Lunar 42m
the easiest and hardest thing
about falling in love
is being a writer
it's been almost three years of having feelings for jul. i told him in a letter that i used to like him. but now i feel like i've told the biggest lie ever to him; to myself. i wonder when will this end.

hey jul, i never regret falling for you.

What if it was us.
The bench held two
The car held two
The trail held two
The sand held two
The stereo held two
What if it was us?

What if it was you.
The bench took your time
The car lifted your spirits
The trial brought your journey
The sand held your footprints
The stereo held your thoughts.
What if it was you?

What if it was me.
The bench held my hopes
The car drove my dreams
The trail took my eyes
The sand held my breath
The stereo held my words
What if it was me?

What if it was us.
What if the bench held our heads
What if the car carried our baggage
What if the trial took our hands
What if the sand caught our falls
What if the stereo said our intentions

What if it was us?
I will turn you into a writer
My many metaphors will make you dizzy
My soft tones will make you swoon
My sentences flow in perfect rhythm

I will turn you into a writer
My words will be strung together cautiously and meticulously
My similies will leave you comparing each aspect of yourself to others
My lyrics are as powerful as my love

I will turn you into a writer
Because I will make you question your existence
I will love every part of you while burning the edges of your book
I will hold you down like an anvil on a pedestal

I will turn you into a writer
Because I will make you feel alive while tearing you apart at the seams
And I'll distract you with my stanzas
I will trick you into thinking I am a writer just like I will trick you into thinking you're in love with me

I will turn you into a writer
I know the best art comes from pain
I will make you hurt and you won't have a choice
The only place you will be able to go to escape me are your thoughts

I will turn you into a writer
Because keeping thinking destroys a soul
And I will always encourage you to share how you feel
And what better way to do that than to write about me
Lily May 16
The title is the declaration,
The beginning of the confrontation.
Strong and brave words,
Yet disguising a hidden meaning.
The opening stanza is the explanation,
Describing in fact and logic
How and why we feel,
Yet disguising the feelings themselves.
The middle of the poem is the emotion,
Grasping towards the heart of the soul,
Exploring what makes us human,
Yet not providing a satisfying ending.
The final stanza is the end of the argument,
The dramatic finish where you turn on your
Heel and walk away, leaving your foe
With nothing but a look of astonishment.
Yet sometimes, The Poet may not
Complete the task in real life.  
Our victories must be written out,
Preserved in ink or on a hard drive,
Because The Poet doesn’t have enough courage
Without his words by his side.
Yet that is the way of The Poet.
Aa Harvey May 13
Attention seeker

You gotta call me nothing, ‘cause you got nothing to say.
You gotta keep on speaking, ‘case they all just look away.
You need the attention; you are welcome to all of mine.
I don’t need their eyes a-watching me.
I just want to be left alone to write my lines.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I am not defined by darkness,
I am not supposed to keep on crying,
I am not destined to be the child of an endless night.

The negativity does not define me.
Nor my moods, thoughts, and emotions.
For the only thing that defines me are my words.

My words are a valley,
A landscape of ups and downs,
Through which I must keep walking.

Rainstorms and thunder are here in abundance.
Sunshine and soft breezes are a scarce currency,
So I treasure it all and keep on remembering.

I want to turn around.
But all I can do,
Is keep moving.

I want to turn around.
But there is so much more to do,
So much more to see,
And so much more to write.
It's been a wild ride full of emotions and sleepless nights, and they'll undoubtedly be there again in the future. But nonetheless I'm incredibly excited to keep on walking and be creative again.
Rebecca May 11
He called her a princess,
and said the she deserves a crown.
He said that she needs to be royalty.
He said it’s her destiny.

Years later she has his baby,
he’s never home after work anymore,
and this is what she thinks.

I’m calling myself worthless,
and that I need to leave this town.
I need what I never got and that is loyalty.
She said that is what she needs.

You left your perfect future,
why in the world did you do this to her?
She did nothing to you,
yet all you did was use her…

You spoke broken promises,
you never stuck to what you meant.
All she known about you
was how you always left broken promises…
A mirage.

Fabricated sustenance.

A false flourish.

The brush of your almond scented exhale inspires a rush that leaves me in a desired disquietude.

Still every exhale is savored by an inhale

It meanders past sun kissed mounds and valleys

Til it hits your candied oasis.

Inspiration swells with every acme reached


you're satiated by my nectar

Calming to a summer zephyr

I turn over to your pillowed chest,

and drift off to an insatiable reality.

+ crowned saint
Maria Etre May 8
a(l)most said it
but I
a blunt pencil,
and a
It's there...
Aa Harvey May 7
One vision

One vision, writers block.
All I can see is love.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Glass half full.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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