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Matthew 7d
Flawless, that’s how to describe you.
You are the perfection I’ve been chasing.
Spending just a day with you and all feels new
Now I’m head over heels because I’m down for you

You’re the reason someone’s dull world is full of colours,
A reason to wake up and look forward to that day,
You came into my world when I was grieving
Because of you, my life now has meaning

And I guess this gift of soothsaying is not as faint,
I foretold you like a dream, and now you’re my reality,
To me, you’re a piece of a puzzle that has no replacement.
So by telling you that I love you would be an understatement.
The soul
Of my ink

Is you
Genre: Romantic
Louise Jun 23
The way you have a way with words,
I bless every book and every poem
that has ever graced your sight.
I praise the letters you've strung thus far,
if I could, I'd stitch them with my own
to make a blanket of letters that would
cover and protect you in the next winter.
Now I am writing astray,
but from my original pseudonym
I am never too far away.
You are the one writing these poems,
I am just your hands and the veins on them.
"Learn" poem trilogy - part 3 of 3
Elle Kris May 27
I forget the way to fill

an empty space.

How do I create
when all I've done is erase?
Bunch of happiness, looks like coffee nuts dancing around my head.
I thought they are sweet chocolates.
But the fact is they all are coffee nuts filled with sweetness along with some bitter taste.
I took 25 % of them for my head ache,  25 % for my mood swings, and the other 50 % for my happiness.
And now, i'm going to prepare a coffee for myself, with pure milk and i will not allow any other essence to take part in this process. Because i want the most purest form of coffee to heal my burning soul and i will enjoy that bitterness along with happiness. ☕❤
Flow with your creative spirit...
Someone's story just ended in a
blank page
No goodbyes or tears stain
the margins
An unfinished line hangs on
chapter eight
Haunting words will be this story's only
"Hello" is forgotten where the ink bleeds
"the end"
And the book closed to never continue
selina Apr 9
the romantics
after meeting you
will idealize love

the poets
after loving you
will romanticize loss
m Mar 29
tick tick tick
feel the pages turning
the book ending
there are only so many pages left
will there be a sequel?
or is this the end?
A writer wants the reader to pause when encounter a semicolon, not to stop from reading!!
Let's don't give time to think of giving up..
let us continue our journey ,

Some pauses are meant to be good😉
e J Mar 8
No hint of anything can be seen in the cavernous depths of my mind. A vast expanse of nothingness.
And then a wall.
A solid obsidian entity unwilling to shift for means other than its own.
Not a singular ray of light shining in.
All of the rifts in the mass patched.
An impenetrable barrier.
It’s been a while….
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