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my legs took me to a sandy shoreline
in a cold beach where I sat and wept
the spaces between my ribs ache
due to blistering darkness
and aching apartness
that left an abyss
and gave birth to
of vain
stained lines
that brought hopes
of starting fresh
but time and again
a small crevice brings back
dead dreams and decayed deceit
screaming to be avenged the way
Heathcliff takes his vengeance until
he drops his will and resolves to let go.
ok i'm not sure how many of you all know this but even though hellopoetry is my main writing outlet because its AMAZING but  i also write stories. one that i'm working on right now is a psychological horror fiction. that goes along the journey of young 7th grader Jamie Magil.

this is going to be somewhat of a real story as well, with reader having to fit pieces together and different websites they'd have to go through.

if you like that sound of this please click his link to keep up with this story which turns from incorrect journal to the diary of a broken lovesick child.

i hope you all give this book a shot! it will be worth your time
A line of emotion
Ended with a full stop
Ready for a picturesque funurel
Upon these pages
The birth of your words
in an ocean of billions
may only be seen by a few
but by feeding on a poet's love
those words will gradually grow
by the selfless thoughtful sharing
of literary food and scribe's sunlight

From an overlooked nascent duckling
into a beautiful scholarly swan gracefully
gazed upon for future generations
to delight, discuss and debate
long after the maker's
own final sunset
Some poetry can take on a life of its own but only after the writer has long since departed this life
My anger seems lethargic not bothered bathing in serenity trying to keeps this symmetry don't you peep this energy, not gravitated towards negativity, no compound particles of bad vibes gotta keep this chemistry, it's better to live stress free confusion creates too much problems for me, exposing my emotions like a leaked nude, I don't mean to be rude I need my own space go about it at my own pace, no bad news constantly in my face get away to a quiet place I need a clear view, no bad attitudes cool off in high altitudes postive vibes only, a comforting atmosphere I care about what my spirit consumes, can't let negativity doom this mood coolest dude in a room refusing to be shadowed by gloom smooth

In my chill mode
In my chill mode
Chillin in my chill mode
I'm chillin in my chill mode
Chill mode
Chill mode
In my chill mode
Wrote this poem while listening to Joey Badass [rapper] waves instrumental

Check it out link below:
I’m creating worlds for fun
Having people’s lives in my hand
Is a luxury some don’t care for
I’m a control freak, if I’m honest
And doing this feels so good
I’m not hurting anyone but the character
But a little bit of me
If a reader comes along,
I’ll be extending a piece myself to them
Writing = Control
Frozen gold is the colour of your eyes, and I'm a treasure hunter with a sweet tooth. If the eyes are an expression of the heart, then I'm here to capture your heart... The true source of gold. Noah_arkenswagg
It's been 3 years since we met
September 15 2015
You never knew
What I was going through till then
And I never told you
You told me it all started
When I gave you an interview
(I can't believe I forgot that, I don't have a clue, except I'd probs done it to get over the awkwardness and not feel like a suck-up)
I've never remembered the date we met
But I remember the day
I guess that's more important, eh?
The day we met apparently I did this interview sort-of with a form and everything. I only remember arranging the chairs.
We were BFFs from day one. (‘You too?’ C. S. Lewis)
I'm having writers block can you help me? Haven't wrote a poem in awhile, just been feeling blocked like there's nothing I can do to express myself, I need some help got that blocked mind the writers kind

Got a lot of things to say but somehow my mind can't process it all no expressing with my words at least the feelings there need a quiet room with some nice tunes

The writers block I need to make a poem today something that feels good and it's essence is understood have you feeling good

Block mind
Block mind
I got block mind
The writers block kind
Can you help me?
I got a blocked mind
Haven't wrote a poem in awhile, just been feeling blocked like there nothing to talk about
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