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Nathalie Sep 15
I was admiring the
chickadees as they
picked at the seedlings
on the ground
They looked amused
and content with their
familial feast
Enjoying each other's
company and playing
in nature's playground

Nada Syafira Sep 9
Fingers intertwined
Let me call you, mine
Of what's left from the past
Let us buried it all behind

Had I dreamt of days like this
Ones with the tenderest sun
One of the gentlest I can ponder on
Nothing less more's ahead,
You, what I may call
The truly one.
Nada Syafira Sep 8
Some things are to be grateful for,
you're one of them.
Sam H Aug 31
You remind me of
Some indie films i've seen
Where the colors are warm and subtle
Every scene so intricate and perfectly written
An underrated classic that’s so well hidden
From the view of the public eye
Its a taste that only some can acquire

Your intro ****** and conclusion
Are independent on its own
A beguiling, marvelous illusion
A vision to which nothing comes close
Your music harmonizes
with the view of the terrain
The film puts my heart at ease
You’re a cinematic masterpiece
Never heard of it.
I only know
A "poem" every day.
Donna Aug 17
Roses sway in wind
Raindrops trickle down windows
I write poetry

Lovely morn this morning  even had time to write poetry before I start my day  , so relaxing too **
Loving Nature ❤️
Nyx Aug 11
In dreams, they tell us to live out free
Let our hearts rage on, flooding like seas
And with you by my side, the warmth ignites
Alighting a fire so far, the sun begins to shy

Little side glances, and bursting grins
Laughter and happiness, all of these things
From stolen kisses of many, as regards to many firsts
Hickeys and bite marks, it's all rather perverse

Through the sun that hits your eyes, a reflection as clear as sky
Crystalized in a memorizing blue, within happiness it lies
Breathing out another sigh, filled with contentment
Entranced by the one in front of me, How fleetingly pleasant

Entangled in bedsheets, within each other's arms
Fingers entwined together, How can a boy hold such charms?
Tracing the patterns on your skin, mapping out constellations
Running fingers through your hair, we've created a firm foundation

And in his presence, I am a child bubbling with glee
While my shield relinquish but refuse to let me free
Insecurities creep and that voice begins to echo,
Though not a moment of doubt is buried deep below

Just fear of abandonment that I can't help but shake
Fear that my heart loves you much more then I can take
And gazing into those orbs, that shine so true
With ever sweet words, that make me feel far less blue

Captivated by the you, that stands before me today
With every flaw and imperfection, I still decide to stay
As being perfect doesn't matter, as long as your enough for you
And as long as your heart beats wild and decides to stay true

And fleeting moments pass us by, such a gorgeous temptation
Though being with you alone is enough, such an amazing sensation
The future is a mystery as far as anybody can see
Though, in the end, we'll hear its great unfinished symphony

In the meantime, we will lay, in the darkness of night
Two childish lovers only at the beginning of this fight
Creating memories of many, regardless of our scars
Finishing each other's sentences and Falling like the stars.
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