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samra fatima Jul 16
yeah,i was feeling like hell
on the path of my confused mind.
I wanted to scream my whole heart out
but clenched my fists try not to do,
as i was not permitted.  
and that feels like i was burning inside,
which was enough to frightened me
as I'd nobody by my side.
My grey eyes were fiery ,
the apprehension which i wanna share,
but now i am apprised of these things
that no one is gonna care.
After days months and years of chaos and
life-threatening situation
people stabbed me for no good reason.
I'd somehow managed to find a way to be happy
because i realized no one will come,
riding on black horse to save me or take my all worries.
I have to save myself, little by little, day by day
and I’m learning to breathe deep through it ,
and keep walking with a high head
and plastered a smile on my lips.                          
jcl May 13
how did you do that, penetrate my defenses
batter down my walls, piercing my armor
touching my heart, revealing my desires
when you pulled back the arrow
it hurt physically, but more emotionally
i felt the void, of all my unmet wants
To the woman (Jamie), I met 05.10.219 at the Panoptikon in Dallas' Deep Ellum
Embrace me tightly
Until I can't breathe
Until all the love I have for you recedes

Pinch my cheek
To draw red water
To coat your surface
Wear me like decor

Wrap around me
And pierce my lungs
Leave me speechless
From lack of tongue

Become the very air
I respire
And love me as
You're made of barded wire
Johnson Jan 20
Solitude binds the hold within
For transgressions of the past
Sins of tomorrow quite prepared
Under the weight of its inevitable collapse

For so long laying alone
Waiting for what will never be
As times hand passes by
Never is it gracious to thee

For all of the riches I’d trade
For its tender console
The bleakness never leaves
Seems to place its grip around my throat

Yet as you reflect on the past
The memories seem so strange
What was once filled with hope
Now left with a bitter disdain

And as you look forward to future
Every day’s exactly the same
You hope for the best
While you try to stomach the bitter taste

Left behind I seem to be
Never was I really there
Collapsed under this weight
Another victim of its darkened stare
Brynn S Dec 2018
I hear the scratching in my head
The plates shift and creek
Laying back against a pillow
The mind wonders and the hearts shriek
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
I should pierce
my tongue
with candles

Hope they'll
taste like cheese
An example of surealistic writing
George Krokos Sep 2018
I often wonder where this is to be found
  if not within one's soul that's earth bound.
  One must pierce the darkness of the mind
  to find Heaven's treasure therein of a kind.
A "titled" stand alone quatrain written in 2018
Mya Sep 2018
W                               |\
   O                            |   \
      R   are like arrows|  /
   D                            |/
    / They   \/  pierce \
     \ Through your     /
       \       Hear       /
     With every word
       Your heart brakes
             A little bit more
Lon Witter Jul 2018
I saw that light
shiny, blinding and warm
It was heaven-like scene
That filled my poor life

That light pierced through
me, my heart and my life
There was nothing else
but just that feeling I felt
until the light left
It was peaceful and warm
feeling that filled that hole
which was there for long
feeling which swept away darkness
which was around for a while
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
Sweet face,
Soft ears.
Her eyes pierced me.
Soft giggles.
Everywhere she went,
She left a little piece of herself
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