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Julia Jul 10
Well, here we are. Welcome to my rant. My frustration with the People is oozing out of me, and I am out of excuses for Us. Every time I hop on instagram, one of my former classmates is sharing a screenshot of a tweet echoing the virtues of the intercity sheep. No outcry about the censorship, no nuanced analysis, no independent fact-checking. They simply are believing everything they are told and then repeating it.

I can’t make them listen. I can’t make them care that the Great Purge of 2021 will kickstart a sweeping tyrannical lockdown and removal of our freedoms. I can only control myself. By healing and nurturing myself, I become equipped to fulfill my Divine Will. What God and the Collective need from me are the same things I need for myself: work, relationships, health.

I don’t feel safe. I will not feel safe until I move somewhere I can regain control over my own ****** FACE. I am not afraid of another human’s bare face, and I am not aware of any valid reason for someone to be afraid of mine. I want to join a community that wants to see my face. I am unable and unwilling to grow for my community in a mask.

My heart aches for this planet which I share with the maskholes who just littered millions of disposable masks into our lands and waters. The same people who claim to care about this planet are fine with converting to a single-use lifestyle as soon as they see it on their screens. The same people who virtue signal their concern for the climate don’t think twice about sending their increased waste to brimming landfills. The same people who rant about environmental racism will yawn when you mention the Hill Country aquifers absorbing their Prius batteries and biohazards.

**** all y’all fakers out there fronting for the Wrong Side. I stand for the Truth and Freedom of expression. I will not sit down. I will never tell any of you to sit down. I will just call on y’all that still have honor and dignity to stand up now. One of my heroes is Sophie Scholl who was executed by the **** party for “spreading lies.” She gave her life for the Truth, and I am willing to take whatever punishment I get for telling the Truth, and being Beautiful. And so I told it…
written Jan 11. 2021, don't flag me bro!
Angela Rose Jul 3
I don’t know what to call you and I
I don’t know that what I feel is concrete
So, do I want you because of how badly you want me?
So, do I want to spend every waking moment talking to you because of how you give me light?
I don’t know what to call what we do at your apartment
I don’t know what to say when people ask if I’m seeing someone
When I am with you I feel like I am playing house
So, now what do I do to make it feel like home?
GraciexJones Jun 4
You shiver with content staring into the sea,
Reminiscing over past events which have shaped your life,
All these mixed feelings twine like spider webs,

You linger for a hand in the darkness,
A comfort you once had,
Seeking for a connection you left behind,
Feeling so far away from your mind

Often feels like a clouded view,
Of not knowing what you need,
Rather than knowing what you want,

As the pebbles hit your feet,
You hear the storm coming over from the cliffs,
The grittiness of the cold bites your lips,
You slowly move towards the sea edge,

Arms spread wide as the strong breeze hits,
Wind pushing hard against your hips,
You steadily moving further closer to the ambush of waves,
The shore rumbles and roars,
Spraying salty sea water across your face,

You stare above to see the burning moonrise
The moon widens like a Cheshire Cat smile,
You somehow feel safe and content,
Able to confront the anxieties,
Which have been growing from inside
I choose detachment;
Excitement brings more distress,
It never brings peace.
Excitement is agitation and agitation leads to desperation which leads to bad outcomes.
Excitement is born from expectations and expectations assure disappointment.
I hath taken a liking unto musing
Upon a discrete cliff
Leaning over the edge of Britain's
Borders so much so,
That troubles nostrils
Grow numb upon days
Devoted in sheer solitude
Unto that cliff housing peace,
Content and their daughter,
Persephone May 6
She drowned herself in books
Exploring worlds that helped her breathe
LC Apr 22
for a split second,
the TV screen turned red,
followed by a shrill beep.
it was a small glitch,
too small to be noticeable,
so the television stayed.

the longer she watched it,
the more often it turned red,
the longer the high-pitched beep.
but she could never predict
when the glitch would happen,
and she waited for it to be normal.

eventually, she adjusted
to a perpetually red screen
and an irritating, shrill hum
until her friend came in,
asking why the screen was red
and where the noise was coming from.

she brushed it off,
claiming it was a glitch.
the screen stayed that way,
and the hum persisted.
her eyes slowly became weary,
and her ears started ringing.

her friend took her away.
her eyes and ears got a break,
and she saw a different screen,
one of many colors, showing life
in its beautiful and tragic moments.
she heard vivid, rich, musical voices.

she went back to her television,
exhausted, trying in vain to fix it,
but it would not change,
no matter how hard she tried.
questions bloomed in her mind
until it suddenly dawned on her.

this was never a glitch.
it was a complete malfunction.
her heart and head were pounding
as she held an antenna to her chest.
it weighed her arms down,
but she threw it across the room.

it crashed into the television,
and the screen went black.
the hum stopped, and all was quiet
except for her loud breathing.
she wept as relief washed over her
and she lay down, content at last.
#escapril day 21! I would love to hear what you think this poem is about.
I swear I just heard the trees breathe, a deep contented sigh. Harmonious to the one echoed in my soul.

Breathe in, Sway out.

Breathe in, Sway out.

Let the breeze move through your mirrored branches.
A movement dedicated to life beyond your center.
A late night observation in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of everything.
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