed.

T'was not a step I should have made,
But rather a Leap.

From this precipice,
Standing atop the cliffside, staring into.
   future's abyss,

I must leap,
   yet to this day,

I would much rather,

Fall into sleep.
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