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If you make it
a friend
will make you
Bad decision are made when in haste.
You don't need to rush in order to achieve something
This will make you regret later on and it will be a tough fall to get back up from
Just Grace Feb 1
Rushes that come with risk:
some, get that with money
some, with the market
coming out the other end somehow exponentially
better off

For me
the buoyant thoughts
of all the possibilities open
coming out the other side
I do by gambling
by tossing in intrepid
by bluffing
by raising
is the life worth gambling for
is the life I worth living

The Fearful, step aside
there are tides I need to ride
Anais Vionet Jan 12
**** phone alarm.
I gulp haste.
I open my school app - like an eyelid.
Invade my sanctuary, virtual tyranny.
Where's my focus?!
looking around for my coffee cup
I feel like a bobble-head.
I dread fire-drill like last minute wake-ups
mark soltero Dec 2020
kiss away my pain
softly please
all i can ask for
is that you don’t hate my dismay
because somehow someway
after yesterday
when you kissed me
i got the rush
that i once felt in the dizzy of our laughter
and this morning it hasn’t gone away
Traveler Dec 2020
Can any part of life
be larger than life?
Those who think they know it all
lingers in the basement
of all knowing!
Traveler Tim

And if the band yer in
Starts playing different tunes
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon!

Pink Floyd
v Nov 2020
a jack of all trades
hard for me to focus
to choose just one

my body is mashed
here i am
a master of none
movements of chicken broth...  
as fresh mac and cheese
noodles attached
by my knowledge and memories
but nothing so oven strong
not baked today

a jack of all trades.
if serious a talent.
if forgotten...

talent turns you aside and whispers to you
just one more time
do you make a decision do you choose?
master of one or master of none

a jack of all trades
getting quite weary
linked to motivation
the esquire in me
knighthood approaches
It's the master within thy

a jack of all trades but the focus in none
master a few or master of some
starting now or never again
master just one
a single mad hatter
to crack just one

time keeps ticking and it'll all fold down
jack of all trades
master of all
Gabriel Girault Aug 2020
I’m a Heartless Romantic,
I used to be a Hopeless Romantic,
but my heart has been ripped out so many times I forgot to put it back in. I mean what’s the point when each time you Love it feels like you’re having an endless sugar rush. You’re high for so long that the crash throttles you so far down that you’re in an endless abyss. And once you stabilize you realize how deep into the abyss you went. As high as you went up is as low as you go down. You stay there for a while, trying to figure out what to do. You forget what light looks like and you walk further into the darkness. Dumbfounded by not knowing which way is up and where you’ll find light, you are lost. You are lost and in pain, a perpetual pain that never healed, because you didn’t let it. You realize this and you put your heart back in, and you heal yourself. Through this healing you find your ground, and you feel more comfortable. You finally found some light even though you’re still stuck in darkness, but you slowly get out of it.
You recovered!
just to do it all again...
But I’ll forever be a Heartless Romantic,
No a Hopeless Romantic.
Maybe just A Romantic
sliding down
quick, hot
and its taste
lingering in
the insides of my
mouth now
dancing inside
my body
and running
in my blood
like a marathon
racing to
the finish
only to get
me feeling
weak in the knees
and my mind was
once full of
stressed thoughts
unnecessary pain
is now emptied
into the sound of
good laughs
and clanking glasses
drowning in the
my body
in its rhythm
and my heart
sings where
people can hear it.
Did you hear it?
when I asked you
to dance?
when I grabbed you
by the hand
going with every
beat of the music?
when we smiled at
each other,
locked eyes
and I told you
what a great time
this was?
did you feel it?
did you feel
the way
I did?
drink the thoughts and feelings away
Maniacal Escape Jun 2020
Dripping weekend wrist marks
Dance in the happy rain
Booming base and bleeding
Let it rush down your face
Feel it trickle down your tights
It’ll all be over now.
Dante Rocío Jun 2020
The antonym of befalling
to the Matrix
and its shackles of death,
or “drugginess”
is not exactly leading a protest,
an obvious to eyes fight
or anger-loaded activity
but in fact going away
from all the Movement
to the Stillness.
To reclaim the earth as ours
and ourselves as its,
our presence in senses,
kisses by pupils,
glances in fingertips,
honourable existing
and all the truth of our own
aside from anyone else’s claims,
facts & dampers.
That is a mutiny,
from the rush,
absence in our person,
the priorities cast on our choices
by seeming authorities.
Into doing,
and adoring
This is one of the greatest strikes to lead.
Stand up with me to that liberty
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