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Hadrian Veska Feb 21
You are nothing
That you don't have to be
You aren't some hero
Or menace to me
You are just you
And for me that's enough
I don't need adventure
Or drama or stuff
All I need is you
that's really all I want
No need of a prize
Or trophy to flaunt
You is enough
Even more than you know
I just wish it were something
That's easier to show
Jellyfish Jan 3
I'm slowly cleansing content from my feeds
I'm so impressionable, it disgusts me
but I want to use it to my advantage
I know who I want to become,
So I'll only look at things related
I'm going to start and account to post every meal to
Elaina Oct 2023
My sleep is healing and renewing.    
            Slumbering contently,
I am wrapped, in peaceful comfort
               and divine safety.
         Every part of my being....
  is rejuvenating and preparing me,
                 for the glorious,
                       new day.
Each night in preparation for the day to come.
Phia Aug 2023
He leaves little wild fires
As he trails his fingers along my skin
And softly breathes life back into me.
Is this love?
Phia Sep 2023
Your presence calms
my restless soul.
As we sit on the couch,
my head on your chest,
I am lost in the waves
of your breathing
and the soft rhythm
of your heart beat.
It's here,
just you and me,
everything is calm,
and time finally
stands still.
Nigdaw Sep 2023
it's late August
the roads are still quiet
while a workforce
bronze in European sun
and children
sleep till noon on seemingly
endless summer holidays
staving off the winter blues
just around the corner
with Christmas decorations
already in the shops
the big push to do it all again
bigger and better than last year
is on
but today I am content
in this moment
just almost
happy to drive to work
Alexandria Aug 2023
a butterfly doesn't ask to grow wings
growth is imminent whether we like it or not. When we are awoken, we are pushed by the divine to take the step into consciousness spreading our wings and expanding our minds. We never ask for this but it is always the most divine gift you can give yourself. Accepting growth.
ky Jul 2023
If you're happy with her,
stay with her.

If you could be happier,
nick armbrister Feb 2023
I love you in a warm and fuzzy way inside
You've c*m inside me I feel it inside haha
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