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Eric 1d
You should never doubt how special you are to this world . Never pay mind to world's hurt . When your world is your own.  Let peace be within you , an you in peace . Let positive thought become positive energy. And give that freely to every energy you meet .
Sarah 4d
Hush now- dry your eyes.
Wipe those tears, baby girl
For what's done is done.

Let my lullaby lead you away
From all that is evil and all that is over
Fill your head with my voice- instead of yours

Because your voice is so cruel!
Clanging and clashing inside of your mind;
I can hear the cacophony from here.

Believe me when I tell you that all is well.
The universe has stars set aside just for you;
If only you promise to reach out and touch them.
Eric Jan 12
When someone tells you they love you
What does that mean to you ?
It means
I lose everything
I lose my very being
I lose everything I'm used to seeing
But love you decieve me
Tricked me into contentment
Believing I was comfortable
High Apon my feet shouting with Glee
But you decieved me.
Now I am alone
Not making a move
Because it comes with a fee
You take it so easily
As I crumble
With every part of me
I'm lost
The cost
Is too much
I let go
And forget I breath
I thought I was better
To know
When I was decieved.
Deb Jones Jul 2018
Did I get what I wanted from this life?
I have.
What? What?
To be loved.
To love.
To know happiness, contentment.
To truly find myself. Even if it was a journey back.  
To hold a beloved child. My child and my child’s child.
To smell sunshine.
To accept I can’t change others
only change my reaction.
To swing with my feet touching the sky.
To hold the hands and give comfort to the brave and wounded.
To love a dog.
To be held in the arms of a man that loves me unconditionally.
To know Grace.
To practice dignity.
To bear the weight of responsibility even when it brings me to my knees.
To forgive myself.
To forgive others even if I can’t talk to them again.
All this and so much more have made my life worth living.
I was here. I was here. I was here.
I was present.
Katy Jan 9
Is your bed as cold and lonely as mine?

Or are you content with how you left things?
Eric Jan 8
We love
We get lost
We gain content
We die.
Eric Jan 8
Sometimes I feel I miss
To much.
When I close my
Eyes .
AmeriMav Dec 2018
My heart sinks as I say goodbye once again
Endless loop of loss and ecstasy repeats
You're so very far away and yet always near
I think I could not love you more
And yet your smile always makes more room
I'm at my peak and yet it's never enough

My heart is full, so fill it again

Everyday I seem to find more about you to love
Wondrous spiral of aroma and color
Dizzying display of your beautiful essence
With the clarity of perfectly cut diamonds
Is there ever an end to your facets?
Does this ocean have a depth that one can't descend?
Always finding ever higher summits
Never seeing enough of your golden valleys

My heart is full, so fill it again

Only one thing I know to do
Gaze upon you with my soul, and gaze again
Never stopping until my journey finds its end
Enough will never be enough when it comes to you
I must accept this truth I know
And be content to be always overwhelmed

My heart is full, so fill it again
This poetry form is called “The Bop”
Here is some info on it if your interested.
Caro Jan 4

I wish


was a fashion designer or someonelikethat maybe living in newyork being botheredbymynicotineaddiction but happy to not have to go stand intherain

wearing bellsleevesonatuesday and feeling n i c e and callingmymotherbefore dinner and having lunch withmybest friend and her dog

and living a life asleep


it feels good towishicouldbe someone else and to know that instead i will alway

b e  m e
just over tired and taking a break to write out some thoughts while I work
m Jan 1
the glass spice jar of rosemary sits in the corner,
bait to prying fingers and
warm dough rising.

a set of hands banish her from her home,
open her up to greedy senses
and hearty-moans.

and then suddenly,
her graceful throat tips,
grinds of rosemary fall into buttered flour,
and she settles around moles of dried cranberries,
specks of shimmering sea salt,
and passionate, cherry pink fingertips.
I'm baking bread with the sun out. My heart feels clear. I can breathe.
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