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dilshé Aug 2021
a chronological sequence
a capture of moments
kinetic art of reality
through complexity & clarity
meagre for bland eyes
cynics with heart beats
but flatlines
in indulging in
the cacophony of life
- align the body & mind
with the glimmers in sight
before the grim reaper
emerges with his scythe
snarling - but of course
it's the nature of life.
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

What is love all about?
Is it something we trust or doubt?
Does it make you fly and touch the cloud?
Or tied and stuck to the ground?
Or is it messy? So you decide to play around..
What if we trust love and say it out loud?
But no one heard that sound.
Do we leave and forget about the love we found?
Or indulge in love and be more profound?
Is love a choice or to it we get bound?


Dani Oct 2019
How can this be
Is it just who I am, is it me?
How can this be?

Questions are lined up
Spinning my head around
Answers nowhere to be found

How do I still crave
To walk into the oldest of caves
The one that whispers inside

How do I still want more
When I have everything I could possibly adore
How and why? Is this just a part of my core?

Wild and free ain't all it sounds to be
I don't want wild, I just want set free
From this taunting voice inside of me

Begging to be fed
And I want it as heavy as lead
But I hide it under the bed

Should I indulge again
Or, sweep it under the rug
Head up, eyes forward
Don't move, stand strong
Hold on to what you have

But the silence is so loud
My heart can't be proud

Turn it off turn it off
Make it stop calling out to me

How can it be?
That I still crave
What lies within that cave
Poetic T Apr 2019
They say there are storms in

There like a summer breeze,

              to the tsunami
         of caffeine denial.
                   That floods
                    upon the shores of my

         day washing everyone away.

I need my Jave, like I need to breath..
Sarah Apr 2019
our lips will never meet
nor our fingers intertwine
and so bless my dreams
for indulging what's not mine
Brynn S Nov 2018
As the time drags on you can absorb all that surrounds you in a time much different than all others.
You look at the clock and it may choose to go forwards or even backwards, strange.
It is absolute madness I know; but it is also something to make you think. If time is straight forward then why can we feel it bend so easily?
The rules are twisted and manipulated, something as concrete as time is then changed.
It drags on though, like that last drop of syrup from the glass bottle. So sweet and decadent you must indulge in it before it is gone; time that is.
Karisa Brown Nov 2018
"So I steal your shadow from the sheets
And it lays breathless beneath the
Stars with me."
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
At last the sun is out and about
indulge in your piece of summer.

Today London in bloom
white clouds, white swans
roam out to the sky.
Welcoming the punters
the sun is rolling down.

Come never wonder,
for once, what they're worth.
Hop on, pop in, drop by
bask in London summer!
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