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el Mar 28
i just want to see
if he texted me back.
no, no,
i don’t really care,
it’s just that
when i talk to him, it feels as though my words are finally worth something.
it’s not like i cannot go by my day without his acquaintance,
i am a writer after all,
and i am accustomed to a life where my words are disregarded.
i speak to the wind and that is okay.
but i am a writer and all i want is
for somebody to listen to my ramblings
and to understand
i just want to see
if he said hello;
because yes i can get by with him not texting me back,
my rants do not always have a response
el Mar 20
Maybe being insane
Is the curse
That was gifted
To every writer
Dark caverns of cranium so vast they get lost in the immense black abyss

There are zero ways to depict the frustration that writer's block is

The sentence fragments stab wounds into soul until blood is gushing out

The only method I know how to start mending is to verse something sane

A poem that can untangle the knot of multiple conflicting emotions winding it's way through my skeleton
That satisfying relief when you finally break through the barricade
Malia Mar 12
Oops, I edit
As I go,
I take a step
Then erase it.
It’s counterproductive,
Don’t I know,
But I see the flaw
Then I chase it.
It won’t go away
‘Til the mirror is shattered,
Whether or not
It actually matters.

So I’ll cut and I’ll add
I’ll rewrite, double back
Only hoping that you’ll
Love what’s left
In the end.
Travis Dixon Jan 16
Art is a creature—built

from bones of failure, tied

with tendons of tireless days, wrapped

by fiber upon fiber of hopeful nights, filled

with blood of laughter and despair, pumped

by a heart in a beloved cage, neglected

at the behest of a brain—crawling

through a maze, trying

to stumble and walk

and run and jump

and fly and

KHY Oct 2023
I failed all my poetry
by belching words
that isn't me
I bob and weave and stitch the
adverting mental catastrophe
with one eye flush and one eye
I spew the jargon that lights me up
I post it here I post it there
and hope it sticks and fills
the air
Nitika Sharma Oct 2023
Maybe I will walk a little bit more
Fall more than I thought
Love more than i fought
Maybe I will feel a little bit more
Numbness of heartbeat
intense emitted heat
Maybe i ll drive a little bit more
Underneath the sea of thoughts
Deserted sand
The cracked drought
Maybe i will live a little bit more
Surviving till moon bathed  in light
Reaching no where
The circular flight
Maybe i ll walk a little bit more
More than I believe
Hoping for calm
A gasp of breath in breathe
I believed your
heart was holy
every kiss
you gave
was heavenly
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