JAC 13h

Diana was a dreamer.
She wished to sail away
On a sailboat made of reverie
To let her mind wander.
"Why, sail away?" you ask,
"It's such a bad cliché!
Writer, writer,
Be more original", you say.
But no, I can't, see:
This Diana wished to sail
And if you disbelieve that
She's surely destined to fail.
Diana wished to sail far,
For she knew she couldn't fly
(And talk of cliché!)
But she knew to sail a boat.
Why sail, why, it's easy:
If you knew no other escape
Wouldn't you take that route?
If you could fly, you'd fly.
So she could sail
And that, she did.
You'll notice, here,
I haven't told you why
Or where she chose to sail.
Well, I don't know!
Are you surprised?
Gosh, I didn't ask her where!
She just up and left,
But I know she's happy there.

The sailboat in question
Is a sight for sore lies:
Sails of soft green
And gold like her eyes.
It smells of the sea
And all that is sweet
And under those sails
Is such a lovely retreat.
This boat, while lovely
Requires much care:
No assembly required,
But imagination and flair
Are what makes this boat run
For, it's imaginary, of course
And only Diana can see this sailboat;
In her mind, forever, it'll be.

This was written quite some time ago, I'm intrigued by how much my writing style has changed.

Day is plain
By night
My matter transforms
Becoming ascendant

Day is so plain
By night
I become someone else
Take my real form

Day is
the suffocation
By moonlight my
constricted lungs
are briefly fixed

The writer scratches a note to their side,
She moves through day to the night like bright lightning on the somber sky.


I love the sound of ukulele,
the sight of pink skies,
trees, flowers and deers,
and the imaginary days of joy.

I always wonder,
but never wander long,
oh I like butterflies.

I shifted again,
one story to another,
does that make me,
um, weird?

I used to drive airplanes,
but that's when I was eight,
I write now,
I write.

this is me.
Kendra Mack Jun 19

My process is to process
What I’ve seen and heard,
Input into output,
Word by written word.

My process is to process
What’s inside my head,
Parsing thoughts and feelings
So they may be read.

Macy Opsima Jun 18

i use to think that the world was my oyster
until I remembered that i am as important
as i am useless.
the sun doesn't color the sky for my pleasure
and the air sure as hell doesn't arrive for my survival.
the universe still gives me reasons to be alive
but it doesn't give me the reasons why i should live.
theories upon theories
suggesting that one isn't cursed
to anything immortal
while another suggest that
the endless stretch of the universe
was made for absolutely nothing.
it is human to seek for meaning
and it is human to accept the impossibility of finding any.
but the glass will always be full of something
and maybe in a year or so, i'll be sure of this.
for now, i'll let the air speak
"it will be fine."

Star BG Jun 17

I shall tend to my garden.
My word of thoughts that are seeded,
to blossom at any time of day.

I shall tend to my field.
My plot of ideas that grow well,
that need to be harvested.

I shall take hoe to heart ,
and prune what doesn't serve
then a poem will be displayed
on window cil of my writers heart.

Inspiried by Sirita
Maria Etre Jun 14

A writer's greatest fear
is being lonely
in his

adeline Jun 13

Looking at the dark sky
He looked at his paper and started to cry
Wounded by the harsh criticisims
Yet you aren't the God to judge him

He only have passion
But it turns to depression
Leading to stop writing
As people continue judging

Works are meant to get the critic
Not the person who writes the lyric
He is a writer by blood
And a person in the middle of the crowd

JS Jun 12

I'm not a writer
Gathering marvellous words
Spreading healing poems

I'm a fighter
Trying to survive
Avoiding bad omens

As potential grew, a desire to write, disclosed to few

Imagination immerse, but yet to thirst for knowledge, accrued ambition address

All aboard the express, thoughts of Harry, a plot to marry

From fanciful flights to greater heights

Capturing such visualisation, twas the formation

Characterisation, of wings to soar, with metaphor

From Dumbledore, yet taking shape

Professor Snape, assume the plot, lest thoughts forgot

A forest to roam, a philosophical stone

Such creative flair of which to share

Joining of the dotted line, artistic mind

Transporting train, journeyed acclaim

Of whom to impede, the will to succeed

The ability to write, the capacity to teach, the desire to reach

An impetus for change, a literary role, a priority

Of which to seek with tenacity

Beyond horizons, beyond confines, stand undefined

Awe-inspire, great readership, a due reply

To simplify, a noble shift, outstanding writer in the midst

Dynamic plot from pen to page, persistence through to published stage

A realised dream, challenge overcome

A victory won definably, stocked supplies to library

Broomstick flight phenomenon, a mystical tale was to become

Would generate, the bus of Knight, to render right

A rebuilt life, a legacy made

From chosen craft to final draft, a world of creativity

The right to type, to innovate, an intriguing wait

A shining star that would liberate

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

The celebrity poem entitled 'J. K. Rowling' is auto-biographical in nature, which celebrates the inspiring journey of the accomplished author. Her innate ability and ambition to write was originally known only to those closest to her. The journey from a humble station to 'Hogwarts Express' was no simple feat. The commitment and dedication to hold onto the initial vision of Harry Potter, along with his varied adventures was crucial.

Even when outward circumstances and temporary trials of life appeared to go against the grain of the vision, one had to embrace the potential that would later be realized. Within the formality of daily life, she had initially undertook alternative career paths, including teaching English students in Portugal. Yet in the midst of her accrued experience, the foundations of her career as an author were taking shape. As time evolved, the relevant opportunities began to unfold, with the Harry Potter series now being translated into film, as well as an intriguing world of fantasy.
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