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DAF Feb 27
she feels like velvet felt
she kills with gentle scars
Melody Feb 15
do i think about                                           you a little too,
too, much? tossing and                              turning at night is not
enough, yearning for a simple                   touch. one on my shoulder stating, "hey, what's really up?" do i talk about you a little too much? my voice, unwinding and in a frenzy (so over-the-top). hoping that you'd–you’d speak to me. infatuated in your delightful smile, nothing else is worthwhile to contemplate over. after relishing the strides of your graceful walks, the stifled laugh that makes my eyes twinkle,
the sweet acts of kindness, the exaggerated pick-up lines,
the hilarious jokes that make me laugh 'till my stomach
shrieks for help, i can't put into words how much I
freaking love you, although you're only a crush.
i'm madly in love you. i really hope that
me and you will love each other forever.
sadly, this is only a figment of my
imagination. sadly, love is
only an elaborate
Who do you have a crush on?
krahisunknown Jan 12
One by one you are disintegrating.
I know it hurts you to see me this way…to know that I am finally coming back to realisation and you’re still stuck in the place you’ve been all your life. It’s sad to think that my happiness brings you nothing but anger, you never really wanted me to be yours, I was just something to look at… It was hard to make you love me.
The Mysteries Of Love what Is love might seem a silly or obvious question
to ask for someone who had a love for over
20 years
What Is It that makes us  decide to like one person
yet not another without even knowing them how
strange Is
I wonder how many times
throughout our lives, we miss out because we make judgements purely on looks because we didn't take the time look
These may seem obvious questions to some people
but for me maybe It will remain one of life unanswered questions
The mysteries of love
Inspiration to write this poem  From The Myteries Of Love from David lynch film Blue Velvet
Brynn S Dec 2018
Shine against cool winter’s skin
Breath in place of crackling voice
The room has been awoken with footsteps
Behind a veil of black the eyes are left hushed
She felt him, electricity buzzed
The motions felt swift, though lingered on cress
Little glimpses, flashforwards to each motion
Electric candlelight burns at edge
The eye of the hurricane ascended
She felt him, his hands like silk
His touch greeted her, she fell
Into the skeleton of the room
Confined to their space of absolute
Stars outlined edges, moments left to soak
She could see without sight
Each spin of the record
Each hum of the base
Comforted by quilt, entangled in skin
astraea Dec 2018
last night i dreamt
the moon was made of gold,
with a dangling halo of silver gossamer
-and i, hanging from the threads,
grasping at whispers as i fell into to the sky.

her voice,
the moon that is,
had fallen from a sweet dulcet melody
to a voice made of sugar and honey
and so i fell from the stars into her arms.

the water had risen
so many springs ago,
as water from the tears of the stone maidens
emptied into the sea.

the sky was clear then,
when only the stars blemished the midnight canvas,
and i raised my hand above the water
clear droplets streaming down velvet skin,
and touched your cold face
murmuring a soft hello.

last night i dreamt again
of your response the first night,
when you laughed
you threw your head back,
and i saw the stars ripple through your hair,
the light in your eyes brighter than a thousand flames
when you asked for my name.

you sang to me again,
your voice wrapping around my body
in glittering strings, golden and soft
and carried me up into the sky
wrapping me in a lullaby.
astraea Dec 2018
your name echoes in my mind,
on the windowpanes
where the rain falls,
drips down the cold glass,
making the world so bleary
-like waking up in the morning,
to the soft smell of warm chocolate.

the warm sweaters you wear,
they’re so unlike you-
-you, the girl who tells me three words when she’s afraid,
for me, the girl who can’t seem to float
and yet somehow i fly.
you’re all dark and softly-bright,
like cotton candy wisps and dark velvet necklace’s,
not warm burgundy and spiced hot chocolate.

one night, one fall night where the leaves were barely red,
i was afraid of you,
the way my skin turned to embers,
our shadows waving and flickering in the moonlight
yet now i cannot stop to wonder why the fire
turned to stone.

now i look into those eyes,
i see the sky laid about bare,
and my soul hanging by a thread in wonder,
hands touching.
you are the moon -going down in the sky,
giving birth to an easy morning in the country summers.
you are the stars, far points on light that call me home,
reach out to touch me from my place under you,
calling me to my dreams.

soft breaths against a soft cheek,
a warm head, with soft hairs mingling in your sweaters
-the way you lean over, no, not over,
but as if to cover mine keep it safe from the darkening sky and whirling leaves.
i am the lone girl under rattling metal rafters,
when they’ve all gone home,
and i,
standing alone in the dark wondering about you
am still under the rafters of a place that isn’t home.
Troy Oct 2018
Velvet shrouds my chest,
or silver binds my neck
Either servant like the rest,
Or one who holds them at his beck,
Either a King at his best,
Or he who shines his deck.

I admire the feel of velvet cloth,
The esteem of shining silver,
The markers of a life eased in sloth,
Or one fought for on a sliver.
A life survived on measly broth,
Or foods only chefs can deliver,

Either one will tell you,
Which one binds them tightest,
On the silver will they sell you,
But it bears on them the lightest,
King or servant will do,
Struggling with the slightest.

The only weight worse than the gavel,
Is that of the satin,
For news of it will travel,
Even to the heights of Manhattan,
For the silver will not bevel,
Nor will it read you the Latin,
the velvet will force you to level,
With the weights you’ve tried to flatten.
trf Oct 2018
trace your faint touch down my rib cage,
whispered nails hush my chest,
let's synch our heart beats,
exhale burgundy breath,
that cheap red wine
and our ultra violet teeth.

unlace your lucid ****,
cocoons under silk sheets,
thread counts are high,
your body next to me.

your head rests gently,
my arm falls asleep,
i try not to move,
make sense to me.
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