Tiptoeing again hu?
What are you doing here?
Why have you invited yourself
Through this cell and mirror
into my abode?
You just got in here behind me surreptitiously and just snooped to sojourn unwelcome as before
Now you placed your suit case
in a corner in my bedroom!
You turned to me you fastened your eyes on me watching me making yourself feel
at home lodgin on my sofa.
Many times at mid night I heard you silently stealthily tiptoeing across my living room
And today this morning I woke up to find you right inside
my heart Intruder!

So then, good morning sadness,
Come here sit besides me.
Lets's have a chat, please tell me if you know anybody who is happy with his or her life?
Loving each other madly,
all in the name of love?
Tell me can you name anyone who knows true surrender
Tell me please but never
tell me its name is LOVE

The day you arrived,
Many dreams took flight at once
Your dreams fighting to stay alife
When mine had died without wanting to
But now finally I am with you face to face as you can see
I am getting used to seeing you here with me
Sometimes reciting a new song
for me manipulator!
And other times cruel you roaming around just walking
Always within reach of me
So again good morning dearest
Come sit here by my side tell me if you know of anyone who remembers me?
Sadness you're despair
tell me please if you know anybody who is truly happy but never tell me that happiness is
to adore and to LOVE

My salad's cheese was arsenic
for months and years
Compliments of the one who loved me in loves name
My newborn babes tortured caustic soda in their baby bib
By the many medeas
In the name of jealousy and Love
My Mommy dearest
Adopted me and named me
Owner of her great fortune
In love with my heart
Dies over altered meds
Potassium cloride added to stop her heart on Mothers Day
Compliments of her biological covert jealous greedy daughter

In the name of love I failed to bind my true love to me
And sat him free
I was too ashamed to tell how
I seemed to be cursed
Saying I love you got people
Gone or dead
And how no other love
Was true or ever safe
For me to love
So tell me lovers, sadness
And despair
is love just a whisper safe?
True love unrequieted can never be quenched neither can the floods drown it. Not everyone who says they love us is true sometimes those who don't say it are the one who do trust those who show us love. Be aware of covert lovers with secret agendas.
Krys 6d
Luck. Luck treads the line between disaster and survival.
A ball loses momentum on a spinning wheel.
It falls into a pocket.
With one sweep, you’re merely a fool.

Surely, the glory can be regained?
Borrow from those you know. Make a new bet.
Borrow from strangers. Make a new bet.
Make deals with the predators.
Point of no return. You thought they wouldn’t hunt you down?
With one sweep, you’re merely a fool.

We’re all fools here.
This is our lesson of repentance.
We romanced misfortune and she loved us enough to grant us omens of disaster.
With no meaning left in our lives, we are shadows. Shadows that want to survive.

Take the gun.  Raise the barrel to the side of your head.
Maybe fortune will pity you.

They say the greatest luck is dying at the right time.
Is this the right hour? Minute? Second?
A ball loses momentum on a spinning wheel.
It falls into a pocket.

Pull the trigger, fool.
yurf Jul 27
I remember crying because I failed to put the pedal on my bicycle
I remember the day when I got hit by my old friend for hiding his marbles
I remember the lies, tears, and dullness for which I created
When I was younger, gazillion times I always thought about the miracle
I remember those nights when my mom put me in bed and became a storyteller
Telling me how easily people fly crossing islands which was beyond the normal
Sometimes, I wish I could have that superpower
Wish someday when I get older, I would be a perfect girl
People would forget my stupidities and give me that label
That, is, miracle.

The cycle comes, and little me was gone

Hello nineteen me, 

Welcome to another bedtime story
When you could pick a dream, but not really sure whether it'll be real or just fantasy
Still hoping that might you be a prodigy,
But you forget about the term of mental therapy
I do really sorry,
Your timeline didn't go as you planned
The majority of them was dreadfully failed
Haven't you realized it?
How many pains did you have?
How ­many failures did you receive?
And how many silly things did you do?
There are too many to be counted.

You always doing dumb things
Procrastinating in something,
And jeopardizing everything, 
You are so embarrassing that you even couldn't bear with your own being
You always try yet you always fail
You always walk though you always want to fly
You always attempt to smile yet you do a lot of cries
You compare yourself to other people
You always think their life is much easier
You start blaming yourself about your awful character
Loathing your asymmetric face for not getting prettier
Cursing how bad annoying voice out of your manner
And blah.

