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Brian Feb 4
Every coin
no matter the filth
or how many times
they've been burned
stabbed or thrown aside
every coin
is one step away
from becoming gold
and that one step
is knowing
or being told
that I would risk everything
to have you as my own
I would cross the stars
lay my life down
on even a small chance
that you'd be found
I hope you felt worthy today
Bipolar Poet Jan 2022
A leaf in the wind;
was falling in the rain
(such heavy rain)

It's despair,
the story of a kid
(such a common story)

Who fell away from their peers;
as it's so lonely to be brave.

As poverty's coin flipped over;
soon dead on it's head.
Chasing any chance of wealth;
going round in circles,
Chasing it's tail.

With a gun of six;
shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot!
The weapon of man's hand;
that only revolves around death.

And I'd still ask the Lord,
to shine on our worth;
Despite of us being at our worst,
never lose the light of earth,
as we keep shinning our torches.
nuanced at night Mar 2021
some days I think that if I told you
how much **** you've put me through
it'd **** you
it'd knaw away at whatever is left of your soul

other days I think you'd be proud
your ego would grow that much bigger
knowing that you've left me here speechless
empty and hurt with stars in my eyes
Hot and Cold
Light and Dark
Love and Hate
All are two sides of the same coin
Flip the coin to decide fate and the sky will weep with the tears of the Gods fears
That when the coin lands the world will fall as the hearts of men become corrupt
The coin lands and seals a mans' fate
The hot light of love, or the cold darkness of hate
Little does man know, you cannot have one half of the coin without the other
That is why the Gods cry for every man swallowed by the dark side of the coin
Tatiana Jun 2020
I kept a quarter in a drawer next to my bed
for when I made decisions that hurt my head
where each choice came at great cost to my sanity
so I flipped a quarter to cheapen the price to twenty-five cents
and I said it's just common sense keeping innocence
but it's ignorance and guiltlessness that I wanted for me.
When a quarter felt too heavy I moved on to a dime
because it was lighter than its cost and fit my indecisive crime
but I find I tossed it too high and couldn't always catch it
so it clattered to the floor and rolled beneath my dresser
and maybe if I left it there, my decision-making stressor
would disappear like the dime then I could quit
Yet decisions kept on coming and so a nickel would have to do
five-cent choices should be worth less than dimes too
and yet again, I couldn't bear the weight of my choice.
So instead I flipped two pennies, to get my two cents in.
One landed heads, the other tails, and I still have a decision.
I can't keep flipping coins to replace my voice.
My treasure trove of choices worth less than the ones before
because they're all plastic, made so I don't have to endure
the weight of cost so I selfishly kept on flipping
all these coins and kept on wishing they would never land.
Fifty-fifty, leave my choice to chance, take it out of my hand.
If my coins never land, then my decisions cost me nothing.
decisions, decisions, decisions
Thomas Harvey Mar 2020
The fire's burning higher, fulfilling all of my desires
Men kneel before me, asking for my commands
They stand before me now as soldiers, seizing the neighboring lands
As I sit upon my throne, gazing upon the world
Everything in my sight is mine
All I had to do was leave my old life behind
For the trade was simple: a soul for a soul
Little did he know, I had already made a deal
Earth is mine for a certain amount of time, like water in a bowl
Upstairs they gave me a coin called the doulip
Enchanted with enough power to perform a soul steal
My purpose unknown but my life's work has just begun
Rajinder Feb 2020
Untradeable. Pain is silver,
Sterling. Serrated, dual-faced coin.
Its flip side, a mirror.
George Krokos Jan 2020
It seems that as long as we have all got some money to spend
there are those who their friendship in some degree will lend.
The value of people though isn’t due to their amount of coin
but what they have to offer to benefit others that will enjoin.
From "The Quatrains" on going writings since the early '90's
J Jan 2020
flipping a coin can’t decide your fate
where you go, or who you date
that’s up to you darling
whether you go near or far
take control
it’s common sense, but i quite liked the rhyme scheme. hope you enjoy it :)
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