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Omarcito Jul 2021
We used to fly
In our astral space,
Our energies combined,
Soothing my anxiety,
Like a lullaby.
Where did it all go?

See me thru the setting stars,
Past crescent moons
And scarlet silhouettes,
I can no longer
Tell these skies apart.

Darkness gave me a dime
I’d throw it, in Aries’ flames,
To see your face,
One more time.

Anxiety scatters my brain,
Like the salt in the sea,
With images,
Of your emerald green eyes,
Leading me,
To realities,
Of love without rhyme.

While its all clear,
I still have no clue
Where I stand.
I hope my tone of voice
Rings in your head,
As you cross the Atlantic Sea,
As I wave hello,
To memories,
Of your emerald green eyes.
Melody Mann Apr 2021
Rough around the edges she's a ravenous piece,
Capturing light and reflecting elegance at every turn,
Raw to the core her wit is unmatched by trivial mineral composition,
She's a gemstone to cherish,
A glory to salute,
A sister worth a thousand leagues beyond that of this realm,
An emerald in our wake.
Danica Jul 2020
His eyes
Reminded me of forest
Mysterious yet beautiful
Soft but dangerous
The hues
that brought me
back to life
and I'm slowly falling into his emerald eyes
Lane O Jul 2020
Goldenrods and oak
Flecks of emerald and amber
Awake! vivid spring
a little haiku for spring
How delicate can my heart be?
It’s my emerald,
My stone of mercy.
My love and my compassion.
But I only see the sinful side of me.
Kenshō Feb 2020
the emerald albatross
totem of time
grows from the ground
it falls from the sky
over our heads it flies
but they're trying -
to keep us down
all now seen as lies
im not a human
im going underground
running to a place
where i know ive found
where i can find my pace
and muffle out the sound
of sirens and cries and tv songs
im not like any of you
ill admit it
ive known this all along
rachel martin Nov 2019
Make me green again.
Like pine, emerald, envy
Paint me my color
Laokos Oct 2019
. . . and finally i
allow the sun to
set on another
failed love

two years too
late ?  or maybe
right on
time . . .

my shell and my
spear - this heart
of mine in its
place of power
again ,
but changed

as an emerald bird
of thunder
frees the water
from its cell
in the
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