mjad Dec 2017

Cracked kitchen tiles
Send chills down my back
Is this too sinful of an act?

His toned body against my own
warms my anxious bare chest
Will this prove too hard of a test?

As if they know every inch,
his fingertips began to trace my spine
But I am not his and he is not mine

My eyes meet his in the dim light
My hands decide to messy his hair
Our mouths indulge; we no longer care.

Nandan Sharma Oct 2017

I will be the best of me,
He thought at his worst.
One last time
Losing control
Of his jaded soul.
He felt assured
Of the improbable leap.
Some part of next day
Or was it always in the play
Brought with it
The bane of his.
Aware still
He succumbed
To indulge
Another day.

Esther Jul 2017

Let this taste last you a second longer,
Roll it out of each bud and into another
As the flavour dissipates, remember,
You have ingested more of yourself
Than you have of any other lover;
Your eternal loneliness is self-sufficient,
Flavourful, nutritious, delicious… etc. etc.
Indulge in the phantom of your lasting selves.

Tyler Castro Mar 2017

Turn the lights off so that I may know you
In this safe space, I invite you to indulge in our mutual vulnerability
Feel protection in my arms as I guard your heart
As I keep it warm between our chests
Set your gaze to mine while you share with me your aspirations
I yearn to experience them through the windows to your soul
Share with me your fears so that I may put them to rest
May this bed be a holy and sacred place for us
May this bed be our confession booth free from ridicule
May this bed be a tithing basket for you to receive love with no boundaries
In this bed, allow divine pleasure to overwhelm you
Let your orgasm match the depth of your trust
Let your tears turn to sweat that trickles down the valley of your spine
Let your bodily fluids baptize you; cleanse you of any guilt
Share with me your spiritual awakening
As I receive communion with your raw, unfiltered, liquified emotion running down your body
Toss out your bible, for the only religious text I need is your diary
Allow me to tie every inch of your glorious body to a memory
I wish not to fuck, but to love
I wish to fulfill all your fetishistic urges
For I know they are tied to a psychological yearning
By the end of the night I wish to know every inch of your flesh
I want the knowledge to be accompanied by the memories that make you, you
And if I fail, there's always round two after we cuddle

Tyler Castro

for a change,
let’s indulge in
deep conversations
with our tongues
make love with our minds.

Earl Jane Mar 2016

Oh my sweet darling,
The moment I taste your love,
I got addicted.

Daily I savor,
Oh how you satisfy me,
This tang I indulge.

I only yearn this,
Your love penetrate in me,
Eternal delight.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.

For Brandon <3 <3

I love you ssooo muccchhhhhh your love is the best that I ever received... i love you ssooo much and i love you aloneeeee.... thank you for everything.
EMPstrike Jul 2014

Sunken to the bottom of the sea,
I find my periscope isn't tall enough to reach,
The surface's light above.
But what I see is is enough,
Increasing in brightness, one increment at a time.

The feeling of fear, under barricaded vision
What once for, those drowning, I would shun,

Their world i have dwelled,
Gasping in hell
Living and sharing their sins.

How HELPLESS one feels!
It is no less real
Than the bliss one would find up above...

And to strike them all down
To save your own cloud
Only teaches them they are denied love.

Pride of the fallen,
The shame is felt
When the blind request aid to see.

Guilt of bothering those who choose
To block, ignore, and cast aside their eyes
for fear of being dragged below,

TO dwell where they dwell, no one else will go.

Its difficult to trick yourself, and truly believe your lies
The world beyond the world we sense and feel, see with eyes

It is a place one cannot tread with memory of old beliefs.
To alter your reality, you must alter what you see.

What you see and hear and touch and smell, you network of PURE belief.
If you only stretch out from the inside, you'll never truly reach.

The universe is an extension of you, an extra sense in it's whole.
Use it, and alter your mind to believe what you have sewn.

Alisha Isabell Jan 2016

Indulging in you
A  debauchery.
They tell me not to eat if I am not hungry,
But in you I feast.

Dawn of Lighten Oct 2015

As I walk I hear no fear,
With shed of vibrant crimson tear.

Meld by star dust of emotion,
Past physical motion lead to inner devotion.

As I talk with clear seared images of past path,
I must gear towards the journey unprepared wrath,
Like unknown scribe of the oracle tongue proclaiming like math.

This pull of gravitation, desire permeating relentless stride,
Without hesitation, fire within acclimating to her side!

Nothing shall stand in it's footing,
like marble bounce on a wall to other marble,
Like the losing of personal marbles dropping all senses,
For each thud of heart pounding in her presence marveling,
Holding composure, keeping things real, but soothed by her tongue.

It's a Pinot noir, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay upon the lips,
With her taste, with her lips, with all things she eclipse!
Equal to none, compared none, pedestal she stands upon.
As I held my hands holding her throne,
more precious than jewel of zircon,
But like a moron, all things are bygone and all things are done.

All things are full circle of celestial plane,
Finding my path and it's proper lane,
Because not even love is all but insane,
The inner bane of humans pain,
And due time things all wane.

For all things coming into full circle,
With shed of vibrant crimson tear,
As I walk in this journey, I hear no fear!

All journey is but a step, and not all path is a straight line, but we all can over come all things!
Jayanta Jun 2015

Some time Life is like a dark room,
Indiscernible indulge to intuit incurring infusion
Infusion of irrelevant and irregular,
Leads to a moment of disappointment and despondent!
But when light penetrate
Everything becoming vivid - vivacious
and set up Valve to visions!    
Allow light to break in and spread all over.......  
Make everyone spirited and shunt for
Peace and progress!!!

On the occasion of international year of light -2015 !
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