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qeren 1d
would you let me breathe?
listen to all the ***** you say
needed space but there's no way
even I can't quit with a pray

everyone keeps on talking
but there's no one listening
to put the world on my back
instead of my hand

puts so much weight on the words
puts so much weight on the thoughts
everyone's in a rush
with no moment of hush

can we sit down and talk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
can we not run but walk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
everyone relax and let me breathe for a second, please.
Rainswood Sep 1
The sedum has begun to blush.
Something in change of seasons  
That intensifies my craving
for strong male energy.
A Gravitational pull
Towards Infamous downfalls.
Until the day that all the Jessica stories have been told
I will continue living this way
Dancing in the rain
Stomping over the invisible lines
Drawn to keep me contained
On knowing and loving myself
Alpha Apr 28
Too much to do
Time runs out
And my demons roar
Behind my mouth

The voices in my head
Are knocking me out
So much to feel
Rage behind my mouth

Look into my eyes
See the flaming spread
There‘s no way out
From the demons in my head

No end, no beginning
No change, no line
And the demons are still singing
In my head, out of time

The flames in my eyes
Burning my soul down
While I hear them singing
So clear, so loud

No silence, no silence
But then I close my eyes, freeze
Let my heart burn down
And find at least a blink of peace
I wrote this little rhyme when I once was told by my mom to do a huge bunch of things. I were really under pressure, and just wanted to scream, as suddenly the first phrase came into my mind. I wrote it down and sung it silently while I made the tasks, and it really saved me from a tantrum back there.
Mel Gadd Mar 31
painting red
with a steel brush
brings such a feeling
it brings such a rush
it releases chemicals
inside my brain
it brings such a lovely feeling
makes me feel less insane
Running on adrenaline
I think we should rest
Let's slow down a bit
I think it's for the best

We are rushing things
without thinking twice
Fearless but out of breath
please listen to my advice
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
If you make it
a friend
will make you
Bad decision are made when in haste.
You don't need to rush in order to achieve something
This will make you regret later on and it will be a tough fall to get back up from
Just Grace Feb 1
Rushes that come with risk:
some, get that with money
some, with the market
coming out the other end somehow exponentially
better off

For me
the buoyant thoughts
of all the possibilities open
coming out the other side
I do by gambling
by tossing in intrepid
by bluffing
by raising
is the life worth gambling for
is the life I worth living

The Fearful, step aside
there are tides I need to ride
Anais Vionet Jan 12
**** phone alarm.
I gulp haste.
I open my school app - like an eyelid.
Invade my sanctuary, virtual tyranny.
Where's my focus?!
looking around for my coffee cup
I feel like a bobble-head.
I dread fire-drill like last minute wake-ups
mark soltero Dec 2020
kiss away my pain
softly please
all i can ask for
is that you don’t hate my dismay
because somehow someway
after yesterday
when you kissed me
i got the rush
that i once felt in the dizzy of our laughter
and this morning it hasn’t gone away
Traveler Dec 2020
Can any part of life
be larger than life?
Those who think they know it all
lingers in the basement
of all knowing!
Traveler Tim

And if the band yer in
Starts playing different tunes
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon!

Pink Floyd
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