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m daly 5d
temper unreliable
as the midwest weather
nights spent talking to the trees certain
as the dirt on your father’s grave
and god is his dampened smile
when he tells you he doesn’t trim his eyebrows anymore
because you told him you liked them wild
how many enigmas can dance on the
end of your cigarette
before sunrise
Izzy Feb 10
While smoking I think,
how many blows will be needed to take my breath away
for once and for all

When smoke covers me up
I look around and try to disappear in it
for once and for all

I tap it and look at how it falls down
hitting the ground just as my life is doing right now

I step at it and tread into the pavement
I am putting it out
Just as my life has already done
Stay sad Feb 6
When you get older
Wil you remember
All the things
You lost on us
It hurts me
More than you'll ever know
Wish i could go back
To the days i was lost on you
Night full of stars
Adrenaline rushes
The bittersweet taste of your lips
A cold gust of wind outside
Cigarette smoke around our faces
Eyes light and glister
Wrapped up blankets
Two glasses of malt whiskey
A fire in the burning in the hearth
And in us
A comforting arm
A comforting smile
It was good
But perfect can never stay
They pushed me,
And you away
You came back
So please come in
And help me remember
When you were lost on me
If I let myself
Love you
Regan Feb 5
Our coughing laughs
seem endless,
though we know our ends are near.
A puff or two
off the cigar
under muffled breaths.
A smoke-filled room
and memories
Old times
and old pals
reunited with these puffs.
Memories from long ago
when times were simple
and life was vibrant.
Now it seems as if we’ve
completely forgotten
what it felt to be young.
Young and smoking
a meaningless cigarette.
Older and breathing in
a cigar,
like it’s the last one
we’ll ever have.
Time truly
Charlotte Feb 5
I listened to your words like they were the rush of nicotine I crave.

I listened to you as you played victim to your own crimes.

Your crimes against me.

Cheated and bruised I still relied on you.

My reliance on you was like my cigarette addiction.

I craved you, I wanted you, sometimes needed you, but in the end, you were cancer in my lungs just like the smoke.

Soon enough you broke, under the pressure of cleaning up the mess you made.

The mess you had made of me.

You left pieces of me scattered throughout the yard of an old house where the memories of your lips on my skin lie.

The memories of the promises you shattered while you left bruises on my heart and skin.
FIrst love
Cigarette in hand
he asks me for a light
I strike a match, watch
Smokey fingers dance
The air is thick tonight
Pregnant shadows huddle
In corners, waiting
Silver moon watches me from
A puddle at my feet
I jump aside toward the lamp
Heavy the night that falls
from me as I
Slip into the light
He splashes through the water,
Smokey fingers trailing behind.
Cash Carlos Jan 30
Who cares
about the ***** laundry,
the coffee stained sheets,
the flowers wilting
on the table,
when so many homes
are scrubbed clean
and sanitized
of everything

Let me undress you
in this mess,
and in the time
it takes to do the dishes,
we will have gone
to Paris
and back,
making love
smoking cigarettes
and laughing
at the world,
and how
but us.
I feel a burning in my chest
as I inhale the carbon monoxide
Romanticizing smoking
is ******* overdone
But I'm guilty of it
So I'm quitting
I have 4 cigarettes
to get me through tomorrow
and then I'm done
Or, at least I hope I'm done
I'm gonna quit smoking and switch to vaping, but I feel that vaping has no place in poetry lol
Motionless I sit as the seasons change.
Inside behind my workspace I spend hours on end.
Until the days dissipate into ashes
Like the cigarette that rests in the seam of my fingers.
Inhaling I exhaust the fuel that burns my lungs.
Charred from my addiction.
I sit and I wait for The Clock to hit seven.
Im Tired of working so much lol
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