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Io May 15
The sweet smell of churned earth after the rain,
A summer sun on a cold winter's day,
An icy breeze in the early morning and
A sip of bitter coffee under the dawn rays.
I saw my knuckles in sunlight.

Seems I’m doing alright,
in that their crocodilian terrain
showed survival

I recall a science class
where they asked us to pinch skin
on the back of our hand
to see how quickly it returned

now, it appears
I’m learned

#age #skin #morphology #longevity #content #knuckles
Raven Feels Feb 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, version two?

I feel content
for I thought it to be satisfaction in a poem sent
yet the polars are polars
despite a fine line in between growing bolder
for I define my own definition
satisfaction is the acceptance fulfilled
of having a cup half filled
yet content is the embrace of the enough
it's so humble to be touched
appreciating the made
for the reflection might be a blade
for the youth
for the drain for the truth
the empty half & the half full state
hoping for a better taste
from the cup before
lips to stumble none or nor

                                                            ­                     -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jan 31
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I'm well aware that nothing makes sense, including this poem :>

content is not something we give consent
you hold your pen yet the ink spills as it pleads
you are a walker of blood yet it sheds out when cut & bent
you have a brain yet the tongue blurts out the feels

content is not something we color
just an acceptance of the past
just a canvas you get to paint with limit bother
good for a day then a memory till it lasts

the kiss of a palm forehead & cheek
drafts in my head just to render a sleep
some greed never fed or a satisfaction to meet
yellow till it goes mustard & a shade deep

the saving of a night that would save the day
it's like it's gold but your swallowing the sand?
the desperation for a treasure at some bay
how would I even find content when out of the hand?

                                                         ­                         --------ravenfeeels
the dog
resting peacefully
in his crate
is content
with being
shut in;
only permitted freedom              
at the behest
of another

there was not always
such serenity
behind these bars;
there was howling

cag­ed like that
could not have been
from finding comfort

there were rewards
on occasions
though it was unclear
just why
these were offered
and when
the next might appear

with time
it became easier
to simply accept
the limitation
and wait
for the next
moment of joy
to come around

however long
Consuming useless videos and content
Alone in my room
To distract from the racing and hurtful
Thoughts about you
And it always works for a moment
Or a minute or more
Until the intrusive thoughts come back,
Barging down my door
I put it back up, re-***** the hinges
And shut it
And lay back down to consume more
Mindless content
Jason Cirkovic Dec 2021
The world felt so small until I looked into your eyes.
It felt like you just walked in one frosty morn
Into the vision of my vacant mind.
Filling it with calming hims.
Letting me know that you didn't have to be with me,
But instead wanted to be with me.
Feeling your touch wanes away the frost
That has kept me isolated for so long,
Meeting you felt like the first sunny day after the longest winter.
I know that more storms will come
Seasons will change back to winter.
But for now at this point.
I can look into your eyes that pair well with your smile.
Knowing that I won't have to worry,
About the Burdens of Tomorrow
Johan Nel Dec 2021
I woke up in the back of a car filled with twilight
a forgotten song played pleasantly on the radio
and the mild moment under the quiet trees
stirred in me the knowledge of the enticing present
I lay there whole and happy
awaiting my family's return
© Johan Nel 2021.12.13
Gabrielle Nov 2021
The strums of his guitar
fall onto his lap

Trickle down my lobes
a steady dripping tap
SGP Nov 2021
I am going to leave a note for my future self.
I have to let you know that I am content; I can look at his messages again.
I look at them with a smile because now I know what I've learned.

Its funny to see that today I feel this way, knowing that years back I couldn't even hear the sound of his name.
I'm glad for the lesson he left me and I am grateful for the happy memories we shared.
I can finally say we can part our ways.

Now I've found my way.
The path I should follow.
I learned that love comes from deep within myself and not from someone hollow.

Understanding that what you are is what you attract is something important to share and
If you're not happy with yourself, then that is a shame.
Be happy with who you are and what you are today.
Then you will see how everything falls into place.

This is the message I'll leave for you today.
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