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Laokos Oct 10
i am Orpheus in the clouds
playing clown for the masses.

i'm half of the shaft of light
breaking mosaically into
millions of pieces across the kitchen floor.

i'm a smoky chandelier swaying with
the bravado of a censure on high-holy-day.

i'm the royal velvet lining your blood.

i am a poem, without reason, read to you
by a stranger.

i am 200 tons of cracked granite one thousand
feet above you splitting off from the face of
the mountain.

but more so than any of that,

i'm a peculiar kind
of nothing

typing words onto
screens before
i die.
You drew her in
Like the last breath you'd ever take
Drowning in her eyes
Hitting the blue and silver wakes

She reached for your hand
Shaking you from your slow descent
Her touch like a velvet rose
A warmth without an end

She laughs and you close your eyes
Hanging her smile in your mind
A gallery of your favorite pieces
Her portrait a one of a kind
Poetic T May 2
Plush knots tie delicately,
gentle around the neck..

   death never felt so soft,

FloydBrandon Feb 2
Days I
like are night  
when you are near
do me a favor dear

Hang yourself
from thee
crystalline chandelier

Breathes reek
of sheets
in Velvet and Belvedere

Viji Vishwanath Dec 2019
Deep red with velvet carpet
Steals every single heart

Deep rose with layered velvet
Feels like spongy soft and smooth

Dew drops on red velvet
Looks as crystal stone on it

Keep freshness with such sight
And fills us with much of zest

Gentle breeze on rosy petals
Bring pleasant fragrance as sweets

When light falls on red velvet rose
Bring deep colour which looks so nice

Deep red colour in every heart
Fills much joy in every part

With just one sight on it
Every heart peep again on it

Whispers to pluck in every mind
As it gives feeling of a dream land

Like a magician’s wand
It is a pleasing velvet band

Felt deep inside in every heart
Like loud music in every beat

Gave exciting memories beside
And bring great feelings inside

Velvety layer goes in every mind
To have a touch or adore as kind

As it attracts every soul
Helps to attain many love goal

Deep red symbolise for love
Which is given to loved one  

As is blessed with love’s rain
It helps to ease every pain

When given to loved one
It is placed in secret zone

Freshness remains till last
And soothes every heart

Dry petals after long time
Bring all memories of lifetime
Red velvet rose mesmerise every heart. It speaks about love and love only. It’s fragrance make us to adore.
Anastasia Aug 2019
talking to you
through your window
while you face me
on your bed
visions of sweet kisses
dance around in my head
lips so soft like velvet
gently touching mine
tell me why it is
i think about you all the time
jonni inferno Jul 2019
purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly waning

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

hear her
plaintive pleas
desperate cries
and so
reach out my hand
an' gently soothe
the aches an' pains
of her
precious life's
most bitter wounds

i stand my guard
an' watch
o'er her shattered gates
thru many a long
dark treacherous nyte
aware of
every shadows fall
wary of each
an' every noise

an' i swear by all
by strength of heart
breath of life
an' death of soul
on these i swear
tha' none shall pass
from hellish realms
of fiery ash
to breach
her broken battlements
nor press 'pon
her battered gates
to cast
their wicked stones
of hate

her fate i swear
'tis my soul's life
mine only heart
my one true light

be off with thee
oh wretched swine
tread not near
my beloved's breast
trouble not
her slumb'ring rest
nor gaze upon
her hallowed face

remove thy stench
from this
mortal plane
for thou art curst
an' thou shouldst flee
to brimstone's hearth
to thy master's knee

purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly fading

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

p j upchurch
annh Jul 2019
Spin me some velvet,
Scuff me over with gravel,
Pick me some bluesy strings;
Tie me a bunch of wildflower quavers,
Let’s hear how your phoney sax sings.

Dip me in treacle,
Needle me with soul,
Groove me some dirt and some bass;
******* your ***** devil’s pipe strong,
Let’s play us some bourbon and lace.

Spin me some velvet,
Scuff me over with gravel,
Lay me down in meadowsong;
Rent me a dime’s worth of old dust and daydreams,
Honey chil’, you cain’t do me no wrong.

‘Sometimes I sound like gravel and sometimes I sound like coffee and cream.’
- Nina Simone

‘Sing me a love song in a slow, southern drawl to the tune of sunny days.’
- Kellie Elmore, Magic in the Backyard
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