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Briskly; my heart
left me
pondering wh't  

I wondering,
roaming for,

Searching fortune
in vain.  

Vanish like chaff
before the wind and as
puff of a blunt's  

Nothang don't
last fore'er they
come and

Misery; can't find  
my scars.

I keep her memories.  
Reminiscence, obviously
she wasn't holy.  

The false isn't true
but yet tried replaced  
the truth.

Blessed the seeds;
Let the youths
truthful, fruitful.

Plenty Roses,  🌹🌹 🌹
somethang seasoning;
My heart ♥ Softly
filled with a specific  
fragrance sublime
and lovely.

My heart,
Opened; to love before I
returned to my dust.
I'ma be ghost.

Onyx Oct 1
Can you hear?

chimes and faint whispers of a past near forgotten
it seethes and seethes of riddles and connotations for the one who lived it

unfortunately they, cannot hear it

gracious is the hidden universe
tenderly whispering through nuanced memories warnings and forebodings
persistent and ever so temperate
I wonder how the receiver in unable to receive such love

would I have done the same
to ignore the evident chasms of repulse echoing in the head
as one dives knee deep in ruination frolicking in the pretence of esteemed achievement?

Lady Fortune is certainly strange and unfathomable in her doings
As distrustful and deceitful as humans came to be
I’d still like to have a little faith the universe had yet to be contaminated...

If time is kind
You'll be given
2nd chance
To grasp
What you learned

From the 1st mistake
Genre: Observational
Theme: Just do it
old willow Sep 12
Blood is thicker than water.
A drop of water can shatter the greatest hardness,
can blood do the same?
With blood as ink,
Water as canvas,
kingdom fell and rises.
Kinship is perpetual;
blood represent ill-omen,
and fortune.
Ces Sep 1
I force a smile to
Regain a sense of normality
Curled lips that
Mask the rawness
Of this aching

No longer am I enamored
With lovely, naive fantasies:
This blank stare into the abyss
Born out of revolt
Against the lie
That happiness is everyone's
Lot in life.

Fortune is a whimsical god
And living is an unpredictable
Farce between birth and death
Such randomness,  brutality
Victimizes those born
Of sound body
But with a fragile mind
And a crumbling sanity.

Reflections of gloom
Are all that keeps me company
This unbearable pessimism
In this tiny room
Yet I cannot stop my inquiries:
My explorations of truth
No matter how wretched it might be
At its very root.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 30

Luck floats on her palm
Her rudder turns the blessed tide
Fortune favours bold

New day, new haiku!
This haiku is for Tykhe, goddess of fortune and luck.
Her symbols were a cornucopia and a rudder. Chance and luck poured from her like a tide and she was well in control of it.

There are many variants of who her parents are, some myths say Zeus, others say Oceanus and Tethys. She was also linked to the Moirai, the goddesses of fate who will soon make their appearance soon.
The last line is a link to one of my favourite Latin quotes 'Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat', Fortune favours the bold! And it fits as this proverb is linked to Tykhe's Roman equivalent, Fortuna.

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Please take care of yourselves and stay safe!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Poetical Aug 3
I like how the die was cast:
I know the last will be first,
and the first will be last.
Yet I worry about the future
because I've lived through the past.
Society forges the problems of the world from scraps
Voicing opinions as tools
Thicker than wool
Creating a line of division stronger than steel
While we allow the blacksmith to spin the disastrous wheel
This is no game
But if the price is right
We'll gladly "come on down" after they announce our name
Oh, the crimes we commit for the glory and fame

We, the Blacksmith
Like life isn't worth our struggle
Then why do we strive to survive
Not merry, sorrow and tears
But the ones that wreck our faith.

Our wish is our command
Our breath is a lend treasure
Once a hero in illusion of vain
Once a soldier and not trusting.

The world had betrayed us
Letting the cankerworms warm our ways
They are in us and out of us
Then the gods were lieing to the gods.

We all are fortune mongers on ant hill
Soldiers of treasure hidden in rankest
Sometimes we fail others we boast
But once a soldier is always a soldier.
This piece projects the way we humans feel and think about our selves in politics, business, social and more. We refuse to trust each other because we all are greedy treasure seekers, we are soldiers always out there to out smart each other
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