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In the water
Our spinning coins join to
reflect a halo round the moon,

Beautifully glowing in place before the inevitable fall.
quiel Aug 14
there is a well
in the middle of the road i walk on the way home
every chance i get, i toss a coin inside
it's an endless cycle, a routine of stopping in the middle of the road,
tossing a coin,
and whispering your name
over and over again under my breath
the well is old and aged, its walls beginning to grow moss
but everytime i throw a coin inside
those mossy walls turn into a portal,
a gate into space
my coin lands into the nightsky, 
taking its place as one of the stars;

i have thrown many, many coins
and i am reminded each time
when i look up at night
that you take the form of a wish fit neatly into a coin,
and my wish lies among the stars.
i loved writing this poem. i hope you enjoy reading it.
Poetic T Jul 31
Ones worth is not the coin,

                              but the actions

that lead us to a better understanding
                                   of what it means to be human.

Morality is the birth of togetherness,
                      we are one but separately unique.
The moon glistening through the sky cuts a silver through my whisper of thoughts.
Unwavering gaze imprisoned by that crystal kingdom
Of darkness.
Of pits and craters.
Yet so mesmerizingly beautiful.
Mesmerizing enough to blacken out my heart swirling around the shackles of yesterday.
Mesmerizing enough to pull me out of my trance that might've not seen me through the day.
Mesmerizing enough to forget the universe whirling around me in shades of sadness and confusion.

Beauty can go far in healing.
Especially the beautiful strokes bringing us to Him awestruck on our mesmerized knees.
A sudden inspiration that arose when I imagined a scenario where I'm confessing my brain is too pre-occupied and busy with things to be inspired to write poetry.
Chris Saitta Jun 14
Fall to me, all you streets of Rome,
With your embrowned oils from torched walls and breccia of shadows,
The pizzicato of stairways and afternoon slowly closed
Like the thick, leathery-echo from this book of all roads.

Fallen, smoldering empire of storefronts and back-shop heirlooms,
Your lupine hills unbound with milk of cur in the wind and woods,
To your fallow fields rowed deep by a conquest of oars,
To the deepest silence and soot-muted oneness of Pompeii,
And a sky that is an ancient coin, without worth,
But still rubbed smooth at the edges by overfond lovers.
Yes, more Rome.

For a slide video of this and other poems, please check out my Instagram page at chrissaitta or my Tumblr page at Chris-Saitta.
m h John Jun 6
the penny
has to fall to the bottom
of the well
before the wish
can come true
don’t be afraid to hit rock bottom
Star BG Apr 14
I toss both sides of the coin.
It flies upward turning,
spinning, whiling
inside creative mind.

Heads up means I’m stuck in ego
becoming ruled by untruths.
Tails mean I’m free
to see the beauty in everything
and walk tall.

Tails I win again
to feel freedom in life.

I think I’ll just hold
my coin in heart
from now on.
Tails up of course.
thanks patty M You as always are
inspiring from the thoughts in your mind.  Hummmmm.

From the thoughts of another in mind I swim
inspired to make fingers dance on keyboard floor.

Make pen rise to scribe grandly.
and cause heart to sing in breath of my poet field white.
Sasha Raven Jan 7
SanusCoin is about the precious water,
a pearl - like the father loves his daughter ...
In the future, I will write a poem or a song,
to the SanusCoin community, I belong ...
Dennis Perini, has convinced me - to join,
you would not believe, but I love this coin!!!
There are mighty treasures in Their store,
you will love it, adore it, so much more!!!
I promote SanusCoin, it is my mission and my life,
will sign up, even my girlfriend and my future wife ...
And yes, in the SanusCoin future, I believe,
search for the treasures – and do not grieve …
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