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The ones who accomplish true greatness,
are the foolish who keep pressing on.
The ones who accomplish nothing,
are the wise who know when to quit
Meghan Aug 6
Once again I feel like I’m not enough
Once again I feel the pillars of my identity being shaken like trees
Will their roots hold them firm and steady in the soil?
Or will they topple with a crash onto the unforgiving ground,
Leaving my carefully built structures to crumble into ruins?

Thoughts swirl around in my head like blades,
Their sharp edges dangerously close to nicking vital arteries that keep me alive.
But somehow I always survive.
Meanwhile, the world continues spinning,

I try to ****** the blades out of the air as quickly as possible,
But each one rises again as soon as my back is turned,
An army of undead soldiers hell-bent on consuming my mind.
Still, I remind myself that this apocalypse will not be the end of me.

Though natural and unnatural disasters may shake my cities,
Through fires, floods, and famines,
I will continue.

When my foundations are all that is left standing,
I will build up from the bedrock until I can see new horizons from my tallest tower.
I may watch the blood-red sun set on yesterday,
But I will see it rise again far above these ashes.
mXc Jun 10
I stopped
I feel hopeless
I feel emptiness
I feel like its the end
Yeah I stopped
But Because
I wanna take away everything,
every thoughts, every pain, every tears that kept
I am tired of everything and for everyone,
I want to rest...
that's the point.
I want rest.
Stand & Fight again.
it's okay not to be okay. just rest and after fight
Io Jun 9
You watch the world go by, contempt
You need not change a thing

Warm, yet distant from the heat
Watching, unaffected and not affecting, you smile
You could watch the world burn and the heat wouldn’t touch you
You’ve already faded, you’re jaded, scars lost long ago

You’re an Orange Outsider
Insusceptible, unimpressionable
You’ve surrendered, yet you continue on
Looking on
Watching waves crash
With a worn smile
and dulled Orange eyes
Curly hair
birds are made of trees
where do they hide from me
whispering wishes of insecurity
casting around like a clown
becoming somebody
false dreams
no witness
I need jeans
that have some pockets
deep enough to stuff
my wallet
full of envy and greed
two hundred dollars in the hole
knowledge from believing I can finally leave
sunkissed absence marking my feet
sore and tender
shoes of soul
legs shaking
arms quaking
mind racing
bruised breast
disguised wrists
deep from the core
sliced and discarded
nothing more
sore spine
open flesh
juicy and ripe
no milk in sight
feelings are lies
telephone polls
and spiderwebs
splinters in my eyes
where is all of this going
who is it meant for
explore me
if you please
forced jaw
broke open
dry tongue
do you miss me
scattered thoughts all in a blob
Loss of love or life
may break your devoted heart,
but it sets you free.
Don’t despair.
Treasure the good memories
and let them guide you.
Prince eduard Apr 24
In Life,
You can walk, or run
But you might get tired

Rest, and go on

In Life,
You'll meet people
First your parents, then friends

You'll have fun, yes
But you'll also be sad
Discouraged, irritated

Rest, and go on

For In Life,
You might go in rounds
You might have to dive, or fly

And sometimes,
You might want to increase your brightness to see clearly

But remember,
There's a father cheering up on you
Whom, loves you, dear

You will get burn out
You'll get stressed out
But remember

Sin(death) is not the solution:
Rest, and go on
God bless you!
Philomena Apr 15
My hands shake
And my heart aches
And yet life goes on
And it will long after I'm gone
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