Out of time, wish I could rewind the time
Wish I never wanted to dream to have superpower
Wish I never wanted to dream it at all

I regret dreaming for some miracle
Cos' miracles are unattainable
In fortune, there is only fate.
idk, sometimes i just want to spit them out to the world
If you always do what you've always done
you'll always get what you've always gotten
spitting harsh truths since 2018
Lyn-Purcell Jul 18
Wedding bells in mind
Play the harp with all her heart
Answering fortune
Watched a video of a woman playing beautifully on the harp.
Lyn xxx
Kyle Kulseth Jun 27
The rats and the snakes
     creep in and crawl through your brains.
     Those veins are pumpin' sky blue blood.
Don't wanna circle the drain, but cycles spin 'round and 'round
     and then they suck ya down in thick, black mud.

It sticks in your craw,
          the way they're flappin' their gobs;
their dollars buyin' graveside seats.
Cheaters glom onto prayers the way you clutch at your chest,
                    and slobber in the putrid heat.

               When they come for ya, baby,
                      maybe run with me.
                Chase the dyin' light to San Jose.

               No point in cryin' or laughin',
               fightin', fussin' or clappin'--
       Cap or Crown, it's only goin' one way.

                              They bought.
                                 You sold,
                                missed rent.
                              It's getting cold.
                              November Rain.
                           It soaks you through.
               But that Song, girl, it ain't nothin' new.

So punch your ticket and scoff
while we all bend and cough.
Catch the last flight, and I'll stand by.

But don't lie to yourself--
          silver linings on brass,
they can't break through the gold-clad sky.

                          Yeah, ya silly fucker...
rob kistner Jun 20

I happened upon a stranger

who asked me
"who are you?"

I pondered
then replied

I am son

to a mother unknown
a father unseen

I am father

three times blessed
with life's miracle

I am papa

my heart embraces
two generations

I am joy

having beheld
each child's coming

I am betrothed

touched by
a lover's heart

I am sorrow

having lost
my eldest son

I am wonder

at the gift of life
the beauty
of this natural realm

I am song

fortuned with
a lyric voice

I am art

bestowed with
a balanced eye

I am athlete

fleet of foot
strong of frame

I am word

burdened with
a poet's plight

I am gratitude

to have known
this life at all

I am a simple man

who stands this day
before you

in the end

I am you
you are me

we are one another

most uncertain
quite who we are


rob kistner © 2007
(revised 2018)
a contemplation on the complexity of "being"
and the commonalty of perceived differences
Awtumn Jun 10
From a fortune cookie,
I pulled a piece of paper
With writing on it
That made me smile and laugh.
Because just how often
Are fortune cookies accurate?
"Tonight your wish will come true."
I didn't wish for anything,
But when I fell asleep that night
My heart had a silent hope
And I dreamt of you.
So maybe fortune cookies
Are sometimes right.
Jose Hurtado Jun 6
I live like a ship on a wave
Dragged by the deep, still paving a way
A slave for the day,
Set sails north and I let the force of the wind take me away

Take me away, sight's on a star
What's outside's inside who we are
What's inside's outside who we are
So who am I to define who we are?

Or who we're really not
But they all get ill and do the Millie Rock
They all sell souls at a mill-a-pop
That's a millipede, running Hip Hop

One thing I know, I am not them
I'm not slipping cuz I got Him
Lucy’s gripping cuz she got them
They ain't tripping cuz they balling
The struggle of a Hip Hop fan in the Idolatry of modern Pop culture.
my mind wanders to the unknown
i live in an abyss of loneliness
my life is like a broken mirror
scattered and jagged, laying motionless on the ground
come close and you will get cut
you get warned to stay away, but that makes the desire even stronger
the want pulses through your veins
you give in to the temptation
my imagination fills your life with demons
the reality of me brings spirits to your door
the dark truth brings pain to your mind
i'm the corruption that ruined your life
you were warned i was dark
but you discovered i was pitch black
everyone knew i was the one to ruin you,
but did they know who was the one to do it me?
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