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Jade Aug 24
Blood clots avalanche
into the toilet bowl--

I read them like they
are tea leaves.

A confirmation
of what I have always

my womxnhood

a testimony

of bad fortune.

I think I was grinding some thought, ah, what was it about. ? Well anyway, what else should a sage visionary besides how to make possibility of all impossible cases. Making peace and building humanity. It was my only goal to make the world a better place for you and I and every breathing thangs, that walked the earth's surface. Dreamers don't sleep. Sleepers never dreamed. Achievers lived dream. Life's but happening dream. Life is live. woolgather. Wake don't sleep !

On a Cloudnine
night, dark skyline
blackish star-less-night.
Scary atmosphere
terrifying, ugly and
lazy. Nothang  
interesting about
night but dream.
However Dreamers
sleep not but live
their DREAM. Man
dies for fortune
searching in vain.
Wishing a kinda
Cloudnine night !

Big up stay
on top !
The sky is
always high,
there's no higher mountain ⛰
as  heaven.
And the
Holy sacred
Book 📙 of the Christian's
declared  seven
Everyone wishes
to stay alive and nevertheless
wants to
make heaven. Drop forget,
Heaven is
right there in
you create
your paradise.

Birthday doesn't only mean aging celebration on earth's surface. But tells how well one has grown wide and bestowed on earth's ground.
Obviously she's  prosperously come from womb. Her birth was full of fortunes, wishing @Kiki Oshinbajo a propitious birthday.
A birthday diluted with protections, peace, and harmony, healthy donkey days. Peaceful  Birthday,  'KIKI'

  #C9fm made up
Belated Birthday Wishes
To Kiki Oshinbajo, daughter of the VP of Nigeria 🇳🇬
Success and contentment are symbiotic !

Life is pure potential; you are already the person you want to be, your perception is your reality, and all you need is self belief to exist with a sense of success.

Contentment is the key to happiness.
Knock knock
Fortune knocked at my door one time
I let the stranger in without knowing his name
He said he had walked all through the town looking for me and almost gave up
Somehow he had my address and found me
We had a beautiful conversation
He looked tired and had a lot of luggage that I didn't know how he carried
It was definitely heavy
At first, I was scared that maybe he was carrying a bomb
He turned to my sight and told me "I have a package for you"
In it were blessings
Keys to rooms with everything I wished for
He then said his goodbye and left
I'm just glad I answered the door when the doorbell rang
Everything you desire will surely come to you one day
Just be hopeful and patient
Man Mar 17
you leave your home
because of oppression
and in your new country
you flourish, doing well in this life

generations on
they have forgotten your struggles
as they learned hate
they have forgotten their origins
as they learned what it is
to be the xenophobe
to be the oppressor

to see your triumphs tarnished

you begotten fortunates
taking all you have for granted
slanted views, courtesy of that you've been taught
so some say it isn't your fault
but we know better, eh?
all your wealth could not stuff the gaping maw
that your soul cries out to fill
and so this is what you reap
when seeds of suffering do you sow

I realized there's nothang behind hope but disappointment, rather go get. keep looking for ways, you gonna get one. Anywhich way no right way. Keep searching fortune. explorers  always discover. Go get. Love always tolerate, forgive.

Do not hope for anythang you desire; rather work for everythang you aspire.
Do not hope when you aren't doing anythang, only hope when you're working make fortune smile on you.  
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