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Chloe May 25
Quiet streets
Tall buildings, dotted with a grid
Of uniform windows.
Little sets them apart
But the people within.
You watch their silhouettes,
And try to determine their stories.
Are they alone? Are they happy? Are they asleep?
There’s only so much you can draw
From a brief shadow.
But there may be meaning, there may not.
Meaning is what you make it to be.

Black pavement
Lies bordered by dim streetlights.
A telephone box
Stands vacant, serving little purpose.
Another relic of the past.
Perhaps we should hold a funeral
For what once was.
But who has the time?

Concrete fades into dirt, gravel, sand.
If only.
It climbs between your toes, up your ankles,
Luring you away
From the city lights.
The waves roll onto the shore,
And you fill your body
With the freshness, crispness of the air.
You hold it, but you know you have to exhale
And let go of the waves,
The sand,
The cool wind,
This place trapped in time.
You know you have to keep moving.

There is little time
To be still.
To watch strangers dancing in windows,
To gaze upon a distant horizon,
To catch your breath.
Keep moving,
Or you will be left behind.
Keep moving,
Or you are lost in the crowd.
Maria Etre May 21
I suddenly awoke from hypnosis
my eyes no longer dilate
at your sight
but my
mind expands when my thoughts
sneak out to dance with the idea of you
in the middle of the night on a white sheet
with ***** lead shoes writing the story of
what my heart wanted, my mind thought
and poetry yearned for
Maria Etre May 14
Oh Darling,
Get ready,
I think
I found
Kenji May 13
I might just be too good for you, or you too good for me.
So immune to love, so unchangeable.
Will you take me in?
You did many things, that I liked.
And your name deserves to be in my heart.
But you sleeping with a frozen heart and it belongs to someone else.
You made me feel so real, so unacquainted.
You brought the thrill, the risk, the rush.
I live for danger...
I haven't been around town in a long while, with you.
I apologize, but I've been trying to get over you by seeing them.
And you wished me good luck, to find somebody to love.
Honey please, don't leave.
I just might be too good for you.
Unrestricted, so priceless.
I'm everything.
I deserve it.
Take me in
The Town _ The Weeknd (Inspiration)
RVani Kalyani Apr 30
Feel like the time's running faster,
Life's that long tongue twister.
Nolan W Apr 28
I want to live in an age of letters
Of horse-carriages and cobbled roads
Maybe I glorify the past too much
But nowadays it seems we’re always in a rush
Its a really hard place to live
When you got no submarine
When you got nowhere to go
Out of this crazy rushed world

People are in so fast flow
That a simple Bernoulli law
Is forcing you to be same
And you got noone else to blame

When Im sitting in my secret place
World is flowing very fast
I see just bloom of your face
While you running your last race

My mind , Is just like a sponge
Soaking and soaking for so much time
Then in worst scenario exploding
throwing Debris in non deterministic lines

Im okay mom , im okay
My head is just not the same
And I just need an open air
To get little more of oxygen

Im okay mom , im okay
But sometimes is it not a fair
I do see, you want to stare
Sometimes i wish ,That you dont care

Im okay dad , Im okay
I Hope you got someone to blame
Dont blame yourself , please dont blame
Cause it would be my cross to wear
Chris Apr 11
The will of thee
A growing flame,
A fruitless tree, a sinner's shame!

Crawl through dust,
To bow to thee,
I am the blood that's underneath.

Rip the cage,
And become you,
Divine the rage that boils me through.

The raven's eye,
The wolf that howls,
Bless me with fire within your bowls.

Sun is just the same
Every single day
Sun is just the same
Sun is just the same!

Smother me away
Life is just a ray
Smother me away
Smother me awaaaaay!!!!(growl this one real loud y'all :))

The will of thee
A lasting scar
The lust for you has got me far

Crawl through dust,
Beneath the feet,
The sword is rusting in the sheet.

**** the cage
And burn you through,
You are me and I am you!

The vulture's smile.
The sinners shame.
**** me *******, we are aflameeee....

Sun is just the same
Every single day
Sun is just  the same
Sun is just the same

Smother me away
Life is just a game
Smother me away
Smother me awaaaaay!!!!
Thanks to the inspiration I got from a member of this very site :)
When your luscious lips gently close on to mine,
In a sudden energy surge  from deep down , I shine.
In perfect silence we fall, to savour it to the hilt,
The flow tide rushes in, hearts in passion are  hit!
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