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If I was content
I wouldn't write
Or even look behind the veil
If I was content
I would just be still
Lord, save me from content.
what do you think?
Mitch Prax Sep 20
No, not quite.
These days,
I'd say I'm more content.
I like the sound of that.
Ashlyn Rimsky Aug 16
I am content
here, on the concrete step
carved out for the homeless man.

I am content
with the 30 minute wait
for a bowl of hot eggs.

I am content
wandering the streets
not knowing where to go.

I am content.

When fate comes,
he will beckon.

Home is in the walls of this body,
old creaky bones and toothy smiles.
Soft footsteps fueled by inner hearth.
These arms can hug themselves.

I need not worry.

I am content.
I am content.
Nolan Willett Jul 26
Someday I’ll have a desk, with a scenic view
In nature, where modernity I can eschew.
I’ll write stories, some might even be true;
And I’ll be free, do always what I choose to:
Escape this wretched trap that benefits the few,
Finally be content, not always so blue.
If this sounds appealing, I hope you find it too.
Mitch Prax Jul 15
If you want to keep
yourself safe and content then
never let them in

11:08 PM
Taste the essence of frailty.
Ride comprehensions slip
And slide, careening into dementia.
Arise into normality, and laugh as everyone dances
A merry tune. Hilarious fun.
Grasp at the heavy spoon and be hungry.
Have you forgotten how to eat dear? Here, allow me.
Content starvation. A crippling disability
Take the cup.
Drink now, no don’t gulp.
You didn’t finish your meal, are you not hungry today?
Please, I’m starving.
Take the fork with too many gaps and enjoy the soup and smile as the monkey takes the bulb.
Sit in darkness and wait for help, that never comes.
Everything seemed to be going against him
Everything seemed grim
Even the brightest of lights looked dim
The burden on his mind had reached the brim

But then he found a silver lining in this horror
It resulted in the birth of a poet and author

Now there was no time he considered a bad time.
All it was was more content to write about and rhyme!
anon Jul 7
When my heart is full
It feels overwhelming
But cozy
At the same time.

It strikes suddenly.
As irrational laugher that causes fat droplets to squeeze out of your eyes,
Or appreciation for relationships
Probably pushed to the forefront of your mind
Through the slight tipsy haze of alcohol.

And I try to grasp that feeling
Try to clench my own heart, bursting, in my fist.
And when it inevitably takes flight,
I realise I do not mind at all.
A first on the more positive side of things. Although writing darker emotions comes more easily to me, I do like to intentionally write happier pieces in order to not lose perspective.
Whitavius Jul 5
Happy and content -> Nudged out of wack.
On the right path -> Diverted off-track.
Whole and complete -> convinced of lack.

Laughing imbicility -> Fatalistic and sad.
Understandingly forgiving -> impossibly mad.
Totally good -> enjoyable bad.

Zest for life -> inviting suicide.
No remorse -> regretfully tried.
Never always -> honestly lied.

Timid fear -> Daring and bold.
Genuine character -> hypocritically cold.
Religiously devout -> soul's been sold.

Musically inclined -> can't keep a beat.
Social butterfly -> never want to meet.
Sour face -> smiling so sweet.

Always the same -> subject to change.
Seeking normality -> incredibly strange.
Demandingly certain -> just to re-arrange

… Remind you of anyone?...
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