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lex 1d
The clouds this morning tucked me in
Caressed my hands with fog and still
Said stay here, sit with your silence
Child, there is time for chaos and time for calm
And this is the space between your palms

These are the times I fall in love with writing again
Just holding a pen
Use it to open myself up
Pour my truths onto paper like blood
Give voice to secrets and sins

I used to use poetry like a blade
Let it separate my skin like paper
And illuminate every piece of myself
Etched letters onto my bones
With sinew and stone
Let my ink come out red
No words left unsaid

Without it, I thought I would die
Ripping myself apart for the art
Was the only way I knew I was alive
I felt nothing except on paper
Reminding myself of the pain helped me know I was there

But writing isn’t supposed to cage you in with your trauma
It is not meant to be blood tears and regression
It should take your blood and make it beautiful
Stitch your wounds not create them
a way to heal with a pen
To work through what you go through
And come out new

There should not be trauma here
There should not be poems that push you back under
words should be the lifeline
Pulling you out

Now I don’t use poetry to feel sadness
I know I'm alive whether I write it or not
My pen leaks heart and soul
Lets me share my blood with brothers
Brings me joy and brings me peace
A caveat for the still and the in between
That I used to **** myself to fill
this is a travesty from my notes app enjoy
How much louder do we have to scream?
You've taken away my innocence, my hopes, and my dreams.

How much louder do we have to scream?
You don't care as you pull hard at my seams.

How much louder do we have to scream?
You're finished now and proud, with a smile that gleams
This is my attempt as a writer to get the world to hear our cries for help. I am from South Africa where the recent statistics say that at least 40% of South Africans will be ***** at least once in their lifetime. I am a part of that statistic.
'Of all the stories you have ever written,
       how many have you forgotten?'

They asked.

And suddenly I remembered you.
Kush 5d
I don't know what to write,
The title came first and now I'm at a loss for words.
My madness feels constrained,
This house turned from haven to hell
And now I wish only to run.

The days go by but the landmarks are deadlines,
And I feel like some days it's going to be me with the flatline.
I switch it all off,
Say I need some alone time,
But in these lonely times I feel like it's always just mine.

So I wake,
I eat.
Then repeat.
Sometimes it feels like hell with covid around, especially when you have only been allowed out of the house 1 time since march ...
A writer writes for themselves
An author writes for the world
A poet writes for those who cannot speak
Harley Hucof Oct 18
Beside the river,
I transfigure into my feather shape
I am in my bird state
Calling out for my mystical encounter
"Come make me wings and help me escape "

I feel a strong heat and an intense grip on my back
I look at the mirror and see my reflection sewing me wings around my neck

Its all a trip i claim

Just like a drop of paint in water
The rain came
to destroy the image of my lover

My unheard comforter that willfully has to lie

For this river reflects my buried will to die

But i ignore it all and fly high because i am entitled to the good things in life

Words Of Harfouchism
Erin Riley Oct 4
will the fight end
with who
I was before
and who
I can become.
They’re like
two parents arguing,
that their child
is right here
Mazikeen Sep 25
My second self is explicit
Her bad thoughts are submissive
She always comes around
For unexpected visits
Breaking the limits in minutes
Suspicious and vicious sounds
A beat that's beating me down
Concepts that confound
I hold my ground and insist
This clever stalker persists
She turns then twists & grinds
How can I fight the beast
That hides inside my mind?
Mazikeen Sep 12
Post traumatic, I can still feel the panic
Attacks in my visions, contained in my attic
Constant pressure, can't control my intentions
How can I be so impatient?
Losing the base of my basement.
I cannot breathe under water
The heavy weights dragging further
Should I still hope for the better
After all that has happened?
Look at the damage I've caused
I'm making everything worse
This dark force is taking over, I'm lost
I miss the person I was.
I hear you...
Maria Etre Sep 25
I played with all the tenses
but that also never changed what
could have been
will be
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